Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateRV is concerned if Ritika is injured. Ritika says what has she done, this is ketchup. She says she feels really hungry in stress so she ate samosa and spilt this ketchup on her dress. She is worried her dress is ruined. Ranveer hides the stain from her clothes. Ritika says thanks to him that he cares so much for her, she promises to take care of him after wedding. Amba comes to take Ritika on stage and sends RV upstairs.
On the roadway, Shekhar keeps looking for Ishaani.
RV comes to the room and watches the drawer of Ishaani’s memories closed. He opens it up and watches the pictures in it. He feels pain in his chest and is restless. He reads a poetry verse and asks why this happens that my world is because of someone else and I am going to start a life with someone else.

He brings about the wind-chime.
Ishaani lay on the road, breathing hardly. The rain water dripped into her mouth.
There, the wind-chime chirped.
Ishaani comes to consciousness.
RV watches the wind-chime begin to move even vigorously.
There Ishaani sits up.
RV says these wind-chimes are so strange, whenever wind passes them they make a sound even when they are broken. Broken heart is also the same, whenever the memories pass through them they make sound. He says his heart always makes a sound at the thought of Ishaani and always will, because Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi, Ishaani! RV shuts his eyes.
Shekhar finds a few men near the car crash venue. He stops the car and goes to see the car down the hill. The men soon drive their bikes away. Shekhar hears Ishaani’s call for help and struggles through the way to the road. He watches Ishaani lying on the road. Ishaani watches Ranveer instead of Shekhar. Shekhar runs towards Ishaani calling her name, while Ishaani watches Ranveer running towards her. Shekhar panicked, he asks Ishaani to speak to him and tell him who did this. He picks Ishaani up to take her to hospital. Ishaani murmurs something, Shekhar says he will take her to hospital and won’t let anything happen to her. He picks her in arms and runs on the road. Ishaani calls Ranveer.
Ranveer hears Ishaani’s call and turns to see if she is here. He holds the wind-chime and keeps it back into the drawer. Parul calls Ranveer down for pooja, RV asks her to go he will just come in a while. He says to Ishaani he will have to go and closes the drawer.
Ishaani was panting, Shekhar drives the car while calling her again and again to keep her eyes open and her mind conscious. He tells her the hospital is about to come.
There at Ranveer’s house, Mala was still sensing something wrong. Baa gets Shekhar’s message that Ishaani is with him, she must not worry. Baa smiles. RV comes downstairs.
Shekhar brings Ishaani to hospital.
RV walks heavily towards the stage. He gets on the stage and begins the pooja.
Shekhar waits outside the operation theatre where Ishaani was being operated upon. He calls for the doctors to take care of her, she is bleeding and is in pain.
Pandit calls Ritika on the stage. RV stands up as Ritika arrive.
Doctors’ end up Ishaani’s dressing. The doctor tells Shekhar she is out of danger, but she has a strong will as if she wanted no harm for herself.
Pandit asks RV and Ritika to put garlands around each other. Ritika is elated at the ritual so is everyone? RV is reluctant to put it around Ritika’s neck, then performs the ritual finally.
Ishaani wakes up and looks around to find Shekhar. She asks Shekhar she wants to go to Ranveer right now. Shekhar says he is marrying Ritika. Ishaani says she knows but she wants to go to him once. Shekhar is speechless.

PRECAP: At the time of circles, Ishaani arrives and calls this wedding can’t take place.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. As I said yesterday ishaani think shikhar as Ranveer.. OMG cant able to see Ishaani suffering.. Thank god.. Atlast Shikhar saved ishaani.. Shikhar’s acting was good.. emotions are excellent.. He lived that character.. noone can be replaced.. Anyway hopefully Ishaani Ranveer are going to get married again… wow… exited.. especially waiting for Ranveer’s CHENNAI STYLE… OMG what a precap… cant wait to watch.. Ishaani you rock.. Rithika’s chapter is going to get over soon.. worth watching that Evil Psycho Rithika reaction… iam waiting..

