Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay lay Ishaani on the bed and curtly says how dare she spoilt his sister’s function.
Ritika says to the family that if they have seen how much Ranveer still loves Ishaani. Aarti says she also saw Ranveer disturbed when Ishaani was about to fell down. Ritika says he can’t forget Ishaani, she was being made a drama of. Maa says Ranveer is here with Naina, looking the house. Ritika says Ranveer wants to find Ishaani, and make sure she is fine. Ritika says she has a plan but only if they all want Naina to marry Ranveer. Vikram says they all want this, Maa says she will do anything for her daughter’s love. Ritika says they must make Ranveer see something that he doesn’t let Ishaani stand in front of him. Vikram comes to Nurbhay and says they want Pooja’s chunri, to get

Pooja’s blessings for Naina. Nurbhay searches for keys under the pillow from over Ishaani. Ranveer and Naina arrive in the corridor, Aarti points at Vikram who throws the water in glass over Ishaani’s face. Vikram apologizes Nurbhay and hides behind the door. Ranveer comes out, Ishaani’s eyes just open to look at Ranveer. Aarti and Vikram give a thumb up to each other. Ranveer leaves curtly, Aarti goes back to her position. Nurbhay scolds Vikram why he slipped, and gives him the key to get Pooja’s saree. Nurbhay was sitting angrily on the desk, when Ishaani wakes up at the middle of the night. Ishaani says he must be very happy, his revenge was fulfilled. Today, a wife did the ritual of making her husband into someone else’s groom. She says she has seen hatred for Ranveer in his eyes, but love for Pooja as well. She wants to ask what he likes more, if he doesn’t get more happiness in hating Ranveer his revenge is fulfilled. But if he doesn’t get this happiness, his revenge is still not complete.
The next morning, Ranveer sits on the bed thinking Nurbhay introducing Ishaani. Then Ritika watching them from upstairs. He held his head. Amba comes to his room, she asks Ranveer if he is thinking about Ishaani. Ranveer was restless, Ranveer says he is worried for her. Amba asks what he is saying. Why is he worried for her, she complains that she knew that he will become fool in her hands. Why he always forget what she did to him, she is taking advantage of him. Ranveer gets away. Amba says she is trapping him again, he will again get betrayed. She is the biggest mistake of his life. Ranveer says he saw Ritika there, Ritika never wants him and Ishaani to be together. Whenever Ishaani misbehaved with him, it was for his betterment. He says there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Amba tells Ranveer that she is someone else’s wife now, she can’t be his now. Did he see she is happy, he must think about his life. Ranveer says he can’t deliberately do what he was doing when he didn’t know anything. Amba asks him to think about Naina, she is recovering because of him, if she gets worse today she might never get better again. His phone rings, it was Naina. Amba asks him to talk to her, she says that Ishaani has always put him into problem and leaves. Ranveer picks the call. Aarti says good morning, and asks if she called him on the wrong time. She says she called for Naina, Naina was upset because of something. He didn’t give her attention and Naina is really sensitive. Ranveer says everything is fine. Aarti asks Ranveer to tell this all to Naina himself, Ranveer says that he will talk to Naina later.
Ishaani was in the kitchen where she burns her hands. Maa comes to kitchen and drags Ishaani in the hall. Ritika watched from upstairs. Maa asks Ishaani what she told Ranveer that he doesn’t talk to Naina anymore. Nurbhay also came there and heard it all. Ishaani was speechless.

PRECAP: Ranveer says to Ishaani that he knows she is in trouble, he is with her and she can share with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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