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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba jerks RV and asks which wife, she corrects him that Ishaani isn’t his wife. Ranveer says whatever she may be she is my wife, a part of my life. Kailash says to Ranveer that Ishaani is no more his wife, Amba takes him with her. She takes him to police station and tells him to ask the madam, so that he can see everything with his own eyes. Ranveer asks about the proof, Amba asks the lady inspector to read her that verdict. Kailash asks if she has gone insane. Amba says he is blind in Ishaani’s love, he needs this voltage get straight. The inspector plays Ishaani’s recording saying she wasn’t happy with Ranveer, she went to Chiraag and he said she should get a divorce from Ranveer and with the money of divorce they can move away. She did a drama of loving Ranveer to make a good

image of herself, so that she may derive money from him. She was the one who put blame on his parents of beating her, to get her divorce case strong. Chiraag began suspecting her, he called Ranveer on highway and a fought with him. She went there to stop Chiraag, but they argued and she killed Chiraag. The inspector asks if Ranveer wants to hear more. He says yes. She plays the recording again. Ishaani said that in her marriage with Ranveer there was nothing like marriage, no relation as she never let Ranveer near her. Neither she loves him, nor did she let him close to him. Ranveer cries hearing this all, while Ishaani wept in her cellar. A neighbour prisoner asks why she is crying, she has heard that she killed the man she loved. Ishaani says she has really killed the person she loved, to give him life. She wants him to hate her, so that he can start a new life. This death was necessary for his future life.
Amba asks Ranveer to go home but he denies. He says I want a criminal lawyer, I want to win this case and get Ishaani freed. Amba gets worried but Ranveer stops her from any further talking. He tells his lawyer that he is a divorce lawyer and I need a criminal lawyer, bring the best criminal lawyer to win the case. To the lawyer, Ranveer says his divorce lawyer must have told him about this case. He asks the lawyer that he wants this woman out of this case. The lawyer says this isn’t possible because she herself has accepted her sin, all proofs are against her. Ranveer says he doesn’t need his verdict but his attempt, he isn’t concerned with what he does but he wants this case won; result that he wants and money that you as for. Ranveer comes to meet Ishaani, she turns away and wipes her tears. Ranveer asks that accepting her sin will get her the punishment, he won’t let this happen. He will take her out of here. She turns around and asks if he thinks he will owe her and get a place in her heart. It will be better that she get hanged, he says he won’t let her die. He has loved her since childhood and was looking for a reason to live in her after their marriage, she was playing with him for money but he will now end the game that she began. He won’t let her die, he says firmly, Yes! Miss Ishaani Parekh, you have to live without your love. Remember that Chiraag and regret what you have done, the one who she hated the most in world is still in front of her. She has killed him and he won’t let her die, her punishment is life where she will have to die daily. He leaves. Ishaani thinks that she wanted to see this hatred in his eyes. Her love has kept him in childhood but her hatred will let him move forward in life. She cries again.

