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Ishaani comes across some ladies who were laughing on the domestic issues among spouses being so common. One of them says they can’t forgive husband’s beating, when her husband hit her she takes the whole house on her head and even hit him back. Others were astonished but she says they must also not care about their husbands. The ladies told a newly married girl that she has to tell her husband that she is his wife not a slipper to hit. One of them was her servant, she comes seeing Ishaani. Ishaani comes to sit with them and says she wants to hear what they all have to say. Ishaani says she also have the same problem like theirs, they ask what does he do.
RV says to Ritika that Sharman knows about them, he suspects them. Ritika says he must have told him what she was doing there.

She says he has become so complicated, he loves Ishaani but doesn’t care about her and wants her out of the house. RV says he doesn’t want to hear her name even. Ritika asks is it really, doesn’t he still love her though his eyes show his love. When will he end this drama of being an evil character to the world?
Ishaani tell the women he doesn’t believe in her. They say most men have the same problem.
She says whatever he has done for Ishaani and her family, will come to front some day. He will fail to get rid of Ishaani, she has seen in Ishaani’s eyes the love for him.
Ishaani asks what shall she do to gain the belief of her husband. One of them says they have to get rid of his suspect in her. The older lady says that she get the courage from this drink. Ishaani says she wants to drink it. Mala- the maid says to Ishaani she can’t have it, as it is really strong. Ishaani orders Mala to leave it, and takes the drink.
RV asks Ritika to leave him alone, and close the door as he doesn’t want any disturbance. She leaves, he gets to his office seat, tensed.
Chiraag was enraged at Ishaani. Girish tells him to control himself, Chiraag says he and Girish must do something about Ishaani, as she is doing it all for Ranveer. RV has also killed his sister, so it would be his revenge as well. Girish thinks about it, Chiraag says they need to send RV to jail.
Ishaani comes to the office and impatiently knocks the door, calling him to open the door. RV is frustrated, she thinks Sameera has his key card in her drawer. She runs to get the key card and comes inside. RV asks why she came in, he asks why is she panting. She says she doesn’t know, but she has come to talk to him. He stands up to leave, she makes him sit on the chair. He asks has she drunk, she says yes she did, and it was desi (traditional). It gives courage, and she needed courage to talk to him. She wants to know what shall she do to make him happy, she won’t leave until he will answer her today.
The guard comes out and says that Ritika has asked him to go but sir is up there. He leaves his card in his bag to get the jacket. Chiraag comes from behind and takes the card. The guard comes back, suspecting someone was there. He takes his bag and leaves.
RV’s phone rings, Ishaani takes it from him and says today there will be no disturbance. She takes it to the washroom, he asks how dare she. She says today she wants to ask how dare he talk to her like this, she is his wife.
Chiraag comes into the office through guards key. He thinks Rishi told him the exact locations; he can do it easily and enters the vault. He comes to a safe and in the light of his torch uses the key to open it.
Ishaani says today, there is no phone no family and no work. He must answer her. She gets cough. He asks is she alright. She says she just needs an answer as what she must do to get his trust.
Disha comes to the office, opens the door and thinks that security guard isn’t here as well, she will have no problem. Chiraag was struggling with different keys to open the vault. Chiraag watches Disha from the mirror, he runs and hid himself. Disha enters the vault room and looks at the safe. She looks around, and runs to open the safe. Chiraag watches her from behind a table. He wonders what Disha is doing here, she opens the safe and is astonished.
RV takes a file, she asks what is he doing. She throws it away, and asks if he thinks it all to be acting. He thought she will go home, if he ignores her. She was coughing harder and panting as well. She tells Ranveer she would be his shadow everywhere.
Disha opens the box of diamond, Chiraag is also awed. Disha says she will live the way she has spend her whole life and will get money from anywhere possible. She fills her pouch with some diamonds and replace them with fake diamonds. She says now Ranveer will go to jail selling these fake diamonds. Chiraag says good move Disha, he takes a photo of Disha. She turns worried, and is shocked to see Chiraag come near her.
Chiraag and Disha come out of the vault carefully and run out.
Ishaani’s condition gets worse with cough and heavy breathing. Chiraag and Disha watch RV come out of his office, Ishaani was losing control of herself. Ranveer is worried and goes to help her, back to his room. The door is closed.
Chiraag leaves Disha’s side and goes to electric supply unit. He cuts it off.
RV asks Ishaani what has happened to her, worried. The light goes off, he asks her to sit on the chair. He asks Ishaani what has happened to her, why is her condition getting worse, shall he call a doctor. She says no, she is alright but with much difficulty. RV was worried and leaves to call the doctor. He tries to unlock the door, but it was electrically locked. He calls for the door to be opened, Chiraag and Disha were outside, still hidden.
