Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer was about the throw the match stick. Shibham gets up at once and asks him not to burn him. Nurbhay is enraged and asks why he was doing this drama. Shibham says it was for Naina, she wanted to marry Ranveer. She wanted Ishaani to go to jail. He leaves. Naina holds Ranveer’s hand and says she is sorry, she did this all to get him. Ranveer curtly jerks her hand and says if it was really love, she could have let him go to Ishaani. Ishaani always sacrificed for him, but Naina can’t even go to Jail for him. He says he loves Ishaani and will always do.
Ishaani comes to room where Nurbhay was crying. He says his Naina, his loveable betrayed him. Ishaani says may be it is bitter for him, but his love was deep for them. Ishaani says she knew about them and thought they would

change watching his love but they didn’t. She says to Nurbhay that she wants to tell him the truth about all his family. She had kept a hand on Nurbhay’s shoulder, his eyes were red.
Pratik asks Ranveer so this was the story. Ranveer says he thinks that Nurbhay’s family is also behind Pooja’s death. The car is the common factor behind it.
Ishaani says that his family hates him, they dislike it that he has a lot of money and they have to ask him the money. Nurbhay was crying, he tells her not to say this much of truth to him that he leaves his trust on humanity. He says since Pooja he has no one to trust. He tells Ishaani to go away. Ishaani says she knows he is in pain, but it was more important than this pain.
Ranveer gives the money to the workshop people. He tells Ranveer that this car came to this workshop one year ago to get the brakes failed.
Nurbhay shouts at Maa not to call him son, and shed any tear. He says that they aren’t worth thinking good for. He says they were family of Pooja so he thought of them as his own family. He loved them like younger siblings. He says it is over now, he disowns them from his house and his property. Aarti asks what he is saying, how can he do this? Nurbhay says family is made by combination of five fingers, but they all were behind cutting his roots. He says that Ishaani brought the reality to him, he got to know what they thought of him. He asks if they were ashamed of standing with him, today he is. He says he has so many reasons to disown them, if they have a single reason to stay. Uttam says he has, he wants to tell him something that is very important. He says that these mother and daughters are all wrong, he was caught in them. He has to side them helplessly. He says that his wife Pooja didn’t die in accident. Nurbhay shouts at him not to take Pooja’s name. Ranveer calls that he is saying right. He comes with Pratik and the workshop man. He says Uttam is right. Pooja didn’t die in accident but in a dangerous planning. He says this mechanic failed the brakes of his car, unfortunately Pooja drove the car that he was going to drive. Pooja died in the planning that was done to kill him. Rajeshwari, Pooja’s mother did this all. Nurbhay comes to her and asks if she? He asks if she wanted to make her daughter a widow? Only for money? Maa says yes, she did this all for money. she wanted money for Pooja, not an illiterate like him. In her educated family, he was the only illiterate; so they decided to kill him. She says she got the brakes of his car failed so that he dies and they get his property. She cries that it killed her daughter instead of him. Nurbhay says he won’t bear their presence of a single minute, and pushes Rajeshwari outside. Ritika flees as well. He asks them all to leave the house as well. They all leave the house.
Nurbhay kneels down in front of Ranveer and asks him to forgive him. he says he was mistaken thinking of him as Pooja’s killer. He took his revenge from Ishaani. Someone crazy in love can never see the truth. He says Ishaani brought one truth to him, and Ranveer brought another. He says he loved truly but lost it. He gives Ishaani’s hand in Ranveer and tells him not to get away from each other, may be his wife gets happy with this. Ranveer and Ishaani hug each other.

Update Credit to: Sona


    • Shraddha Sharma

      But it was a sudden end…. i thought ki atleast unki marriage dikhate or na hi police ne attrest kiya or na hi ritika pakdi gyi or na hi Ranveer Ishani ko aache se unite kiya… but atleast happy ending dikha di….

  1. I love matsh

    Oh I will really miss the show it was one and only favorite show and now…
    This is all because of that bl***y writer first will do wrong things and then becoz of that idiot show lost its trp and now it’s over

  2. Suga

    Happy that @ lasi Ishveer united.. but not satisfied with this end,should have … its k.. anyway going to miss My fav show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi badly… 🙁 still hoping for MATSH Season 2 with Shakti and Radhika… & also miss my MATSH Fans Friends marry
    vyshu ishveer unite ishurv shalini praveena jasa arhav arora radhika payal and all MATSH Diehard fans.. All the best for your future.. 🙂

    Is it true that MATSH will continue next week too … ?

  3. arshi

    Was this the last episode????if yes…then i’m completely shattered…no ishveer moments in the last episode of meri aashiqui tum se hi!!!am i the first one 2 comment 2day!!!

  4. K.Praveena

    I have a doubt guys plz tell me this last epi of matsh. But i not feel this. This is not a proper ending. Colors tv just betrayed us.

  5. Don’t know abt tat suga dr… ..and i also miss u dr..and all our matsh fans dr…we will again meet in ffs dr..ranaji..meera..vaidu..zainab.. and now keerthivdr also starting ff don’t wrry dr..i am very bad to matsh..miss u shadhika….

  6. un justified ending of beautiful love story of indian television …

    i am crying …. Now

    Ishveer story is incomplete …

    pls come back matsh2 starplus or zeetv ….

    Not these stupid colorstv ….

    Today … aslo they cutted the scene

    ishveer say to each other …

    Meri aashiqui tum se hi ….

    They cutted …. scenes ….

    Iam so much angry with ekta nd colorstv ….

    How dare to cut the scenes yesterday nd today ….

    Go to hell … colorstv …..

  7. Xant believe its d last episode…end could have been better i feel……gonna miss ishveer….watchin show den readin updates den reading comments…….b’ful luvstory…..luv u shakti luv u shikhar….luv u ishveer…luv u shadhika…. don no how would i live after dis show has end??

  8. janci pr

    happy for the reunion of my lovable pair ishveer ,but feeling a heavy heartache . miss u all maths fans . lets hope for maths2 with full faith .missing
    meri aashiqui very badly . ranveer and ishaani miss u a lot .with tears flowing from my eyes bidding an adieu for u all . you have made my days for most of the days .i even became the fan of tum hi ho only after matsh . you have taught me about love , sacrifice ,hope ,courage etc . so its very hard for me to complete my day without matsh .every good has an end ,so does matsh.bye all,miss u lot shadhika,i am continuing it in tamil .

  9. Hisham Sharif

    No way I will miss ishveer scenes This serial didn’t last for long they would have ended Balika vadhu If I did any mistake in spelling plz tell me

  10. K.Praveena

    I don’t knöw my feeling is right r not? I think this is not proper ending of matsh. There many charector and their story r missing in our matsh
    where is that parul, manas, dishan and their child?
    And milan was really died in that scence but police get not him body?
    Amba and kailash accepting ishani in their bahu and and both r know abt ishani sacrifice?
    Where was going baa, chaittali, and her husband ?
    I have lot of confusion abt these cherector and i feel this is not right time to end matsh. Even i know ishveer is soul of matsh show. And sonali only gives importance to ishveer.i açcept that. But i thought the last epi of matsh and ishveer unite has only few times. I thought col tv only want to shut our show very fastly. I feel very bad 4 tv activity. I want see shadhika once again but not in colors tv.

    • Julina

      Yeah… They didn’t even tell how nirbhay suspect Ranveer as a killer of Pooja…. How rithika escaped…. Many many questions r there,…..

    • Zia

      I also agree with u.
      what happened to Ishani’s Gouri di? What happened to Chirag’s girl friend? and her brother who shooted Ranveer? where is Ishani’s real father Nithin? still ishani don’t know about her real father! what happened to devarsh and his wife?
      lots of questions are left.lot of things are there to continue the story.
      phir phi…….hamara MATSH ko end kardiya.
      so sad.

  11. K.Praveena

    This is not proper ending of matsh. I fèels everything happened in that last epi it very fastly. Nibhray takes ishani hand to ranvi and both r huge each other. But i expect more. Its just injustice done 4 all matsh loyal lover. I really getting angry on color tv. It just want to stop our show and it done 4 all matsh lovers. I hate u colors and i hate u lot. I rebuke u. I curse u. Plz god give kumibibagam to colors tv.

  12. K.Praveena

    Kasam has been telecast 7th march . I thought matsh have to time to extend that story and prepare ending epi is much properply. But is not lyk that.That means swaragini had i hr epi of each and every epi till than 7th march2016. This is called betrayed. I claps 4 colors tv. Guys anyone want to know and learn what is loyal, honesty, pureness. U just saw colors tv. What a superb quility color get that.

  13. kirthi

    Not only u arham dr.all of real matsh fans are cried badly.bez we are miss so oooooooooo muchhhhhhhh our matsh na. ellame namma kaiya vittu poiduchu. Ennala ippo kuda Monday la irunthu matsh pakka mudiathunu……

  14. kirthi

    Praveena dr if matsh continue in few days,then y tdy no precap dr?u r right till 7th march swaragini taken up my matsh time that this(swaragini)stupid serial telecast 1hr yaar

  15. K.Praveena

    Today i really feels y matsh producer select to telecast which is betrayed colors tv. Colors tv don’t deserve our matsh show. And it only cönsider trp etc not loyal fans heart. Now its time to 1.42am and i write this comment in my teary eyed. Y god y? We want matsh2 in other tv excepting colors tv.

  16. K.Praveena

    Ya kirthi. Colors only want trp and now a days swaragini popular show in colors tv( not mine matsh only top in my heart) so colors tv desire to extend (half hour)time to swaragini till than 7th march. But it does not give any proper promo of matsh and already occupaying matsh telecast times in previous few weeks. Matsh only gets 15 min times to that previous few weeks. Then how matsh high trp. This is all 4 colors tv decision. Color u just go to hell.

  17. K.Praveena

    Don’t worry yaar. Good one never be gets failure. We r true loyal lover of matsh show our hope really comes true in once day. So just we have to waits 4 that precious moment. And our shadhika come back in new fresh unique love romantic storyline on anyother tv but not that colors.

    • Keerthi

      Not only this dear colors would surely see its downfall it ended a beautiful love story very badly aa soon as the show got over my mom said it’s not fair they should have extended by introducing new characters and by showing Ishveer together solving all problems but stupid ekta kapoor will go to hell only but then too God has some other plans for shakti and radhika itseems that’s wat she told so yeah so this seperation tym for shadhika is going to bring some changes in both of their lives let’s see

  18. yadoo (eternal luv 4 ishveer♡)

    Not satisfied about the ishveer scenes. Thought that atleast they cud hav shown a proper ending for them. Anyways we cant do anythng abt it; we can just hope 4 matsh 2. Will miss them very very very very very much. Everyday i used 2 B very exited to read matsh that what will happen; will ishanis truth come but now everyday wont B the same and i know it would B the same 4 u all matsh diehard fans. But we wont cry cuz our ishveer R not worth it. They worth our smiles, our love. Will always remember them wid a big smile on our face that once there used to B…
    Best wishes 4 Shadhika for their future
    Will always stay in the botom of our heart <3

  19. yadoo

    LOVE! They taught us how to love. They taught the meaning of love; sacrifice. They taught us that love should alway unconditional. First ranveers unconditional love for ishani and then ishanis unconditional love 4 ranveer. Guys! will miss their most famous dialogue which is their identity “KE MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI!” And watching them saying that dialogue, i always used to say that MERI ASHIQUI MERI ASHIQUI TUMSE HI SE HAI. I have always loved matsh 4 its unconditional love and secondly the show started on 24 june and my birthday also is on 24 of june. Will miss their romance may it be the kitchen romance, their cute tu tu main main, ranveers naughty behavior, ishanis shyness. Will miss their unconditional love. Will miss every single thing of this serial! Mmmmuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh to all the people who have supported matsh during its difficult time. Will miss ur coments drs, praveena, suga, keerti, vyshu, arham, payal, mary and all the ishveerians. Its a bye 4 now but will come bak wid matsh 2 (if played) :-*

  20. sana

    Oh no is this is the last episode? I am not satisfied.there is no much ishveer scenes.really going to miss badly.yesterday l cried a lot.why this happened to us.

