Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks Maa what she is saying. Aarti says that they all know that she is ex-wife of Ranveer. Nurbhay asks who told this all to them. Maa says this isn’t important, what is important is that what Ishaani has told Ranveer. She says when she got to know she is ex-wife of Ranveer she had no problem because she knew Ranveer likes Naina. But since the Roka ritual, Ranveer is upset from Naina. Nurbhay is concerned, she asks what happened to Naina. Maa says she is upset, because Ranveer doesn’t talk to her well. Nurbhay questions Ishaani why she had wine last night. Maa asks Nurbhay to do anything, but she can’t see her Naina upset. Nurbhay takes Ishaani to the room, he throws dress and jewelry at her and asks her to wear this all. He says she fulfilled the Roka ritual, but she seemed

to be Ranveer’s wife there and it seemed it was because Ranveer asked this to her. Nurbhay says he was happy taking revenge, but not satisfied. He says this is his bad luck that he has to marry Naina to Ranveer, Naina loves Ranveer. He says that Ishaani will have to sacrifice in all this, she must get ready and appear to be Nurbhay Singh Alawat’s wife. Ishaani only cries all this time. Ishaani wears the dress, dresses up.
Kailash asks Amba if Ranveer wants to break the relation with Naina. Amba says yes. The doorbell rings. Amba opens the door, Ranveer had also come there. Ishaani stood outside. Ranveer is shocked to see her in all the makeover. She comes inside, touches the feet of Amba but Amba backs off. Ishaani comes inside and says she apologizes for coming without informing. She says that they had said the girl’s sister in law will do all the rituals, but there are some rituals at their home as well. Ranveer comes and holds Ishaani, he says isn’t she effected by marrying someone else. He says they are both in pain, it appears in her eyes. He asks Ishaani who is asking her to do this all, he says he saw Ritika at her home. He asks if she is blackmailing her, she doesn’t need to fear anyone. He holds her face and says no matter how much he hates her, he can’t see her in pain. He knows she is in a problem, he is with her and she can trust him. He asks her to tell her about it. Ishaani recalls Nurbhay’s warning. Ranveer asks Ishaani who is forcing her, is it Ritika who is forcing her to stay there. He says he can see in her eyes, he can solve anything for her. Ishaani’s eyes fills in tears. She turns around and walks away.
Ishaani comes to the room, shuts the door behind her and cries. She thinks about what Nurbhay had promised her, and asked for Naina’s proposal. She cried. Ranveer was restless, that her eyes spoke about the pain. Ishaani says she can’t do this, she can’t let her love marry someone else. Ranveer says there is a possibility that she is being forced to live there. She thinks she doesn’t have to answer anyone, she will not fell weak. Ranveer is determined he must find the truth. Ishaani thinks she must get to know why Nurbhay thinks that Ranveer killed his wife.
Vikram comes to Ishaani’s room. He says he just saw her coming to room and knew she must be worried. He says he feels sorry for her, he has noticed her brother torturing her. She needs to be strong. Ishaani asks why he doesn’t help her then? Ishaani says she wants to know about how Pooja died. Vikram takes her along and asks her to stay behind him. He brings her to a garage, shows her a car there. He says this is the answer to every question of hers. He holds Ishaani from the back, and says his sister Pooja had her accident in this car. Ishaani asks if Pooja died by accident and wasn’t killed. Vikram was tempted, he says he will tell her everything she would ask for. Ishaani realizes, Vikram says he really feels bad for her when she cries. Ishaani realizes, resists and slaps Vikram.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Ranveer that he can’t marry Naina. Ranveer says if she asks so, he won’t marry Naina.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. safa

    ishveer scenes soo emotion scenes ..pls unite dem. bcuz dey r deh perfct cuplszz.plsz unite them fastr nd show deir romance fastly..i need deir union especially romance..luvb yew ishveer..bez cuplszz 4evr.precap seems so intrstin……:(:)

  2. K.praveena

    Nice epi. Ranvi hold ishani face and that time he shows so concerned it’s amazing feel.ranvi sees ishani makeover and he jerks it’s lovable. And vikram u deserve this slap. Amba u just go to hell. Everytime ishani want to take amba blessing but u won’t that. My ishveer always best.

