Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani removes Ranveer’s hand from her face, she says she doesn’t know why Nurbhay said this all but still she thinks everything is fine between them. Ranveer says he only wants to know the truth. He points the gun at his forehead and says he will shoot himself right now. If she is happy here, she wouldn’t have tears in eyes and blisters on feet. He tells Ishaani to tell the truth, else he will shoot himself. Ishaani stops him asking him to put the gun down. He pulls the trigger, Ishaani says she will tell him the truth. He brings the gun down and asks her to tell the truth. She takes the gun off his hand and throws it down the window.
Ishaani shouts if he has gone insane, she left him so that he can live. So that he could get his face back, he was dying from inside because

of him. She cried and sat on the bed, she says she still remember his face and how he was depressed. She could see him, she left the house and his life because she wanted his treatment. Nurbhay had the injections but he wanted her to get away from him. She says she sacrificed her life for his happiness.
Ranveer sits down beside her, and says she again sacrificed for him. if she loves him so much, she could have asked him once. Did she think he would live without her? He says he can’t live without her for a single breathe, he would die without her. Ishaani hugs Ranveer, both cried. Ranveer asks why Nurbhay wants them apart when he loves Pooja so much. Ishaani says Nurbhay thinks Ranveer is behind the murder of Pooja. Ranveer says to Ishaani that he doesn’t want to live here anymore. Ishaani says Nurbhay warned her that he will kill Ranveer if he doesn’t marry Naina as Naina loves him. Ranveer says Naina is his friend and helped him knowing about Ishaani’s truth. Ishaani says that in that case, if Naina speaks to Nurbhay he might not object, she must talk to Naina. Ranveer asks Ishaani to promise she won’t go away from her even if death confronts them. She promises him. He leaves to get some important work done, tells her to be prepared as he would come to pick her up. Ishaani was happy and thinks about speaking to Naina.
Ishaani comes behind Naina who was walking in the corridor. Naina thinks that Ishaani must follow her, from here onwards it is her the end. Ishaani comes to the store room. Naina was crying and asking Shibham to leave her, else she would be disrespected as she is going to get married. Shibham denies giving the CD to Naina inspite of giving him money. Ishaani jumps in and calls him as a fallen person. Ishaani comes in between, he pushes her away and holds Naina tight. He says he now wants something other than money as well. Ishaani slaps Shibham, he holds Ishaani and says that now he wants her Bhabi. Ishaani fights Shibham on the couch. Naina hits his head with a wooden stick. He fell off fainted. Ishaani takes the stick in her hand and was in shock. Maa, Aarti and Vikram come from behind. They all make an issue that this is Shibham and Ishaani killed him. Ishaani clarifies herself. Vikram goes to call Nurbhay. Ritika asks Ishaani what they must believe, what she is saying or what they can see. Nurbhay also comes there. Ishaani tells them about Naina and that she was just helping Naina. Naina tells Nurbhay that she doesn’t know about anything. Naina says Ishaani wants Naina to go out of her life, and is accusing her. Nurbhay says Ishaani is accusing Naina so that she goes to jail and Ishaani returns to Ranveer. He says he will just call police. Ranveer comes there, he says no one will call anyone. He covers Ishaani behind his back, he says Ishaani is his love and no one will touch her. Nurbhay says his sister Naina wants to marry him, so he will marry Naina and Ishaani must go to jail. Ranveer asks for what. Nurbhay asks can’t he see the body of the dead. Ranveer says alright, he will end this body. He throws kerosene on the body ad lights the match stick. Ishaani asks what he is saying. Ranveer firmly says that she did what she wanted, now she must let him do what he wants to.

PRECAP: Nurbhay give Ishaani’s hand into Ranveer, he tells them to stay happy and together may be his wife also gets happy with this. They smile and hug each other.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Keerthi

    Awesome episode I cried a lot for Ishveer today even my mom started to cry saying that they could have extended this serial for some more months ….. Shakti became my mom favorite today when he sided ishaani and said she ll not go to jail…..just 24 hours more for the last episode God please do something and make the producers start MATSH 2 with our Ishveer soon