  21. sana

    I am going to miss my Ranveer lot.l love him more in this serial.his love, his nauty scenes, his diologues, his smile, his anger all l loved a lot.l am crying.he is my heart.oh no Ranvi pls come back soon.miss u so much Ranvi.

  22. sana

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu RANVEER VAGHELA.Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.mmmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  23. Guys no one leave da page evry1 keep cmmntng and lets make dis a platform fr al our views regarding matsh dnt leave dis page keep cmmmtng here so dat v gt our matsh bc js bcz da show is cmpltd v cnt say good bye so dats y lik a daily routine cmmnt here its my humble request

  24. pooja

    These People not respecting the audience at all.look at the way they ended the show. It was like maker’s we eagaly waiting to end this. What about the production team, especially the actors who were sacrificing their souls to their characters. Feel so sorry for them.may be that’s why they were so hurt last day.

  25. All is over,my happiness are all come to end,i cant tolerate tis,herrafter i dnt see any show in colors untill my shadhika cast in newvshow..i fl like i lost one of my family members..still now i cant imagine matsh is end,but colors really betrayed us,they cutted so many scenes.and y makers end tis very fast,i think there is some prblm behind tis end,still now there is no answer for so manu questions,i cant beleive as a media they show tis much cruelity..i miss my shadhika and ishveer,how cn i see my ishveer hereafter.

  26. Zia

    good bye MATSH.good bye forever. I’m very happy because ishveer united. I’m very very very sad because MATSH ended.
    hw could u ekta?now i’m 100% sure that colors gives importance only 4 trps.not for true fans.colors u separated our day u have to pay for this colors.

    I don’t knw what to do?
    plsssssssssssss IshVeer, pls come back.
    come back and make us happy.plsssssssssss…..

  27. Saranya

    Wat an end. I didn’t like dis. Y colors do dis to my MATSH. IF MATSH 2 na plssssssss ekta mam don’t telecast n colors. Its request loyal fans of ishveer. I never thought dey easily end d show for trp. Cheap. Cheaper cheapest. But I love MATSH core from my heart. From the beginning to end. Wen ever ishani sacrifices her love to save her love it was d best lesson to all d lovers. If u sacrifice something in love it makes ur love & life strong. Am gonna miss all my MATSH fans. I love ishveer & MATSH. If dis s last episode den I should thanks who update the episode everyday without excuse. And for d fast update too. I should thanks my tamil friends those encourage me to do my debut novel. Thanks alll MATSH fans. I loveeeeee uuuuuu allllllllll. I missssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu MATSH. I want to cry in loud…….. I hattttttttttttteeeeeeeeddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee colors.

  28. madhu

    bye bye ranveer bye bye organization I miss you both very much bit I will be watching you in polimer tv urave uyirae

  29. Shażñä

    Hmmm…@last ma fav shw ended..ystrdyz epi i dint evn felt lyk last epi by watching tat last hug thot came into ma mind oh itz ended…nt satisfied wid d ending…shw strtd in an osm way n ended in worst way(too simple) n i still remember d fst epi tat z function goin on cute ranveer thinking abt his motabapu n family n our beautiful ishani coming downstairs n ranveer hiding n watching….Matsh deservd better ending @tleast by adding 1 week more epiz f ishveer romance n full family reunite..mainly reunite f ishani n her real dad… 🙁 🙁

    Miss U Ishveer 🙁 juz luv U Ishveer..Ur love stry taught hw to love som1 unconditionally n ll b lwayz remembered as symbol f True luv..Cant forget u ppl n U gonna live in ma heart forever ♥♥♥ Luv U ShaDika ♥♥ Waiting fr Matsh 2 ♥♥

    To al diehard fans f Ishveer Keerthi Sana Azia Jasa Suga Praveena Vyshu Marry Arham Sathya Ishruv Ishveer Manisha n mny more (sry 4 nt mentioning sme fans name as i don remeber) i used to read al f ua comments don b sad n keep trending 4 Matsh 2 wid ShaDika ♥♥♥ n Al d bst to all fr ur future…keep smiling n be hpy life goes on…See U al in futur Matsh 2 Page bcz ma heart feels tat 100% sure ekta ll cme up wid Matsh 2..till thn bye u al.. 🙂

    Phir milenge Chalte Chalte….. 🙂

  30. Azia

    Colors did not know what is true love…swara lvs lak then sanskar…sanskar luvs kavita then swara….. What is this?????????is this true love?????? Matsh show what is the meaning of love….but colors only give Imp to all that bad type of love and blackmagicssssss…..I’m very sad……i hope matsh2 will surely come??? ?

  31. sankari

    Hi guys I’m from tamil nadu.I start watching matsh 1y 2 months before at the time of ranvi fakely marry rithika on that day itself I started reading matsh every day it turns to be my daily routine and also I read all ur comments ur support for matsh at difficult time I really love u guys like everyone said matsh taught me abt unconditional love,sacrifice, loyalty even I can’t tolerate end of matsh then how u could be guys I’m feeling so sad for all the diehard fan of matsh it will always remain in my heart…
    I’m so thankful bcoz I can continue matsh in tamil ..
    Love u guys

  32. I will miss u very very badly Ishveer and no one can take ur place in my heart u will always on top position in my heart
    I hope we will get to see u again in a fresh love story inshaallah

  33. Dhruva

    What a stupid end……..end without no ishveer scene………….i just hate it…………even yesterday my tv recharge was over ….My Dad tried to do it till 10 pm but was unable and i started to cry bitterly as i could not see last Episode of MATSH but sudennly when i just started tv to check and suddenly it started……….not happy with end…………BUT HAPPY THAT I WAS ABLE TO SEE LAST EPISODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. sankari

    This is the first time I have commented. Actually I really wonders sometimes y bcoz when the fans of matsh r more conscious abt that show y they r giving more imp to the show its all r entertainment but y they take that so seriously I had tat kind of thought before but once I understand the true love Nw i can able to understand all ur feelings matsh always remembered my ex love and feel guilty on seeing matsh it taught me a lot like how u could be so patient how to tackle a difficult situation wit courage nd sacrifice ur life for ur lovers happiness it such an awesome thing.I’m sure tat u all know abt navya serial in starplus it was ended 2 yrs before I think so and I’m a crazy fan of shaheer sheik who s the hero of navya its also the love story wen I was in hostel we had downloaded al the episode wit English subs and we watched the whole show and I think tat navya s the best love storybut after watching matsh I give 2 place to navya ..
    Hatsoff to whole crew of matsh and lots of mylove to ishveer bcoz of their flawless acting

    • u r right sanskari because our matsh taught a lot about true love and value of love it not selfish oriented here ishveer love each other is more sacrificing….it is the true meaning of love….so we are sad for our show ending….but we waiting for matsh mrng dr


    ” MERI AASHIQUI SIRF TUM SE HI HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

  36. shifashameer

    what i say about meri aashiqui tum se hi .because i really shocked. after watching i understand the meaning of love, sacrifice,others happy and etc. so that i dont accept the end.i hope meri aashiqui tum se hi part2 .and the charecters are shakthi and radhika.i am the big fan both of them.i love very much.please return to back shakthi and radhika.i hope both of you.please accept my request.

  37. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Hi dear friends sana , sathya, praveena, IshuRv, ranaji, arham, rookey rookers , vyshu, keerthi ,Aarthy, ,dhruva,meera , vaidehi, simran,Zia,azia & all ishveer lovers.
    We all love mast most of our cutie pies ISHANI AND RANVEER in the core of our heart.
    They both do work with each other and they do besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and give us fabulousssssss fantasticccccccc &
    Superb natural acting. We all are appreciate their acting & committing in their episodes .
    While committing & reading in matsh we all are connecting with each other. I never see you I don’t known anything about you all but I consider as you all are my daily life part. You all are my best buddies, friends.
    But sometimes I think I known all of you very well. You all are my best friends . we all are chatting with each other in matsh.
    So please guys do not go away from ishveer as matsh is going off air.
    We all comment & chat with each other in ff.
    As I love ishveer very much I also love you friends my buddies. Please don’t disappointed guys I hope matsh will come soon in our life . & take care of your self
    But I am very very disappointed guys I am crying.

  38. subraja

    not satisfied with the ending of MATSH . onething wat happened to disha,manas,and parul marriage???? wr s parul s not answered ???anywaysssss i love uuuuuu ranveer and ishani miss u alllllllllllll…………….

  39. Manisha

    Very sad for matsh end ,but they have not end the serial in a proper way.i am not satisfied with the end.they have not shown anything properly.they just wanted to end the they finished their task.even no hints of ending the serial.we are reading forum so we know that it’s ending but many people must be there who just watch serial but don’t read all these.they even won’t know that it’s already ended.they will know next week on Monday and even they should give some hint that matsh over.but they really don’t care for the show .and colors has many worst serial but they show it drag it but it’s really injustice with matsh.i really hope and pray for matsh 2 soon.they have spoiled our lovely show and now ended also.when they start the serial they attract us to watch and when we fall in love with serial and attached they give us shocks like this.they have just cheated us by ending our favourite show.its really we should not dare to watch this type of serials.they are just playing with our emotions.we wanted to see many things in matsh but …………they have disappointed us.

  40. Never i cried in my life continously 24 hours in my life …. still iam crying ….,
    i cant control my self ….. iam a die heart fan of shadika …..

    My mom nd dad said they will come together …..
    Dont worry …. !

    My eyes are red no sleep ….. only seeing shadika pics nd videos crying ….

    Feb – 8 th epi i saw night so many times …..,

    I Loss my cupties …… ,

    We are all connected by this wounderful show ….

    Miss u Guys so much ….

    Pls guys u try starplus or zeetv …. channel ..

    Not these stupid colors tv ….

    These are cutted so many scenes ….? ?

  41. Never i cried in my life continously 24 hours in my life …. still iam crying ….,
    i cant control my self ….. iam a die heart fan of shadika …..

    My mom nd dad said they will come together …..
    Dont worry …. !

    My eyes are red no sleep ….. only seeing shadika pics nd videos crying ….

    Feb – 8 th epi i saw night so many times …..,

    I Loss my cupties …… ,

    We are all connected by this wounderful show ….

    Miss u Guys so much ….

    Pls guys u try starplus or zeetv …. channel .. MATSH 2 …

    Not these stupid colors tv ….

    These are cutted so many scenes ….? ?

  42. sana

    No Shazna dr v r not saying bye to this page.v should comment on this page and also our ff pages.v have to support our matsh forever.don’t go any where matsh fans.pls

    • It was boring OK then now start to see swaragini sasural simar ka there was lot of msgs heartless peoples show is ended fans are upset u don’t like this OK and u don’t want to help them ok at least shut ur mouth they were so upset with show ending u making them more hurt by ur cmts

  43. sana

    Yes they not ended in a proper way.atleast they can show ishveer with their child and saying their story to their child.

