Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani takes Ritika’s promise not to tell Ranveer. Ranveer enters the room, Ishaani hides behind the door. He asks Ritika what is she doing here, Ritika was lost staring at Ishaani. RV turns his back to Ishaani while Ishaani goes out of the room. RV was about to turn but Ritika takes his attention showing pain. RV asks what she is doing here, she came to meet Krisha. Ritika says she had to go to washroom, so she came here. RV says he can’t now leave Ritika alone and will even go with her to the washroom until she goes in. He tells her that he gets much worried about her, and takes Ritika out of the room. Ishaani comes inside, locks the room and cries.
Amba comes home calling Ritika. Amba tells her husband that Ritika wanted to eat jalebi, he tells Amba that Ritika isn’t home.

The doctor allowed and Ranveer took her to Shekhar’s sister’s engagement. He asks why she is being so worried. Amba and Lakshmi say Baa and other Parekh family must also be there. Why that Hansa Parekh came here to invite, there is something going on in her mind. Amba says she can’t leave RV and Ritika among them.
Shekhar greets Ritika in the party. Ishaani comes to the mirror and says why she is crying. She always wanted Ranveer to stay happy, now that he loves Ritika and is about to be a dad she is crying. She says to herself that she won’t cry now. RV is worried why isn’t he happy, he promised Ritika to keep her happy; he must be happy that she is also happy now but why isn’t he. Mr. Mehra takes RV to meet some friends of his.
Ishaani is worried what if Ritika tells someone, she texts Ritika ‘Please don’t break you promise’. Ritika reads it and says she won’t tell anyone, not even Shekhar. Ritika asks Shekhar about Nirupa, he says he wanted them to meet her but she is shy and awkward because of her past. Ritika asks how he met her, Shekhar says it’s an odd story. He tells her all about the jail, then beach encounter and then she was in his house. Ritika thinks Shekhar loves Ishaani. Shekhar says she doesn’t only lives in his house but has dwelled in his heart even. Ritika says she seems like a nice girl and hopes he isn’t passing time with her. He says he wouldn’t have told them if he wasn’t serious. Kanchal announces that Dewarsh’s family has arrived, Shekhar goes to welcome them. Ishaani watches from upstairs about them. Kanchal calls Chaitali ask Samdhan ji, but Chaitali says she can only call her Chaitali. They come inside. Falguni comes to the event, Kanchal greets her. Chaitali says to Ritesh that finally her son is bringing a rich girl in the house. Baa wonders where Ishaani is, she must be here in the same house. She watches RV and Ritika and wonders why Amba not come has, but Amba will come for sure and seeing Ishaani for once she will be like seeing some ghost. Ritika watches Amba coming and comes to her, she says it was good Amba came here. Ritika introduces Mr. and Mrs. Mehra with Amba. Mr. and Mehra get busy, Amba and RItika get some time alone. Amba tells Ritika that there is something wrong, Hansa Parekh is upto something. She must have asked her before coming here. Ritika wonders if she should tell her Ishaani is here. Baa comes to them, and says to Amba that she finally accepted her invitation. Amba says she came here not on her invitation but Shekhar’s invitation. Falguni hears this. Baa says sometime later, her hands as well as mind will stop working. Falguni calls Baa, Baa asks her to work. Falguni takes Baa away, while Ritika stops Amba. She thinks she will tell her about Ishaani later. Falguni asks Baa what she is doing, today is Dewarsh’s engagement.
Kanchal brings Krisha, Chaitali asks Baa to see her. Every eye is stuck on Krisha. Baa comes and blesses the couple. They take family photos, while Ishaani happily watches this. Kanchal asks about Shekhar who comes to the family and gets his photo made. Ishaani happily watches Dewarsh making Krisha take seat. Baa wonders where is Ishaani, Ishaani hides behind the curtain while Baa comes upstairs. Kanchal asks Baa what does she want, Baa asks about Nirupa. Kanchal says she is somewhere out. Baa says it seems Ishaani is hiding everyone.
Sharman comes to the engagement, the family is happy to see him. Chaitali hugs him, Baa also greets him. Ritika is off mooded watching Sharman, Sharman watches Ritika, RV comes to Ritika at once. He turns to Ritika and says she has been standing for a while, if she gets tired it will effect their child badly, looking at Sharman.

