Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika was sitting with the wedding planners when RV comes home, all wet and devastated. She goes to him and calls Mala for towel. RV says he is fine, Ritika says he will get cold this way and asks him to go and change. TV walks upstairs. Mala comes to tell Ritika that someone is here to meet Amba. It was the jeweler, he looks at the temple and says to Ritika that this was their first order that turned into a big jeweler. Today, he was broken when a member from Parekh family came to him to mortgage someone else’s jewellery for money and Harshid’s daughter Ishaani took that blame on herself. RV is shocked hearing this. He comes running back, the jeweler says Ishaani didn’t mortgaged them but she took the blame onto herself to save someone of her family.
At Parekhs’s home, Shekhar

comes inside and says sorry to Ishaani. He says he knew the truth, but the drama was necessary to know the truth. He says I am sorry for disrespecting her. He says he thought she is again saving someone, and the other will also come to humiliate her. He says he put on CCTV cameras at home, he checked the footage but couldn’t see the face of that person. At that time, Manas met him outside the home and told him the truth, he couldn’t see her take the blame onto herself. Manas comes inside and says sorry, he says tells Ishaani Ritesh was going to get kidnapped. Ritesh says to Shekhar that I am sorry, he did it for Harshid’s daughter but she was disrespected. He sold a land piece and spent it on gambling to double the money so that he can spend on Ishaani’s wedding but he lost it and they demanded double money and called Dewarsh. Manas continues that he attended the phone when he came home to get his son’s toys as he was crying, he received the call and the other person said if he wants to see his father alive he must bring the amount. He thought about telling Baa and Ishaani all this but he heard Baa and Ishaani speaking. Ishaani was saying that Shekhar’s family believes her so much that they handed their locker’s keys to her as well, they are in her purse always. Manas says he took the keys prints on soap, he didn’t tell anyone because was worried about Ritesh. He apologizes Ishaani that it was because of him Ishaani had to suffer everything. He says RV came there to worsen the situations. Ishaani says thankyou to Manas, else Ritesh would have not been here. Manas says we must thank Shekhar, he could have complaint Police but he trusted her. Shekhar tells them not to shy him, they are all his family and if something is done for family’s good it isn’t wrong. Ritesh comes to give Ishaani’s hand in Shekhar’s and says today he is sure Ishaani is going into a good family. His trust proves they both are perfect for each other, he will never make her cry. Ishaani leaves outside, Shekhar comes behind her. She was crying, Shekhar wipes her tears. RV was passing by the road and is shocked seeing them. Ishaani was Shekhar why he believed her, Shekhar says he only listens to his heart and felt she can’t betray anyone. Her honesty shows in her eyes, she hasn’t shown such eyes before. RV comes out of the car restlessly. Shekhar says they are marrying, but why wait to side her. He says he wants to assure her that she can trust him to trust her. He hugs Ishaani. RV was moved, hurt. Shekhar says to Ishaani that no fear would come between them; he will face all her problems before her. RV gets into his car enraged and drives away. Ishaani and Shekhar walk together, Shekhar says he is a lawyer and worked with mind as well. He makes fun that thanks God Manas doesn’t have long hair, else she also walks as Sunny Leone sometimes. Ishaani stops at this. Shekhar says the CCTV footages were important for his family as well. Ishaani asks when he got them placed, before her mother’s death? Shekhar says yes, one day before that. Ishaani says they can check who came on terrace then, they can prove her mothers death isn’t suicide. Shekhar says he checked it already. Ishaani says she wants to check it too. Shekhar calls his associate to convert the footage to CD. Shekhar says they must go home now, else seeing the tension RV would think he has won and he won’t let him win.
Amba and Lakshmi were selecting jewellery designs, RV comes home. Ritika asks if he is fine. RV cheers and says what will happen to him, he says I am sorry I had to go and comes to talk to his family showing excitement about the preparations. He tells the organizer to arrange a good choreographer for his wife and Lakshmi. Ritika was upset, RV comes to her and asks if she will dance with him. She nods and smiles. Amba asks why is everyone upset, she says his Sangeet will be such that no one would want a morning for this. RV tells them to make sure no one goes without dancing, he says curtly that everyone must see. Amba comes to him and says everyone would see, kisses RV on forehead. Baba tells Amba not to be emotional now. RV says he will do all the preparations for wedding from tomorrow, now needs a rest. RV was leaving, then comes to Ritika and says sorry as she had to wake up till so late. He takes her in hand to go to room sleeping.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches RV and Ritika preparing dance practice.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. atlast atleast this truth is out.. OMG Ranveer cant able to digest Shikhar hugging Ishaani.. thank gid shikhar trust Ishaani.. Atlast some proof is available reg. Falguni maa death mystery.. hope we get some evidence reg. waiting for cctv footage and sangeeth.. amba don’t dream much.. this shadi wont happen.. waiting to watch negative shade of Rithika for a long time.. pls dont drag further. precap is annoying… I didnt like the way RV dancing with that evil Rithika.. I think to annoy Ishaani he is purposefully doing it.. bechari Ishaani Crying.. waiting for a good episode.