  44. Dr frnds hereafter what we hv to do,iam totally blank,i cant live without my ishveer,i really miss u frnds but we r all keep touch in ff ..arham,praveena,keerthi,vushu,raji,dhuruva,marry,maria,rookers,sana,hema,ranaji,sazana,suga,jasa,Kirthi,ishurv,ishveer,Payal,ayesha,meera,Radhika,Zia,azia,and all new frnds i really miss u all frnds,really i got somany frnds here becoz of my ishveer,as a dieheart fans we hv to do something to bringback our shadhika

    • sana

      Yes sathya dr.l am also missing u frnds.but I hope every one will keep touch with ff.missing my ishveer badly.l am watching old epsds from YouTube.I am crying.surely v have to do some thing.v have to bring our ishveer back .what will v do?

  45. I will miss Ishveer a lot not the show 😛
    And they hug only this is the ending? But at least got happy ending 🙂 but what happened to others like so many things went unanswered Parul-manas-disha love triangle, Milan mystery, and Ritika doesn’t get caught?
    Maybe this may be an indication of season 2? Maybe

    • sathya dr ….., pls take care ur health …..

      iam still crying ….. i cant control myself ….,

      i never suffered like this dr …..,

      My eyes are red …. yestr no dinner today no break fast …. only crying dr …..

      Now my life is like a hell ….,

      Iam now seeing some old epsds ….. in u tube …..,
      seeing nd crying …

  46. I learn so many in these MATSH …. serial…

    unconditional love …,
    safrice ….,
    caring ….,
    determination ….,
    MATSH … end but our ishveer
    Love story never ever end ….

    ISHVEER / SHADHIKA …. u always ….
    In my heart…. till my death …

    I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mucchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ISHVEER / SHADIKA …. muuuuuahhhhhhhhh???????????????????????????????????????

  47. sweety

    You should have revealed the character of Ritika and she only made Ishaani to put them in mental hospital . How ritika is connected with Nurby…..With more romance you could have ended the serial revealing the truth why Ishani came to Nurby . One sunday you can keep show and end the serial advertising last eposide of Merixxxx on Sunday.

  48. Hina

    Hyy ye mera phela msg he me ap ko karahi hu my favret radhika madan I love u me apki both bari fen hu or me or meri femily ap ka drama boht shok se dekhte he meri friend b ap ka drama or ap ko boht pasand karte he plz ye drama Meri ashiqui tumse hi ko khatam mat karna hum is ke zariye hi ap ko dekhte he ap se Milne ki umeed he ap ka intazar karungi is msg ka reply zarur karna,I love love u

  49. Saarah

    They should have atleast given a proper end to the ahow…they way they ended it felt as if it is never gonna end…donno..I’m really confused…:(

  50. K.Praveena

    Ya vyshu. We r keep touch in matsh ff. And we don’t accept the defeat so easily. We have to do something our matsh come back soon.

  51. K.Praveena

    Y god y? This is happened to all loyal lover of matsh. I can’t bear it. Still i criying. Matsh was only show i watched daily. Now what i will do. Plz god give me time mission i just backward at 24th june2014. I remember all epi and ishveer romance.

  52. raji

    Keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu what is this.
    This is called not a happy ending …its a incomplete …ending …there is no ishveer scenes here…colors what u think about the fans they r all mad…no u r the mad ,stupid channal in the channal industry ….all over india …guys we definitely want matsh2 …injustice happen to our matsh ….we r all stay here and fight for matsh 2 ….we show fans power to the colors …..dont cry its the time for warrrrrr…..i cried a lot yes …this time we have to fight..guys dont go any where plsplspls….till bring back our shadhika

  53. Meera

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo X100
    Khatam Ho Gaya sab kuch , if not ishveer then not anyone ! nO one csn replace my matsh ? lOve u matsh , u might ve got over for anyone else , but never for me ❤ I loved my aashiqui baby , and font know how life will proceed without it ! But one thing I know is that the world has not come to an end !!,sO I will live for my ishveer , I want them back once again!! Love u ishveer ❤? u will always stay INTO MY HEART ♥!

  54. K.Praveena

    Now i feel this urave uyire songs and especially this line that is ” thanimai thavikiren unnaal aannenei” matsh 4ever.

  55. K.Praveena

    This only i watched show and its proved love based sacrifice, care, love, childhood love feelings, etc, etc.
    And most importanly i understood the one conclusion that is one man’s live with one women’s in their whole life. Whenver ranvi getting angry on ishani that time ranvi shows him love feeling on ishani in angry way. That was awesome na.

  56. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    I think there is end because some other reason may be serious….like fight between shadhika and colors…..just thinking cause this might be reason they ended show with incomplete story no promos……soo…..hope so every misunderstanding may be gone soon and they bring our shadhika back as definitely their trp gonna down without MATSH………..

  57. ufffff plxxxxxxxx noooo (marry)???

    i m crynggggg i cant live without u ishveer hum TERE BIN ab reh nai sakte TERE BINAA kai wajood mera tujse JUDAA ager hojaen gay to khud se hi hojaen gay JUDAA
    tera mera rishta hai kesa ek pal DOOR gwaara nai teray liye roz hain jeetay tuj ko mera wakt sabii koi lamha mera na ho teray BINA her saan pe naam tera
    ab tum hi ho
    zindagi ab tum hi ho
    chain b mera dard b
    mery aashiqui ab tum hi ho ……………..
    teray liye hi jia main
    khud ko jo yun de dia hai
    teri wfa ne muuj ko smbahla
    sarey gamon ko dil se nikala ………………
    teray sath jura hai naseeb mera
    tuje paa k adhura na raha……….
    q k tum hi ab tum hi ho zinadgi ab tum hi ………………..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i cant expressss my feeling last nite worst 1 in my life its not end i dont beleive go to hell colorsssssssssssssssss i curse u,,,,,,,,

  58. ufffff plxxxxxxxx noooo (marry)???

    ritika ka kia hua kuch pta nai amba baa disha and krisha parul ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u colors go to heell jis serial ki wja se tum no1 channel ban gay us ka ye end ye haal ker dia ,,,,,,,,,,,, i curse u colors u become a flop after kasam ;………………..

  59. my ishveer forever (marry)???

    worstest kasam

  60. my ishveer forever (marry)???

    kasm 1st week mai jab 0.1 trp aye gi na tb pta chale ga matsh ki 1.7 trp ka 12 mins mai…………..


    Guys search ishveer VM in you tube they are not showing it also definitely some problem is their between shadhika and colors….

  62. raji

    Sss sathya ,keerthi so many people ….on twitter still disguess about the ending …lots of people fight for matsh2 …we have to do ….dont cry …stay strong like ishveer …dr..

  63. it is stupid serial in world no-1………..the Ektamam is think that viewers of meri aashique tumse hi are show of begining there is no Nurbehy shing .she think that the serial is no way to move on forward she is playing meaningless stroy.views plase think it seriously when ishani and ranveer go to jail they are punichment to death(Phaci).but how can ritika comes back(She is doing two murders).it is fulllllllll of bakbas. and mohit abroal(Nerbhay) do not well educated and speak hindi well. due to this reason this this show go offAir.still colors Production team have not any shame. are you human being?other wise a human being thing i will hangup with rope.stupidless persons are in meri aashiqui tumse hi writter. this serial is going offair because of Nurbhay is entered and new family is introduced .it is ok.but how can Ritika re-entered.i descried in below .plase read this commants.other wise the writter of meri aashiqui tumse hi is the road side writter when the TRP is suddenly down he can not change the tracke (Ranveer and Ishaani together).ifthewritteris human being he hung with rope .it Proves that he is stupid Person.i am thanking my foot no your face is push.otherwise viewers can not miss Ishveer.main role is writter is very the begining os serial it giveup 22nd mins when the Nerbhay is entered in the show it gives up 15th mins.
    It is serial not a film it is last episode Where is Baa,Kalish,Amba,Mausi,Perul,Disha,Manasha etc. the Mainly truth is not spoken by Ishani is not Married to Nerbhay.if the serial ends today why not Ritika Punished.Ritika is going to sleep with Writer last that Ritika Excuse.

    • my ishveer forever (marry)???

      i agreee had ker di yaar,,,,,,,this is end like movie stupid writer atleast end to dmakedaar ker deti pagal idiot foolish,,,,,,,,,,,,

  64. my ishveer forever (marry)???

    i love u ishveer u alwayzzz in my heart…………. i alwayzzzz remember u come back soon i cant tolerate this seperation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • tere liye dunya chod di hai ishveer (marry)???

      guyzzzzzzz i didnt understand is this some planned end of matsh by colors,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • my ishveer forever (marry)???

      i agreeeeeeeee with u allllll i was calm but afteer seeing the end i become shocked……………..color u ,,,,,,,,,,,go to hell

  65. K.Praveena

    Still i feel angry on colors. And it shut their our show which reason behinds the stupid trp. It injustice of matsh lovers. And color just go to hell.

    • tere liye dunya chod di hai ishveer (marry)???

      parveena trp also low bcoz of colors ……….they show only for 12mins and than writer……………go to hell colors…………

  66. U know dhruva … dr they cutted so many ishveer scenes …. only…. nd aslo smooch scenes nd Romantic scenes yestr nd today ….

    why they particularly cutted ishveer scenes only ?

    Ya something there is shadika nd colorstv ….

    i know ….
    MATSH 2 telecast on Zeetv or starplus ….

    Colors tv matsh 2 never telecast …..

    There is a big misunderstanding….. b/w n shadika nd colorstv ….


      Ya vyshu dear I know I had seen it….in a news dear….I’m soo sad..too………its feel like killing yaar without MATSH without ishveer and shadhika…..

  67. tere liye dunya chod di hai (marry)???

    uper itne scenes to matsh k waise hi cut ker dete hain colors wale……………

  68. tere liye dunya chod di hai ishveer (marry)???

    i started watching this show just bcoz of zain aliya of beintahaa i was the die heart fan of colors beintahaa,,,,,,,,,,,but when i started watching the serial i even like this more than zain aliya and then become crazzyyyyy and now die heart,,,,,,,,,,,,

  69. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Sana dear I am also like RANVEER very much his anger his love, his smile and most of his ATTITUDE woww they give us fabulousssssssssssssssssssssssss acting.
    I miss my ishveer soooooooooooooo badly yyyyyyyyyyy. I wish they both come back with matsh 2. & ishveer best of luck for your future.

  70. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Vyshu dear how you known that they cut some scenes ? Do you watched in you tube or other links . if there is so please share with us . I am eagerly waiting to watch ishveer’ s is my humble request.

  71. K.Praveena

    Just now i saw my ishveer romantic scence in my cell. Now i’m criying badly. I could not control my self. My sister tries to console me. But i can’t.

  72. K.Praveena

    I rebuke colors tv badly. Before I never use this hursh word to anyone. But now i pray to god that colors get flop at very soön. It will be happen then matsh lover r really happy. Bcoz col does not deserve matsh show. My tear fell down.

  73. K.Praveena

    I really fell very bad to though matsh end. I feel someöne cut my heart from my body. I never feel this before.

  74. Keerthi

    I am all the way crying only dear today I am not able to digest the fact that MATSH is no more
    I am seeing all the old episodes missing radhika so much…. Fans please check fame app video of shakti talking to fans it was nice to see…..waiting for radz to come in fame app chat I will definitely talk with her…….

  75. K.Praveena

    Y this happened to me. I never did this any sin. Then y god y ? Y u give to such punishment to me? I dedicated this word only 4 colors that word is “pugh”

  76. K.Praveena

    Yes’day epi of matsh and each scence happened very fastly. And i can’t tolerate that 1 scence and is ishveer unite portion.

  77. Azia

    It’s surely an aduri kahaniiii….this is a model of real lovers…oru baby avarodukudi undayirunnangil climax will be super ….we want our ishveer..let us pray 4matsh2…..we want our shadikaaaaaa…..those who have fb account plz vote 4our shakthi and radikha in colors petal award…if they win in it we can see them together in award function?