RV was worried for Ishaani and tells him that he will call the doctor. Ishaani says she threw it out, the landline was out of network. He wonders what he must do. Ishaani calls him, and says she is unable to breathe. He goes to get water, half of it spills over. He makes her drink water, holds her face. She says she is really afraid, she is unable to breathe. He gets worried again, RV goes towards the table and lights a candle.
Chiraag and Disha get up.
RV brings the candle to Ishaani and says nothing will happen to her. He asks her to breathe deep. She says she is unable to breathe. She cries and says he must not leave her. He assures he is with her, holding her head.
Outside the building, Chiraag takes Disha’s hand. He says this time she won, she has done what he came to do. He asks her for the diamond, she says is he crazy. She stole them, why shall she give them to him. He says she can save herself from RV or police but not him, he let her steal these diamonds just for the pics. He shows her her pictures. He says she has been caught red handed. She must just tell him one thing, shall he send them to RV or to police. He will send it to Ranveer, he will send her jail himself. He says both of you sisters have the same fate, to get destroyed by him.
RV asks why she drink today, when she never actually had it earlier. She asks for water, he goes to get it. Ishaani fells off the seat.
Chiraag says they will have a 50-50 share in these diamonds. He says he isn’t like her brother in law, tomorrow Ranveer will send a consignment in international market and his reputation will be lost with those fake diamonds. This will take his revenge from Ranveer and Ishaani as well, and Disha’s revenge from Ranveer too.
RV comes to Ishaani and says he will not anything happen to her. He holds her to lie on couch and asks her to speak to him and do not sleep. He was worried as what to do, phone isn’t working and lights are also off. He calls someone out there, security. He gets worried and rubs Ishaani’s hand. He asks her to talk to him, keep her eyes open and look at him. He says he is Ranveer, her husband. He will never lose her, he wanted him he is here. He cries and says yes, she was right and he do care for her. Ishaani takes a breathe, and then her breathing stop at once. He calls her name and says he will never lose her breath. He opens her mouth and push air from his mouth into it. Her breathing comes back, he hugs her a bit relaxed.
He rubs her hands again, holds her face and cries. He keeps his head on her shoulder. Manas comes to the office and says his card and keys are both missing, he hopes someone hasn’t opened his cabin. He comes to the electric room and switch the lights on. RV gets up at once and tells Ishaani they are just leaving, everything will be alright. He looks at Ranveer, and picks his card from the floor. He comes inside his cabin and asks what is he doing. RV says IShaani isn’t well, he must send doctor to his home urgently. Manas says there is something wrong in office, but RV says nothing is important right now.
The doctor says she had an allergy with cheap wine. She asks him to check fever regularly. Parul goes to leave the doctor and tells him to stay with her. She says they will tell everyone tomorrow about her illness. RV watches Ishaani lying on the bed, sleeping. He sits beside her and watches her. He holds her arm, notices her temperature and keeps wet cloth on her forehead to bring the fever down.
Ishaani begins to cough again. He comes to sit with her and taps her back, giving her water to drink. She opens eyes, looks at him and sleeps again. He switches the lights off and kisses her hand.
Next morning, Amba asks Lakshmi if she is telling the truth. Lakshmi says she doesn’t know if Ishaani is unwell or not, but RV took great care of her the whole night. Amba is worried that everything is going wrong. Parul tells everyone that Ishaani’s plan went successful. She wish RV comes back to Ishaani’s life again. Baa says if everything keeps on well between them, there will be no hindrance between Sharman and Ritika’s life.
Disha and Manas come and ask how is Ishaani. Parul says when RV took care of her why wouldn’t she be fine. Manas goes to meet her. Falguni says she is in her room, and she will like meeting them. They watch RV come downstairs, Parul goes to him. He tells everyone Ishaani is fine now, she had some allergy. He asks to get hot milk to Ishaani, he himself will make her have it. His associate comes and asks did he call her. He says he has something important to say to him and takes him aside.
Lakshmi is curt at his behavior.
Ishaani tells Disha and Manas that she is fine now. RV comes with the milk and says Ishaani needs rest now, else she will begin to pant. Manas and Disha leave. RV gives her milk, she is reluctant. He asks her to take it, it is important for her. She gets up and says she has something important to say to him. He says they can talk later, but she says it is important for now. He asks what is it, she says she wants a divorce from him. He is astonished, she asks if he can’t hear it or doesn’t believe it. Why is he so shocked, as he also wanted the same. He must divorce her and end their relation. She says it is late, but she understands that he never wanted this relation. She was crazy to drag it, such relations have no future when one person is ready to give away his life but the other isn’t interested. It is now better to live independently. She thought about crossing all the limits of love with him, but the limits of her tolerance have crossed. Now, he must give her part to her, and she will leave the place without any drama.