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    My god for what I’m going eagerly wait from Monday dear……..??????
    Just then focus on studies no TV then its just waste of time………..
    Hate colors I was only watching this stupid channel because of MATSH now I’m just done with it………guys u know when I told to my mom that MATSH is now ending she just jumped off….and just laugh at me…..hope this is only done to me……..not to you guys. ………..
    I’m shocked that people like Naina also have boyfriends…… who may love a girl like Naina…?????? I’m confused…………

  3. rookey rookers

    today the 1st time when ishveer join i feel very hurtc. no no pls i beg u colors i beg matsh production team pls dont end it dont even dare tobend it . hope these days should be a daydream . i dont know murubga . vinayaga . anganaeya i need my matsh back ineed it pls . my days without matsh hoooo nooo i cant able to bear this pls . pls tomorrow how can i be a very wrost day of my life . aieyo . . . thax thax a very big thax sona . guys pls comment on some ff . i miss all ishveerians all who comment me and whom i comment i will watch all ur ff daily dear. . i cant realy today i am crying i need my matsh back .

  4. Manisha

    Yes.its really sad .tomorrow is the last episode.what to do I don’t unds.i will miss d show very much.ekta mam has really taken wrong decision to end matsh.pls do something and save our matsh and Shadhika.shakti is coming in Bcl with Mauni Roy.i like Shakti with Radhika only.we want matsh 2.

  5. Wow what a show,today i saw my ishveer teary eyes
    .i cant control myself still now iam crying,oh what a love,ishani sacrifce her love for ranvi,ranvi understanf her true love,tis is love,pure love,iam very much impressed about tis show,i learnt what is true love,guys we r scolding previousy for dragging the serialna,but now i realize y they r seperate ishveer becoz of that seperation today we got a fantastic episodena,what a love what a sacrifice,i challenge to the writers,actors that no one can beat my matsh and no one can do acting better than my shadhika,they r not acting just live as ishveer,they gife their soul for that charecters,shadhika where r u drs i want u see back,pls come,o reappy miss u,i cant live without u,god i write tis with my teary eyes so if u hv mercy do some miracle and give my shadhika back,u suck my soul shadhika really i fl bad today,tmrw last hw can i live without u,even i die for u ishveer,u r the true love,u teach me what is true love,sure it help me in my life,

  6. So soon ishveer r gonna unite ah… i have big doubt…. nd if they unite, i think so agn they wil show us 4 yrs leap…… nd new problem arise btwn them r they wil show happy ending….. im waiting for tmrw epi…

  7. marry (ishveer eternal love suceed atlast

    uffffffffffffffffff atlast ishveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr u r going dont go but u r gone actually……… atlast ishveeer lovestory starts by tomorrow from the last episode actually……………aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh waiting for that eagerlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank u so much ishveer for giving us this meaning of love i alwayzzz remember u……… u alwayz in my heart MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI 2014 to 2016 most lovest time for me u come up with season 2 or not but i alwaayzzzzzzzzzzzz remember u………..i really didnt know didnt know what is the difference between ishveer and shadikha but actually i m a big big big big fan of ishveer actually i really didnt see a lovestory like this before it have some flaws in middle but i really like u matsh and one thing i really learn from this serial that whenever 2 lovebirds meet there is alwaysss a romantic rain ishveer every meet have romantic rain from the 1st episode…..but whenever there will b rain i reallymiss u ishveer ur lovestory actually based on romantic rain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ishveeeeeeeeeeeeer i m soooooooooooo happpppppy that i m a fan and regular veiwer of matsh ishveer i miss u but i love u and i really dont know shadikha after tomorrow i just know my ishveeeeeeeeeer i m true lover of ishveer actullyyyyyyyyy ishveer eternal love suceeded forever………………and forever…………..

  8. Tmrw there is no precap guys,iam crying no words from me..i love my ishveer i love u ishveer i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i cant love without u..water and food is essential for Life,now ishveer also essential for my life.,shadhika u listen me na,i want u back my cutiepies..pls do matsh 2 Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    • Ya sathya also want my cutiee pies…we will waiting for their re wish is..the re entry tym ishveer avungaloda luvrs a break up pantu..ivunga rendu perum luv brds aa varnu..i mean neha and ishan….

  9. ishveer scenes Loved it …? …
    Love u ishveer / shadika ….. !!

    only tommro … epi

    Iam crying ….. How can i live without ishveer …..?

    My life tommr after like a hell ….