  78. sana

    Kanave kalaiyaathe unghalal naan vazhkire…..
    Anbe pogaathe unghalal naan vazhkire…….
    Sogam ennai thaakkum neram kanavaai neenga vandha podhum….

  79. I am so happy bcoz matsh jaise boaring shw ki ending ho gai and wo attitude girl bht fight krti thi na ishveer jaisa koi nahi usko sabak mil gaya her name is ashee guys tm log usko jante hoge is folder per cmnt krti h she is biggest fan of ishveer

  80. Padmanaban

    My heart broken we couldn’t see our beauty talent love birds no more. We certainly want matsh 2 please etta mam.

  81. raji

    What u say vyshu there is misunderstanding between our shadhika..&colors …i dont know like that ….after the matsh why they r allowed in bcl2….think about it …..any way we want matsh2 ..with our shadhika …..

  82. rookey rookers

    i dont know nothing to say . . nothing my eyes speaking more my heart feeling the pain . i need my ishveer . ang guys 4ever my ranvi will be with me . today my hand is shaking to comment i dont know ehy . just . . nothing to say . i dont know what to say . pls keep in touch my dear frnds .

  83. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes guys there is no VM of matsh in you tube. Even I am save those VM in my play list was deleted by you tube . why only this happing with matsh . I am so angry on you tube.

  84. Raji dr injustice happen to our matsh,i am also think that there is somethimg between colors and matsh team,that is y they force to end the show fast,and also they cutted tomany scenes,its not a good emding for ishveer,just they hug and show get end ,tis is not fair..we r do something for bringback shadjika dr

  85. Ya ….. mariya dr …., there is something …. misunderstanding b/w n shadika nd colorstv ….

    Why they are particularly cutted ishveer only ? ….

    Think that why only ishveer scenes …., smooched scenes…. nd Romantic scenes …. cutted ? ???….

    In gold petal awards aslo ishveer jodi not nominated….,

  86. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes rookey rookers we all in touch of each other in ff. & Please take care of your self rookey rookers, arham ,sathya ,vyshu, praveena and all ishveer lovers yaar please .

  87. K.Praveena

    Whenever i criying and curse to sömething then it must be happen soon. Now i crying and i curse to colors tv and its just get flop. From the last epi ends still i feel restless and crying.

  88. Nishaanth

    I really cried alot after the show got ended
    Really am going to miss u ishani (Radhika Madhan) n ranvir (Shakthi Arora)
    Going to miss the entire family n cast of meri aashiqui tumse hi
    I will be watching channels star plus, zee tv, n colours
    star plus, zee tv n colours
    In these 3 channels of love stories
    I swap meri aashiqui tumse hi is my favourite love story forever I really love this show very very much bt it got over ??????
    Nice ending
    Sadness is bt there is no ishveer romantic moments r songs simply they gave a hug n the show got over
    Ishveer forever
    Meri Aashiqui Tumsey Hi this show is totally stolen my heart awesome show forever I dont no hw to express my feelings ,dat much I love this show Very Much ?

  89. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes vyshu dear your right something… Misunderstanding between ishveer & colors .
    Colors you are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stupid channel. & you disserve last position
    And guys I wish is RANVEER and ISHANI become best actors in golden petal awards

  90. I curse colorstv u become a utterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… floooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp channelllllllllllllllllllllllll? ? ????? ….

  91. Vyshu dr, i saw bcl practice session dr,in that shakti amd neha are always together dr,i cant control my self,our shadhika gettimg apart due to tis seperation,their distance is extended,when they come together,i cried a lot dr

    • Keerthi

      Sathya u know distance is a test to see how far love can travel……let’s see there is something going to happen I feel God is planning something with our shadhika…..

    • Keerthi

      Vyshu dear I am here only dear u are fine na….I was really worried about u yesterday and I was cursing colorstv…..all my Ishveer fans are feeling a lot and I am not even able to eat food dear….got high fever dear and feel very depressed I am not able to overcome the end of MATSH who will make me smile if not shadhika I forget all my worries if I see shadhika on screen y God is doing this dear my mom was asking y u are so dull I don’t know what to say dear……even when I am typing now tears coming out what will I do …. When I saw shakti on fameapp I started to cry again as he was looking very dull maybe he is missing MATSH a lot even radhika I saw in the launch of Mumbai tigers function no josh I could see which was present during bcl launch… Definitely they both are missing each other badly…. I still miss my school friends just thinking how it will be for them……

  92. Ranaji(narendran)

    Hi guys we are united by matsh but after this we should be connected yaar with ff and I have decided to stop watching all shows including my fav etretr becoz my first love is ishveer if they are not there there is no more place for other shows I will update ff epi daily regularly for matsh and kkb becoz kkb holds somewhat interest but I stopped watching that show also

  93. raji

    Pls sathya dont worry about bcl2 …wait some time some miracle happen in our shadhikas life…like tsunami….sudden happen dr …so dont worry about the personal life of shadhika….we want our shadhika soon …that is very important dr….plsplspls dont cry be strong our shadhikacome back soon …1day they realished their love …like ishanis love on ranveer…it take some time dr …so pls dont about it …who knows even asingle second it may change …life is full of changes ….

  94. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys I think neha should have said ranveer to quit soo director thought of ending this show becoz there is no ranveer this should be happened yaar

  95. Prachi

    We seriously lost a beautiful love story. According to my view the ending was seriously stupid they just wanted to finish the show for that they done something and somehow finished a lovable show. Don’t know how many feel the same.

    Coming to the story ya till date in many episodes we had illogical scenes and unanswered questions Like:

    1. Who gave Ishani Necklace during her Reception?
    2. Where did parul go with Krish?
    3. Finally Disha and Manas went to US or not?Did they get Krish from parul or not?
    4. According to finally episode did Amba accepted Ishani with whole heart or not?
    5. What clearly happened to Ishani’s family? Why they didn’t search for her at any time?

    Fine we had these kind of logical questions but only one things always rocked the show. That didn’t need any logic it just needed a magic called “Love” that means our “Ishveer”.
    Don’t know how many were happy with Ishveer consummation but I was not okay with Ishveer’s consummation or even I am not happy with their ending too. Just because of TRP they are ending the show which could run for 3 to 4 years.

    But let them change to “Kasam” the new show but we loyal fans of MATSH should not forget our Ishveer please try all the possible ways guys and try to get back Ishveer through MATSH season 2.
    Try in Ekta madam Facebook page or Sourav Balaji kapoor facebook page or other social media and make them realize that fans need Ishveer back.

    Prove Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms that “WE ARE LOYAL FANS OF ISHVEER”

  96. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Ya sathya dear something wrong .
    But my wish is ishveer get best actors awarde . I hope colors don’t do partiality to win other actors.
    We all vote for ishveer & hope they became winner. I vote as many times I can do.

  97. K.Praveena

    Hai pallavi. Colors dön’t deserve matsh and ishveer. We r wait 4 shadhika come back in any other tv not colors.

  98. K.Praveena

    Just now i comment radhika madan official page fb. And she is repond all comment and also she replies.

  99. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Welcome praveena dear. We all are best friends . we all take care of each other in such crying (serious) condition yaar.
    We want matsh 2 . we love ishveer a lot.
    & ha praveena dr what radhika said to you.

    • Keerthi

      Sorry dear for late reply was not feeling well did not eat properly have high fever and got stomach pains so just lying in bed….. I am not able to tolerate the absence of shadhika….
      Shakti spoke to three fans dear he was asking if u want me to date you wats the catchy line you would say so I would get impressed and say yes to date with you… girl called neha said some catchy phrase and he said it’s good and said so ur neha part 2 and was asking to type her number to speak with her but she did not type so he said we ll go to choose next caller

  100. Manisha

    We seriously lost a beautiful love story. According to my view the ending was seriously stupid they just wanted to finish the show for that they done something and somehow finished a lovable show. Don’t know how many feel the same.

    Coming to the story ya till date in many episodes we had illogical scenes and unanswered questions Like:

    1. Who gave Ishani Necklace during her Reception?
    2. Where did parul go with Krish?
    3. Finally Disha and Manas went to US or not?Did they get Krish from parul or not?
    4. According to finally episode did Amba accepted Ishani with whole heart or not?
    5. What clearly happened to Ishani’s family? Why they didn’t search for her at any time?

    Fine we had these kind of logical questions but only one things always rocked the show. That didn’t need any logic it just needed a magic called “Love” that means our “Ishveer”.
    Don’t know how many were happy with Ishveer consummation but I was not okay with Ishveer’s consummation or even I am not happy with their ending too. Just because of TRP they are ending the show which could run for 3 to 4 years.

    But let them change to “Kasam” the new show but we loyal fans of MATSH should not forget our Ishveer please try all the possible ways guys and try to get back Ishveer through MATSH season 2.
    Try in Ekta madam Facebook page or Sourav Balaji kapoor facebook page or other social media and make them realize that fans need Ishveer back.

    Prove Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms that “WE ARE LOYAL FANS OF ISHVEER”

  101. K.Praveena

    Keerthi. R u here. Just now i saw ur comment. What happened dr? Every matsh fans now we r suffered a lot na. Keerthi take care of urself.

    • Keerthi

      Wat to do praveena I don’t know wat to say I am not able to concentrate my mind and heart are revolving around shadhika… is becoming bad from yesterday night I couldn’t control myself dear lying in bed and typing with comments moderation taking tym I am fed up…I couldn’t sit to write ff also I updated what I wrote yesterday

  102. priya

    M feeling v bad… agar ranveer & ishani ek sath hote.. thode bahot romantic scene dikhate to abhi tak serial chalti thi… ache serial chal rahi thi. kaha se kaha leke gaye …. will miss u ranveer n ishani

  103. chinki

    i miss u so mch ishveer…my fav love birds u alws livs in our hurts…plzz cme bak wth anothr romantic lov story…
    i looovee u so mchhh….

  104. Keerthi dr u saw shakti talk to fans in fameapp videona,pls tell me dr what he told,is it dr shakti look dullna?now i saw some shadhika offscreen videos and last date shooting dr. Really i cant control my tears,pls dr taje care of ur health

  105. sana

    Gud mrng frnds.r u all ok drs? Sathya, Vyshu, arham, keerthi, Ranaji, Shazna, dhruva, zia, azia, jasa, suga, raji, hema, manisha , nibir, mariya, vaidu, meera, divanshi, zainuand all my other ishveerians.

    • Zia

      gud morning Sana.
      ethrayum naal Monday aakaan kaathirunnu.MATSH kaanaan kaathirunnu.ennal eni a kathiruppinu oru arthavumilla.
      I’m very sad.???
      I miss Ishveer a lot.

      • sana

        Same zia dr.Njanum agane ayirunnu.njan Ithrayum adhikam ishtapetta oru serialum illa.ente heart aanenn njan parayum.ente exam polum njan care cheyyunnilla.njan 10 ilanh.Enik padikkan oru sugavum thonnunnilla.

  106. sana

    Gud mrng frnds? R u ok drs? Sathya, Vyshu, arham, keerthi, praveena, Ranaji, Shazna, dhruva, zia, jasa, azia, mariya, suga, nibir, raji, vaidu, hema, manisha and all my other ishveerians.