  3. Keerthi

    Vikram how dare u touch ishaani…..u are fine because ranveer did not see you touching ishaani if seen he would have broken ur hands…..good episode loved ranveer and ishaani today….love in the air?????????

  4. Saranya

    Come on ranveer only u can save your aashiqui. Please try understand ishani. Please reunite our ishveer.

  5. Sreya

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! I just love ranveer. Thank God he understood wat happened. Hadnt he seen ritika there he wouldnt have known ishaanis sacrifice.

  6. IshuRV

    my god what a precap. I’m just getting restless . I’m eagre to watch tomorrow’s epi and today’s also as I have not watched it.

    • Suga

      hi jasa iam fine what abt you.. 🙂 eagerly waiting for Ishveer patch up… Cvs pls unite them asap… TRP will reach high automatically .. 🙂

  7. swana

    In today ‘s episode ishveer scenes r so emotional I just loved a lot!! …omg such a good scenes plz unite then and don’t end matsh ..I request..plzz..allow them to face the problems together that will be very very good …we just can’t see them separated..make them to live a normal life ..and to prolong concentrate on other characters too..plz don’t end matsh …i loved today ‘s episode..

  8. IshuRV

    vyshu tumhe vo episodes kaha mile bata na and vo episodes online hi dekhne padte hain kya? and ek epi ke liye kitni MB lagti hain?

  9. Rookey Rookers

    precap , precap , i am still in a wonderworld , i cant able to say or even imagine anything , no words to express , sure trp will increase , nice to see ranvi’s love after a long . . . long . . . . time as at first . simply super . . .

  10. Omg what a precap,what a chemistry ishveer u r the best,oh no i cant wait for tmrw episode,ishveer scenes are back sure trp ll increase,so sweet rv and ishaani,i love u soooooo much,today iam very happy fortis precap,after very long time we saw ishveer moments na choooo chweeeeeet

  11. Shruthi

    I loved ishveer scenes today.. Awesome chemistry between the lead actors… I would always love to watch ishveer even if they drag the serial

  12. Meera

    LOVE ❤ u ishani just took good !!
    Guys duno radhika and Shakti having a photoshoot for gr8 magazine !!
    Ooh eagerly waiting for its release!

  13. Sreya

    hi guys this is sreya. i would suggest u all to watch scoopwhoop videos in youtube. Awkward moments u face with ur parents n. other videos. Its very funny. Reply my comment if u liked those videos.

  14. Vimala

    I stopped watching this serial since milan track and used to read only written update till now….now it seems its back to track and wud love watch it in tv…

  15. JD

    wow.. its really caring episode ranveer cares for ishanii … wow really excited to watch tomrw episode …. I’m sure it gonna blast d trp rating … ishanii feels at same tym ranveer feels wow ekta mam ur show was unpredictable… diz s wat true love I’m care and to b cared … MATSH s back on track

  16. arham

    my luvable matsh…. nowadays ishveer going to heaven …. and tat sam tym amba and nirbhay’s family going to hell na…mein gud episodes ke liye intazaar karenga..

  17. arham

    today uravey uyirey awsom what a funny..rv looks very hot..luv u ishveer…guyzz anyone watch u2 na ..really superb …ekta ji we want matsh lik this episods na ji…

  18. i Really wish this promo happened in real life like Radhika tells shakthi that he cant marry neha. shakthi says if asks so . He wont marry neha…

  19. Hai guys gd mrng…ya vyshu me too thinking the same,when i saw the precap i imagine that radhika asks shakthi for not marrying neha.. Wow if its happena i feel soooo happy,we r all true ishveer and shadhika fans yaar so that the same thoughtsna..