    • marry (ishveer eternal love suceed atlast)

      take this in a goood way u feel releif dear………….otherwise u become hurt………….

    • Sathya dr me too hav sam feelings dr….i can’t control my tears dr..gud bye shadhika..plzz come back ishveer as matsh2 soon..all ishveerisn’s wait for ur reentry guyzz..plzz com back soon guyzz luv u ummmmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhh guyzzz

  10. it is stupid serial in world no-1………..the Ektamam is think that viewers of meri aashique tumse hi are show of begining there is no Nurbehr shing .she think that the serial is no way to move on forward she is playing meaningless stroy.views plase think it seriously when ishani and ranveer go to jail they are punichment to death.but how can ritika comes is fulllllllll of bakbas.plase do waste time to see the serial and energy .in 10pm starts to show another serial of your choice in which we can fell reality. I humble request meri aashiuqe tumse hi viewers in this time show Maharana Pratpa in STARPLUS because it is totally waste of time and energy … and mohit abroal(Nerbhay) do not well educated and speak hindi well. due to this reason this this show go offAir.still colors Production team not seemed. are you human being?other wise a human being thing i will hangup with rope.stupidless persons are in meri aashiqui tumse hi writter. my foot.

  11. rookey rookers

    guys all are thinking matsh fans are fed up with our matsh . but we should show them not like that all die heart fansof ishveer pls vote for matsh 2 pls . . and as pervthe learn teach by ranvi for me personally i should not say this word but still o day colors elwill get last place in trp sure 100cent . nodoubt many of u said colors will worry for that one day waiting 4that . nagin was hit bec. arjun he became familiar bec. of my matsh i hope i am right . every true ishveerians can understand my emotin . if i hurt domeone sry . but still . . noting to say only my are filled with tears ishveer 4 ever . ishveetians 4 ever . 4ever lover of ranvi

  12. ishveer scenes Loved it …? …
    Love u ishveer / shadika ….. !!

    only tommro … epi

    Iam crying ….. How can i live without ishveer …..?

    My life tommr after like a hell ….


  13. ishveer scenes Loved it …? …
    Love u ishveer / shadika ….. !!

    only tommro … epi

    Iam crying ….. How can i live without ishveer …..?

    My life tommr after like a hell ….


  14. Zia

    I can’t tolerate this. sirf ek din!
    I’m very very sad.don’t knw what to do!
    I feel like something which is so close to my heart is going to loss.
    I don’t knw what to say.
    after seeing the precap my eyes were filled with tears.
    @last IshVeer united!
    MATSH ended!
    luv u IshVeer and miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Mariya

    Tomorrow is last episode of matsh please guys say it is dream & not else.
    Buy I know it is not dream . I miss my ishveer veryyyy badlyyyyy

  16. aby

    your performance are always fabulious shakti and radhika-shakti pair is always looking awesome. but really sad news for us that your show will be going off-air we will miss u ishveer.thanks to u both to give mind blowing performance and be our favourite idols .your show will always unforgetable for us. we will miss u both always. u both will being memorable for us.good-bye

  17. Mariya

    I can’t express my emotions . ishveer you are besttttt superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb,niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee , & very very cute

  18. Mariya

    We want matsh 2 please friends do something .
    We miss matsh veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Keerthi

      Yeah vyshu hell with colors TV they are doing too much….I have a doubt vyshu if something wrong happened between ekta and shadhika or between rajnayak and shadhika I feel like the show did not go off air because of low trp something is there which we don’t know but God is watching all and this colorstv and ekta will definitely face downfall in their lives for ruining the happiness of so many fans and for separating this awesome lovable and magical couple….. Ithu yen sabham after going through downfall u ll know the value of MATSH ekta and colorstv

  19. Plz shadhika cm back vid a new season sooon. true ishveer fan would evr watch swaragini…..??..couldn’t they had shown matsh…till kasam get on air??