  107. IshuRV

    ” thanimai thavikiren unnaal aannenei” guys what’s the meaning of this line . I don’t know this language

  108. Sana gud mrng ,ya i am ok dr,but still now i cant accept matsh was end..every sat and sunday there is no matshna,so there is no differents i fl,but tmrw at 10pm what can i do i dnt know dr,really my heart fl so pain

  109. Hi gd mrng to all..yest shadhika came in my dream,when god realize our true love and bring back oir shadhika in new show,frnds now fine na,i know all frnds here are not fine including myself,pls take care of ur health drs

    • Keerthi

      Ok sathya dr going to doctors place today fever not reduced and severe stomach pains hope I will be normal by evening

  110. Azia

    Swara if u did not like the show plz get out from here……plz don’t comment any more…pagal ladki…..ham ishveer ka fans ho…tum nahi to ok..lakin aise bathom
    nahin kaho…..?

  111. Zia

    tum sabko yaad hai previous valentines day episodes ?kithni funny air romantic thing??????.
    but is baar,kuch nahi hai.
    guys just think that Shadika reading our comments.kitni kush hogi hamaari Shadika/Ishveer.

  112. Guys ….. i am not fine ……

    continously 48 hours iam crying….,

    My eyes are paining…., nd swelling…..

    still i am crying ….

    I cant control myself …..

    ystr i didnt break fast , no sleeping ….. only crying …..

    shadika only revolving in my mind …..,

    How can i live ? ??

    i am feeling inside like a hell

    • Keerthi

      Life is very much like hell now for me dear feeling very lonely health is bad but I cannot control myself now going to doctors place….evening will be going to church to pray I feel atleast Jesus will answer my prayers

    • Pallavi divine meant somany words,mainly it means god..but in shadika interview it means pleasing or delightfull chemistry..and mood swing frquent means “mood change often”.that means shakti get angry or tensed frequently..,u got it na pallavi.,and u r just 6th std and having mobile baby,oh it ls great.In my 6th std i dnt know abt mobile..i got my first mobile during my 11th brother and me used that mobile,in my college first yr only i got seperate u r all luckyna

  113. raji

    Ya sathya i am here …i canteven close my eyes ….i cant slept well …eyes r get pain dr…..& keerthi pls take care of u r health ….&sathya do u know about rhe shakthi’s video chat …pls sqy about it.

  114. Raji dr pls take care of ur health dr,i dnt know abt shakti live chat,iam also search about it on fb and twitter but no one cant post anything dr..i dnt know when ll tis page get expired so we hv to keep in touch through ff dr,all frnds pls dnt go away

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        Thanks sana dr . I want to writer my ff but this website does not provide me to writer. Why is this happing yaar. I don’t no.
        The website says that we are temporarily not accepting any new submission.
        We will resume accepting articles from Wednesday( 24 February 2016) morning.
        Please any one know that this is only happing with me or also with other people.

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        I am trying to writer ff but it is not provided by website. I am very angery yaar . what can I do.

  115. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes sathya I am also see dream of ishveer in nightly like they both live happy life with each other. They both understand each other & live happyly.
    This all I want in matsh but they come true in my dreams. Ohh but I am happy to see this nice moments of ishveer.
    & I strongly hope that they come in matsh 2. Please yaar take care of your self please.

  116. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys pls read my ff epi and comment yaar and be happy and I am crying still now becoz it is not happy ending

  117. Keerthi

    Sathya , vyshu , raji
    I am fine dear doctor put me injection and I am better now but still stomach pains there so doctor has given me tablets hope i ll become well soon… He said not to stress and eat on time and sleep well…..let me see if I can sleep properly ?
    The link for shakthi’s fameapp chat u can find it here scroll down dear and u can find it
    It has four parts

    • Zia

      state syllabus.
      sana,nammude MATSH enthayaalum theernnu.nammukku onnum cheyyan kazhijilla.
      so ,concentrate in ur exam.
      study well.

  118. raji

    Sathya keerthi do u know about twitter trending …i am in restlesss…. i dont know what to do ..
    ..only think i watch it on polimer tv ..dr..still i cant believe our showw was end…shadhika pls come back we mish so much …badly…

    • Keerthi

      Yeah dear Iam lying in bed only wat to do my happiness totally gone without seeing ishveer on screen together. Tommo will definitely go to beach and ask my requests to God hope he will answer me

    • sana

      Pallavi dr delightful means great pleasure/happiness/charm and if u want to share the link just copy the link to the comment box.

  119. what is these heart pain ???

    i cant control my self ….

    i didnt take food aslo ….

    my mom nd dad scold me …. i didnt give answr them ….

    Only lying in bed crying …

    what happening to me ??

    iam so weak ….,

    I dont know never felt like these….

    Shakthi aora nd Radhika madan….

    come back fast …..

  120. I am a girl pallavi..still now u cant understand what u r asking.which link pallavi.,delightfull means pleasent appearece u know..It means good to see.,and frequent means happaning offen dr..that means happened regularly

  121. Vyshu dr iam also hv that same feelings..i fl loneliness without shadika,i often visit ishveer fb for good new..when it ll come..buts shakti told immediately they r not paired together,what happen next when shadika cast in new show iam really worried abt that dr

  122. raji

    Sathya,keerthi my fb account is bloged … i dont know….but i try to send mge …dr ..sathya dr pls share it to u r fb page dr …dear rai nayak,ektamam ppls understand the fans emotions ….lots of fans suffered by matsh end….not only north indian people but also south indian people …..pls understand the fans feeling ….they r full of young sters …matsh teach us what is love ….&how to save our love ……ektamam pls pls ….our matah tag line is…”one’s life is enough for for our whole life ….that’s like fan’s unity ,support is enough for bring back our shadhika with matah season 2 “….pls mam we need them badly ….pls we beg u mam …pls give matsh season 2 …
    Its a kind request of all shadhika fans ………

    Sathya pls share this mge to ektamam…rajnayak …..i write it with my teary eyes…….pls pls pls dr …

  123. raji

    Sathya dr dont upset …dr he said they may comeup with fans missing…..after couple of years,or 1 year or half year …. .we r all misssing them ….we directly ask shadhika come back soon on their fb, twitter pages ..
    Dont worry dr…..but both of them want to work with each other ….definitely happen dr ….

  124. Zia

    many south Indian luvs this show very much.I knw more than 20 peoples who loves MATSH a lot.most of them don’t know hw to comment/they have no net.
    MATSH is a superb show.that’s y people luv this show.
    yeh Sab colors or ekta samajnahi sakthi.
    they gave no value for fans.only trp.

  125. sana

    Yes zia njan athin try cheyyunnund.matsh malayalathilekh dub cheythirunnenkil njan happy aakum.Enik urappa Ellavarkkum ishtaavum.

    • Zia

      sana,agane aurikkalum parayaruthu.malayalathil vannaal aur athine dub cheythu vrittikedaakkum.MATSHnu munp ente fav serial SARASWATICHANDRA aayirunnu.malayalathil dub cheythu athine kulamaaki.
      athu pole thanne,madhubala,ISPKKND1,2,SSK,Bani,ek haseena thi,rangrasiya,athupole entra serialukalaanu kulamaakkiyathu.
      ente eka praarthana MATSH malayalathil vararutu ennaanu.

      • Zia

        sana i can understand.but i dont like their dubbing and also they will change characters name.i cant bear it

    • sana

      Enikariyam zia pakshe enik atleast kanukayenkilum cheyyaalo adhyam mudhal.Enik dubbing voice ishtalla and characterinte name change cheyyunnadhum ishtalla.but tamizhil Enik dubbing voice ishtaayi.Avar Ranvi de name mathrame kolakkiyollu.tamizhil ishveerinte names Ravi and shalini enna.
      Ninte first exam edha?

  126. take care guys take care ur health …..

    Any news about MATSH 2 …. pls i want starplus or
    zeetv …. Guys….

    If colorstv telecast …. Again ishveer smooch scenes Romantic scenes they cutted

    why particularly cutted ishveer only ???

    Think that ?

    if they want to decrease the
    time ???

    They cut nirbhay scenes or naina .. cutted ???

    why they particularly cutted .. ishveer scenes only ???

    Think that think that ????…

  127. Azia

    Oh my god Zia what r u advising to sana…..amazing….padichu vallathum aayo????? Sulekha vilichu allaaaa….avaluda amma cheetha vilichuuuu….ah.ok there is no waiting 4matsh.
    Only 4march9-? ?

  128. Guys … stopped crying ….

    i aslo stopped crying guys ….

    My eyes are paining, nd eyes are in red …. so in so weak ….
    Now iam taking food yar …

    And pls we have to MATSH 2 yar….

    in starplus or zeetv …. Ok guys…. !!!

  129. Guys … stopped crying ….

    i aslo stopped crying guys ….

    My eyes are paining, nd eyes are in red …. iam in so weak ….
    Now iam taking food yar …

    And pls we have to fight for MATSH 2 yar….

    in starplus or zeetv …. Ok guys…. !!!

  130. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Please vyshu dear take care of your self.
    Please dr have some food & proper rest.
    and all ishveer lover please care please .

  131. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Please guys any one tell me about ff.
    I can’t write my ff because they don’t provide to write on his website . I am trying from my mobile & Lao also but it was not done. I am very angry on that web.
    Please guys tell me if any one know please

  132. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    I am still trying in my mobile & laptop but not done. Why this is happing guys please any one know please give me Answer


    Hii guys sorry from morning I was in hospital……due to an funny reason…….I get my thumb of leg fractured…..

  134. Zia

    in colors golden petals,best serial aur best jodi nomination meim hamari MATSH aur IshVeer nahi hai.hate colors.
    hw cruel they are?
    I’m happy becoz best actor aur actress meim Shadika hai?.
    thank u colors 4 ur kindness!

  135. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Let us gear up we are here and connected with ff and we should be with close contact so let us start page for ishveer fans if anyone agree with me??pls tell me

  136. Keerthi

    Sorry dears vyshu raji praveena mariya sathya
    I am feeling very depressed not able to forget them this pain is killing me … hubby is asking y I am so dull wat ll I say I am missing my shadhika….only we are missing them no dear they don’t even think about each other how are they not even concerned now for each other
    I am thinking when I left my college final year I cried so much and we frnds had reunion party every month we used to go to our college every year and attend the reunion party…. We were all friends but we couldn’t bear the pain of seperation how come they both are taking it so easy for nearly two years they have been together
    Fighting laughing having fun on sets caring for each other how are they happy now without seeing each other
    Their Ishveer relationship is purely magical and they don’t feel anything
    And this is one Jodi who married four tyms in two years which not every onscreen Jodi does….
    Wat did God plan for them I don’t know but I remember one tongue twister from Telugu movie gamyam it is “premani preminchina prema premakai preminchina premani premistundhi ” i mean in Tamil it is ” kadhalai kadhalitha kadhal kadhalaagi kadhalitha kadhalai kadhalikkume
    So hopefully something is going to happen but will God make them realize the pain of seperation

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Keerthi dear don’t feel depressed . & hope for they come in Matsh 2 .
      But i am also think that ishveer are not miss each other. Why is this happing to us yaar

  137. Manisha

    Hi everyone how are you ?missing our matsh badly.we will definitely fight for matsh 2 and they have to give matsh 2.

  138. Keerthi

    My Ishveer fans I may not be able to upload the ff dears till Wednesday because they are not accepting article so I can only submit after Wednesday sorry dears ?

  139. Ya keerthi dr i agree wid u..sure shadika miss each other,dr u saw shadika interviews both r fighting each other always,and i saw best behind the scenes videos oof what an chemistry they hv,both are best buddies dr,eventhough they are busy in any other works really both r missing each other

    • Keerthi

      Even if they miss each other they cannot say it out no dear ????????? y God giving this much pain I don’t know ???????


      Ya but got a bandage so I can’t walk…….just laughing on my situation…….