  2. Shâžñā

    RV feeling jealousy n doin al these stupid drama….bcz f ths jealousy he frgot his brain lso…lol…

    precap ramleela btw rv n ritika…yuck…stupidity @ itz bst 🙂 sumtymz i feel lyk Ishkhar shd unite…in mind itz Ishkhar bt in heart itz lwayz Ishveer shd reunite♥♥♥ their cuteness no1 can replace in d shw ♥♥♥

    Nw a dyz shw s nt intrestd to watch..bcz lready knws abt al d upcoming track through spoilers n al…so itz borin nw 🙂

  3. Hope, Ritika’s experimental dance at this stage , won’t lead to a Miscarriage… Lol..
    Apna halat kho care karo yaar……, idiotic dumb ritika

  4. aman


    this is third time when Ishani is in true love with a person.
    hahahahahaha. She can do anything like hugging,
    touching and kissing. and she says herself that she loves ranveer. hahahaha what a true love for rv, ishani 😉 .
    feel bad for rv 🙁 . Ranveer pls try to understand this bad omen girl Ishani is not deserve to your love.

  5. HeMa

    Gooooood NewS For #Matsh


    In the recent episode of Meri Aashiqui
    tum Se Hi, Ishani (Radhika Madan) takes
    the blame of stealing Shikhar’s (Arjun
    Bijlani) family heirloom. Shikhar who
    loves Ishani and trusts her blindly gets
    angry with her for breaking his trust. He throws her out of the house and out of hi
    life after calling off the wedding. When Shikhar involves know the reality
    he immediately follows Ishani to her
    house and apologises for his mistake. He
    guarantees to never again doubt her
    intentions and to trust her no matter
    what things. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) sees the 2 of them together and breaks down
    on losing the love of his life. He goes bac
    to Ritika (Smriti Khanna) and starts
    preparations for his wedding. In the coming episode, Shikhar will host
    masquerade ball theme for his
    engagement party. He will clearly invite
    Ranveer and Ritika for the party. Ishani
    will be seen in a very red hot dress and
    Shikhar will wear a black tie-suit. Ishani are lost in thought within the middle of
    the road and Ranveer jumps in to save
    lots of her from a dashing car; they share
    an in depth moment then go forth from
    one another. In the party, Shikhar professes his love
    Ishani, who is physically at the party
    however mentally is lost in RV’s thoughts
    As for RV, he will be seen performing art
    with Ritika however keep thinking of
    Ishani. Like we’ve already told you before,Ishan
    can presently discover that Ritika is that the one who killed her mother and can attempt to return to rv. she’s going to decision off her wedding with Shikhar and claim her rightful place as RV’s 1st woman.
    Stay tuned For Hema Updates..

    • MATSH

      How can she come again,,, ?. What whenever she wants she will ignore him and hurt him and whenever she wants she will take him back””
      Oh god what sort of a character is she flaunted:::?
      She is like prerna in KZK jumping from one man to anothrr,,,
      Although ritika is bad,I think ritika is a good pair with rv coz she understands him well and care him well..indeed she is a good friend and a good supporter too to him during his brokrn times,,not like ishani stubborn hurting woman

  6. Plzz jab ishveer ka reunion ho to mujhy btaa denaa main tang aagayaa hun roz roz ka bkwaas drama daikh daikh k
    Jin pe drama based ha
    Unhi ko alaag rkhaa haa what the hell is that

  7. Anu Rajpoot

    nw its gud to c ishaani going burn burn seeing Rv dancing wid ritika…. plz reveal dat ritika z da real culprit.
    waiting for gud ishveer episode

  8. anita

    didn’t watch today’s episode…. only read it
    as i doesn’t want to see ranveer in pain
    please reunite ishveer…..
    please writers atleast show some improvement in the storyline

  9. anita

    i doesn’t know why that ranveer’s pain and tears leaves an impact on me….
    but i don’t get any feeling when ishani is crying…. (except for day b4 yesterday)

  10. johvi

    director plzz change the story.. Reunite the ishveer. I hate to watch that dump ritika is very close to ranveer. Precap is too short.. Plzz give me that link..

