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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharman gives to gifts to everyone. All siblings love the gifts while Ishani is standing quietly on a side. His parents come and he gives his dad books which made him what he is today. His dad is proud of him. He gives weight scale to his mum. His parents leave and Ranvir enters with juice. Sharman asks Ranvir whether Ishani is upset because what happened in evening. Ranvir nods yes. Sharman goes to Ishani and gives her a heart pillow saying she is only girl at home whose got heart. Ishani hugs and thanks him. He then gives shoes to Ranvir. Ranvir thanks him but he says it’s Ishani who told him so he should thank her. Ranvir is happy.

Chirag’s mum asks him why he wants to marry Ishani. She is not Harshad’s real daughter. Chirag’s dad says she is not his blood,

that is why she will bring a lot with her as Harshad will want to set an example. He tells Chirag well done, but Chirag still says he made decision because of his feelings.

Ranvir is checking the shoes and his dad goes crazy thinking he spent money behind it when they have so much debt. Ranvir tells him it’s a gift. His dad wishes he had given some tip instead. He leaves. Ranvir gets sad and puts the shoes away.

Chaitali makes Mitesh stand on the weight scale and asks him to diet properly like her so he doesn’t gain weight. She then stands and he tells her lower number so she doesn’t lecture him for lying. She gets all happy.

Falguni doesn’t see bangle in Ishani’s hand and takes her to her room. She tells her she won’t give her 30 days like Harshad. When she’s getting such a good rishta then why is she refusing. All girls die to marry Chirag and she wants time. Ishani asks her not to get mad and she puts the bangle in her hand. Falguni explains to her that there’s nothing like love. She has always worried who will marry Ishani as she is illegitimate child in end. She doesn’t have any proof of marrying Ishani’s real father because it was a simple marriage in temple. Ishani tells her she doesn’t want to become like her. She wants to become like Harshad who married his love and today he’s happy. She asks Falguni whether she is happy and she doesn’t have answer. Ishani puts bangle there and leaves crying.

Ranvir sees Ishani sleeping in the store room with books. He remembers from his childhood she told him when she gets upset she comes to the store room. There is a candle beside Ishani. She turns to that side. Ranvir runs and puts his hand between her face and the candle. He gets burned, but he still doesn’t take his hand away. He then gives her support and takes her to her room. Chanchal sees it and gets shocked.

Baa tells Harshad she is not liking closeness between Ishani and Ranvir. Even though Ishani must be a servant or driver’s daughter, this is affecting their house reputation. Harshad gets angry. Baa tells him this is the bitter truth. One day, Ishani will leave him and run away with a driver or servant and he won’t be able to show his face to anyone. Harshad says enough, if you say one more word against Ishani then.. Baa stares at him.

Precap: At late night, Chirag secretly gets into Ishani’s room from window. She asks who is this? He covers her mouth and asks not to scream.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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