  140. Manisha

    Matsh end was not proper so feel that they should still show us some episode.really I am not satisfied with the end.i like Shakti and Radhika very much so wanted to see some good moments between Shadhika but they ended the show.why it always happened with good serials I don understand.many bad serials are still going on.we can’t tolerate them even 10 mins but still running and our ishveer who won the million hearts but they did not get justice.they both are very good actors and amazing chemistry between them.pls cvs give us our ishveer back.

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      I agree with you sathya dear But I don’t have an account on fb. & there is lot’s of ishveer fanpage on fb so we are creating new one.


    Hey guys I was just watching YHA and I didn’t see shakti……he was in today’s episode or next ???? Or just an host ????? Do anybody know then pls tell …….

  142. Swara what is ur prblm i knw u r so happy but don’t say any world about my ishveer u knw na wo meri life hai and mujhe fever hai and mil mujhe college mein phir bataungi and emjoy ur swaragini idiot

  143. Dr all i dnt hv any idea to open fan pagn.but ranaji told create ishveer tellyupdates,how can it created..and also somany of them dnt hv fb account so we hv to try any other idea instead of fb.anyone have an idea frnds

  144. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    Shakti Arora ‘s popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is going to end shortly, and fans are eager to know about his next project. Well, here comes the good news for all Shakti fans, as the actor will be seen hosting a show, Man Mein Hai Visshwas. The show which was aired on Sony TV, was previously hosted by Nitish Bharadwaj.
    We exclusively reported about the show roping in actors, Anirudh Dave, Supriya Kumari and Vindhya Tiwary set to be a part of the first episode of the show.
    And there was a lot of buzz surrounding actor, Mohit Raina to be the host of this season where he confirmed that he was approached for the show.
    Shakti was quoted by a leading daily as saying, “They must have chosen me as the host keeping the youth in mind. It’s a challenge to draw the youngsters to such concepts as they mostly believe in universe, energies and the secret. The idea is to make the show resonate with them by using simple and uncomplicated language.”
    On his religious beliefs, Shakti was quoted by the leading daily as saying, “Though I am a Hindu, my family and I believe in Jesus Christ. I was introduced to him by my sister around a decade ago.”
    The new season of the show will feature real life stories of people, who have succeeded in life, based on self belief, faith and goodness within them.

  145. raji

    Sathya dr why ff page isnot accept dr ….
    I have an idea dr ..why we open urave uyire ff page dr ….pls reply me ….

  146. Zia

    ⛅gud morning friends.
    from today there is no MATSH.
    but don’t worry,every thing will be fine .we can pray for MATSH 2 .
    let’s hope 4 MATSH 2.I’m sure it will happen. our MATSH will come back and beat all trps.

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Good morning Zia,sathya, sana, vyshu, keerthi, arham, raji, praveena,IshuRv, dhurva, manisha , priyaa dears. Sure matsh 2 come again . we fight for it.
      Love you ishveer

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        And please guys take care of your self. We all fight for matsh 2 so please be stronge & take proper food & rest.

      • Keerthi

        Mariya just now seeing all comments dear….feeling very lonely and depressed even though I am surrounded by my family absence of shadhika is killing me??????????

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        Ya keerthi dear I am feeling same . but please dear take care of your self please because life is very precious it comes only one time & goes only one time. I see ishveer’ s last episode on you tube it is very nice & some VM of ishveer is available in on it. So please don’t feel lonely dear . you see previous episode of ishveer on you tube they are very nice .please dear take care

  147. Priyaa

    Hi guys, As you all planned to create a page for matsh. In fb page, there is a option as create a page in top right corner. click that option and do follow the instructions. I’m a big fan of shadhika and ishveer. Feeling bad for abrupt ending

  148. raji

    Sathya dr pls open na bole tum na kuch kaha …telly updates…there feb 21 2016 ..hv the ff dr after 3years …so we have to open the new fan page dr …bu t who open it …

  149. raji

    Sathya,keerthi where r u guys …why dont u reply me ?????just now i saw shakthis fb …lots people want them back…. shakthi already said ….whenever people going to miss them…we come back ….. fans already miss them within 2days .

    So i hope shadhika come back soon dr ….what u say ???????

  150. I’ll miss ishveer and shadika. And their cute moments. Miss you matsh & shadika. I felt like crying. By the way Colors is giving more importance to swaragini than matsh as from today swaragini is going to be tele casted for 1 hour in the place of matsh. I hate this serial swaragini they are making a joke of true love . Hate it. Hope their will be a season 2 of matsh . But not in colors in a new chanel. If you guys creat a new page for matsh than please share The link.

  151. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Mariya dr if u don’t have any prblm pls try to update ur ff in ur episode’s commenting area.l know it is not fair.but I feel loneliness.l just want to read a ff.ria updated her ff in commenting area.all ff writers just try that.can’t wait till Wednesday.

  152. Keerthi

    All ishveer fans dears I will upload the ff for 100% love ( MATSH) Episode 7 here
    Episode 7
    Ranveer and Rishi enter into the room where Ishaani and Nethra are there. The dance teacher plays a song and Ishaani starts dancing while Ranveer admires her thinking I don’t know why I am so much happy when I see you but there is something which I could not understand…
    Ishaani dances gracefully and watches Ranveer wondering what is going on in Ranveer’s mind….I am happy when Ranveer is near me he will be my best friend..
    As soon as Ishaani finishes dancing , the teacher starts to teach Nethra dancing and she learns it very patiently …
    Rishi and ranveer leave to their room to study..they both start to study but Ranveer is not able to concentrate on and his mind revolves around ishaani, he thinks what is happening to me why am I always thinking about ishaani I have to concentrate on my studies also…
    The dance class gets over and nethra comes to take leave from rishi and ishaani’s parents while ranveer takes something out from his bag and runs to see ishaani…. Ishaani was removing her anklets just as Ranveer enters and comes near ishaani
    Ishaani on seeing Ranveer smiles at him and asks what happened Ranveer u have not started home still , Ranveer says ishaani I wanted to give you this so I came to see you
    Ishaani asks what’s that u wanted to give me Ranveer
    Ranveer gives a maa gowri pendant and says mom always says that the wearer of this is protected from all evil by maa gowri. So I got it for u ishaani wear this along with your chain ….ishaani’s eyes are filled with tears and she says Ranveer when you are near me no evil can come to me.. But Ranveer says for my happiness please wear it ishaani, ishaani smiles back and says If you are happy seeing me wearing this then I will definitely wear it Ranveer .
    She gets the pendant from Ranveer and both of them come down to the hall where nethra was waiting. Ranveer and nethra leave to home in ishaani’s car.
    Ishaani calls maa and papa and says Ranveer gifted me this pendant and shows maa gowri pendant, sirisha gets happy on seeing the pendant and says give it to me I will keep in pooja room and then u wear it in the chain.
    When sirisha keeps the pendant in pooja thaal and prays to God flower falls from lord shiva statue..
    Sirisha on seeing this feels that something divine is there between Ranveer and Ishaani and thinks if Ranveer becomes my son in law in future I wiould be the happiest as he would be protecting my daughter like we take care of her.. Harsha nanda comes inside the pooja room and asks what happened while sirisha says I feel something divine between Ishaani and Ranveer,Do you feel something while harsha says yes after this incident I surely feel there is something but we have to wait till they grow up. If they both like each other I will be happy for them both.
    Harsha and sirisha leave the pooja room and puts the pendant in ishaani’s chain and blesses her.
    One year leap takes on
    Ishaani and nethra pass the exams with distinction and move to 6th standard while Ranveer and rishi move on to 8th standard scoring the highest percentage..
    School is about to be reopened in another ten days while sirisha gets a call from her mother in rajamundhry(Andhra pradesh) asking them to come to visit as there is a festival going on , sirisha says yes and comes to Ishaani and rishi and asks them to come with her for the festival …while Ishaani asks can we take Ranveer’s family also it will be fun for us all. Harsha comes and says ok then let me ask ranveer’s parents about it and he calls kailash and asks about , kailash first hesitates and says I cannot take so much days leave, Sirisha takes the phone and says please bhayya send gauri and children at least for which kailash agrees…
    Sirisha says that we ll start tomorrow evening by train I will send car to pickup Gauri and children and places the receiver down and comes to Ishaani and Rishi and says so both of your friends are coming so let’s get ready we have to do packing of the suitcase come lets do it
    Ishaani’s family and Ranveer’s family gets into the train.. They board into the 3ac compartment and sit in their respective seats…
    Ranveer gets into the upper berth to sleep while Ishaani is also in the upper berth sleeping he watches Ishaani and keeps on admiring her and feels Ishaani u should always be happy I will not allow anyone to destroy your happiness

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Thank u so much keerthi u.u ff writers giving me some happiness.and ur today’s epsd was ishani’s parents don’t have any prblm as Ranvi as their son in law.they love it.


      Thanks a lot keerthi dear I was waiting for this only………and yaa love the scene when Ranveer was confused that what’s happen to him….

      • Keerthi

        Yeah I wanted to include all the elements which I wanted to happen in the show dear…hope u all like it ?

    • K arham dr we hv try to open fan page on tellyupdates,,now r u fine na,pls dnt take anything as serious all is well dr,so take too much stress in life..Iam also very stressed due to matsh end but now i hv a hope soom shadika play lead cast in another show untill wr hv to see u2 na dr..but whenever i saw shadika scenes my eyes get teared automatically..i think tis page is not permanent dr so we hv to do somethimg before

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Hai arham dr.we all r also very depressed dr.atleast the ffs gives me a relief.

    • Keerthi

      Arham I am fine dear I have the hope that they will come soon together in MATSH 2 or some other serial so I am not going to be depressed anymore prayer definitely changes everything

    • Ya sathya dr..i am abt u dr..i also miss u yaar..ystrdy enaku onnu aavla..i am simply upset dr..and sathya dr..i hav no fb accnt dr..plzz we r commnt this pages only dr..don’t opn fb dr..if i am opened the fb..then my mom scolding me ..tat’s y dr

  153. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    If you want brief of my ff epi pls tell me I will post and I have sent mail already but they will post on Wednesday only yaar so if you want now i post it briefly so no need to wait yaar pls do comment

  154. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Yes Ranaji all ff writers have the same prblm.that’s why keerthi dr and ria updated in commenting area.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh sorry so u have already sended it.ok Ranaji so if u want to give it briefly pls prblm.

  155. raji

    Keerthi , sathya very happy to see u …bez from morning there is no command from u ..i am in tension….what about fan page dr….

  156. raji

    Keerthi , sathya ff page will open on wednesday on wards …ranaji comand like this ….its true dr ….?????

  157. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    OK sana I give my ff ishveer (love like never before)-episode-6
    Recap: rv say thanks to principal.
    The episode start with ishani say thanks to rv he look at her smiling & say welcome. Ishani ,riya , & shikhar leave for their lectures then suddenly ishani’s anklet ( payal of her one leg) get down on floor but she didn’t notice & leave for lectures. But meantime rv watched & get that anklet (but he does not give to her ) & say me iis ko hamesha apny pass he rakhonga. & the anklet put in his pocket & leave.
    The next day all 4 ishani ,rv , shikhar & riya go for movie . ishani & rv seat together & riya & shikhar seat together. There is emotional scene in movie so ishani is crying . rv watching her & ask why you are crying? She say you don’t have feelings in your heart . you watched na emotional scenes my heart is feeling very bad for them ( guys ishani is saying about movie characters). Then he says that I am having feelings in my heart .but this is only a movie this is reel life not a real life. Then she say it is happing in real also. She is crying then rv holds her hand & wipe her tears & say OK my little girl. Come we will go for dinner.
    They all are arrive in 5 *start hotel.
    Ishani & riya looking on hotel & said woww nice hotel rv. He smile ( he answering her but meantime ) shikhar says Hmm this is my bhai’s position he is very rich man. Rv say shikhar don’t praised me I am a common man like every one in this world.
    Precap: *Rv propose ishani*
    Sorry friends for short update . because I am feeling not well .
    Tomorrow I will update next episode.


