Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the police station, Ishaani watches Milan’s video but it had nothing in it. She thinks about looking in the site, writes Thankyou for the inspector and leaves.
Disha and Manas knock the door of Parul’s room. Krish was sleeping inside. Disha tells her that they are leaving for US. Parul says Krish isn’t well, he fell asleep after taking medicine. Disha says she doesn’t need a lecture as she is the mother of Krish. Parul brings Krish, Disha tells Manas that Parul has lost all her arrogance because her brother was caught. Parul tells Disha not to wake Krish up until he wakes up himself. Disha says she knows what to do and leaves with Krish, Manas also follow them.
Ishaani comes at the venue, she finds the white shirt and thinks Milan must have wear this shirt and put

on makeup to appear like Ranveer for the video. She throws a string, and finds a vile of injection nearby. She thinks if this is the same vile, the name was torn off but the address was there. She thinks about going to this lab to find out what was in it. In the lab she introduces herself and says she called him sometime later. She says she wanted to know what effect this medicine has on someone. The manager was disturbed, he says this medicine isn’t made in their lab. Ishaani says their address is written on it. The man says they don’t permit anyone enter their lab, and even denies giving the vile back. Ishaani snatches it anyway and leaves. A man watches her leave the room. Ishaani comes outside, she thinks that man was really worried and why would anyone deny his own lab’s product. A tea man passes by, Ishaani thinks that the information about a batch number must be there is any file. She thinks that this is the same tea man the manager sent for file. Ishaani requests the help of that man, he tells her not to cry, the files are in store room and he will take her whenever the lab is off. A man was spying on Ishaani.
Disha was happy in the cab but notices Manas as lost. She says why is he taking a tension, he has money and they are going to start a new life. Manas says this has been done in a wrong time. Disha tells Manas not to take any tension. He says to Disha that it is time for Krish’s milk, he opens up the cot to find that Krish wasn’t there. In another cab, Krish was crying. Parul tells Krish that nothing will get wrong now, she is his mother and no one will come between them now.
The man brings Ishaani in the lab, he tells her that he works for cleaning in the lab. He gives Ishaani a torch and tells her not to switch a light on. He says if there goes something wrong here, he doesn’t know her, he is leaving. Ishaani looks for the files, she couldn’t find it anywhere and wonders where to look for it. She brings down some boxes and looks into them. She finds the file. It was a Virus D, it was in experimental stage and can’t be sold in market. If it is used on a human and if used… the next page was torn. The man who was spying on Ishaani comes there with a torch. He says she needs to know about a Virus D, he can even tell whom it was sold. He confesses to Ishaani that the manager sold this. Ishaani shows him Ranveer’s photo. The man says yes, this was the man and he paid the manager a heavy amount. He tells Ishaani that it will ruin the body part it enters.
At the police station everyone was worried. Police men gathered near Ranveer that he has some strange kind of illness. Ranveer had hidden his face. Ishaani only enters the jail, the other prisoners run away. Ranveer hides his face, he tells Ishaani to go away and don’t come near her. Ishaani removes his hands and hugs him crying.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Ranveer that she took the seven vows with him, she will not forgive them and will do whatever she can until he gets justice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wtf
    ye sab RV ko hi kyun hona tha

  2. OMG why always Hurting fans like this..

  3. The story line seems to be similar to the plot of Tamil movie ‘ I ‘ .

    1. exactly its similar to great extent….

  4. At the police station Ranvi hide the face and tell ishani go away from him but ishani hug him with teary eyed superb, aswsome fantastic, lovable i don’t have any word to explain that. This is the true geneune love. This is fav once. Precape so emotional. Ishani remindes all promise on merriage ritual. Ishani respects love not only even merriage promise.

  5. todays episode was super.Ishanis investigation is between ishveer is unlimited so ishani will escape rv from jail and job ishani.i expect ishveer reunion is keep watching matsh.

