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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani was lighting the candles at the temple. Milan comes there and asks wheres she is going. She says she has to go to temple. He nods and leaves. Ishaani thinks that the day will return in Ranveer’s life when she will be able to share everything to him. She comes to hospital, she speaks to bandaged patient that she knows he can listen to each and everything in comma as well. She says that her brother in law is really apologetic for being the cause of accident. She is sure that someone must be waiting for him to put on Ubtan on him. She wants to celebrate with him today, her mother says that ubtan gets one rid of all the problems. She knows what are the pains of seperations because somewhere she also feels the same strange feeling with her husband. Her own husband feels to be a stranger

to her. She holds Ranveer’s hand and is intrigued at the movement of hand. She gives the bell for doctor. The doctor comes there, Ishaani says she saw movement in his body. She shows them that his finger was still moving as she held his hand. The doctor says this is miracle. He checks on Ranveer, then says he is still in comma but he will recover soon. Ishaani says miracle only happens because someone loves him dearly. The doctor says he has reacted because of her touch. His mind is almost dead, but her voice made an activity. Ishaani again holds his hands. She thinks that someone is definitely remembering him and he also wants to go to him. She hopes Sharman gets his family soon.
At home, Sharman speaks on phone that they must tell him as soon as they get to know about her. Ishaani comes home, Sharman tells Ishaani that he was looking for that person at the spot. Two other men were also looking for the same man. He tells her that Ranveer’s number rang on that man’s phone, what he will be doing. Sharman says may be this all has a connection, she must talk to Ranveer for this. Ishaani says his mood is off since yesterday, but she will look for a good time and speak to him. Amba comes there, she tells them to get ready for the pooja and tells Ishaani to find Ranveer as well, then prepare Prasad. Amba thinks that Ranveer loves Diwali and is his favorite event.
Chaitali asks Milan to bathe the idol with milk, then they will blow crackers. Ishaani brings the Prasad. Milan looks at her, then follows Pandit ji’s instructions. He asks who will do Aarti, Amba says they have just got married so they will do the first Aarti. Ishaani thinks his man is still off. Milan thinks being Ranveer, he has to do everything that Ram does. Ranveer’s hand moves in hospital. Milan thinks that he wants to burn the house for Diwali, Baba keeps a hand on his shoulder and says he loved crackers in childhood. Chaitali offere him her rockets too. Milan asks Ishaani if she won’t come. She says she will just be there with the Prasad. Manas comes behind Ishaani and asks how the patient is. Ishaani says he will be fine and asks him to come out as well. Manas says he will look after Krish, Ishaani asks him to bring Krish out as well. He will like it.
Outside, Chaitali cheers that this is what she loves about Diwali. Milan thinks where he has got struck celebrating Diwali and there they could still not find Ranveer. Mahesh and son come to wish them for Diwali, Kailash tells Milan that this is their old guard. Mahesh says they are only here because of Ranveer. He took the expenses of his engineering and sent him to America for studies. Milan says he believes that Ranveer must have ruined the life of someone to make the life of another one. Ishaani is proud of Ranveer and wishes that she could get to his heart and removes his worries. Kailash and Amba appreciate Ranveer. Milan thinks he was nothing to them ever, only Ranveer was. Amba gives him crackers to fire, but he thinks he hates Ranveer’s name even. Ishaani looks at Milan who was lost in thoughts burning a whole bunch of crackers. She runs to him and jerks it away. Ishaani was worried, and asks why he was lost. She cries and asks if he ever considered about her, if not himself. Milan stood silent. Ishaani tells him to stop staring, and promise her that he won’t be this careless again. Milan says he promises that he won’t do it again. Milan thinks no one ever took care of him ever, only she cares of him. If she is with him, he doesn’t care for anyone. He says he isn’t burnt. Ishaani says she isn’t fine, he doesn’t know what he means to her. Not her Aashqui, but her life is because of him. She won’t be able to live if something happens to him. She says Ishaani can’t live without Ranveer.

