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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar comes down and tells Ishaani they have to go to police station to identify the goons. His mother is happy that goons were caught, and takes Ishaani to give her another saree. His father comes and says he didn’t tell them about his friend Ritika’s goad-bharai. Shekhar ignores him, he places the card on table, smiles and leaves.
At RV’s place, the ladies meet Ritika and hands her gifts. Amba says they are here and will keep her like flowers in their home. The ladies ask Amba to start the rituals, Amba looks for Ranveer, then takes them to begin the ceremony.
Shekhar drives Ishaani saying he thought she would be late, he can’t miss his friend’s goad-bharai. She murmurs that he sometimes consider her murderer, sometimes as leader of goons. He asks what she is saying.

She says she is speaking to herself. He says it is good for health, he says sometimes being quiet is also great. They are stuck in traffic. Manas was also stuck in traffic, Disha and Baa were in the car where Disha was having labour pains. Ishaani watches them from her car, but theirs move ahead. Shekhar says they broke the signal, Ishaani heads to leave the car but Shekhar asks where she is going. He says they have to go home else his mother will question him. She says it is important for her to go right now. He asks where, she says behind the car, she has to see if they reach home safely or not. He says he is taking her, alright.
Ritika still watis for Ranveer, Amba tells everyone Ranveer must be coming. Parul says he must be stuck into something really important, he will be here soon. Lakshmi asks them to begin the rituals, she hands a rope to Ritika of the cradle. The ladies gossip that she is doing it all without husband, Ranveer says what never happened won’t even happen now. They all smile, Ranveer comes to Ritika, stands with her and says husband will be with wife in every ritual of hers. He holds her hand as they pray. Amba asks them to take blessings from God.
In the hospital, Baa waited restlessly outside the labour-room. Falguni and the family come to hospital. Falguni asks what doctor said, Baa says she is afraid as Disha isn’t alright, doctor said there are some complications. Derwash assures nothing will happen to her, and asks about Manas. Baa says he is there inside. Ishaani comes at the door and watches her family from the glass door, a nurse comes out and informs them there was a baby boy. Everyone cheers and thanks God. Ishaani also smiles. The nurse says they have to keep the baby in neonatal care as there were some complications. Ishaani runs from the back and comes to the nurse who took the baby to neonatal room, the entry was restricted. Shekhar comes behind and asks why is she being emotional. He says he know either she has seen someone or someone has touched her heart. They might not five you the reason to her life, but for their life one has to make reasons to live by yourself. He says he is getting late for his friend’s goad-bharai. Ishaani says she will stay here. She hears Falguni saying Manas did all their payments, what then. The receptionist says there were complications in the case, their bill is much larger and they have to pay the money to take the baby home. Falguni says they have paid what they had, but he says they can’t help them. Baa asks Dewarsh if he has some money. Dewarsh says where would he get the money, and those they got from Ranveer are also not coming. They have no money now. Baa was hopeful that Falguni always have money for crisis. Falguni says she spent it for next order. Baa says her Parekh family never has money, or they won’t spend any for Disha. Dewarsh says she knows everything, he and Sharman have been struggling for job, Pratik is in college yet. Falguni even gets money in difficult times always, Baa asks how will Manas takes on the responsibility of child with such low income. Ishaani thinks she is so worried, how can she get money. She thinks about Shekhar, he can give her money in this time.
Shekhar says to Ritika that pregnancy suits her a lot. She asks if he is flirting her, she is married. He says she is a girl and his friend. His phone rings, he says he can only afford flirting one girl at a time. Ishaani wonders why Shekhar’s phone is ringing, she calls his mother. His mother gives her address of his friend.
Shekhar tells Ritika that the glow on his face is because of flirting girls. One must never love, but only flirt. Ritika says no one can win him in talking, no doubt he is a successful lawyer. He tells her to complete her rituals, till then he would make some health and go to a bunch of other girls. Ritika says he will one day get stuck in such love, there will be no other girl in his life.
Shekhar’s mother says it is taking place in a hotel Pardise. Ishaani doesn’t take the number but heads to hotel. Ranveer says he will bring Ritika juice. The ladies were talking that Ranveer got Amba and Kailash’s name on the card, had he loved the child he would have got his name written on it. RItika hears this and comes to a table reading the card. She says she thought Ranveer invited people with his and her name. Ranveer gets juice of her, she was crying. He asks why is she crying, she says she thought atleast in front of people he consider her as his wife, but now he has problem even with this. She leaves, Ranveer reads the card then comes to her. He says I am sorry, I didn’t want to her you. She says I know, you never want to do that but I am hurt. I know I can never take Ishaani’s place, but I am a human and it pains. Ranveer says the one I loved died, she isn’t anymore but her memories would be here, she would never return in my life now. Ishaani arrives to the function then, looking for Shekhar. Ranveer was on a corner. Ritika says Ishaani isn’t dead, she is there in between their life. She is here, she is there. Ranveer looks around, Ritika says for people she has died but not for him. She is with him, for the world they are two but for me we are three; you consider her a wife I don’t have a problem. The world thinks them as a happy couple, he accepts her as a couple but he would never give her the rights of a wife.
Shekhar was still flirting with the girls sitting on a table with them. A girl asked him about his own love life, when will he get his love. He says that girl has come in his life, and in a few seconds she is about to change his life. Ishaani just come to him then, he asks what is she doing here. Ishaani says it is something urgent, he takes an excuse from them and goes with her.
RV asks Ritika to think about the happiness that is about to come to world. She must not spoil her future because of past and Ishaani. Ishaani took care of him, he will always give her the happiness she deserves in the world now. Though he cries because of Ishaani, he can’t see tears in her (Ritika’s) eyes. Ishaani takes Shekhar to a side now.

