Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer and Ishaani make arrangements of pottery. Mala looked for potter’s wheel in the outhouse. The shooter hid himself as she looks around. Mala is shocked to see the wine bottles, then finds the wheel and takes it away.
Ritika waits in the hall when the doorbell rings. She is worried how everyone came home so early, the shooter is still in the terrace, she opens the door to find Mrs. Mehta outside. She asks Ritika why she didn’t tell her that she bears Chiraag’s child. Ritika says she must have a misunderstanding, but Mrs. Mehta says she is sure about it. She will tell Ranveer about it.
On the roof, RV and Ishaani did pottery together.
Ritika tries to stop Mrs. Mehta but she looks for everyone inside the house. Ritika says she is a woman and she can only tell

whose child she bears. But Mrs. Mehta says she only wants to tell Ranveer as she is sure this is Chiraag’s child. Ritika tells Mrs. Mehta to go home, she will come and talk to her but Mrs. Mehta isn’t ready to listen. Mala comes there, Ritika scolds and sends Mala away but Mrs. Mehta goes upstairs herself. Ritika follows her in worry. Ranveer is shocked to see Mrs. Mehta and asks how she is. Mrs. Mehta asks RV why he cares for her so much, she asks if they are ready to give name why is he being so grand and giving his name to someone else’s child. Ranveer asks what she means. Mrs. Mehta tells Ranveer that Ritika is going to be a mother of Chiraag’s child. The shooter is confused about Ritika’s arrival. Ritika tries to defend herself that Chiraag was only Ishaani’s boyfriend. Mrs. Mehta argues Ritika and Ritika deters her to push her out of the house. The shooter takes Ishaani’s aim and shoots. Ranveer spots him and runs behind him. The bullet had hit Ritika’s belly, Ishaani and Mrs. Mehta calls Mala and takes Ritika to the hospital. Ranveer fells on the floor following the shooter while he runs away saved. Ishaani helps Ritika and asks Mala to get the keys of the car.
Ranveer finally stops the shooter and hits him hard, he and his servants kicks the shooter and asks why he came here and who sent her. Mala gets car’s keys to Ishaani, Ishaani calls Ranveer who is shocked to see Ritika’s condition. Ishaani asks Ranveer to take Ritika to hospital. She will drive and he should sit with her on the back seat. Ishaani tells Ranveer not to let Ritika faint. Ranveer tells his servants to take this man to police station, he will file an FIR later.
In the car, Ishaani calls the doctor to get the emergency ward ready. In the hospital, Ranveer tells doctor that she had a bullet fired at her. The doctor says it is a police case but Ranveer says he will look into all the formalities. Outside the OT, Ishaani tells Ranveer not to worry, police will know who wanted to kill Ritika.
Shekhar wonders that it is ten at night, Chiraag’s mom must have told Ritika’s truth to Ranveer. He calls Ishaani at home number. Mala tells Shekhar that Bhabi got a bullet, they are at City hospital. Shekhar is worried and runs as if Ishaani is injured. In the hospital, Ranveer was worried and says to Ishaani that he hopes Ritika is fine. A nurse brings a baby calling for Ranveer, Ranveer gets emotional at once watching the baby but the real father of the child comes soon. The nurse tells them their patient is in another theatre. Ishaani notices Ranveer. Amba and others come running, Ranveer tells them Ritika is in operation theatre. Amba cries how this all happened.
Ritesh argues with the nurse but the nurse tells him that this can happen in such an age also. He must take care of her now. Chaitali comes to consciousness, Pratik comes there. Ritesh stares at Chaitali, Ritesh shows the report to Pratik who is shocked to see this too. Ritesh asks Chaitali if this is the reason she always wanted to look good, who is she having an affair with. Chaitali ignores him and is happy that if she is pregnant this means she is still young.
The nurse comes out of OT, she says operation was successful and they have removed the bullet. She had blood loss but was brought here in time, she is safe now. Ranveer is happy, then asks about her child. Nurse tells him that they couldn’t save the child. Shekhar stood behind at a distance.

PRECAP: Ranveer tells Ritika that her child died. Ritika says her child was killed, Ishaani killed her child only because she doesn’t want to share him with anyone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. Rithika deserves this.. doesnt want Ranveer to believe all Rithika’s lies.. but any way as per spoilers it won’t happen. Dragging is enough.. end this attack soon.. precap annoying.. waiting for a best episode.

    1. lolzzzzzzzz stop sayiny this today,s episode was good…….!!!!!!!!!! u write it alwayzzzzzzzz but i think now its not suits to matsh………………. today,s episode was irritating………!!!!!!!!!! i cant even read the update fully bcoz it is irritating ;\

  2. wat a utter crap…rithika got bullet shoot she was a 9 month pregnant lady..if baby died she also must died in this case…rubbish….shooter blame ishaani and chiraag mom also blame ishaani….todays spoilers told ishaani did this drama to save rv…watever here aftr only written updates…no watching Matsh .

  3. So muchh irritating
    Band kar do show agar story nahi likh sakte kab tak ghumaoge usi track par

    Last 7 8 months se yahi ritika rv ishani track

    3 4 month se lagta hai story likhi hi nahi gai

  4. wat kind of woman she s???…she lost her own child..she does not feel about tat matter..she s fully blaming ishaani only…

  5. But obviously nothing is gonna turn good for ishani. Than the twist is useless

  6. Most worst show,,, I hate this show that I won’t read the updates also…..but I only read it and comment it….may be one day anyhow ekta mam will consider our comment and hope change the story…..