  20. Shażñä

    So touchy epi..lovd ishveer scenes n got teary eyed whil watching last moments f ishveer…tommo last epi n left oly few last ishveer moments… feeling sad 🙁 😮 nvr felt so sad abt any shw ending..i dono y n evn sumtyms i feel y m thinking so mch abt ishveer as its a thn realises tat m too mch addictd n emotionally attachd to ths shw..m gonna miss u so mch ishveer 🙁 luv u ishveet forevr ♥♥♥

    i hope colors n ekta ll undrstand their mistake n ll cme up wid season 2….waiting fr matsh 2♥♥♥

    Watchd trp chart tody n happy tat lost al slot leader shws oly simar left nw…colors gt 2nd bcz f nagin n simar n thapki..colors lost so mny viewrs bcz f kapil shw ended…big mistake by colors z ending kapils shw n nw aftr tommorow ll lose matsh fans lso…

    From last 1 month colors promotd too mch oly swaragini bt still trp btw oly 2.3-2.5 lol 😀 Evn our matshs milan track trp was better than ths btw 2.8-2.5 😉 matsh lost itz trp oly aftr nirbhayz track strtd n makers suddenly decided to end up n ended 😮

  21. yadoo

    2 morows last episode:(:(
    Hope theres some gud news about matsh 2. And the ishveer scenes loved it<3 Shadhika/Ishveer as always rocking!!!!!

  22. yadoo

    2 morows last episode:(:(
    Hope theres some good news about matsh 2. And the ishveer scenes took away my breath loved it<3 Shadhika/Ishveer as always rocking!!!!!

  23. yadoo

    im a litle bit lucky cuz in my channel the track is still where ranveer started hating ishani after seein her pics wid chirag
    Hope seeing radz n shakti bak on tv wid matsh 2 soon

  24. Meenu

    Realy its a very news this show will be over now but colour channel are incomplete without this show plz dont over this show think some story about it

  25. Anjali

    Hi guys!!! I’m new here, but I am a huge fan of IshVeer. I believe in love after seeing them… Guys, I recently found a book on Wattpad which is dedicated to this couple. I takes you down the memory lane of MATSH and is a treat for all the fans. Do read it and vote for it to make our IshVeer eternal….The name is “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” by tullynkate

  26. I have been seeing this serial from the starting and i cant belive that tomorrow it will end
    I love u matsh
    Wishing and waiting to see matsh 2

  27. imane

    Hi… MATSH is ending tomorow! what is this !!!!!??????? Everyone on this page claimed their Love for this serial and i can just share the same feelings 🙁 this story taught us what Love can be through differents shades.. Frienship, Husband/wife’s relationship, partners’s relationship… It only miss parents’s relationship and they could become complete 🙁 AMAZING and BREATHTAKING work of art that will stay in memories …

  28. sana

    I loved ishveer scenes and precap was awesome .today there is no precap.l can’t think about.l feel to cry.l never loved a serial like this serial is my heart and ishveer is in my every single breath.l am always thinking about them.l am missing them my breath is going from me.pls shadhika come back many fans are waiting for u.

  29. raji

    Keerthi,sathya in shakthi’s twitter page he retweets which would like a pair on screen …india forums post ..which shows that he may wants matsh2 dr …wht u say …guys only one 1day just half an hour we see our shadhika ….pls tell me any good news about matsh 2 ….without shadhika my life is a hell…..

    • Keerthi

      Definitely dear he wants MATSH 2 not only him even radhika wants MATSH 2 ….I saw in the interview that when shakti said that whenever he thought about MATSH his eyes would well up when I signed up for it ,I vowed that I would do anything to make it a hit- mai apni jaan dal dunga when you value something uski shiddat karte ho, it means a lot . I am obviously emotional now . I don’t want it to go offair
      Radhika said I did not believe it, at first. Of course, people were calling me and asking about it, but I told them that I got no call from the channel or production house. After I got the news, I was extremely disheartened. I feel hollow from inside. The show was our baby – Shakti and mine, we took care of it. I don’t know how to react.”
      Well shadhika we miss u both a lot and we are all crying….i wish the makers come up soon with season2 soon and make all our fans happy wat say dear

  30. Azia

    Only one day…aaj ka bhad matsh hmara pass nahin he….i hope kasam will also like our matsh….but in kasam there is no ishveer and shadika..i love u ishveer…….we will surely miss u……i cant control my emotion…what to do?how can we get back our matsh???? Plz start matsh2 from monday onwards……

    • Keerthi

      Yeah dear I am praying daily for some miracle to happen y is God doing like this y did he bring them together as Ishveer planted love in our hearts and y did he separate them by stopping this show… I am crying so much being from chennai I never watched any Hindi serial like this but this one was the first serial I ever watched eagerly and happily shadhika are magical onscreen and from now on I won’t watch any other serial other than their….yeh hai aashiqui is airing on bindass at 21st. February 6.30 pm I guess shakti will be in it if he is there I ll be partially happy to see him atleast onscreen and the bcl2 is starting on February 28th at 4.30pm and ll be telecasted every Sunday I suppose

  31. K.praveena

    Yesterday i did not write my comment bcoz i cries a lot and i did not slept well its only matsh ending. And previous epi i saw my matsh in my teary eyed. Matsh only one epi.

