Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the function, Ritika shouts at once why this henna didn’t give colour. The mehndi designer says may be this isn’t henna. Mala tells Amba that she brought the henna to her. Ishaani stood there with a bowl of henna and henna on her hand, Lakshmi tells Amba to look at the hands of Ishaani. Ishaani herself is shocked. Lakshmi comes to Ishaani and rubs the henna off her hand, she watches the color of henna on Ishaani’s hand. Lakshmi says that henna on the name of Ishaani got on Ishaani’s hand. Ishaani saves Mala saying that there was an injury on her hand so she confused henna with the herbal ointment. Ritika shouts at Ishaani but Ranveer tells her not to say anything, he knew Ishaani will do something if she stays here. He tells them not to worry as he will put sindoor into Ritika’s

maang. He says that this is what Ishaani wants, that he doesn’t marry Ritika but he doesn’t want any more drama in this house. Ritika leaves and cries on the stage. Ishaani’s eyes filled with tears. Ranveer tells Ritika that more hurdles that come into this wedding will make him more firm. He tells her to trust him that whatever he is doing is right. He asks her to get ready, as within 3 hours there is time of their wedding, and try to be happy.
He moves backwards and hits the shoulder of a servant who was taking a bowl of turmeric with him. It drops, break on the ground and all the turmeric goes onto the arm and face of Ishaani. Everyone is shocked to see this. Chaitali asks Baa what this is happening, it is the wedding of Ritika and all the shaguns go to Ishaani. Baa says some other power is doing this all. The servant apologizes Ranveer who leaves without saying a word. Amba asks Mala to clear all the turmeric. Amba tells Ritika not to worry, there is less time else she would have mixed more henna leaves. More important than these rituals are the rounds of marriage. She will ask Pandit ji to read mantar that will not let any harm come to her married life again. Ritika leaves the hall, so does Amba and Lakshmi. Baa comes to Ishaani, Ishaani asks if she saw what happened when she stayed. Baa says she isn’t doing anything, this all has been done by God. She asks Ishaani to come inside with him. Mala watches this all and thinks that may be God also doesn’t want Ranveer to marry Ritika, she must do something and tell Ranveer what she had seen on the day of wedding.
Ranveer comes to the study room, thinking about what had happened downstairs. Mala comes and knocks at the door. She tells Ranveer that she wants to talk to him. Ranveer allows her inside, she says she has to say something important. She stammers and sweat beads appear on her face, she couldn’t say anything. Ranveer tells her not to worry and get afraid, say whatever she wants to say. Mala tells him not to marry Ritika. She says that Ritika isn’t a good woman, and she herself has also seen such things that are ununusal. She tells him that on the day of their wedding, Ritika said she wanted to rest for a while, but when she went with juice into her room her pillows were arranged in under her blanket. She also say that the stain of blood on her dress then was also not ketchup and she hasn’t seen any samosa that day, it was something else. She says that his henna and turmeric both have got onto Ishaani, this is a sign of the God. He must not marry Ritika. Ritika heard this all from outside, she was worried and thinks about going inside before RV changes his mind. She hears RV ask Mala now to tell him how much Ishaani paid her for saying this all. Mala says Ishaani doesn’t know she is here. RV says he gets a lie before it is told, she must not repeat what she has yet said to anyone again. Mala leaves the room and confronts Ritika staring at her curtly. She says to Mala that she will take care of her later, till RV is on her side she has no fear of anyone. But Mala’s biggest fear is Ritika, she must take care of her own work only. She asks her to send Ishaani to her room and leaves wondering what magic this Ishaani does that from that educated Shikhar to uneducated Mala, everyone is her fan.
Ishaani comes to the room and knocks at the door, Ritika asks Ishaani to help her choose the dress which she must wear as she knows the choice of RV well. Ishaani jerks Ritika’s hand away, Ritika watches her henna and tells Ishaani that no matter she gets the henna or turmeric on herself RV will marry her (Ritika).

PRECAP: Ritika tells Ritesh that it is better for everyone that he marrys Ritika and not Ishaani. Ishaani cries and tells Baa that Ranveer is getting married to someone else, she had died the day she signed the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t understand what the writer is up to. But this was a nice episode with ishani having all the rituals. Waiting for a good episode to expose the negative role. In serials only negative roles win many times but the lead will be having only one victory at last.