    Sorry guys in my area there was network problem…… from morning so I can’t comment…….but now I can….


      Ya dear its nice and nowadays my cell is not with me I can hardly get it for only sometimes as I’ve my exams near……my mom take it sometime I silently take it and comment……… that’s why I couldn’t comment ……and how are you ???? You’ were also not well na dear…how are you ???

  159. K arham dr we hv try to open fan page on tellyupdates,,now r u fine na,pls dnt take anything as serious all is well dr,so take too much stress in life..Iam also very stressed due to matsh end but now i hv a hope soom shadika play lead cast in another show untill wr hv to see u2 na dr..but whenever i saw shadika scenes my eyes get teared automatically..i think tis page is not permanent dr so we hv to do somethimg beforeYour comment is

  160. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Epi-39 meri aashiqui tum se hi(ishveer forever) season-2…I will update small Ishaani and ranveer have a fight ranveer tries clarify it but brake does not work it meets with accident Ishaani was unconscious ranveer calls her name but lorry comes on other side it hits before that ranveer kisses Ishaani it hits car Bursts and they die. Note;This all happened in feb-14 1983 near a church

    22yrs leap

    Vivian dsena(Bittu) Is a big business man in the India his company turnover was 100 crores a month he gets an award for his success he comes in car and remembers about his parents and cries he sees their pic and talk to them.

    In the flight Ranveer like person comes near Vivian dsena and sits near he sees him and gets amused he starts talking with him he asks what is your name?he tells ranveer .which college are you studying?St….. He talks but he tells let me hear this song. Vivian dsena takes a photo touching his cheeks he jerks and shouts what is he doing?

    He tells sorry and they comes to Mumbai but he runs aways. Vivian dsena comes to house and remembers his parents and sees ranveer and talks to his dog suddenly he thinks if my father is born then my mother also should be born he searches her in all functions,temple,marriage etc,..but he does not find her

    He comes near the church where her parents died and he sees Ishaani with her friend in scooty he gets amused and starts following her

    He comes to mall and starts searching books and sees his mom he gets happy that my mom is also here

    Precap:Ishaani comes to Vivian dsena and asks him had we seen before he tells no. And he thinks you are my mom he cries inside

    Guys I forgot some words pls check the epi which is gonna post on Wednesday but here I have written almost everything

  161. Sana dr yesterday u saw urave uyirena in than ranvi search for ishani in jail,jailer told to ranvi that ishani love chirag for him she went to jail,and also she ask ranvi if he love anybody,wow that scene shakti acting was amazingna,he spoke in his eyesna..i know u r great fan for shaktina a days if i saw ranvi i remember u dr,and if i saw ritika and shikar i remember arham,raji,vyshu,keerthi and me are all shadika’s dieheart fan we want them im real life too dr

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes dr yesterday I am cried seeing heart pained a a days urave uyire was so emotional.Ranvi is always in pain and tears.

  162. Mariya vyshu pls tell me the meaning of tis drs in breif#””kkk shut ur mouth radhika has a pure feminine soul she is much much better thanur dirty and charecterless neha shakti ko peechlay 5 saal se apnay kaboo me ker rakha shakti se pehlay do or logon k sath is dyan ka naam aa chuka ha pehlay kunal or rajat or us k baad shakti ko phans lia wo to is ka career khatam hogya werna pta nhi or kitnay logon k sath is ka chalta rehta but radhika ka sub k sath aik jesa behaviour ha ab chahay wo shakti ho arjun ho ya ravjeet ya mohit sb k sath aik si ha or sb ki friend ha ager wo tumary dirty neha ki tarah tez hoti to shakti ko ya kisi or ko na apnay jaal me phans chuki hoti radhika is nice and pure hearted girl and feminine she is caring and loving””,,,,Pls anyone tell me

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Sathya dear it is so funny . literary I am laughing on it. The way any one told in Hindi is very very nice yaar & I think it is very true that neha is not good girl but radhika is very nice.

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Sathya dear I am just try to get converte into English. I am post this translations in lower section comments . but in Hindi it is very nice superb yaar.

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      But sathya dear from where you get this article? And who is told about neha in such a drastic way

  163. raji

    No sathya i have no angry with u …just tension we already miss our shadhika…&also miss u &keerthi ….so i command like this ….now i am cool dr….

    • keerthi

      raji u fine no dear …..i prayed lord shiva and tossed my lucky coin for shadhika with tails my choice and got tails dear so i hope some miracle is going to happen in shadhika life dear

  164. Raji we hv try to create ff page in tellyupdates dr..untill we r all posting comments here dr..many frnds not having fb account so better we try to create in tellyupdates..ranaji told abt regular fanfiction page dr not tis dr..and sorry for late reply dr


    Ohooooo narendra this ff I loved it dear……..pls no entry of any another child just ishveer ……in dono ke beech mai. kisi tisre ko mat dalna……

  166. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have created a fan page for ishveer. The name is ishveer fans tellyupdates pls check and give like and if any changes to be done pls tell me yaar????????


    Hey guys I’m just watching MATSH on rshtey channel there is just rithika drama had been started guysss…….I’m happy I could see at least that one……today its sangeet of Ishani and shikhar…..and tomorrow its ishveer hot romance in rain….!!!!!

  168. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I forgot the time is10.20 pls note that also don’t forget it becoz it is more imp

  169. Zia

    hello friends,
    from 9th march to 23rd march I have my 10th std board exam.
    pls pray 4 me.
    if I get a chance to use net sure I will come.
    I miss everyone.I miss my MATSH fans.???

  170. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys pls give like to Facebook ishveer fans tellyupdates page yaar for all I created but no one responding me there will be ishveer pic int that pls yaar like it

  171. raji

    Ok sathya dr ..i dont know thhe proper id of ektamam…but in shakthi’s fb lots of people directly pls come with radhika mamsir with season 2…..&keerthi i pray god for our matsh 2 ..dear hope it will happen soon …&shadhika in real life …..also dr

  172. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    My comments r in still awaiting moderation.I am just irritated.why this was happening?


    Love you ishveer…..miss you shadhika……and hate you ekta and colors……


    Guys…..I want to sing a song but have to write it…..
    I lay awake at night…….see things in black and white
    I only get you inside my mind….and you know you had made me blind…….
    Oh my pretty pretty shadhika I love you…..I cry…..never ever love no one before you pretty pretty show of mine pls tell me that you’ll be back soon……..
    I used to write your name……..and put it in a frame……
    And sometimes I think l hear you call …….right from my bedroom side…..
    Oh my pretty pretty show I love you….I cry……never ever love no one before you…….
    Pretty pretty show of mine pls tell me that you’ll be back soon………


  175. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Sathya dearThe meaning of this is ( some one bad saying about neha ) some one say that “OK shut your mouth, radhika has pure feminine ( meaning especially delicacy & prettiness) soul of much much better .
    Dirty characterless neha , has been trapping shakti from 5 years.(she is holding or doing some magic on shakti since 5 years) before shakti she ( vampire or doyen neha) is liking 2 other boys. First is kunal & second is rajat. Then she is trapped shakti in her love. But the good thing was her career is over now. If her career is not over then she is ( likinh or doing love) with so many boys. But radhika is not like that she is behaving with each other in same manner . like shakti or arjun or ravjeet or mohit she is behaving friendship manner with each other. And she is best friend of this peoples. And if radhika is dirty & broad minded or ( catch some one easily) then she hold or catch or ( do some magic) on shakti & other boys also. But radhika is very nice & pure heart girl & prettiness she is caring & loving.


    Guys I’m sad now……everyone of my friends are calling me and asking me….what are you doing…??? And taunts me that MATSH to khatam ho gaya ab kya karegi bechari……buy its right…..I’m……feeling helpless……


    Does any boy have the same feeling….????? I’m now understanding the empty place in my heart is 90% where MATSH AND ISHVEER AND SHADHIKA IS…..but now ????

  178. sathya …. dr pls help me ……. pls dr…..

    in ishveer fb they are posting MATSH starting … 1st . episode …. pls u dwnload that video u uploaded …… in u tube dr …. every episode ……,

    Why iam saying means that fb video is not sound problem dr …..,

    I dont want to miss ishveer dialogues ….. so its a humble request …. sathya ….., dr …..,

    no fb account dr ….. so iam asking …. u ,


    I’m crying now……I’m always a slow learner same situation I learned now that whats the feeling…Sat and Sun are common but today……..

  180. Zia

    guys,I can’t bear this?.No MATSH.
    days without our MATSH start from today.
    matsh2 ka intezaar kab katam hogi??I’m missing ishveer a lot.

  181. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Please guys read my ff I am send it above comments . tomorrow rv propose ishani.
    & after then a big suspense is happing.

  182. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    sorry yarrrrr arham . actually I was little bit busy in doing my camp’s preparations . it will be of 3 days on 26th, 27th and 28th Feb . in that scout/guide camp we have many competitions like cooking, dance, patriotic singing, skillorama, March passed, making gadgets and many more and we have just 3days . and the biggest problem is I really don’t know how to cook food . I even don’t know how to cook rice. band bajagayi hain . we have special grade for this camp . and ya all the best Zia . missing ishveer

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Thank u so much arham dr.u always remembering me about the seriousness of my exam.I can’t concentrate but I am trying.pls pray for me exams starts from march is so near.

  183. Hi frnds gd net pack over so i ll catch u soon frnds..and mariya dr thanku so much dr.i saw that conversation in real and reel pair polls zone dr,and vyshu dr ya sure i hv to try to download every episode dr..arham,raji,keerthi sana pls dnt loose ur hope drs we brimgback our Shadika soon,and ranaji sorry yaar i srarch it but i couldn’t find it ,i visit the page soon..

  184. Azia

    Good morning to all……special gud mrng to Zia and sana…..angana aayirunnu ennalatha10pm to10.30pm???? I really miss ishveer and shadika…? eni annum miss chayanamallo? saramilla..njan oruvitham porughapattu….bcz I have lost to study…kkk have a nice day to all……?

  185. Azia

    Gud mrng to all…special gud mrng to Zia snd sana…ennala 10 pm to 10.30pm anthu chayithuuu??? I really miss ishveer and shadika? sarammilla njan athukka aayittu oruvitham poruthapattu…..? bcz I have to study a lot…..any way have a nice day to all… dr frnds…..?

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Spl Gud morning to u too dr.Innale oru sugavum undaayirunnilla.pakshe njan urave uyire Kandu.ath ulladh kond kurach samadhanamund.

  186. Keerthi

    Good morning dear friends ….raji, vyshu,praveena,shazna,sana,arham,mariya,rookie rookers,dhruva,ishurv,ranaji,zia
    Hope everyone is fine dears

  187. Saranya

    Omg 547 comments. I think dis s first highest comments in telly updates. MATSH rocks always. But its hurting. Yesterday I started to crying because in night I am always waited to read MATSH comments. But yesterday I couldn’t its painful moment for me I hate colors from core from my heart

  188. Keerthi

    Sathya dear where are you dear sorry could not reply to u yesterday very much upset I am I think mariya translated the meaning in English about neha did u read it….our Radz is the best jodi for our Ranveer thats y God destined Radz to play Ishaani in MATSH….