    At least, reunite ishkhar….plz…if you don’t want to reunite ishveer… Don’t do Injustice to ishani plz… doubt that rv is most dumb and looser character in this show,, if there’s any intelligent person is ritika only….such a smart player she is!!!!!

    Anyways,,,,,go to hell with rv and ritika…..
    I just want to see ishani and shikhar together coz shikhar only gives all happiness to ishani….. He always be with her in every critical situation and blindly trust her(ishani)….
    So ishani plz you must marry shikhar,,,,you’ll be always happy with him…. Let rv marry to ritika,,, whenever rv realises that he did a big mistake in his life to trust ritika,,,_ he will cry for his lifelong…?

    1. you are right….. at least let ishkhar unite…. whenever there will be ritika’s plan unrevealed, let ranveer suffer…. i really dont care for ritika as i think she is the best vamp i have ever seen….. for all her nice planning, let at least give her some relief and also ranveer who is dying to be with ritika, let him see her true face….. for trp’s sake, they can show like ishani turning to shikhar again and they can add few twists there… at least some moments should be good…….. plz ishkhar can rejoice at least…

  7. uffffffffffff………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m going to kill the cv,s……………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop this non sense storyline…………… give some other twist………. 4 ur trp sake…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unite ishaveer …………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;/ 🙁 plzzzzzz kill ritika ……!!!!!!!!!!!! or ranveer………..!!!!!!!!!! becoz they r irritating now………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. :\ plzzzzzzzzzzz end this ………. nonsense……… i hate this serial……… now i watch or read this after 2 months hope than their will b reunion of ishker or ishveer……!!!!! now feeling irritating 2 say ishaveer……..!!!!!!! :\

  9. i dont guys how are you gonna react but the latest updates suggest that after ritika blaming ishani for the miscarriage and also the shooter taking ishani’s name as the master-mind, ranveer will decide to end their relationship once and for all as he thinks she is once again cheated her……. he will file for the divorce and also throw ishani out of the house…. Ishani who is determined to reveal ritika’s real intentions is not ready to go out of ranveer’s life…. the shocking part is that ishani may again be jailed for killing that unborn baby(as seen in one of the location shoot)… shikhar tries some legal solutions to free her… it seems cvs are not planning it good for ishani… she is also losing 7-day challenge after this, i guess…… the spoilers also not giving any good news…

    whatever way they are planning it but i must say there is nothing left in the show to attract anyone… just quit it or you too will lose it ike the cvs……

    1. Wich site u got this update please let me know..?

      1. its the latest update from

  10. hate it to the core… spoilers also giving good news for ritika ….this show is like words of tr songs aracha. maava arapoma thovacha thuniya thovappoma and again its pazhaiya kurudi kadhava thoradi

  11. Total nonsense show now….?

  12. Bad story writers that I have ever seen. Shit.. These ppl should be awarded for writting this stupid story. When there is nothing interesting, there is dragging also. Hands off writers. Only u ppl the whole universe can even think like this…

  13. I guess shikar will help ishani again…He ll solve this problem for ishani…i dont know how, but i think so…n i think shikhar will exose ritika instead of isha…
    Plzzzzzzzzz, finish this disgusting story!!!

  14. *expose

  15. Good episode.

  16. Offffo!!!

    This serial is seriously get bored now , plzz we want to see isver only ,

    If this serial goes in this way only then the TRP of this serial is definitely come down

    Really serial maker don’t know how to give track to serial……..


    Plz do favour with ishani, not Ritika plz plz plz

  18. Wt dis nonsences its boring I hate dis show nw trp of this serial is come down

  19. Guyz, can any one plz tell me wats going on in this serial???? Please

  20. Ritika is really characterless I didn’t expect her to stoop so down I mean her baby is dead bcos of her n she is blamin ishani GOD dis serial it has gone of d track !!!!

  21. sunch a booring serial i hav ever seen
    dragging dragging dragging……….. .
    plzzzzzz stop this stupid show. getting irritaded. ????????

    1. It’s true Harika the r draging to much!

  22. I don’t know whats going on ekta’s mind what she want tell us abt aashiqui aashiqui is realation of love and trust but here is no trust i think iska tittle hamari adhuri khani hona tha ishveer i really luv u

    1. Yeah radhika !!

  23. kya karru aasa kabhi hota hhe
    bqs bahukuf bana te haa

  24. Better don’t telecast!!!

  25. Yeah tru this show has been rubbish for some time now itz abot a time there is sumfink interesting happenz.ishani has already been to jail not again that is going to be stupid.

  26. Great work of ritika!!! Good job once again!! By your amazing plans u lose ur child and u did great by reuniting ishkar again… And plss fast u now do marriage with ur servant rv,,,,, I think ritika is best n stop ishani bcoz now u can’t able to do anything ,,, that all happens bcoz of ur past mistakes n in past u want n that rv hates u n now u r successfull then now y r u trying hard to separate that beautiful couple or servant and boss ??? Be happy and its fruit of ur idiotic mistakes!!!! Luv u ritika,,,,*****######****####

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