PRECAP: Shekhar talks to RV on call in car, telling him this is the girl who did everything in love. RV smiles she must be like him then. Shekhar says both of you are same, both didn’t get whom you loved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. As expected they didn’t meet. Please don’t take this serial on this way by giving another relationship for either ishaani or ranveer. So tired of watching it..

    1. eto twist keno hoy…

    2. im with u rig.plz bring rv or ishani together,i hate hritika she is a bad and lyer

  2. I don’t understand what the writer want to convey through this story.. Really I don’t understand.. First of all ishaani thought rv murdered chirag so she took blame on her. If she would have told rv, this jail track will not exist at all. Because rv is such a big business man that he can win any case. This is waste of time. And abt ritika it is so disgusting. I have doubt that why didn’t she prove sharman tat it’s his child, if she is so goooody type. This writers are dragging so much for there trp’s. I know of they unite ishveer they don’t have abt story other than ending this serial. Really it’s high time.. Plss writers now atleast make something interesting.. Well I don’t say that this track is boring , it’s quite interesting but need more spice in this..

  3. are yarrr. ……I’m still can’t understand ……if RV and ishani are together then also TRP will increase ………..then why this **** ekta stretching this issue like hell ……….

    …..whatever ,,,,,,from 8th April …IPL is going to start ……so till then ….if ishveer will not get together ……then ……very very very bad TRP will knock the door of ekta ………………

  4. today episode is nice………. I like rv’s way of talking great nose cut for u rithika. Shekhar funny scene is nice………. when the precap is good,

  5. Very bad yr they must change the track.

  6. what is going on this serial, i hate rithika what she talk. I didnt know what kind of girl she is………

  7. ranveer rithika va thandoda wifengura rights ah kudukala…. I am very happy, rendu perum couple nugurtha accept panikran, but wife kaana responsibility kudukala, very very happy….

  8. I can’t understand why Ritika is expecting all rights of a wife even without getting married to RV,, it’s out of track,, and why is Amba trying to make RV accept that Ritika as his wife,, the show is out of sense now.,
    I wished what Ritika said was told by Ranveer,, ” may be Ishani is no more for the world but not for ranveer,,”

  9. Ufffffff…Ritika drama queen… irritating…nw a dyz RV lso borin….oly Ishani’s part ws interestin ♥♥ n shikhar as lwayz so funny….

    waitin 4 Ishveer bck on track♥♥♥

  10. I think the writer of this story has forgotten it’s essence . From the word aashiqui it has moved it to some other thing name I have to search in the dictionary .
    I am not sure wether Ritika is negative or not but defenitly she was dare enough to sleep with some one else before marriage so she must face the consequences of it.
    I am not angry with her as much as I amangry with Amba maid and her son.