  2. Today’s episode was good especially mehendi and haldi scene.. eagerly waiting for Rithika..’s truth.. Mala tried her best but… no use… uff…
    RV know the truth soon… like to see Amba reaction first…
    RITHIKA your chapter is going to get over…
    Precap is paining… waiting for a good episode…

  3. I hardly feel that Ranveer knows the truth..he is making Rithika to admit it herself…love u Ishveerr…:D:D;)

  4. Today’s epi ws painful seeing ishvir
    ritika vamp just go to hell
    waiting eagerly for love birds reunion

  5. waw today episode was so entertaing ………waitnng 4 ishveer pachuppp…….

  6. Feeling sad for ishani……ritika’s evil side soon to be revealed…… Rv plz trust mala,,,whatever she(mala) said was correct….
    Hope to see good episodes soon.

  7. mala also done a great job….but poor rv does not trust her…

  8. Nice..
    But rv r u mad…plz trust mala..
    God bas ab to khatm karo ye ritika ka drama…

  9. “meri DUSHMANI tum se hi “

    1. I strongly b-live RV knws it all
      He is just prentending.
      Because he denied ishani’s divorce papers and got his own papers done & also told mala not to tell anything about watever she has told to him.
      Just waiting for the final truth to b revealed.

    2. kiya purohit

      nyc tytle……..i m also agree wid u

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzzz hate today,s episode wait 4 reunion episode………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Rv plz trust mala d episode was painful it is so sad for ishani

  11. I too feel rv know d truth but Jus pretending al dis to collect proof against ritika

  12. Is this Ekta Kapoors serial?. Because only she can completely ruin a gud serial. Ranveer and Ishaani r meant to be together and look at this the b*t*h Ritika is winning :/
    I am out of here. Gudbye Meri aashiki…whatever :/

  13. Writers remembered now that Rv is the hero of the show.. so they don’t want rv to b dumbo or buddhu again. . Rv is acting to expose ritika.. I’m sure of it.. waiting for revealing of truth

  14. Yippee…Ishveer gonna reunite♥♥ waiting for tat moment♥♥ epi ws gud …nw v can c d smart rv 🙂 hez juz actin lyk he trusts Ritika…bt in reality itz a plan to xpose Ritika as he gt to knw abt Ritika’s truth 🙂 Ishveer rockxxx ♥♥♥

  15. I think RV knows it all. He believed what Shaker told him and then Ishani too but he wants to know it from Rithaka. I think he will marry Ishani and the papers will all be made out for their wedding instead. He will play a big secret role as he loved Ishani’s mum Falguni.

    1. I too hope RV is just pretending all these days to expose Rithika herself…. or else,, he wil be the dumbest hero in the history of all serials ever!!

      1. I too think rv knows the truth
        But before attempting suicide attempt , he had revealed that he had transferred all his property to ritikas name.
        May be he is trying to trick ritika.

  16. Disgusting shakti.
    Fully mad writer ,why r u boring us

  17. Gooooooood qest

  18. What RV can trust evil this much??!! But he can’t trust his love!!!! Now enough dragging. Fed up with this…

  19. tooo much dragging of this bakwaas serial… Go to hell !!

  20. I think
    Rv knows everything. He believes ishani. He is keeping ishaani safe n trying to get her away from danger. Just a ishani tried to save him by going to jail. He is just doing all this to keep ritika away from hurting ishaani. That is the reason the serial is called meri aasiqui tum we hi …lv n lv only

  21. As oll ritualshpnd on ishani…ranveer wont marry that idiot …but only will marry ishu….lub yeww ishveerr…u are the only made fo each other couples after ….

  22. rv actuly knws evrything…it jss z a part of his plan…

  23. I also felt that ranveer is playing game against Ritika but still confused that he trusts Ishani or not.if he knows everything about Ritika before suicide attempt then why did he tell Ishani that he has given all property on ritikas name.ishani is not greedy for his property.he is still confused about ishanis behaviour and wants to check her?rari marriage should not happen at any cost .i think rv will leave Ritika between wedding rituals.but he must not marry Ritika.hope he gets all proof against Ritika and come to know about ishanis innocence.

