Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer jumps at the lion, who throws him away with his paw. Ranveer gets faint.
Nurbhay drives the jeep and hurries his men to come. They hear the lion roar.
Ishaani wakes up from being faint and looks around. The lion headed towards Ranveer who lied faint. She calls him to get up, the lion stops at the voices. Ishaani struggles with his chain. Nurbhay follows Ishaani’s voice. She prays for the man who came to save her, if something happens to him a followers belief on Gods will end. Ranveer still lied faint on the floor. The lion turns away and leaves them, running into the forest. Ishaani gets up, Nurbhay runs to her and asks if she has got her mind back? Ishaani says that man saved her, she wants to see him once. Nurbhay tells his men to open her chains, they will speak

about it at home. The man orders Ranveer’s assistant that there is a fainted man.
Nurbhay drags Ishaani and tells him to go to her room. Ishaani asks why he brought her back, had she died his problems would have ended. Nurbhay says her life is in hands, he will decide till when she will die. Now he will punish him greatly and must ask less questions until death takes her.
Ranveer wakes up on his bed, looks around and sits up at once. He thinks he saved Ishaani from the lion but she didn’t even take him from the forest. She has got a stone heart.
The next morning, Nurbhay asks Aarti where is maa. Aarti says she has gone to Mumbai, she had sworn that she would present a Chaddar at the temple when she sees some indications of life in Naina. Nurbhay asks where Naina is, Aarti says she has gone to park with the driver as she wanted to stay alone for a while. He tells Aarti he has to go out of town for two days.
Ishaani puts on ointment on her injury. She thinks without that man saving her she would be dead. If Nurbhay knows she is trying to find him, what he would do. She prays for the man who saved her, she prays that man gets all the happiness in life.
Ranveer coloured the painting saying he would erase each and every memory of Ishaani, it is time for revenge.
Aarti hurries downstairs, she cheers and calls Vikram and Uttam. She says she has a good news. She tells them about a lady who came to exhibition and said she wanted Naina’s proposal for her son. Uttam asks is that the son who is studying in USA. Aarti calls Nurbhay who is happy and promises her a gift. He tells the driver to go back home. He instructs Aarti to make Naina up well, arrange everything to serving and make good arrangments. Vikram and Uttam laugh about Nurbhay’s instructions, Aarti tells them that they must be serious for Naina as she is their sister. Ishaani hears this all, she thinks she must help these people as well. Naina must get the happiness she deserves.
The guests arrive. The guy’s parents say they wanted to fix her proposal. Vikram asks Aarti to serve something to them. Aarti says Ishaani is making arrangements.
Ishaani smells the food, jalebis and everything. The old maid asks Ishaani why she is so happy. Ishaani says everyone in the house is happy, she wants Naina to stay really happy with her inlaws. She tells the lady to take the jalebi, she will take tea. Aarti asks the mother if she has told everything about Naina, she says her maa told them about everything. They actually want a relation with everyone. Naina comes with the maid, while Ishaani comes to the hall. Aarti introduces Naina with everyone. The guy asks who the other girl is, she says it is Ishaani. Ishaani offers to take Naina inside. The guy says he doesn’t need to fulfil any formality, he likes the girl. Naina smiles, Aarti kisses Naina. The guy says he is ready to marry anytime, he can cancel his visit to America. He thanks his mother that hadn’t she brought him here he would never have got a beautiful girl like Ishaani.

PRECAP: Ishaani entertains Naina with her dance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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