Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarti was worried and says now no one has any answer. Vikram says their chance of earning money is lost. Maa thinks that it doesn’t matter the idols have been stolen, they will still get the money. Nurbhay comes downstairs. Maa says to Nurbhay that they had promised charity amount but the idols have been stolen, she says she fears what if poor curse Naina? Nurbhay says he will keep her tongue, he asks Uttam to get his cheques book. He signs 1 crore cheques and hands it to her. He says he doesn’t want anything falls less in Naina’s life. He hands his cheques book back to Naina. Aarti, Vikram and Uttam hug Maa. Maa gives it to Uttam and says he knows how he has to put it in her account.
Ishaani comes to view the stealing videos. Nurbhay hurries towards the room. Ishaani finds

the footage and spots Vikram going out to take a call. Ishaani had hidden behind the door as Nurbhay enters. He thinks that today’s recording isn’t there. Ishaani held the tape. She thinks she must call Pratik here. Nurbhay calls the guard and asks where the video is. Ishaani says she knows where the video is. Pratik had also arrived. They all turn to look at him. Ishaani says it is good he has also arrived here. Ishaani tells the guard that he can leave.
Ranveer asks Ritika what her involvement is in Ishaani and Nurbhay’s wedding. Ritika says she knew he will ask this from her and won’t believe in her. She says she is because of Ishaani, Ishaani brought her here. Ishaani found her and got her a job. Ishaani told her that she married Nurbhay, she needed money that Ranveer hadn’t. Ranveer says Ritika is lying, Ishaani can never trust Ritika. Ritika says that he had never thought Ishaani will leave him, if she can leave him why can’t she keep her with her. Ritika says money can change everything. Ritika says she can tell him something that is a secret between him and Ranveer, it is the biggest secret of his life that they never came close to each other. Ishaani told this to her. Ritika finds a way, pushes Ranveer away and gets in the car driving away. Ranveer shouts as liar behind her. He says her running away proves that she is lying, this proves that Ishaani is in trouble.
Nurbhay asks Ishaani where the video is. Ishaani shows the tape, she says that may be many people feel sad after watching this video as it has the face of the culprit. She goes to insert the tape, Vikram stops her at once. He asks her not to play the video. Nurbhay and Maa are shocked. Ishaani asks why, and why he is sweating. Vikram says there is a lot of tension at home. Ishaani says the tension will only be released when the video is played. And they will know who dared to steal at home, she says if it is someone from home this is necessary to be known that who did the theft. Vikram says she is trying to save her ex-husband’s relative. Ishaani asks Vikram to get the relative caught then, and let her play the video. She stares at Uttam, Uttam asks her to remove her eyes from him. He finally holds his hand that Nurbhay jerks away, he shouts at Uttam why he doesn’t let her play the video. He takes Vikram to the row as well, and asks what are they both up to. He asks Ishaani why she is doing this drama to save Pratik. Ishaani says she is just recalling him his promise, he must decide what he will do to the culprit and she will play the video by then. Vikram stops Ishaani, he tells her not to play the video, he knows who did the theft. Nurbhay asks who did it. He confesses that me and Uttam.

PRECAP: Ritika tells Naina that she knows about Ranveer, if she makes him drunk and spend a single night with him, he will spend his whole life with her in guilt.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. shristi

    Totally dragging..full to bakwas…b*t*h naina..i will kill u…thnk god finally matsh go off air soon…

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Shristi..yaar we alredy said u that..don’t get neg commnt na yaar..onc again i will tell u plzz don’t do yaar..we are alreay broken hearted..plzz don’t play our feeling’..this is a kind request..u hat this scenes na yaar..then y will u watch it..and this is ur problm..ecen u watch it r it r noy..but plzz don’t post neg commnts…u agree with our (ishveerian’s) fellings na yaar..

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      No swana dr..ppllzz don’t loose hop na yaar..we hav one more chanc na now our only wrk is watch matsh in tv and increases trp rat..k yaar

  2. K.praveena

    Today ranvi proves still he trust ishani superb. And ranvi looking more more handsome today. And precape one of the devil give to idea to a most honourable ghost naina that cheap idea. Evil mind thinks only evil idea. Matsh only 19 epi except today i counting.

