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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV comes home where wedding preparations were going on and Amba and Lakshmin cheered. RV thinks that he been too fool to think that Ishaani is alive, he is supposed to give someone her happiness.
There Buas were talking about the henna colour of Krisha. Ishaani was there lost, Kanchal comes to take Ishaani inside. She asks Ishaani to get ready and come downstairs, she has kept the dress ready on bed.
In the room, Ishaani was sitting in front of the mirror when Baa enters the room. Ishaani says she was just coming down. Baa holds her hand and caress her hand, she says when she returned back into their lives, she had wanted to see henna in her hands. It was in her hands before as well but it didn’t give a strong colour in life. Baa says today she is going to put on henna of Shekhar’s

name in her hand but it will only give a colour when put wholeheartedly. Ishaani says she has talking about it before as well, it is too late. Baa says that there is still time, if she is fearful about Shekhar and her broken heart, she must think about the time when he comes to know she loves Ranveer. Baa says she has to decide now whose name she has to put henna with. She promises Ishaani to be with her always, and is waiting for her decision.
Amba asks the henna putter to write Ranveer’s name on the henna. Lakshmi says that Ranveer isn’t normally home in any function, but is here today. She makes Ranveer sit with Ritika, and tells him to stay together until wedding tomorrow. Ritika coughs, Amba asks for water which Ranveer helps her drink from his own hand. Amba asks Mala to bring something for Ritika to eat. Ranveer was heading to leave, Amba asks where is he going, his baba will see all the preparations he must sit and feed Ritika. Ranveer is shocked to hear this, but Amba says he will have to do this after wedding as well, why not today. They all watch him put bites into Ritika’s mouth. RItika says thank you, this day is so important for her. Her phone rings with Ishaani’s call, RV places it over her ear and remembers how he used to put it on Ishaani’s ear too.
Ishaani tells Ritika that she has to talk to her urgently, Ritika gulps. Ishaani asks if she is hearing, she needs to talk to her alone. Ritika says wow Hina, what a pleasant surprise; what a coincidence today henna is being put on her hand. She tells Ishaani that she has henna on her hand, her husband is holding her hand. Ishaani says I am sorry I didn’t want to disturb her, but it is urgent. Ritika interrupts that she wanted her to see her and RV’s wedding. Ishaani says she is right, she can’t come there but their meeting is important, today it is her henna as well but until she meets Ritika she won’t put on henna. Ritika asks RV to bring juice for her and asks someone else to hold the cellphone. Ishaani offers to come out of her home, but Ritika gives her some address to meet her. Sharman watches Ishaani leaves, while here Ritika tells RV she is going to washroom and stops him coming along her.
Sharman tells Shekhar Ishaani has gone to meet Ritika. Shekhar says that Ishaani must have gone to invite her. Sharman says that Ritika is such a betrayer. Shekhar says Ritika is a great person, and a great friend, it was he who left her pregnant. Shekhar says that he could ruin her reputation in front of his own family but not in front of him. Sharman says to Shekhar that he is Ishaani’s brother, she now has to live with him so Shekhar must keep her from meeting Ritika. Shekhar is thoughtful.
Ishaani says to Ritika that she knows her brother well. She wants to ask her whose child she bears. She always thought that child is her and RV’s but today Sharman told her that she was pregnant before she had gone to jail and even at the time of their Sangeet. At that time RV was committed to her and no one can question his loyalty, so she wants to know whose child it is. Ritika backs up in disbelief.

PRECAP: Shekhar tells Ishaani that he wants independence in both lives after wedding and doesn’t want to pressuirize her. He can handle anything if she wants a delay in wedding and has a second thought in her mind taking their wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. amba truly sucks n even ritika is crossing her limits………..but no worries ishveer’s gonna
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