  32. K.praveena

    Yesterday i did not write my comment bcoz i cries a lot and i did not slept well its all 4 only matsh ending. And previous epi i saw my matsh in my teary eyed. Matsh only one epi.

  33. Matsh2 should be back soon

    Guys..matsh is going to end on Feb 26th..yesterday I have seen the latest update in YouTube..Hoping it should be true.feel happy frns.atleast v are going see our matsh for another 1week.. Gonna miss u MATSH very very very badly..this is the only serial I have been watching continuously without any break..:( 🙁 ..

  34. raji

    Keerthi,sathya why this is happen to matsh fans dr ….my eyes r filled with tears….i can’t slept well yes ….night …i only thinking about shadhika ….i don’t know what happen to me …..lots fans fight for matsh 2 ….i hope it may happen soon…i am crying …couldn’t stop my tears…shadhika is the best couple in the world …no one take,beat their place ….we miss u shadhika badly…pls come with matsh2 ….

  35. raji

    Sathya,keerthi shakthi cast in man meian hi vishawass…new show which is season 2 show deqr ..aired on sony tv …dr ..i dont know the lead female ..
    I pray to god its our radz ….its a conformed news by india forms ethat twittwr page dr…i am crying dr….pls pls god its our radz ….

  36. Mariya

    Dhurva dear this is also done with me . my mom say it is ending & laugh. I am so sad dear I miss my ishveer so badly





    ….. CHANNEL ….. YESTrday epi …
    U saw they are cutted I

    YOU ….. kNOW GUYS ….


    TO MATSH 2 …. AGAIN ???????????????????????????


  38. raji

    Sathaya,keerthi it may be reality show like sathyamevajayathe ….he will be the host of this show …initially i am totally upset with this news…unalso search &command about ….any way we want matsh 2…..i am totally confused….now iam in relaxed

  39. Ya raji dt iam also crying till now from yes onwards,when i saw yes episode oh my god what an acting from shadhika,how we can live without oir ishveer dr,today is last epsiode,i mever thought before matsh gonna end very soon,we hv to do something dr

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya I am from chennai only dear i see uu also in polimer and daily night seeing old episodes of MATSH in rishtey …….but really sad my husband says wait for one month they become a pair together in another serial which will become a huge hit God had planned and seperated them for some reason we ll come to know it soon …so I stopped crying and praying when my hubby says something it always happens so I am praying God only dear now …..but I ll definitely miss shakti and radhika..

  40. raji

    Sathya ,keerthi its a show dr ..aired on sony tv …season 1 2007 …total episods 60…ok now i am in cool…i cant imagine shakthi without radZ…..i dont know dr what happen to me …i am in full of stresss…now i qm relaxed ..drs

  41. arohi

    hey guyz its time for you to vote for your favourites
    visit to vote

    the nominations for the best show are
    4.thapki pyaar ki
    5.sasural simar ka

    the nominations for the best actor are

    the nominations for the best actress are
    3.anandi(balika vadhu)

    the nominations for rising star(best debut) are
    3.bihaan(thapki pyaar ki)
    5.thapki(thaki pyaar ki)

    the nominations forfavourite child artist are
    1.nimboli(balika vadhu)

    the nominations for the fav jodi are
    2.swara – sanskaar
    3.aryan – aaradhya
    4.viplav – dhani
    5.bihaan – thapki

    please do vote for your favourites i have done mine already!!!

  42. K.praveena

    Guys just go to meri aashiqui latest news. Just now i read shadhika interview. Shakti and radhika r emotionaly talk abt their feelings. Both r don’t want matsh going off air. And i read their interview in my teary eyed. Oh no. I can’t explain my feelings.