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      i m so much sad 🙁 i miss matsh last day i was slept so early i dont know y……… even i hide the tv remote from all family members to watch my matsh…………and when i wake up its exact 10:35………..i was so shocked and so much angry on myself…………and my whole family was searching for remote 😛 ………… any wayzzz episode was really fantastic i was just waiting for that awww thank u soo much cv,s for making rv again a intellegent hero……….i love u ishveeeeerrrr…………. :D…and vikram OMG……………..ishu slap him lovelyyyyyyyyy if rv see,s vikram than surely he was in I.C.U…………precape awsome ishani dont hide truth from ranveer…….

  20. Keerthi

    Wow and wow I was seeing the episode again and again could not wait to see today’s episode what a precap……..I cried when ishaani dressed up like wife of nirbhay and went to ranveer house and the bgm played while she was dressing up tears rolled off my eyes….and this nirbhay family members I am really disgusted how can they force a guy to marry their daughter when he is still in love with his wife… rithika said their love can never be seen but felt yes it was so clear in ranveer’s eyes…..let’s see wat happens today’s thing is like y colors not uploading videos in YouTube….I need to download the episodes but could not find the link? and I can see the time taken to telecast the show yesterday it’s improving and I am happy and waiting for seeing ishveer Jodi together

  21. after ….. ishveer reunion i cant downloaded the videos……

    in utube they are not uploaded………

    pls…..anyone help me…. ????

  22. arham

    today i feel very gud..bcoz all commenters post the positive one post the negative comments guyzz keep it up and plzz watch matsh in tv na yaar..and also watch a retelecast …

  23. arham

    hai guyzz anyone is here na..hai vyshu.sathya…keerthi..praveena..ishurv..marry..payal..dhruva..sana..ranaji..

    • Keerthi

      Yes arham I am here happy happy was watching the repetitive episode in colors at 12 now wow I am very restless for today’s episode…..hopefully trp increases soon….I saw a scene of maa speaking to ishaani about marrying naina to rv for the sake of money I think the scene will be in today’s episode …. Do u know what is the bgm played when ishaani dresses up I know the song was judaai but wat about the bgm
      Vyshu praveena ishurv payal sathya jasa kerala marry dhruva do anyone of u know it let me know I am moved by that bgm

      • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

        hey arham ishveer is going to b unite………jadai played in bg i loved it after so long i heard this in matsh,,,,,,,,

    • Dhruva

      Sorry yaar………I was not their I’ve Tution in morning and school in afternoon so I can only comment at night……

  24. plss….. anyone……. help ….me ….. whr …….i dwnload in utube videos……….. in dailymotion……daily episodes they are not upload……..

    plse slove these prb……. for me anyone……????

  25. Raj

    Ama super episode chance illa finally RV realizing ishaani problem pls make Rv find ishaani problem quickly and make them reunit

    • Keerthi

      Even I am searching where to download the episode
      If it’s In dailymotion or YouTube we can download but I really don’t know dear ?

  26. Vish

    Ugh, I can’t wait till Ranveer finally knows what’s going on with Ishani. I also hope there is an explanation at some point of how Ritika became associated with Nirbhay. It makes no sense. It’s like the writers think the audience has no brains. Why can’t they come up with things that make some sense? Of course, there will probably never be an explanation.

  27. Amir .N

    Request for drama Maker, If they Reunite Ishani and Ranveer then the rating of drama will be boost and nice other wise down and flop. No one wants to see separtate both of them. hurry up

  28. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    guyzzzzz u all knoww na tomurrow is TRP and BARC day tomorrow is our efforts result…i m feeling restless………..hoping for a veryyy extermely well trp for matsh………..u all r watch matsh on tv na???????????????? plzzzzzzzzz watch it…………promote matsh………..