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The lawyer comes to Ishaani to meet her. She tells him firmly that she doesn’t want the judge to free her. The lawyer says her husband has appointed him to fight her case, he wants him to save her. She asks did she ask him what she wants. This is my life, and am the one who takes its decisions. She asks the inspector to take him as the meeting is over.
The lawyer was in RV’s study, he says in 25 years of his profession he hasn’t seen someone like her. She doesn’t want herself to be freed. Ranveer asks him to mind his language, she is still his wife.
The court summoned the case. The prosecutor tells the judge that she agrees herself that she has killed her lover Chiraag. Ishaani doesn’t want to defend her case, he requests the court to punish her today. The judge asks Ishaani if she has to say something or if she wants a defence lawyer as this is her constitutional right. Ishaani says she doesn’t want a lawyer, she is guilty and will accept any punishment the court gives her. The prosecutor lawyer says she isn’t ashamed of her crime, so she should he heavily punished. Ranveer’s defence lawyer comes to the court and says instead of punishment she should he given justice. He submits his case to the judge and tells him that Ishaani’s husband has appointed him as a lawyer, he is rightful for it even if she denies. The judge asks to proceed. The lawyer says he knows that his client has accepted her crime but it is important to know the reason behind it. Why does she wants a mistake. This hasn’t been proved if she really killed him or not. The proof’s that police got proves that she was there at the point of crime, but it doesn’t prove that she is the murderer. Does it prove anyway that it wasn’t an accident. He asks RV as witness to witness box. Both Ishaani and RV look at each other,
Ishaani thinks he is making it so difficult for her.
The lawyer asks Ranveer when he knows Ishaani from. Ranveer says he knows Ishaani since 9 years of age. No one would know her better than him. The lawyer asks why she wants to take that murder on her head which he thinks she hasn’t done. Ranveer says he doesn’t understand this, Ishaani can’t kill an ant even, how will she kill a person. The lawyer says she says she killed Chiraag because she loved him. Ranveer says he doesn’t want to talk to his love matter in public, he would only say that Ishaani belongs to a respectable family and won’t do any such thing that will let her familys’s head down. The lawyer says no one better that husband can tell if his wife can kill someone or not. The prosecutor says that like a mother finds her son innocent, similarly every husband loves his wife and thinks her innocent. Ranveer’s lawyer says that it must be the case but not here. Here we are talking about Ishaani, Ishaani loved Chiraag Mehta a lot, she could die for him then why would she kill him. He says Ishaani has no criminal record, there must be a reason for her confession. Ishaani shouts them to shut it, she asks why is she being made a drama of, when she is confessing her crime why is everyone after proving her innocent. Falguni heard this case from outside the court.
Ishaani says her husband has a right over her.
Doesn’t she know whose help she wants, and whose not. Everyone in the room knows if she is good or not. How can he guarantee that she is a good person. She agrees she was a good daughter and maybe she wouldn’t have hit anyone, but none is a born criminal. She loved Chiraag Mehta, and she couldn’t understand anything. She had gone crazy, couldn’t distinguish the right and the wrong.
When love can teach dying, why can’t it teach killing. The man she wanted to live with is no more, she also wants to die now and they must have no problem with this. What will they do keeping her alive, to show to the world that one must kill whom he loves. She asks the judge to punish her, to show the world not to do so anymore.
Falguni loses her control as she cries. Niti runs to her.
The court gives Ishaani the judgement. Here everyone was sure that Ishaani is innocent. But illegitimate relations and crimes for the greed of money can only ruin the society, so in this case punishment has to be given. The court accounts Ishaani guilty of Chiraag Mehta’s case and gives her death penalty. She should be hanged till death. Everyone is taken aback. Falguni cries outside the court. Ranveer gets saddened and disappointed. Ishaani cries and somewhat smiles looking at him. Ishaani is taken away by police. RV stands shocked and looks Ishaani being taken away. He slowly follows her. Ishaani sits in the van. Media go to RV and ask why he wants to save her even after her accusing him. He asks them if they ever loved anyone. If they loved anyone, then they would know who got death penalty and whose got punished for life. He looks Ishaani. She also looks at him and then Falguni. Falguni turns her face and cries. Ishaani says in her mind, she’s glad she was able to create hate in everyone’s heart, now that hatred will help her to go away from all. Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other. Tum Hi Ho plays… Ishaani remembers her dad’s words that one person’s love is enough for both. She says today she has crossed her limit. She’s welcomed her death to give a new life to her love. She turns her face and cries. Ranveer, other hand, thinks she took his life by doing this. He wonders what he didn’t do that Ishaani started hating him. Ishaani is finally taken away.


A function is going on. Ritiks is pregnant. She comes and episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer is awarded. In his speech, he gives all credit to his wife whom he loves a lot.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. swetha

    Today’s episode was really bad. Ishaani you are so dumb. First of all learn how to be selfish from your family members like baa, amba, disha, chaitali, rithika. Rithika i hate you. Till now you didn’t revealed anything. One day you will fell into our own well. Waiting for that day. Ranveer pls yedavaku. Pls don’t give any credit to Rithika who is characterless bastard

    • kmm

      avesapadakandi swetha garu serials lo evaro okaru edavaka pothe janam choodaru vallaki trp anaga dabbulu ravu

  2. What is this drama..cmon..this is too much..they were husband wife..they should have to cleared the matter before taking any wrng step..why all these lies n hiding things..whats this drama

  3. swetha

    I have a doubt. I knw Rithika throws chiraag accidentally later Girish might have killed him after knowing Shenaila’s truth.

    • sindhu

      Gud guessing Swetha…but the writers want to drag the story…hope Ishveer vl b together soon….

      • Ish

        The day before, a link was shared…..on location stuff for MATSH….Ritika is carrying Chirag’s child….during an altercation between the 2, she pushes him and he falls……

    • Ish

      That’s a possibility. But shouldn’t Ritika have told RV that she met Chirag when she sees all this drama happening?