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Praveea dr..plzz don’t thnk so na yaar..we r the tru loyal fans..onc naamaley odanju poita..then who will sav our matsh..plzz yaar don’t loose hope..and we hav one mor chnc na don t cry, depression,feeling..,’ now our wrk is to increse trp rat…k

  3. Oof writers we r all pray for tis wk trp but u guys make tis story very difficult we r all totally fed up,pps writers understand our situation and make ishveer scenes..oh precap is annoying,naina i hate u lot,even ranvi drunk hr know his ishaani very well he never touch other girl,that stupid ritika gave idiotic idea to tis devil naina,tis charecters are all disguisting,and nirbhay family members omg what a selfish people,once a time matsh on the first position whenever nirbhay devil naina enter into the show matsh flap pls writers just kick out the whole family from matsh then only trp increase

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Ya sathya dr.. agree wid u..i hat the mental selfsh family..nirbhay plzz opn ur eyes..this memmbres r not a gud ppl..they does nt care u..they care ur mny..

  4. K.praveena

    Matsh going to end at feb26. I can’t bear it. I feel so bad. Color tv only consider seriel trp not loyal fan heart. And i see bcl celebratity cricket promo (ranvi phone talk with shivanya). Ranvi looking handsome aswell as.

  5. I hate sonalijaffer,even our ff writers make ishveer story as superb but sonali jaffer does’t know how to write a story,anyway waitimg for ishveer scenes,guys pls pls who r all ole fan of ishveer pls watch our show,bcoz tis wk trp save our show ,its my humble req

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Mee too hat the pagal sonali..i thnk during her birth..god don’t gave hervto brain..tats y she writing lyk this stry..and and she alwayz turn my rhithika’s charecter into witch.. i really feel for my doll ritz

  6. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Wow ishu…wat a dare..i really appreciate u dr..i am very proud of u..and nirbhay u too..

  7. K.praveena

    Guys wht seriel replaced our matsh seriel. I pray to god that come back of shadika play together and its will be matsh 2. And product comes in more sucess.

    • arham(soul of ishveer)

      Praveena dr..Mee too tak sam prayer yaar..hop allvr good..waiting for nxt trp..and the gutzz plzz who hav colors channl..plzz watch matsh guyzz..and who’s neighbr’ cousins’ othr family mmbrs hav colors channl na..plzz ask them to watch matsh na yaar..hop my matsh not end

  8. arham(soul of ishveer)

    And the precap was so sad..devil..onc u will tak the advantag of ranveer..then i will kill u..

  9. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Uttam fellow..and u how dare to u scold my ishu..and will slaps too..onc u will slap her..then i will slap u

  10. Keerthi

    Rithika devil how disgusting u are how pathetic to get a guy u giving advice to naina to rape a guy yuck……u think ranveer ll do any wrong he ll not touch anyone except ishaani as he did not even touch ishaani still how will he touch this naina….. Anyway I liked nirbhay holding uttams hands….praying nothing bad to happen for ranveer….God save him from devil naina and rithika

  11. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Guyzz anyon saw kasam promo.. sawvtat na yaar..i feel brokn hearted aftr seeing tat promo.

  12. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Sathya dr..r u watching u2..i watch na yaar..even dragging scenes too..bcoz ennals pakama iruka mudyla..nalkadho kettadho enaku ennoda ishveer a pathutey i watch na yaar..

  13. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Guyzz any one watch the last promo of matsh in youtub..i saw tat tat utub..ishu said

    Aftr ishu go to jungle then snak bite her neck..then rv comes and suck the poision ishu’s neck..

    That scene is too romantic na guyzz..

    And ishu’s saree is green she looks lyk angel

    And rv is aso too hot
    Tat tym he is wid devil naina to eat somthng..

    And also the journalist ask ishu’ mam u got a best actress award na”
    Then ishu says ya i got..i really feel happy..this is my first bst actress award in my first serial too..i really really happy”
    Plzz guyzz chck tat’s awsom

  14. Ishaniveer

    Today episode was little bore bcoz ishveer didn’t together… BT Ishani today u save ur brother..super ly . Tats a great job

  15. Guys do u all see the promo of bcl in tat rv aka shakthi arora and shivanya ki mouni roy was doing that add fristly shivanya ask rv are u ready do U have packed ur bag completely he says s and shivanya further explained becarefull it is cricket in here punarjanam(rebrith) Will not gonna happen from this guys l don’t know really kasam Is part 2 of Matsh or not and i also dont know that my gusses gonna be true (or) Not but hope for the best if that happens i was happiest person becoz For u all guys i never seen an such like u all but todays episode was really super with lots of suspenses and one gud think is rv was not trusted ritika and in precap naina said she murder anyone for her love i gusses naina murdered ishu and rv is also die for his love and they get rebirth?

