Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika complains to RV that Ishaani made her lose her child. She couldn’t send her out of the house so she let this all happen to her child. Ishaani comes inside and says that she didn’t kill her child. She didn’t know who was the killer. Ritika shouts at Ishaani that she was not happy to see her there, Ishaani is responsible for all this. Amba tells Ritika to calm down, she had a big operation. She asks Lakshmi to take Ishaani out. Shekhar watched this all from the door. The nurse asks Amba to leave as well, Baba takes Amba out. Lakshmi drags Ishaani through the corridor, Amba comes there. Ishaani pleads that she isn’t responsible for this all. Amba says she will not listen to Ishaani, she must have done black magic on RV but she will not believe on anything about her memory loss

There Chaitali was angry with Ritesh in the corridor that he suspected her to have an affair on the false report. They come across Ishaani being blamed by Amba.
Ritika was restless that Ishaani did this all. The nurse says to RV that her taking this much stress isn’t good and has given her sedative. Ritika sleeps in a while. RV comes out and asks Amba to stop this drama in the hospital. He asks Ishaani to go right now, he will talk to her later. Amba cried, RV says that Amba must think about Ritika right now.
Shekhar takes the crying Ishaani in the corridor. Ishaani is shocked to see Shekhar, he drags her aside. Ishaani tells him about Ritika’s child. Shekhar says he knows it all.
RV says Ishaani can’t do this all, but Baba says they accept but someone sent a man into the house to kill Ritika.
Shekhar asks who would kill Ritika, Ishaani says RV caught the man and sent him to jail. Both head to jail.
RV tells family he will go to jail to find out the truth about the case. Ritesh tells him not to worry, they will take care of Ritika here. RV says he will know about all the truth.
Shekhar and Ishaani sit in the jail. The inspector tells Shekhar that though he is RV’s lawyer still the killer isn’t ready to tell anything. Shekhar says he wants to know who tried to kill Ritika. RV comes there, he says the man will speak now as he stared Ishaani. He asks the inspector to interrogate now. The police hit the shooter and asked him to take the name, still the shooter says he never takes name of people who give him money. RV asks to speak to him, he says that he knows they never tell his client’s name but he is asking him the name of the person who snatched the happiness of a mother. He promises that he will get his punishment reduced if he tells him.
The shooter asks if he really wants to hear the name or will he be able to. RV tells him to speak. He points at Ishaani and says this lady told him to shoot her, his wife Ishaani and she gave him money to shoot Ritika. He says sorry madam to Ishaani, he has broken his rule for the first time in life. Ishaani says to Ranveer she doesn’t recognize this man even.
Ishaani runs out of the police station but Ranveer had left by then. Shekhar comes with her, Ishaani says that Ranveer has left and didn’t listen to her even. Shekhar says that she must go home and try to make him understand her, because if he mistrusts her they will lose their mission and Ritika will win, he will do something till then. Ishaani leaves, Shekhar thinks he must do something which makes Ritika’s truth come to RV.
RV comes home lost, Ritika asks what the shooter said. Amba asks why is he silent. RV says the shooter took Ishaani’s name. Ritesh says Ishaani can never do such a thing. Amba asks why can’t she do so, when she can kill Chiraag why can’t she kill Ritika’s child. Ritika cries that Ishaani didn’t want Ritika to come between her and RV so she killed her child. Ishaani arrive at the door and says this is a lie.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Ranveer that Ritika told all the truth to her on their marriage day. She tried to kill her, and she came here leaving everything, even her wedding with Shekhar. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she remembers she was going to marry Shekhar, and had no memory loss. Ritika smiles evily.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good but also annoying.. Iam totally fed up of this spoilers.. Hate this.. But., I don’t want anything happen as per in spoiler.. but, anyway it wont..
    Thank god atleast Shikhar will support Ishaani..please end this track soon.. RV doesn’t have anything.. how can he believe some one rather than believing Ishaani… I doesn’t expect this from him.. hating it to the core… reveal truth about Rithika soon.. how long you will keep on dragging.. precap ok.. waiting for a good episode..

    • Suga

      It will be interesting if RV sees some mystery about ri.. and doubting Rithika by using his mind in the upcoming track. . that since he know her from his childhood about Ishaani and she wont do any injustice.. and acting like Ri is right and standing by her side and exposing Rithika… anyway it is not going to happen.. atleast let’s imagine..

  2. marry

    as usuall hated episode today,s also….ishaveer again divorced….and rv marry ritika vd in two dayz……after black mailing ishani……..that if shedidnt give divorce to rv than rv suicides,zzzzz ….again ishani sacrifices evrything……and divorce rv atlast………after that rv marry ritika vd in next 2 dayzzzzzzz………….just saying this after this rubbish……… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………………………. ranveer sui ur self other wise i m gonna kill u realy…………. >:( >:( >:( 🙁 :/

  3. Can’t this serial ever move forward than been in circles?,if the directors think they don’t have anything else to do they should just end it cos we are tied and fed up with this one forward ,ten backwards stuffs.