PRECAP: Falguni shows Kanchal Ishaani’s photo and asks if this is Nirupa. Kanchal asks how does she has this photo, does she know her. Falguni looks around.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    I think her half screen is nt wrkng dats y she cant read d tag hst jokng

  2. Omg all here same.. ok guyss discusssss dicusssd nly abt ur matsh… it will grow suoer duper…
    we are also fns of matsh ok…

  3. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    ok guys nw calm down is it bad if v chat hr othr dan reading updates??

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    exactly dan

  5. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    yup dan

  6. Ishveer and aysha com frndz wr r u??

  7. Hmm…. k sara..

  8. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    dan I think it is betr if v chat in our beloved kyy or nauc sns yhm

  9. Yeah… i agree wth u sara…

  10. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    I think ishveer & aysha is d same person

  11. ♥♔SaRa ThE dEvIl(HmMm.. JsT jKnG)♔♥

    u knw dan evn ssel is a chatting place

  12. Mite b. hahaha com to kyy pg na plz..

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    ok dr ppl hr dunno d lang of luv jst wanna take up fyts

  14. It’s coming out soo soon…

  15. What s comin out soon…@NAZ

  16. Epi ws RV n Ritika’s scene irritatin….waitin 4 Ritika’s real face revealin epi…n Ishani juz luv U♥♥♥

    1. ishani is also irritating sometimes but its okay….her efforts are nice…..ranveer is showing sentiments but needs to improve a bit in getting the true face out of ritika……..ritika as usual is creating drama, eveyone is just falling into the pit of her “bechari girl” drama….. niceto see sharman back.. 🙂 🙂

      1. Ya u ryt…Ritika juz irritatin…bechari wali grl…bt i dint watched such an evil character till nw in any othr shw 🙂 itz smethng diff character…ufff 🙂 🙂

  17. @ Sara : U can chat here…no prblm…bcz mny ppl r chatin here in diff shows updates 🙂

  18. Watz wrong with you guys…!

  19. shazna u na paaah….!

    1. Wt hpnd? ???

  20. I felt disgusted about the ‘loo’ comment from RV. Ritika is not terminally ill she is just a pregnant woman now a days pregnancy is considered some thing normal not a disease.
    He says he wants to follow her to loo also . He wants claim the baby is his , God alone knows who’s baby it is.
    I have only one request to the writer please don’t do this kind of damage to our beautiful Ranveer’s character. You have the right to show what you want but if people stop watching the serial because of your stupidity you are the one loosing . We fans will move on to another show. There is a limit for tolerance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. i agree with u rosh….ritika is not a baby that she needs that level concern….he supported her in front of sharman….its nice to see him back…..however i really wish that the truth comes out soon….the show has already dragged a lot with nonsense drama…

  21. I am thinking seriously wether to continue watching it or not , it dosent worth my time

    1. it will be nice if u can leave the show bcoz it already irritating so much….however the interest never fades away bcoz it has turned into addiction….everytime i feel i leave this show, it again comes as let me see once ….

  22. Agree it is turned to an addiction now , same every time I think want to quit but end up watching it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah…mny MATSH fans havin d same prblm….evn i thot mny tyms to quit ths shw….bt no use @ al 🙂

  23. Serial is very boring now a days.very sad with Ranveer who gives unnecessary attention to Ritika and her pregnancy.ritika very irritating don’t like to see her with Ranveer.cvs are just dragging the serial and show us nonsense drama.they just make us fool.we are waiting for good story but useless.there is no story now a days.just hide and seek between ishveer and Ritika prangnancy.very slow story…after 30mins we feel time wasted.they didn’t show anything and again wait for another day with hope but it’s hopeless

  24. b*t*h fukin hell

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