  16. Ishaniveer

    Hi frnds…
    Anyone plz and me …

    Few weeks b4 .. Ishani went to tat secret room..and She spoke wit a girl..
    Who’s tat girl??? and why she is disappearing…???? Ways her story???
    Anyone knows tat..!!! Pls tell me plzz.. I’m confused??

  17. Ishaniveer

    Hi frnds…
    Anyone plz ans me …

    Few weeks b4 .. Ishani went to tat secret room..and She spoke wit a girl..
    Who’s tat girl??? and why she is disappearing…???? Wats her story???
    Anyone knows tat..!!! Pls tell me plzz.. I’m confused??

  18. swana

    Such stupid ideas r given by stupid writers I feel like killing the writers…i think they have to learn a lot abt writing a good script…this is the reason y matsh is not on the top position after the Nirbhay track it totally lost its fame

  19. K.praveena

    Ya hema. I saw the promo. Its nice to see my ranvi in other promo. I pray the god 4 ishveer comeback in matsh 2 or any other. But my only wish i don’t want ranvi and ishani in seperataly in other seriel. Ishveer always best.

  20. Neerupa Roy

    guys yeh sonali jaffer hamari serial ko aise drag kar rahi hain mano matsh off air ki durdur tak koi khabar hi nahi hain . koi aur writer hota to at least trp and fan request consider kar ke ishveer romance dikhata . hain na???????????

  21. Mariya

    Nice episode rv was not trusted ritika.& in precap rv is drunk but he don’t go close to he knowns ishani very well & he love only ishani. Aur wo ishani ko mahsos kar sakta hai. I hope

  22. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Agree wid u yaar..but in ekta’s mind this typ of ideas is no..tats y she doing lyk this..

  23. shakti Luvs Radhz

    Same hema …. iam aslo guessing … like that dear…..

    Tday i saw promo …..

    shadika rebirth in kasam …..

  24. Arham dr me too watch u2 yesterday dr,same thoughtna dr,i didnt saw bcl promo,but i think shakthi with radz is somewhat better than shakthi with mounina,i didn’t eatch bcl becoz shakthi and radz are in different team

  25. sana

    Gud job ishu.nirbhay have to know about his stupid he loving his family but they cheating him.and my goodness Ranvi not believed rithika.

  26. shakti Luvs Radhz

    we are guessing in precap naina say to ritika she will murdered for her love ….

    we guessing yar ……

    i think naina kill ishani nd Rv aslo die for his love and they rebirth in kasam ? ( shadika ) …..

  27. Wallahi Colors channel are being unfair they always end the good show like wtf shows like ssk bv are running for 6/7 years and they want to end good show like MATSH why don’t they give a second chance I am sure that MATSH will be again the rulers of TRP…this is the worst news I ever heard in 2016 when I heard this shocking news it really made me cry because MATSH has taught us how to love someone unconditionally this show is close to my heart,it has taught me what love is,its like my family plzz Colors give a second Chance to MATSH they deserve a second chance…And if possible we want MATSH season 2 a long with our IshVeer plz Ekta ma’am

  28. kirthi

    Ya sms im also confused. Pls any one tell me clearly or tamil layavathu konjam purira mathiri sollunga pa.

  29. priyas

    Guys I am also a die hard fan of ishveer. I don’t want to see them separately in other serials.hope the makers understand our feelings

  30. neha

    How do you guys know that, In new show “Kasam “, shadhika are the main leads coz in promo there are two small kids and ekta didn’t disclose the cast of new show “Kasam”…
    I’m very curious for knowing who will be going to cast in ” Kasam” as lead pair.??
    I’m a huge fan of shakti and Radhika but don’t know the cast of the new balaji show Kasam.
    Feel sad that MATSH is soon going off-air and heard that last episode will telecast in 26th February… I hate writers coz they ruined the story of MATSH… Mene to phle hi bola tha baar- baat ishveer ko alag krenge to audience to bore hogi hi…the rest we know…
    But let’s see hows new show Kasam will be???? Looking forward to it.