  6. so sad 4 ishveer:( hii guysz i’m a silent reader of matsh .can i be frnd vid yew guyszz

  7. Oh god!what is this yaaaaar

  8. I have to find out milan then i will inject a not “D “virus injection it’s more powerful “I” injection on ur body. Don’t worry ranvi, ishani helps to u and u will recovery soon. Precape emotional romantic.

  9. Ranvi and ishani always rokz.


  11. Disha not concern any kind or mercy in her life.she always selfish centerd.

  12. Omg wat a tragedy spoiling rv’ s cute face can’t able to see that disgusting ekta have u watched I flim and r u trying to bring that into the serial…omg..

  13. Don’t u have any other way to make the serial much more worse than this ?

  14. hi friends all of youfine???GD NI8 ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ by da namaskaram SUBHA RATHRI.SWEET DREAMS.

  15. Today i saw the matsh in tamil version “உறவே உயிரே” that the time i really getting irked and also angry on ranvi but the same time i also watch matsh hindi version ishani and ranvi scence was emotional romantic(ranvi hides the face and ishani hugs him) that time i automatically meltted. I really like this type of love. Whatever seriel comes in or goes out but matsh seriel only top in my heart forever.

  16. Milan is very bad .How he do like this.Ranveer is his brother.But I know ishaani clear all this problem.

  17. OMG pls dnt change ranveer face ,makers dnt play any twist drama like plastic surgery pls pls its my humble request..pls unite ishveer as soon as possible dnt drag a days ishveer scenes are very rare but u people named tis serial as assiqui tumse hi,ekta pls dnt play wit our emotions we are all not a fool.eventhough ur dragging ishveer acting was excellent Ishveer best couple in the world..Still iam continue to watch matsh bcoz of ishveer not for story.ah meanwhile disha’s irritating charecter OMG We are all hve little heart how much tension v carry over pa.whenever i saw matsh now a days I am frustrated my bp go up bcoz of their irritating twist.

  18. Good episod.ishu ur acting superb fentastic.

  19. mujhe pata hain ki aj epi accha nahi tha but I think ki at least aj ke epi me woh Dino saath the . that is why compared to Milan epi this was better.

  20. ishveer reunion

    dont worry guys.There is a re entry of shikar in the show..feeling happiee for this..waitng for shikar entry..

    1. Really??? So excited to hear diz.. nd shikar he is rocking in naagin…. 😀 😉 🙂

    2. OMG.. good news.. is it true?

      1. wow……..

  21. up coming news ishani get Ranveer to the home and Ranveer handsover his property to ishani

  22. I just now read about matsh seriel. Ishani brings ranvi to home and doctor tell about ranvi infection and it’s easily goes to other person(bcoz of d injection) and ranvi feel bad for infection that time ishani helps to ranvi fight against ill. I don’t know some situation ishani cover ranvi face her saree. But don’t worry matsh fans every thing will be fine.

  23. This serial is getting bad.

  24. Nw de writers r taking scripts from films..dis new twist is similar to vikrams tamil movie I…oh plzzz. …its so boring

  25. mujhe pata hain ki aj epi accha nahi tha but I think ki at least aj ke epi me woh Dino saath the . that is why compared to Milan epi this was better. I hope you people also agree.

  26. episode………….lovely……precape lovely……… track waiting for it eagerly…………i m showing pateince 1st time for matsh……

  27. Nice episode.waiting for shikhar’s entry.

  28. Jane kew pir ye juda hogaya

  29. now going track is good.. ishani investigations correct route.. she loves so much of ranveer… milen doing very bad route I think he also loveing inshani dats y? milan injuct virus ‘D’ ranveer. next promo arjun reentry of show now very nice.. we all miss u shekhar mehra.n ishveer romance… writters plz make it finsh milen story.. as well as possible? love guys… keep rocking

  30. Its good news for fans for re entry of shikhars

  31. Re entry of Shikhar???!!!:-/

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