    • aditya

      what do you mean by chennai style??? anyways, i agree with u that that shikhar’s act cant be replaced by anyone else…. the precap is superrrr…

      • Suga

        Latest SPOILER: MATSH:

        Ritika bangs the door and Ranvir comes out in Chennai style. Ritika asks whats happening, why is he celebrating. She starts questioning him and he hides the fact that Ishani is inside the room. He wants to know that she lost her memory or acting. Ritika doubts that he is getting inclined towards Ishani again, and he promises her that he will never do anything out of his limits and asks her to relax. Ishani’s memory loss brings her close to Ranvir.

  2. sonali

    very nice emotional moments from rv and shikhar’s side…… the way shikhar says—dekhiye na, kitna dard ho raha h usse… the verses by rv were very touching indeed….smart ritika again gets out of the situation……waiting for tomorrows episode—-it will be nice to watch ishani’s entry in the middle of the marriage…yyay!!

  3. Kalai

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see tomorrows episode. Finally ranveer and then ishani will be together

  4. shabbu

    Super ishaani!! Good work but can’t see ishaani in pain… Devil ritika… Hate her to the core!!!…

  5. aditya

    how these doctors finished the difficult operation so quickly??? its so impractical that on the time of varmala, ishani opened her eyes and asked shikhar to take her to rv and the so fast at the tym of fera, she came and stopped the marriage……its so impractical…..nice expressions by ritika at that moment….anyways, the mystery is soon to be solved and my best ishveer will be back…..hurrah!!!

  6. ishra

    As shikar ka kya haal hoga??bechara kud se jyada ishani we pyaar karke usko badle me keval ansu mila.

    • aditya

      why is he confused??? he still oves ishani only but when ishani tells him to stop marriage, he gets angry as he thinks she only plays with his feelings….i dont understand his reaction but i just wanted him to inquire about how ishani got injured….he is trapped as one side, he has love for ishani but on the other side, he has taken ritika’s responsibility….hope ritika is soon kicked out and ishveer cum back……nice role of shikhar…

  7. kowsi

    wah…wat an epidode…..really awsm…tmrw episode semmaaaa ….rithika this time to pack up ur all drmz abt ranveer…ishveer only….but im eagerly to see rv in chennai really happiee …ishveer reunite again..

    • Suga

      Latest Spoiler MATSH:

      Ritika bangs the door and Ranvir comes out in Chennai style. Ritika asks whats happening, why is he celebrating. She starts questioning him and he hides the fact that Ishani is inside the room. He wants to know that she lost her memory or acting. Ritika doubts that he is getting inclined towards Ishani again, and he promises her that he will never do anything out of his limits and asks her to relax. Ishani’s memory loss brings her close to Ranvir.

      • sona

        arey friend, everyone knows about this spoiler but what actually does chennai style mean??? ok, let it be….we will soon see it in the show….but it sure is going to exciting…

  8. My life is attached with someone else,
    my breathes are for someone else

    my world is going away from my sight
    my heatbeats are leaving me with the loneliness of night.

    I am going through a lot of pain
    there is nothing left to regain

  9. chinnu

    Ya suga I have read that news but was in condition that Rv doesn’t believed ishani when she reveals truth abt rithika n gets angry

    • Suga

      He speaks about his pain and sufferings he got because of ishaani and also tells she is playing with emotions and lifes of person.. memory loss is actually Ishaani plan to destroy rithika plan and help him..

