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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi introduces Ranveer to Sumra and his parents. He is shocked to hear they have come for his proposal. Amba says he will soon give a divorce, and then will remarry. Ranveer objects while Amba says he is divorcing with his own will but she will select the other girl.
Parul brings Ishaani to see what is happening downstairs.
Amba tells the family that he was caught in matters of a girl and then married her. Ishaani comes upstairs, Ranveer thinks she had called him annoying so now he will tease her. Ishaani and Parul see Ranveer and Parul going out to talk alone.
Ranveer waits for Ishaani, and as he watches her approach he sits glued to Sumra. He tells Sumra that he liked her in first glance, her hand are really soft, her voice sweet and her eyes appealing. He says

he always wanted a wife like her and asks if she knows cooking. She says she did everything, he is awed. He tells her that his first wife doesn’t know how to cook. Ishaani is irked that he ate her cooked bhindi the other day. He tells her that she can’t even sew and can’t wear saree as well.
Ishaani says now he must see, she calls the lawyer and with a crying voice tells him that she wants to re read the divorce clauses. She tells him that he is remarrying, she has to do something for right as he always keep on hitting her. He doesn’t hit her only while drunk, but otherwise in rage as well. He hit her with a lamp and she bled as well, yesterday. She doesn’t want to live with a drunk man.
Sumra goes inside, RV comes to Ishaani. Ishaani was really angry and asks Ranveer to leave her hand. RV says he doesn’t hold a hand to leave it. She says he was flirting with her as well, he says he was mocking her. Ishaani heads to leave, but Ranveer holds her. He says he only knows one girl and she looks pretty when angry. Amba calls RV, Ishaani runs inside. RV thinks he must make up the mood of her, and calls Parul to send Pratik upstairs.
Sumra wants to talk to her parents inside.
Pratik says she had to be jealous, as he was flirting with some other girl. RV says he doesn’t know now how to call her on terrace. Pratik says he will have to pass her brother now to get her. RV asks him to a look at his size, Pratik keeps a bet that Ranveer will have to take him on lunch every week. Parul says she will get Ishaani upstairs.
Ishaani was so angry in her room. Parul thinks she must take her some other way, and says to Ishaani she is right, she told Ranveer that Ishaani doesn’t care whom he talks to and who not. Parul asks Ishaani to go and tell Ranveer, but before that she must relax. Ishaani makes herself relax in front of mirror.
Sumra’s parents take a leave saying their daughter doesn’t want to marry Ranveer.
Ishaani comes upstairs, Ranveer smiles watching her. She was in a bad mood, he tells her politely that it was all to make her jealous. He asks if she really thinks he can think of someone other than her. He says she is his everything since childhood, she is his love and his need. Other than her, he only has a space for his own life beat so that he can tell her that meri aashqui tumse hi.
Sumra’s parents complain to Amba that their son beats his wife when drunk. They leave. Baa wonders that Ishaani didn’t let RV’s proposal affix.
Ranveer shows Ishaani their divorce papers, he burns them and says to Ishaani by holding her hand, that once he did a mistake taking the rounds other way round around the fire, he wants to improve his mistake. He will remarry her today. Today they will both fulfil this ritual whole heartedly, with utmost love. He reminds she hasn’t said I love you to him, but he knows she loves him as much as he does to her. He will wait for her expression till the end of his life. They must share the life, all the worries be his and all else is hers. He will lead her in the path to come across any problem, and whenever there is a happiness in the way she may come to the lead.
Amba, Lakshmi and Baa go to see that something is going wrong between Ishaani and Ranveer.

PRECAP: Ranveer holds Ishaani in his arms as they take rounds, Amba and Baa call them respectively. Both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good… Like the way the track moving.. Ranveer Ishaani scenes were amazing.. Want Ishaani also to confess her love soon.. Ishveer most improved in their acting..Atlast chupke Chupke meet Comes to an end i hope… OMG … Precap seems to be interesting.. waiting for the scene how ishaani Ranveer are going to handle the situation… Waiting for a good episode..

    1. ishani acted so well today and i heart to watch da epi 1nce more…ishani nd rv rock…love u guys.

  2. Wonderful romantic plus funny by day getting nice. Ish veer looks beautiful. Keep rocking guys…

  3. What a funny n lovely episode. Ishani u look like a cute baby. RV you naughty,making ishani jeolous.
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode……..

  4. Now the real show begins.
    But coulden’t undrstnd tday’s epi motto.Cn any1 explain,plz
    Nd snju plz read my 19 feb cmmnt, nd ansr me

    1. Replied on that !!

  5. ishani looks cute when angry.
    The ‘best couple of lifetime’ award goes to IshVeer.
    Do u agree with me frnds???

  6. eagerly waiting for tis episode so romantic between rv and ishani and so funny today episode plz take these lakshmi,baa, and amba they r always disturbing rv and ishani and waiting for some more romance between rv and ishani and today episode was really awesome

    1. plz shorten ur name dude,too big to spell.

  7. Wow so nice episode now valentine episode also coming i waiting for this i pray to god evry lover n couple get issveer type love in his/her life love you guy

  8. It was a cute episode. Both RV & Ishaani were superb, I think Ishaani must tell those three words soon

  9. Ishani what’s stopping you? Confess your love to your soul mate

  10. Nice episode… waiting for the most romantic episodes of Ishveer ishani and ranveer are the most adorable couples…… u both…

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