  24. I think Ranveer knows something about Ritika .when Mala came to talk he was listening carefully but after that he changed his behaviour .he had doubt that Ritika was near their room so he insulted Mala.he has something in his mind.

    1. I also think the same….. He knows the true intentions of ritika, but he’s just pretending,,,,,bcoz he has not enough proof against ritika.
      That’s why he tells to mala that she’d not talk about this to anybody… As he also doubt that whatever mala said was true….and I think rv and ishani aren’t divorced… May be that divorce papers are fake….

      Well for that,we have to wait n watch… Soon ishveer reunite.❤

  25. I think RV knows the truth. Those are not divorce papers that ishani signed. Since she didn’t read the papers I am sure Rv would have given something else to sign ishani pretending divorce papers.

  26. i also know that rv know all about ritika he is against ritika luv u ishveer

  27. I m waiting 4 reunite I sheer

  28. Spoiler fit MATSH:

    Ranveer and Ritika get married. Ishani ties the ghat bandhan sadly and gets teary eyed. It is her big test as Ritika has forced Ishani to see her marriage with Ranveer. Ishani didn’t think that this situation will come in her life. Ritika tortures her shamelessly and asks her to do the ghat bandhan. Ishani has no choice, but to agree. Ranveer and Ishani are unhappy though, while Ritika is all happy after marrying Ranveer and achieving her dream.

    After reading this spoiler, I have no words to shout at the directors, someone pls hello me!!!! Wat the hell problem with the writers!! Do they have any sense. I think tat rv n ishaani railway scene may be a dream, how can rv marry rits!!!! It’s really ridiculous.. Don’t know wats going on in ekta’s mind.. If rv n rits marry, no one will watch this show!! I really don’t know wat the directors want to convey through this track. Do they want us to learn tat we can’t win over evil!! Is this the message the writers, directors n producers conveying to us??? Why they show evil win over good alway, n frnds do you have noticed, good always wins at last tat too only one time.. But the evil wins every time.. Really fed up with this track.. No one sees ritika’s evil side!!

    I too thought tat rv knows something tats y he is doing something!! But wats the use.. If he is collecting some evidence against ritika , atleast he can say this to his family, in his family everyone believes rv, no one will deny his words!! But….. Really guys I can’t tolerate ritika more!! Writers expose ritika or else audience will really lose patience n u will be admitted like a patient 😉

    N n n I wish the spoiler be a fake one!!! Really don’t want rits to marry rv!!!!!!

    1. Hiii ruhi, I heard this on SBS,,,but they said that after this rv get to know about ritika,,,, may be with the help of shikhar….. But that’s true that soon ishveer reunite….. I also get worried when I heard this news but sources tells that ishveer will reunite….I think this marriage is just a drama of rv, to exposed ritika…so let’s see…..hope for the best!!!!!

  29. Hi neha, really feeling irritated after reading the spoiler. I checked so many sites, in every site its not confirmed tat ishveer gonna patch up or not!! Just this ritika drama is shown!! Feeling so sad yaar!!

    Anyways hoping for the best to Happen with ishveer!!!!

  30. guys i heard this new spoilerthat:
    As per the current track, Laxmi tells Amba about the mehandi on Ishaani’s hand and RV stops Ritika from losing her cool on Ishaani. In the meantime, Chaitali expresses her surprise to Baa about all that is happening at the function. Meanwhile, Mala tells RV that he shouldn’t marry Ritika and recounts the incidents on the day that they were supposed to get married. Later, Ritika asks Ishaani to help pick a good saree.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, RV will tell Ishaani that he knows Ritika’s true colours and that he is aware that Ritika has blamed Ishaani for everything. He will tell her that his marriage to Ritika is not binding.Amba and Kailash will too get shocked to see that Parekh has returned home. RV will tell everyone the truth about Ritika. Kailash will apologize to Ishaani.

  31. Well,,thanks mouni!!!! I already had a doubt that whatever rv’s doing,,,_has some reason behind this…finally ritika will be …expose in next coming episodes………… Eagerly waiting for this episodes and wanna see amba n laxmi’s reaction.

  32. Only want to see amba nd laxmi reaction….

  33. Is dat true guys.. ishikar u reunite.. instead of ishveer… rv u should suffr aftr marrying dat devil..

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