    What ever RV told is hurting today. He is so sure his love is dead , why didn’t he go back and collect the thali & Ishani’s other valuables from then jail . What about her ashes ? Don’t he has the responsibilty to give her a proper last rite? If he tried to do that he woul have known she is still alive .
    No he wanted to come back home become Ritika’s crying baby if she was not pregnant I can’t imagine what all could have happened between them.
    He told two things first he can’t see tears in her eyes . I felt bad thinking how insulted Ishani in front of whole world . He contacted parties just to insult her.
    Called her characterless, illigimate& cheat what else too many to count. See how well he is treating his friend now. No one is sure whose child is in her womb. He just let Ishani’s family also die on the road . His Motta babu’s family. He said Ri took care of him so Ishani was his pain .
    In my point of view RV doesn’t deserve Ishani Amba maid shouldn’t get her.
    I really hope Ritika turn negative so both son and mom learn their lesson.
    I feel disgusted today I even feel nuaseated because of disgust .
    Ishveer fans it is my opinion ., don’t get upset on it. Every has freedom to express their on views.

    1. I am with you Rosh. Can’t wait long enough for IPL to start. Just too many cliches and double standards in this serial now. It’s getting intolerable now.

  11. Rosh u r ryt….nw a dyz juz can’t evn tolerate tat character called RV….he doesn’t deserves Ishani’s ashiqui….♥♥♥

    1. Yes Shaz. He is just another fixture in the serial right now. Until his dance reality show does not finish, there will not be anything substantial RV’s character will do. So that’s 3 months that we have to tolerate the nonsense.

  12. I think soon Shikhar gonna start love Ishaani. Finally he will also become mad for her like Ranveer.

    1. Love quadrangle only then

  13. I dont kn0w y amba wants that rv should marry ritika…
    This iz disgustng..
    Today epi was go0d precap is also gud

    1. Money behind Rithika is making Amba blind to everything. She still thinks it is Sharman’s child that Rithika is carrying. And this Rithika, she has not yet told anyone anything about who the real father is. How disgusting is that.

      The whole story is marred by people like Disha, Baa, Amba….they can think only about money. Despite Falguni’s best efforts, Baa always hated her and Ishani…does she hate Disha for having an illegitimate child.

      And this Amba, simply trying to get Ritika and Ranveer married without knowing anything at all.

      And whatever happened to RV, the character has become so out of character. Tied to his mom’s pallu. He dint even bother to find out what happened with Ishani. Total double standards.

      If this is anyone’s aashiqui in this serial, it is Ishani’s. RV is just not what he was before the time leap.

  14. If ranveer and ritika are not married then what kind of right is she talking about?I just don’t get it,she’s not married but wants the status of a wife,how is that possible?

    1. Coz she is desperate now. She waited and got nothing, so now next step is to create a drama. I hate where this story is going now.

  15. Not bad, make the track soon. As then we can see the ashiqs together

  16. i Love Is Show

  17. i think rv should know the truth ,and he must reach to the jail to get the things of ishani and the the jailor tell him all the truth about ishani that ishani do all the things for rv .please please rv u have to know the truth about ishani she is just for u .

  18. Shikhar should hav to start the invstgtn of chirag’s case so that ritika get exposed

  19. Its really getting bored now… as usual we knew RV Ishani wont meet in hotel.. and where as Rv is committing Ritika hence forth he will take all the responsibilities of her as a husband.. the story also seems like shekhar will get in love with Ishani.. in true sense where as Rv wil also het involve in Ritika and her baby suddenly the change will be wen both couple face each other at some event… but we want Rv Ishani together…

  20. The story of asique tum se hi worst day by day if sikhar marry ishani I didn’t watch serial

  21. Ritika is Gud girl r not

  22. Ritika is horrible . I cant see her face …. i hate the music which comes between ri and rv while they r talking

  23. I hate this nw,hw boring this is….
    I stoped watching,only read..

  24. really missing ishveer scenes hope they will be together

  25. I totally agree with you guys. Tbh i cant stand hritika either! We sont even know whos child is in her womb! I dnt thinkbits ranveers fault cuz theyrs nufin missing in his love, its jus that the ones that should care for him are misleading him, eyeing his money status and property. I jus hope the shikhar fall inlove with ishani (one sided love) and then ranveer see them together and gets jealous. Hopefully then he will give hritika a proper reply and fight for ishani against shikhar. Hopefully he shall win back his love….

  26. Loads of typos in that sorry

  27. What country is this posted in cuz it says its 12 o clock but its only 8am here??

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