PRECAP: Milan brings Manas inside and makes him stand with Parul, his wife to be. He asks Disha to make a photo of the couple.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG.. What is happening in this show.. Ishaani’s duplicate is annoying.. hope she come back soon… the only good thing Milan doing is troubling Disha..

    Will Milan change due to Ishaani..?
    Ranveer jaldi teek ho jao.. waiting for a good episode.. don’t drag further.. waiting for Ishveer uniting.

    1. Hi.. Arora, Jasa, piya.. and most of the Matsh frnds are missing now a day’s.. w r u & h r u? Did you stopped watching Matsh due to this stupid track??

  2. Ishani and rv together scence It’s nice epi. I expect seriel song meri aashiqui plays in backround but it is not happened. Plz rv wake up i really missed u not only me lot of fans waiting for u.

    1. agreed

  3. I like d precap

  4. milan did lot of wrong things, and way of talk to other and ishani and also milan wants insulting ishani in every chance. Bcoz milan spoil to rv image infront of ishani. But milan never gets in. Bcoz ishani never hates rv for ur chily treck. she is really loves rv not milan. Plz creater do milan truth exposed in front of rv family or do make it fast rv wake up scence as possible.

  5. Stop the millon by day borring serial.ishvr reunion com fast.boooooring booooooooooorring boooooorrrrriiiinnnngggg

  6. I just read the latest news about match seriel, that milan fall in love with ishani and he tell their family i want celebrate all the merriage again. Plz rv wake up ishani waiting for u.

  7. RV pls wake up..ethra masamayi reunionu vendi kathirikunnu. .pls..shakthi’s acting is ..parayathirikan vayya….supppperrrrbb. .lv u ishveer

  8. can anyone tell what happened to radhika..? its so obvious that she’s not present in the original shooting… :/

    1. I think she’s injured and needs rest for 2-3 days

    2. She  burnt her neck when the cup of green tea spilled on her neck.Nothing major happened but severe scars are left on her neck.. she will recover soon ans start shooting Matsh soon.Her pet dog was not eating his food, hence her servant pulled a chain to take him along. And due to the sudden jerk, the tea spilled on her neck. Since it was very hot, neck and collar bone area got burnt. She have got severe scars.” as per Doctor’s
      Advice she will take rest for a week and join Matsh shoot.

  9. End milan track immediately.

  10. Ishveer part nice yaar and matsh latest news ishani ranveer and manas expose milan and ishveer reunite this diwali special. Wow that’s great news na guys i can’t express my feelings i hope now every thing will be fine.

  11. The same Ishani who identified her husband during Sangeet with closed eyes can’t make out after touching his fingers,the whole viewers watching knows that it is Ranveer,she can’t, so funny, now slowly Milan will fall for Ishani,he may become a possessive lover and tries to snatch her,Ranveer may unite Milan with family,then a new entry opposite Milan,then some relative of Chirag will come to take revenge,after that Ritika will come from jail,Sharman’s marriage where Ishveer may play the cupid,Parul’s marriage with Manas after Disha’s death in accident,still,I think Ishveer will not be united…No words.

    1. cool….they wil unite…but it needs sometime…

  12. Wat happened to ishani.. Who is tat girl?
    Why they shoot like this..
    Eye contact missing

  13. why colors tv dont repeat matsh on 9.00 pm


  14. plzz… end these milan track

  15. i will kill u ektha i want ishveer together scenes not ishlan plzz ektha unite ishveer forever stop these dragging

  16. i saw sbs segement today Rv come to the home wid bandage

  17. Ya vshu i also saw sbs ranveer will come with ishani nice na and flowers se unka welcome hua i think milan ka track ka end hone wala hai milan unhe jitna bhi separate kre but ishveer dil se kabhi alag nahi honge because unki aashiqui aisa hone nahi degi.

  18. Waise toh Ishani nade bade lecturers deti hai ki mai Ranveer ko hazaro ki bheed mein se dhoond sakti ho to ab kya hua pehchan Ranveer ko uss ka touch feel hota na tuje toh pehchan abb

  19. watsss guys wat are u tallking about my i know

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