    • If ritika throws chirag accidently then why she didnt tell this to her dad or her so calld best frnd rv..why she was cool when she came back to her home after kiling chirag

      • Ish

        She has been loving him since the first time she met him…..she has been playing both RV & Ishani and used Sharman in between

  4. Shâãz

    Ths storyline totally confusing n irritating…..MATSH fans rly gonna mad frm ths track…m juz fed up wid ths…can’t watch it anymore….so me lso gonna take a leap 🙁 🙁

    l ll watch aftr 1 week…so tat tym nw entry ll b thr n Ishani ll gt bail n out frm jail….nw story n al confusions n ofcos unanswerd qustns ll get answered…. waiting fr tat epi 🙂

    Till thn bye bye MATSH 🙁 🙁

    Ekta n script writers khud tho pagal h aur hum viewers ko b pagal bnate h 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hello Preeti….Ishani ka bhi socho….jiske liye kar rahi hai, usko yeh tak ehsaas nahin ki usse kitna pyaar karti hai. Donon kehte hain ki unka pyaar un donon ke liye kaafi hai…..Ishani ka samajh aaya…RV ne ab yeh kya kar diya….uski aashiqui ko maar diya .

  5. teju

    Hey sona pls change the precap. Precap was after the 6 months leap, Rithika was getting down thru the steps with her 6 month stomach and also holding a garland.

  6. sowmyasree

    Love you Ranveer .. Only your trust and love on ishaani will help her out from death sentence .. And the person who killed chirag was that waste Rithika .. Pls reveal it soon .. waitng for good episode

      • Ritika throws chirag ye saas bahu aur sazish me dikhaya tha n the child is chirag’s ye maine kisi website pe read kiya tha k ya to chirag raped ritika on bachelor party and she throws him in anger or 2nd fact is tht this death is ritika n chirag’s mutual its cnfrmd that ritika is bearing chirag’s child

  7. rig

    Oh ishani feeling so pity on you. You are using your brain to get hatred from ranveer only , by the way u r a genius to put strong knots around you even you cannot open it. I think this serial will give may be one good episode after this gap and they would cause a another leap for two years. May be this show is taken to measure our rate of patience….

  8. Ashiqui

    Really ran veer happy with his criminal wife ritika?i don’t like what ranveer said in promo…

    • Ish

      I am totally with you. He marries Ritika!! And why is Ritika intent on holding onto Chirag’s child? Being a strong woman herself (or atleast she was shown as such), she should have announced it as such and continued to remain single. This serial is continuing it delusionally optimistic run.

      I have lost the respect I had for RV’s level of love.

      • Ashiqui

        I’m still watching the promo I’m not able to come out this…
        If u want watch .dailymotion is the best app hindi serials

  9. Reema

    Holy cow!!! Just watched the link…. Whatta whole lot of shit!!!!
    She is bearing chirags child…. Good lord!
    The writers r crazy … U know what I’m actually lol ing a lot now…. It’s so funny I can’t stop laughing….

  10. Reema

    Couldn’t hear clearly as it was in low volume as my daughter is sleeping…
    U mean Ritika doesn’t even know it’s chirags child… Is she such a vixen

      • What kind of human she is..jise dekhti hai uske sath hi pyar ho jata hai ritika ko..aisa konsa pyar ka khjana hai uske pas jo overflow hota rehta hai..usualy true lv hapns only once..agr hum truely n honestly kisi se pyar krte hai to aisa pyar just ek bar hi hota hai lyf me..aur ritika kis reason se rv k piche hai?she is also rich n a busines woman then what she want?why she is aftr rv n why she used innocent sharman

  11. suhani

    hey rv this is ur aashiqui where u just left ur love in betn and let her fight all alone???? hats off to ishani……feeling angry on ritika!!!! …….plz ekta dont proceed as such…..let ishveer unite…..or least let rv knoe the truth……dying to see a nice episide……ekta do it soon plz plz plz…

  12. Ish

    My last and final comment. The whole meaning of true love has been killed. RV marrying Ritika (who knows she is pregnant with Chirag’s child), RV actually thinking that Ishani really does love only Chirag after feeling what she has for him, Ishani suffering because of the family which she has been fighting for. All the people with the bad intentions are actually free and enjoying while the good ones like Falguni, Nitin, Sharman are all suffering….life is not all cruel like that. Is that how bad our writers are that they are unable to take a story forward without making good people suffer??

    Amba – how cheap that she cannot see goodness in anyone anymore, she will accept Ritika who is pregnant but not Ishani who loves her son so much, all this because of the money Ritika has??