  4. Ashiqui

    What a rubbish story ritika had operation same day she is at home standing with full makeup…what they r thinking we r fools ….

  5. Samira kapoor

    Ohh god.. Where have the writers taken this story..
    Completely messed up
    Thank God I stopped watching this show a month ago
    Saved!! 😛

  6. achumzzz

    ok this is crazy when Ritika does something nobody catch her or have any idea about it but when ishani uses some idea or method to reveal ritika everyone comes to know what this serial is all about I mean the writers should relate this act to the realities of life come on this is something supernatural and unbelievable the lead actor and actress are always sepearted I can’t watch this any longer.

  7. neha

    I really hate this show now,,,,don’t even want to reads the updates also….its very very …………………….very annoying…..
    I really suggests the makers to end this show,,,already many viewers stopped watching this shows and trp is also going down day by day….before channel gives you warning to end this show….. Its better you should end this show…..this show loosing many viewers and their attentions also…. … so, end this show on a good note.???

  8. marry

    i think cv,s and ekta mam is stupid idiot foolish rubish duff……. so on ……….they cant c matsh trp………….. now i just waited 4 that episode in which ranveer die………becoz all this happening becoz of ranveer………….if cv,s didnt kill him than i m gonna kill him realy………he is the one who creates all this mess………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kill him as soon as posible……………if the is become so foolish and ridiculess than writter do one thing more kill ranveer or make him to suicide himself…………. and one thing i have to say ranveer……….. plzzzzzz leave ishani,s heart and brain and her sole and go to hell u idot vd ur devil ritika………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. shipra

    Dis serial has becum rubbish like all other ekta kapoor serials ….
    Hate ishani’s tears,ritika’s evilness nd ranveer’s dumbness….??

  10. jasmine

    omg…boring boring boring…one side they show ranveer loves ishani so much and other side..he is relying on shooter words..I mean how he can even think that ishani will kill someone..writers..doob maro…serial to dooba hee samjho..

  11. God yeh mein nahi dek sakthi ki phir se ranvir ne ishani pe trust nahi kiya par bichara wo kya karega ishani ne itni bar uska trust toda !! N ab bolo ishveer yeh dek ne ke baad toh shhh?????

  12. This is solely dumb and dragging.. Ekta go to hell… Wish the devils take you. You are pain in the ass of our society. Hate you.

  13. And its better if they change the pair now. And replace RV with Shikhar. Ishani should go with Shikhar. Because RV is mad. And he doesn’ t even deserve Ishani. Here it was shown that RV the Romeo could do anything for his love Ishani. But he can’t do a simple thing also. He can’t even trust her. No matter what circumstances but if there is so much true love then a person would surely think atleast once before doubting his partner. But this dumb RV just jumps into conclusions when it comes to Ishani and mistrusts her. In this case Shikhar is far better than RV. Because as the way loves Ishani it even shows in his character. Unlike RV idiot. And Ritika you won’t get space in hell also. Even the devil shall be ashamed of you. You just don’t deserve to live. blo*dy b*t*h, asshole. Hate you to the core.

  14. vivian

    Stop this show it totally rubbish stupid director stupid writer. I beg you guys to stop watching this show it all messed up

  15. Eve

    Earlier on this show, Ranveer used to b very sensible. He gets to know who is lying nd who is not. So wat is happening now? Is it that he’s growing older nd foolish? Writers ooooo! Pls we want d initial Ranveer sensible character. Thanks

  16. ABG

    Ishaani is the fool here. Why didn’t she tell Rev truth since. She get many chance but kept, ritika is smarter. Rv I hate u, trusting strenger over ur love. But pls use ur brain small.

  17. sona

    Already stopped watching this senseless crap….ishveer Was d best part jo ab hai hee nahin…..writers and drama queen ekta ab jo karna chai karte raho …..guys there are better things on TV donot waste ur precious time watching thos utter crap…

  18. Honey

    Again… Y so much of dragging… RV can’t trust his love. It is better if is inherently. Because I felt the pain of love in shiker’s eyes when ishani blamed by Amba. Stop these nonsense yaar. Very annoying.

  19. Manisha

    Ranveers character totally Ishani should leave Ranveer then only he will realise the worth of Ishani .its too much insult for Ishani.ranveer doesn’t trust her and he doubts her so he doesn’t deserve her.atleast shikhar understands her better though he is not his childhood friend.ranveer doesn’t use his it’s better Ishani leaves Ranveer.let him and Amba aunts suffer from Ritika then they will realise.shikhars parents are better then Ranveer parents.they all love her and respect her.