  31. Ishveer

    Can they answer all the stupid questions within 26 feb…. coz…. i have many questions like…. why did ishaani was kidnapped… to whom rithika msged when she went to jail…. how did she know that unknown man… by whom Milan get help like ranveer dressing etc…. whre did he go…. milan just disappeared ah. …. don’t end the track… unite ishveer…. they r cute couples… fans like us love to see them together…… pls dont end…. unite them

  32. Aurelia

    Guys plzz anyone tell is that true that shadhika will be lead pair in kasam
    Plzz tell…
    Plzz anyone

    • Oh what u r saying hema,is it true? Radz play a role nagin means sure matsh gonna off airna,then how radz play in kasam show yaar,omg then sure after matsh radz play role in nagin but not in kasam serial omg,i dnt want shafhika perform seperate show i want them together..

    • Radhika madan fb page frd do u remember firstly mouni roy does a cameo on matsh now radhika on nagin as nagin wow but i dont like nagin but i like arjun as shikar very much aur phir se shiker aur ishu ek sath ek ki show pe waiting for that episode

    • Frd don’t worry still now cast of kasam was not revealed and go to u tube check the promo of kasam and hear that song in that baba was requesting god to gave birth or rebirth to someone to fullfil their love and i don’t think within 19episodes me ishveer ka pyar pura hopayagi and also mouni roy said shakthi about punarjanam and they two from balajiteleflims from these things we can able to confrim 50 percent and pls don’ T trust fully whey became not true it makes really feel a lot ok frd. And mouni done a cameo on matsh for nagin like that for kasam y radhika can do? Lot of questions only time will tell us answer hope for the best frds

      • marry

        they were joking i guess matsh naagin sets r close …..may b thats y……ishu dressed like matsh ,s ishani

  33. I also want seela jab se pta chala matsh go off air mai continue ro rahi exam mein bhi man nahi lag raha exam ki wajah se mai 11 pm tak study krti hun atleast show repeat to kro and i hope ksam mein ishveer rahen

  34. marry

    guyzzzzzzzzzzz matsh have sad end then puna janam in kasam but in news in kasam family belongs to canada……….and panjabi………….

  35. Plzzz colors chanal its humble request matsh ko day time repeat kro plzzz and kitne din hain shw ki ending meim so plz repeat guys tum log idea do kya krun jo shw repeat ho plzz

  36. raji

    Guys kasam means oath ….punarjanam on promo of bcl2 …..janam on kasam promo …..??????let’s see…….

  37. shakti Luvs Radhz

    Shakti said 10 to 15 episodes …. after nirbhay big twist …. after lots of Romance as well as ?….

  38. ekta thinks(meri aashiqui torture hi ishveer..!!!)

    ekta ne to bus fans or ishveer k liye meri aashiqui tumse hi ni infact meri aashiqui torture hi ishveer and fans…….!!!!!!!!! serial bna diya hai,,,,,,agree guyzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  39. ekta thinks(meri aashiqui torture hi ishveer..!!!)

    bus b ker do ekta fans or ishveer ko or kitna torture kro gi…………

  40. Ya marry dr still there is lot of confusion lets seewhat ll happen,butone thing sure 7thfeb is not last shooting date,even matsh gonna offair atleast we want our shadhika play lead role in new show,ya still shadhika not open their mouth,what is going on?lets see

  41. marry (ekta makes matsh torture 4 us and 4 ishveer)

    ekta plzzzzzzzz serial ka track badlo end mat kro stupid ishveer ager romance krey to 4.0 trp la sktay per sirf ap ki wja se 1.7 a rahi trp

  42. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i pridict if naina ranveer kareeb aye gi and plann khud k liye kray gi but ishveer 1 hogaey gay forever………………wow if this happen then i love it yaar,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  43. Manisha

    Now I have stopped thinking about anything. And just watch the show.everything will be cleared after few days.

  44. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i just want ishveer 2gether and there anniversery came and they r still split …………..kb unite hon gay…and ritika said that now rv didnt have enogh money i hate that…….. rv is still rich……..

  45. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz unite ishveer dont tortue ekta mam we r in pain even u didnt gave us a romantic sequence of ishveer and rumours r still rumours so plzzzzzz ……….we want like july 2015 episodes,,,,,trp will b 4.0 in a single week…………….

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