PRECAP: Manas tells Ishaani that her single decision can destroy her life. She was hurt and says what she will do with a life in which Ranveer isn’t there. One of them have to go jail, and if it is so then she will go to jail. RV has fulfilled his love in all turns of life, now it is her turn.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.The most awaited episode aired today.Ranveer was excellent today.Rithika was correct Ranveer’s Hate is jute where as Ishaani’s love is true accordingly.Disha and Chiraag was the worst and irritating characters in the show than amba and baa.Disha surely does’nt deserve manas.the scene is reversed today.Ishaani asking divorse now.. waiting for a good episode.. hope everything will sort soon.Want Girish to know about Chiraag.. But Rithiks Ranveer track is still a mystery.please reveal the truth soon.

  2. plz update fast sona…..

    1. sabar ka fal meetha hota h.

  3. So bored with the dragging on and on…. so boring and silly. Used to love this show, no more, it is ruined.

  4. From todays episode it seems that Ishaani plays a game with RV to explain him about the importance of her inhhis life.. Good episode after long time,but still need some revealness between RV and Ritika, hopefully it will revealed soon in upcoming episodes.

  5. I think that ishani must be asking for divorce under chirag’s pressure to save rv’s reputation ! What you guys think

  6. Can be possible but I think manas will informed police about that stolen diamonds, I think will revealed in upcoming episodes,I think we forget the conversation between ishaani and those womens, they gave the idea to do so.

  7. chiraag nd disha irritating.

  8. today episode was amazing…….I have expected this finally rv realized. Rv done a great job very good. I am really sooooo happy to saw ranveer behavior. waiting for a good episode

    1. why is disha being soooooo irritating, greedy and b*t*hy.. she doesn’t deserve manas, go and hang yourself selfish girl disha

  9. Ruchita gupta

    First part of today’s episode was a little depressing, chiraag are disha are impossible, how low can they fall to fulfill their greed. Girish still does not know the truth….. But the second part was really good apart from disha, chiraag, baa and amba.baa is more selfish than anybody else. No one would believe harshad was her son.may be now ranvir realises the truth when ishaani asks for ishaani will go to jail. Oh god……when will disha understand who is right and who is wrong.she doesn’t deserve manas. Waiting for ishaani and ranvir reunion and also for the next episode.

  10. Actually rithika’s character is a mystery for me.

  11. Today episode was indeed a good one..but as not as I expected.police may arrest for the missing diamonds . That’s y ishani is trying to save ranvir. I m just thinking that after watching the precap of tomorrow’s episode

  12. How boring. Ab duffer Ishani shuru kiya divorce ki drama. Ishani ke liye marriage ek tamasha ban gayi yaar. Dragging and dragging. Actually in a way Chirag-Disha are better, at least they know what they want – money. For money ready to do anything. Bad but they know. These people are supposed to be good , but don’t know what they want. I hope RV really divorces Ishani,l this time, then we can know what Ishani will really do or be……

  13. Ishaani is trying to save rv..Wen will this idiot understand how much ishaani loves rv..ishaani is sacrificing her life for rv..I think manas says ishaani abt the theft…so thts y ishaani is trying to save rv.

  14. aneesa Iqbal

    Whenever n they have 1 hour episodes they are shut but today it was good

  15. Ranveer was amazing but i cannot understand why ishani asked for divorce but anyway i think it will be made clear in todays episode
    and lets hope rv-rithika mystery would be solved soon…………….
    Waiting for romantic episode and for a less twisting plot ……………..

  16. OMG..this serial is becoming boring. I don’t understand why Ishani has to take the blame. She can tell RV and together they can solve these issues. Why take blame and all thus drama.

  17. ishaani took a right decision to divorce rv . rv deserves divorce from ishaani . i agree with the decision of ishaani . and that blo*dy cheaps that b*t*h disha and irritating stupid chirag came in between the serial to spoil the life of everyone they should be out of the serial both chirag and ishaani

  18. Ranveer u r wonderful….. Sometimes chirag is better than dishaa.

  19. I loved the episode very much really Ishani’s love is true .as In behalf of Ranveer Ishani will go to jail

  20. this story is getting worst day by day from the start it all the story is full of misunderstanding b/w rv & ishani, its so boring

  21. Sona 2days epi?

  22. Batter am going to stop watching this serial god yen indha serial ah paka strategy pana thrila today episode tension

  23. It’s ekta’s Drama have patience !!

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