  11. annah

    These updates just make no sense!! And story also has no sense….coz ish marrying shikh n rv marrying fit but both involved in each others thoughts!! What’s this Yarr!!! Writers plz show some sense n make it practical! If they r .marrying other partners then they shud frget bout their past n if they still love each other then they shud accept it and live happily. If u want to show some twists plz show something practical!!

  12. annah

    And vaise bhi there is nothing left to show!_ so end the story with a happy ending instead of dragging it!!

  13. ishveer

    I am geting exited to see ishveer reunite but the writters were making it bored they were draging the show . i am geting irked with this show from past 2 weeks . so plese make it fast . by this week they should reunite

  14. shruthi

    day by day serial becomig vulger, they love one person they do romance with another person ,ishani do eng with shikar but thinks abt rv ,rv mrgs rithika but thinks abt ishani ,it is against our culture ,the serials in the charecter beomes routine ,

  15. XYZ

    I have stopped watching this serial these days. Will start only they unite (if at all)…

  16. I think uniting rv and ishani is dumb idea. Bth f them thought t moveon in their lyf so no use in uniting them& btwy if ishani goes t rv claiming her rights as fst wife then wts shikar’s reaction…hw can she hurt who trusted her more than anyone,n its btr t let shikar marry ishani n then te twists shud reveal so tht rv can tink hw much he hurtd ishani as wel as y she had gaken such decisions fr sacrificing evrytn fr evryone

      • amru…its bttr t let shikar marry ishani so tht rv can moveon his lyf wid tht evil ritika n later her negativ charctr shud b revealed so tht rv can undrstnd te pain tht ishani had wen she came out frm jail n saw both f thm in tv

  17. Semaya bore adikuthu. Unite ishveer fast. Cant see ishaani with shikar.i hate their pair.
    ishani is always good wit rv.

      • Crct but i m saying in love. Rv love is best bt he get jealous and start dng nonsense things. So all of them r hating him. But his love is pure amru.
        Shikars love is also pure but it cant be compared with rvs

      • Their friendship is so cute . In one epi wen baa and shikar mother were talking abt ishkar marriage.that time ishkar scene was fabulous. When he says somthing in her nose and she touches her nose and that scenes r good. But in my view ishveer is bst.
        Wat abt u amru?

  18. Nik

    Rv ishani ko jealous kar rahi hai,yaar ap dono kab milege 3 months ho gaya ishveer ka seperatn hua

  19. Nik

    Frds shikr hi rv ishani ko unit karega mene fb me pada ta yaar,i thk ishani fnd the truth abt riti d shikr ishani ko help karte ose samag kar

  20. ohh..what a good episode…hey u soo much..than that RV..he forgot his own soul yaar…plz RV..plz accept the innocence of Ishaani..but i think shikhar has real love for Ishaani..thtzz yy he proves the innocence of Ishaani..
    And also this situation sparkles the good nature of Ish…..infrnt if both lovrs

    • aman

      hey anaya,

      Ishani is not innocence, she is such a very selfish and clever girl. you can see it many times in serial , one of them is she hide her truth to shekhar that she loves rv. and this time she is making fool to shekhar.
      on the other side rv is a genuine person. rv told all the things to ritika clearly.
      infact I think ritika is a nice girl even knowing all the things about rv she is with him.

  21. MATSH

    Wow cant wait to see ishanis jeolousy face,,
    I feel really sorry for u RV, its waste of your lifetime if u still run behind ishani coz she can move onn with anybody happily saying that only RV is in her heart,,?
    She threw RV to aside and after hurting him so much and what rights is she coming to claim ad rvs first wife…??
    Why what happened to sad ishani new haistyle eith makeup and good sarees.?. If she is not happy with her marriage why so much flirty accents and shyness with shiker?. Even with rv she was not this happy post marriage???

  22. I seriously feel shikar is the right person for ishaani…. 1st she was so dumb…. Loving chiraag…. And den rv is so dumb to behind ritika!!! I wanted ritika n chiraag to be together n conspire againt rv n ishaani…. Now i want ishaani n shikar together… Dumb ritika shuld rot in jail and rv shuld repend fr his foolishness… And idiot Ishaani… Wen she was with ranveer….. She was thinking abt chiraag…. And now with shikar… She s thinking abt Ranveer!!! Chai wat non sense…. Let Ranvir marry Chiraag’ ex girl frnd and manas u be happy with Payal.. Let that chetali n devarish commit suicide and Krsna being saved…. Omg n krsna is pregnant.. Y d hell cant the all wait till marriage? Sharman… Go get a life man! Than still waiting for ritika… Or sharman can marry krsna!!!!! Omg wat ah match maker I am… I can write better stories than these idiot writters.. Dumbo ppl dey r!

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