    Baa & Disha -Both had cruel intentions towards both Ishani and RV. And now they just get away with that??

    Ritika – Playing with so many people’s lives….she gets a happy ending with RV….really??

    I cannot believe that true love will just go away because a person says something to their partner to make them be hated. It’s absolute rubbish. Ek time tha jab RV ki saashiqui dekhne ke liye serial dekhti thi…uske baad Ishaani ka pyaar dekhna chaha…leking itna sab hua hai ki aashiqui kuch bachi nahin ab dekhne!! Bye bye fans!!

  13. Rosh

    This show writer Ko goli maar dena chahati hai. He think we are one bunch of fools where on earth a judge will give death penalty so easy.They will take few days break it will take few weeks. First they have to see it is correct to give death penalty or not!!!!!!!!! Rarest of rarest case it is given. Crime of passion is different usually it won’t be a planned murder it happens out of rage. So usually get only life imp.
    RV s lawyer should have tried to prove that Ishani is mentally unstable. She already behaving like one any way. Then she would be sent to a psychiatrist could have done some thing. She just broke him in to pieces & threw him to that woman.Now I understand why they created Ishani so duffer type. In her madness she destroyed RV too.
    Never mind it will pass too , another phase will come & they will be together for ever. Another Casanova lawyer is coming guys to mend things. Don’t be upset.
    PLEASE WATCH our Shakti’s message to all his fans even he is concerned about the viewers is at He is asking us to be a bit patient and support.

  14. sai

    Omg… ishani hats off to u… bt if rv praises ritika I ll kill him… There s sme limit… omg… ridiculous. .. let’s tak à leap r Wat evr… I wan ish n rv together

  15. Nisha

    This award function is the same scene which held in pavitra rishta after purvi married arjun with ovi…

    • Nisha

      Arjun also thanks ovi in the same manner bt there was no such relation bwn them…. Ekta kapoor’s story it is…

  16. prasanna

    Too bad.i cann’t write much about this epi.becuase I am not happy after seeing this epI.we are big fan meri this epi completely spoiled our interest

  17. Rosh

    It is rediculous , me too can’t digest how can he celebrate with his so called wife Ri. Kya pyar hai yeh . He should have waited to marry until Ishani’s death penalty.
    He was the one taught that Chirag how to win Ishani’s heart first place. Even if he believe Ishani a cheat or murderer he is the root cause . Why he made Chirag to impress Ishani first place. He coolly moved on what ever reason . Go to hell with that your best friend . I want to keep cool but can’t , emotionally this is the first show to this much influence . I want scold the director for spoiling the beautiful love story in to a full mess !!!!!!!!

    • Shâãz

      Rosh I thnk RV praising wife means ishani in heart….in front everyone it means Ritika…. 🙂

  18. kowsi

    Ayiooooo rithika mudila samiii…y ranveer says tat credits goes to my wife tat means rithika.. …waiting for gud episode….

  19. noor ahmad khan

    this is totally lul drama..what is story.both are not expess their feeling to each other..

  20. kowsi

    I hate amba character…she does not accept ishaani in her dil…b4 ishaani loves chirag so tat y she s not accept her bahu…but y she accepting rithika ..she pregant with someone sharman or chirag child watever…im seen in bollywood news upcoming videos tat means award function…they r returning to home al d womens r very happy especially amba …im really very disappointed..

  21. Vasundhara

    What’s happening? For god sake plz don’t make us feel sad. Plz give some solution as soon as possible!

  22. Rosh

    I am loosing my patience thinking who is the killer? I read some where that Sharmen has a secret it seems.OMG now don’t tell that Sharmen killed that freak.

    • No..sharman cant be murdrer..bcoz agr wo hota to whn ishani was getting puninshed fr chirag’s murder thn surely wo bta deta sch..he is nt lyk ritika..she dnt even disclosed a litl thing about her meeting with chirag..n amba hates ishani bcoz firstly ishani lvd chirag nt rv thn what wil hapn when amba will cm to knw that ritika is carryin chirag’s child

  23. rv

    chirag is still alive ritika and chirag change the dead body as it is not shown to anyone. ishani will get bail and later on the truth will come in front of everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ya anonymous bt ishani itni oversmart h ki kch v krne se phle kisi se bat nhi krti..itni mindless to pavitra rishta ki archana v nhi thi..btw,tmhra nam kya h?

  25. siyam

    Rv told in promo like this credit goes to my wife. But he doesn’t tell that ritika s mi wife. It won’t happens. Ritika lost her dad javeri. So rv may ask her to stay in his home.

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