  29. arham

    f writers ki kya hogaya..why they are not posting the ff..plzz yaar meera,ranaji,sriti,lakshana,zara.. where ur ff yaar plzz soon na

  30. It seems like ishani( Radhika madan) nd Ranveer( shakthi aora) are getting together Yes, the lovers seems to be taking efforts to unravel the situation arround them so that they can get together.

    As we know, Ranveer is about get married naina who is madly love with him. However he notices the Rit in the ahlawat house nd senses something fishy. He tries to find out why ishani is there with the family. in the meantime naina sister nd mothercare trying to prevent ishani from meeting Ranveer. They dont want her to hurt naina marriage prospects

    To night episode, we will see Ranveer meeting ishani. He will tell her that still loves her passionately nd wants her back in his life. However ishani will tear nir anger nd keep mum

    In the upcoming episodes, we will see ishani risking her life nd staging an accident to know the exact reason why nir is furious with Ranveer. she wear nir wife pooja saree nd fake accident. This will work wonders as he will reveal everything On the otherhand, Ranveer too will don a detectives hat to find out what exactly happened.

    The coming episodes will see a number of passionate scenes between Ranveer nd ishani as confirmed by the actor to us

    viewers who had been complaining about the lack of love, or romance will get to see their sizzling chemistry Once again.

  31. Today Sbas segement _ All family of Ranveer…. nd nina replaying….. truth nd dare….then the bottle stops On Ranveer…. Then Rv propose nina as written in d chit After the bottle stop on ishani…. nina tell her to Smooch her life partner…….After listening their Ranveer in anger goes from there… this all is done by stupit (nina…..ihate so much) nina change ishani chit…

  32. Dnt worry payal matsh never end trp increase in upcomming episodes,dnt beleive on rumours, u r all known guys sasural simar ka serial how long its telecasted they r dragging tue show as much as possible but that show not go on off air ,then how our matsh go on off air?ishveer having huge fan following so the channel side considered that too,once ishveer unite means sure trp increase as before,I hope matsh never gonna off air,amd marry dnt worry yaar tmrw sure trp increase than the last wk,bcoz yesterday itself most of the people saw i think so,so dt worry guys,be optimistic yaar

  33. I beg the writers of matsh(sonali jaffer)and ektaji pls dnt change the story track as negative,keep the track as fans wish,bcoz of ur lethargic way matsh sufferd a lot due to tis rumours fans r all suffered a lot,so writters keep it in mind and unite ishveer soon make the fans happy,then watch matsh ll go to the first position in the rating

  34. vinay kumar

    oh god finally rv starts realizing that there is something wrong…..
    and scence of ishveer was really nice and hopes soon they will unite and matsh will once again on top…. 🙂 🙂

  35. Payal


  36. but i am trying so many sites…. it is in hot star….ek bar see Guys….plss….

    i am thinking just colors matsh serial uploading on hot star…. ?

  37. Ranaji

    Guys finally makers realized what we want!!!! We want romance of ishveer I think many are watching for it only

    • Keerthi

      If they are real life couple it would be really awesome but wat to do both are engaged to other persons….but one thing for sure there is some thing between both of them like past birth connection only God knows…..let’s c wats in their destiny ?

  38. Hai Ranajii…
    I Only watch…. matsh nd that is Only my favourite……..forever…

    i Really wish this promo really like that …. Radhika tells shakthi…. that he cant marry …neha…… shakthi says if she asks so . He wont marry neha…

    • Ranaji

      Yes I too agree if they marry then……it will be awesome there will be superb chemistry between the leads

  39. Ya payal ishveer having huge fans following thats now show on all social media,i think that is why they give another chance ,we use that chance yaar we never lost that chance at any cost we should proved as ishveer fans,so supporting matsh keep watching matsh on tv

  40. and ranaji r u watching uravey uyirey na.. it,s nowadays rocking na..enna irundhalu tamil a pakumbodhu santhosama iruku….paaaaaaaaaaa

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