  189. raji

    Keerthi dr sathya ‘s net pack is over pls see the previous comment …she ‘llcome back soon dr ….after mariya commands i hope shakthi relised neha dr….what u say dr ????

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes arham I started to concentrate.I am in study leave but tmrw I am going to school because I am not studying well in home.thank u for encouraging me.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Shakthi was my most favorite.shakthi bday 16 anh enteyum.Ente autographil ellavarum rv ye Patti ezhutheetund.ath kaanumbol sandhosham thonnum.Ente orupad frnds ee serial kaanaathe Ith ishtapedunnund.

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Me too keerthi seeing their performance that song become my favorite.they both looking very gorgeous.

  190. Meera

    Hello people why isn’t anyone uploading the ffs
    Remember we all promised we will never let ishveer die within us ??

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hello meera ff will be posted from tmr onwards becoz tellyupdates have taken two days leave

  191. Azia

    All…..the…..4 ur exam Zia .actually me and Zia is in the same school and also in the same class…so I know her well…she is very lazy … sana plz advise her to concentrate on the exam….l fed up by saying this
    ……I WISH U ALL THE BEST FOR EXAM TO Everyone who writing 10th std exam……??

  192. Azia

    Zia actually I luvs u lot …..that’s y I am mazak with u.. ….I hope u understand…there is only few days 4fare well after that we’ll seprate 4ever…bcz u r taking…ha na… ??.. Padichu nammuda scholil vangiya pinna nammuke pkanukayangilum concentrate only on ur studies……?

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh ninne enik othiri ishtaayi.Ninak Ithrayum ishtaano zia ne.Nigal best friendsano zia and azia?
      And all the best for ur exam.nammal 3 perum oru boatil sancharikkunnavara.prarthikkanam pls.ente dua yil nigalum undaakum.

  193. Zia

    EDI sammathichhu me oru buji thanne.mathiyo?
    sana,ninakkariyamo ethopoloru saadanathe njan ente jeevidathil kantitilla.chummqyirunnu padichu nalla markkukal vaqngikoottuka,mattullavare upadeshikkuka ethaanu evalude main pani.???

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Nigalde comments vaayikkan nalla rasamund.Pinne njan concentrate cheyth thudagi allengil shariyaavilla.njan nale schoolil pova enn vijarikkukaya.avide Poya njan padikkum.nigalde study leave start cheytho?

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes anjali I read it upto part is the serial’s first part.when I reading that I can see the scenes in my eyes.thank u so much for remembering those epsds again.surely I will also read the remaining parts.

  194. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have decided to send one more epi so for you double treat pls enjoy both epi tmr

  195. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys if anyone have FB account pls tell me or give like to the page pms yaar then I should be created it many told me so only I created but no response??????

  196. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys my exam starts at 12march I think +1common exam pls pray for me I should pass?????? my percentage in quarterly is 78% only I did not write half yearly exam

  197. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    OK friends sorry for late update.
    The episode start with they all arrive in hotel & they settled down ( the table is fully decorated with flowers & candles) ( guys you just realized & remembere that episode ishani & rv goes in hotel with their families & ranveer gives flowers to ishani . woww that episode was awesome ) so in present ishani is wearing red dress & rv in blue coat . then rv ask ishani please come with me on stage. Ishani says why? Then he says you trust me na then come with me. She says yes . ranveer hold her hand & take her on stage. at the back side of stage a Waiter comes whith red flowers & gives that flowers to rv . ranveer take that flowers & seat on his Keen in front of her & says ***ishani I love you. First time I see you then I have love at first site with you. Will you Mary me . I have not told this special words to any girl except you. Can you become my better half.*** ( she accepts flowers) she is smiles ( actully guys her heart is overjoyed) but she says you’re very rich business man you’re handsome & intelligent . but I am not belongs to you . rv say no not thinks in that way . we are made for each other. She is thinking( actually guys she is some plan that tomorrow she will gives surprise to rv & also say that I am also love you very much).
    Ranveer reads her face & say OK you take some time then tomorrow tell me OK. then shikhar & riya come to them & shikhar says ya ishani tomorrow is my birthday party you & riya is invited so you tell your answer tomorrow OK fine na. Let’s have food . I am very hungary . all are laughing. ( actually guys ritika is also comes in that hotel for business meeting so she watched all this) & she goes cryingly to her home ( she is also likes rv ) she comes to her home & cryingly go to her room her brother chirag watched her & follow her & chirag say ritika why are you crying . ritika explains all that things happing in hotel . & crying very badly . then he says don’t worry my sister I will do anything for you. Ritika says no bhai you don’t do wrong with them. Rv loves ishani & my happiness is with rv so live them happily. ( actually guys ritika is in positive character & chirag is in negative).

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes mariya dr.that episode was really.In that day rv was very naughty.that epsd is in my that day also weared the same Saree and blue coat.oh I ammam missing that epsds dr.and ur episode was superb.waiting for next.
      R u well now? Yesterday u told that u r not well.

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        Thanks sana dear . & this is my one of the best episode . & I am fine dear but still my head is paining. & what about you health dr

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Yes mariya dr that episode was also my that episode rv was very naughty .they both weared the same Saree and blue coat.I can see in my eyes.oh I am missing that epsds dr.and ur episode was superb.waiting for next.
      R u well now? Yesterday u told that u r not well.

    • Mariya …… Suuperb ….. !!!!? …
      Ranveer proposes …. ishani …… and ishani praises ……
      Rv Morng only i saw that
      Restraunt….. Epi in u tube ….dr…

      MY favourite epi is feb – 16 th ….. and what about u dr …,

      ISHVEER scenes are every green ….

      i can imagine ….ishveer scenes keep rocking … Mariya …..

      whr is precap ???

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        Thanks vyshu dear. Woww 16 Feb na its nice dear I watched in you tube.
        But my favorite is that period when ranveer become rich its soooooo nice & the episode was that the first haldi of ishveer when the haldi applied on them & background music is awesome. I remembered that episode because first time I am cried for ishveer because their marriage is not happing with each other.
        & this restaurant episode also.

      • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

        Ohh I am forgot precap.
        *Precap* — rv go to Europe. & chirag is some planning against ishani.
        Suspense guys

  198. Azia

    Ya sana .. Zia examinta Annu vannu parayum njan onnum padichilla Annu…this was her hobby….our exam farewell will be on 26th Feb

    • Zia

      ninakku enthu venam?njan sathyamanu parayunnathu.ennaal neeyo?ella examinum munp parayum enikku onnum ariyilla,njanonnum padichilla ennokke.ennittu mark varumpol full.

    • Zia

      kshamikkunnathinnu oru parutiyundu.pinne nee arinjo,mikkavarum sulekha paranjukaanum,njanum sulekha yum badukkalaanennu?unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      njagalde fare well party 18 thinh ayirunnu.Enikum avasaana nimishama padikkan thonna.Ippo thanne kandille march 2 ina exam pakshe njan ippozha nokkunne.

  199. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    my b’day is on 14th January 2001
    how many of u r in 9th std please tell if anybody is repeater here

  200. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    my b’day is on 14th January 2001
    how many of u r in 9th std please tell if anybody is repeater here. ranaji all the best for exams and u should at least cross 85℅. OK

  201. raji

    All the very best to my update friends those who r write the board exam 10th,12th drs….&keerthi dr pls command anything …dr …

  202. raji

    Guys here ..lots of people have no fb account …so we have to open fans page on telly updates page …its possible …pls any one tell….

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      We can’t open fan page here but we shall connected with ff which we post we should be together once comment gets over we should go and comment on 1st epi of matsh and continue our comments Na pls

  203. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys naagin serial gonna end in may yaar but I feel bad of shivanya and ritvik becoz I loved the pair the most after ishveer and that show is also ending and new season will start yaar

    • sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      After ishveer.l also loved rivanya.what will we do loving pairs r leaving us.


    Wow Mariya dear thanks for this update and hope Ishani will not do sacrifice her love…..

  205. raji

    Vyshu dr sathya’s net back is over aa dr …she said in previous commands …pls see this…&&

    keerthi,praveena where r u dr ????

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Thanks sathya dear. But you read na precap . it is less good that & lotes of suspense & drama is created.

  206. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    And today’s urave uyire was so superb.what an acting u mmuuuaahh.seeing his crying my aunty’s little child began to cry with him.

  207. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys my ff epi was posted today pls check it and comment below that epi and next epi will be posted soon I have sent mail already

  208. Sana dr pls comcentrate in ur studies dr,education is more important dr,i know u fed up abt matsh end but hope they come soom dr,so pls concentrate in ur studies,all the very best dr i know u do well in ur exam,and also alla the best for zia amd azia..and u three guys are malayalathil parayinathu,all the best for u drs

  209. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh mariya why Ranvi going to London? Is it any tragedy? I am afraid chiraag.again I am saying ur episode was superb.

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Yes sana dr there is some tragedy between ishveer. I will reveal it later on.
      & rv is going to Europe for business purpese. I will mentione in ff. OK dear

  210. So many shadika fans are now tweet in twitter to request for casting shadika in one episode of yeh hai aasiqui ..So we r also req the production team of yha in various social network frnds..atleast we hv to see our shadika in one episodena.pls tell to ur frnds circle and tweet abt tis drs

    • hema

      I am fine dear actually daily i visit this site but there is no episode then what i will cmt about our fv show anyways hope for the best atleast they make season 2 For us do u all know guys colors have stopped the naagin repeats @ 9am in morning and 5:30 to 6:30pm in evening when they did this at first and retelecast matsh for one time atleast at any of these slots so it will not make our matsh to going to stop becoz these two slots are favourite slots of so many peoples after stopping this plps not able to see what happening in the show stupid colors have u guys visit the colors fb page they post Five heros pictures and ask for best actor guys do u know if there is a 40cmt for example surely there will be 18 members are saying shakthi is the winner if colors have given the award to some other so it was really cheating of the colors

  211. Payal

    I will kill myself yaar i want Matsh-season 2 as soon as possible when we will get this good news guyssss keep trending

  212. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    its time of matsh written update but there is no update

    Msg from Team: Show ended last Friday, 19th Feb 2016.

  213. Payal

    I am crying i want my ishveer back as the show has incomplete story and various tracks left incomplete like nitin ishani father,parul and krish,disha,not went back to mumbai, amba and kailash had not even seen accepting ishani,and ritika ran away, not even happy moments of ishveer and family so how can you call a happy ending it is totally incomplete ending we want ishveer married life,nokjhok scenes,solving problems together etc.

  214. hi arham i am here dr… are fine…..our ishveer missing a lot…our expectation will blossom soom…..matsh 2 coming soon….gd ni8..dr sweet dreams have a nice

  215. hi sana ,zia,azia..andhokke vishesham sukano…ningale allarem nadu evida…avide kalavastha angane und…nan malapuratha evide bhayankar chooda…p ne ningale exam thudangiyo…nannayi padich nalla reethiyil ayuthoo….vidhya alle attavum valiya sambath nammalil ninnum arkum moshtikkan patathath ..nengal k orayiram vijayashamsakal…divam anugrahikatte…subharathri…ASSALAMU ALAIKUM….

  216. HAI SUGA,PRAVEENA,SATHYA,ISRUV,SANA,ZIA,AZIA,REJI,HEMA,DRUVA,ARHAM,RANAJI,MARRY,VYSHU all my dear friends how are you all of you…we want matsh 2 we miss ishveer lot….so no another way….so we try and fight max for matsh….gd ni 8 friends
    god bless you all …shadhika for ever…miss you ishveer and friends..sweet dreams…I WISH FOR ALL OF YOU HAVE NICE TOMORROW BY………