      • armaan

        he is right in his words as indeed ishani has hurt him a lot but what will happen when rv comes to know why ishani did all that… he will come to know the sacrifices of ishani for him and the true love which ishani showered on him inspite of all that pain…yes, some stupid steps but still all was done to keep rv away from grief……it always makes me sad to see lovers getting pain…one fine day, the truth will come out and ishveer will patch up…..eager to see how this evil ritika will be punished…

  10. Hansinee

    Ishani, really worry bout yor pathetic condition. Be patient ishani. Ranveer will b yors in time to come. Poor Shikhar. Luv u all

  11. I started watching this show few weeks ago …. So lovely pair and so lovely story …. Just can anyone can clarify my doubts wen evr I get doubts …. …. I read the starting updates and came to knw ranveer was poor and how he became rich ?? Will anyone clear my doubts daily plzzz help me matsh fans … 🙂

    • Muneebah

      Well ,when ranveer was poor he got thrown out of the ishaani house as everyone found out about him loving ishaani. At that moment ishaani was in a bad state as she found out chirag wanted to use her for her dads money. Ranveer was sent too jail along with his mum and dad and they were badly beaten
      When ranveer got out of jail he became rich as he already learnt about business from ishaani dad

  12. Prajna

    Todays episode was awesome.. Shekhar who played a gd role.. Precap is intresting.. Ishveer ll b reunite soon..

  13. XYZ

    Hope shikhar remains the way he is now. He should not join hands with ritika to seperate Ishveer. No surprise if the writers change it that way

    • armaan

      i also have doubt on that….if the mood of the directors change, sometime later, shikhar will also turn into a negative role as ishani left him and chose rv ….dont know how this story is going to turn up next….but till now, shikhar has played his role very well…..

  14. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    What an emotional episode. It made me cry ????
    Hamari adhoori kahani??
    Ranveer and ishani are meant for each other
    Ranveer could feel ishaani in pain ?

  15. FAROOQ


  16. FAROOQ


  17. Mary francis

    Wow rv’s dialogue was awesme meri ashiqui sirf tumse hi ishani n i feel bad fr shikar as he also cnt widout ishani….;-(;-( Anyway if one has to win one has to lose…. Hope shikar gets a gud gal n dat ritika to jail 4evr….

  18. Hey im new here
    from past few months i always read this updates guys i like ur comments
    sona plz update little bit faster
    rv love u soooooooo much
    matsh rockssss

  19. Honey

    Wow.. In ishker seens i got tears. I thought shikar loves ishani even more than rv. Bt by the nxt seen itself i thought ranveer suits ishani more than any one.. Whatever ishveer rokss.. Waiting for 2day’s epi

  20. kayathri

    Nice episode… Really sorry for shikar..
    Bcoz he got injury while carrying and run ishani

  21. Manisha

    Nice episode.ranveer must know that someone stabbed Ishani so badly and she was near death.they have shown some injuries on head only in video but not showed her stomach.they could have seen injured Ishani at wedding place in serious situation after that they could have admitted her in hospital.atleast Ranveer could come to know that someone tried to kill her.i know she was in serious condition and was not able to come to wedding hall but after all she is heroine so Ekta mam could have shown her like this.exicited for today’s episode.ranveer and Ishani and shekhar are brilliant actors.we can feel their pain.and ranveers eyes speak everything.background songs are also very nice and suitable for the situation.

  22. Manisha

    In yesterday’s episode Shekhar was the real hero who saved Ishani from death.he has saved her two times from death.we were expecting Ranveer in place of Shekhar.but Ranveer is not aware of the fact.windchime scene was really nice and heart touching.

  23. Manisha

    ranveer found out the similarity between them
    both his heart and the wind chime is broken
    yet whenever a wind passes through the chime
    or when ishaanis memory float in his mind
    the chimes shake and and anguish rises in his heart
    he looked so lifeless today before the wedding
    he said one significant line today
    as long as ishaani breathes he will breathe
    he felt ishaanis presence when she took his name
    so that soul connection is still well intact
    loved the sayeri he told
    all these depicted his feelings so well
    his hands and legs were not moving
    he literally had to drag them forcefully

  24. Meri aashiqui ishveer se hi

    Ishveer are just so cute they love each other so much ❤️❤️❤️???

  25. soha

    Its to much.. Rv belive karde ishani par.. Yar story ko jaldi complete kardo dont check out the patence..

  26. Wrishita

    Awsome shayeri by Ranveer!!!
    Is there somebody who can Write the Lines!!!
    I want that poetry,its fantastic.

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