  20. Dont watch dis show wasting of time its boring day by day I hate rv why he behave like mad ishani its gud for u u marry shikhar

  21. wat is did yar at least give a chance for ishani and u r giving all chances for ritika and she is making fool of everyone plssssssssssss I request u don’t separate ishani from rv then der will be no meaning for did serial and what ranveer is doing he loved ishani DAT much know then at least he tries to know the truth know.serial name u given meru aasgiqui tum se hi then did ranveer have to prove ishani is good

  22. sumit

    Shikhar is alone sane character in the show right now,else all are butchered.Shikhar cares so much for Ishani but he will be hurt in end,bcoz Ishveer will finally reunite.

  23. Sweety

    so disgusting …for the first time I am hating for watching this serial since so long…y dey r taking this serial….what dey want to show….that evil will win every time over good…wat dey want to tell…nonsense…I am not going to watch from today

  24. Anu

    Spoiler says ranveer is going to commit suicide because she denies to sign divorce papers n she marches towards ranveer’s house with a lot of NGO women. Ranveer is harassed n threatens to commit suicide if ishaani doesnt sign the papers. Finally ishaani gives up n signs it. He further decides to marry rithika in 2 days

    Guys shikar is the one for ishaani, not this ranveer. My godd how can he trust somebody else n not ishaani.

    • Niharika

      just fed up from this ranveer’s character…. way to go ritika—- control all the vaghelas and nachao unko apne oongli pe…. earlier, i used to wait for ishveer’s reunion but now it seems utter nonsense….. i seriously want ishani to go with shikhar and marry him…. whether or not the truth is revealed but ranveer should stay with ritika as he is more inclined towards her…. total insult of the ashiqui he claims, he is total stupid….. he does not love ishani a bit…. shikhar deserves ishani, thus let ishkhar unite and rejoice

  25. starshade

    i hate this show so much. So so much dragging and theres no point when ishani and ranveer are never together. Also the shows popularity will go way down as ritika’s truth is taking such a long time that the audience is bored, Worst show ever

  26. Ranveer is aspineless man ishani should leave him he believes everyone except Ishani whom he knew from childhood this track has become boring we should stop viewing it for somedays

  27. neha

    I heard another news about matsh…..
    Rv and ishani both will die in the show……now I don’t know is this true or not,,,,,I don’t know exactly the whole twist,,but this is another twist of matsh.
    I think may be they’re just pretending of dying……..anyways writer’s only know what’s the next twist……
    Let’s see,,,,just wait n watch…..what happens next???????

  28. aradhya

    I saw on sbs ranver will jump from mountain and ishaani will reach there and will. jump to save rv and rv and ishaani’s dead bodies will come to rv’s house. but they both will not be died. Ishani will save rv on the time

  29. Shelly

    RV ko maar do yaar, saara faltu ka drama hi uski wajah se h. Woh ishaani pe vishwaas nhi kr rha LOL!!! Not an aashiq. Ab tak sirf pretend kr rha tha pyaar krne ka. Ekta hr serial mein aisa krti h. Kumkum Bhagya mein bhi ab Abhi bharosa nhi krega Pragya pr. Ha Ha Ha…

  30. sneha jaiswal

    arrray yr kya lamba drama create kar rhe ho . ritika u r vry evil. why u dnt let ishaani and ranveer together.

  31. What a rubbish drama is going on yar..plz
    ekta kapoor bring ishani n ranveer together soon….oterwise the serial will ne flopp…

  32. Archies

    its really sad and depressing to see that Rv doesnot trust the person whom he love since his childhood. I’m mean seriously anyone will come and say anything and RV will believe them not his Ishani. What kind of love story is that. He should learn a thing or two from Shekar. Now the serial is back to square one. RV will throw ishani out of his house. according to latest report

    There is a big twist in the show. Ranvir and Ishani are shown dead and the family mourning around them. Baa and Amba cry for them and hug their bodies. Amba recalls she has known Ishani since childhood, and mourns for her, though she has always been rude to her.

    God help us !!!

  33. Aditi

    Ekta got old…..plz u idiot stop producing daily soaps like dis nobody watches ur serials anymore….. unnecessarily u drag ur serials….same old stories….

  34. Nisha

    My this week Anacin awards
    Warning: it’s not advisable to take a pain killer every hour. The below ratings are just metaphors for the torture users go thru.
    Anacin 10 = viewers need to take 10 anacin after watching a serial
    Anacin 9 = Viewers need to take 9 Anacins after watching the serial
    So like that list goes on..
    Anacin 0 serials are the one which give no headache
    Butterscoth 10 = is a serial rating where users are so pleased and it makes them relax after a days work as if they had 10 butterscoth yummy yummy icecreams

    My Top Anacin soaps of this week:

    Swaragini tops the list forcing us giving a headache level of 10 anacins for each episode
    Meri Ashiqui – 8 Anacins

    After watching these two I got so much of headache I slept off and leaving this interllectual property to anyone who wish to continue rating..

    Please introduce your own anacins or butterscotches and rate the serials…

  35. Nisha

    I think we can also introduce zandu balm awards…

    some serials make us apply bottles of zandu balm not only on our fore heads but all over our body… may be we go mad and apply it on to tv screen also

    😀 😀

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