    • Keerthi

      Praveena I cried only dear……..I pray God only for them to come back in MATSH 2 I could not even eat from the morning whom will make me smile if not shadhika….when I see them both onscreen I forget all my worries now wat ll I do…..both of them were the pillars of MATSH y God is not listening to our cries??

  43. sathya …. dr yestrday 11.00 pm …. i go to kitchen nd take knife ….? dr i want to kill my self but ….. my mom come nd scold me dr ….

    If my mom didnt come to the kitchen ….. then iam no more in the world dr …..

    Really i cant live without ishveer ….

    • Keerthi

      Vyshu please don’t do this dear…if MATSH 2 season starts everything will be alright….have faith and trust in God he ll definitely bring them back together …..I have trust in God he ll bring them back please don’t think like this life is very precious

    • sana

      What u r saying Vyshu dr.l am just shocked.don’t do this again dr.if u go from the world how could u see our matsh 2 and shadhika again? Pray for good dr.take care pls.

    • Mariya

      Vyshu dear please don’t do again. Please take car of your self . life is come only one time . & without hope life has no meaning. So please don’t loss your hopes please

    • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Vyshu dr. are you gone mad yaar…….pls don’t do that again if MATSH 2 is really to come than you’ll miss it dr. and pls at least think about family and friends…..with stress sometime I also think like this but what’ll get we should have to fight yaar not to. go back….its time to save Shadhika….I have sent an message to meri aashqiui times hi fb page not to stop it….hope they might read it…..and don’t dare to do this again…

  44. raji

    Keerthi dr me alsonthe same feeling dear …we do something for themmm…god pls listen our cries plsplspls….

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji saw ur comments dear I am really excited to see shakti in the new show…. But I want shadhika together soon….I am eagerly waiting for bcl2 to watch shakti and radhika as they both are in different teams shakti once said in bcl2 launch interview that he would aim the ball at radhika’s face as she is short but let’s c how he is going to bowl for radhika in bcl2.

  45. raji

    Keerthi ur from chennai … i am from kovai dr ….i see urave uyire …ravi & shalini rocking in it ..what a love dr …yes i saw rv reaction & cry dear …..

  46. K.praveena

    Keerthi. Do u know. Today i?m not going to my class. My health is not well. Bcoz yesterday i cries a lot to saw matsh epi and my eyes becomes reddish. And i feel very weak.also u noticed i did not comment in yesterday.when matsh epi ends previous day then i go my röom and i shut the door and cries badly. So mam scold me and could not allows me to go to class.but still i’m criying. I could not control myself.

    • Keerthi

      Praveena don’t cry dear ….I feel God has given this seperation for shadhika for some reason.. He ll definitely unite them in MATSH 2 or any other show they will come back with a power packed performance keep watching… It’s been years since I went to church i ll go on Sunday and pray for my shadhika to come back we should have positive thought dear to make positive things happen definitely God listen to our plea..if we keep on crying it’s gone gone means negativity will only prevail my mom said have faith in God he ll bring them back together pray for shadhika our prayers are always more powerful than negativity

  47. K.praveena

    I can’t imagine this is the last day epi of matsh i have to see my tv. I never expect this situation. How i will manage myself without matsh show. Just go to utube i must see ishveer once again but this is not proper soln to me (sry not only me its tough time to all matsh loyal lovers.)

  48. K.praveena

    Keerthi, sathya, vyshu, arham raji, and all matsh lovers. I know we r travelling same boat lyk matsh show. And we r facing same problem. But guys we don’t want lose our hope. Once day god hear to all matsh lover voice and i have some hope that our matsh season comes soon so we want post our feelings in fb, twitter lyk.

  49. K.praveena

    Plz guys. We don’t lost our hope and matsh2 definitely comes soon. We r true fans of matsh show. God can’t be betrayed us.i don’t know y my tears fell down.

  50. Manisha

    I am also very sad for matsh ending hope they give us matsh 2 a days episodes are very good but still we get low trp .why ?i don unds.they have done injustice with they will end it now they have kept many thing unclear.what abt ishanis family ,his papa etc so they must show matsh 2 soon.they can’t get chemistry like Shadhika .hope they realise soon and decide to make season 2.nothing much to say today.feeling very sad.we love to see Shakti as a Ranveer only and Radhika as a Ishani only.we can’t see them with different looks awkward.they both look good with each other.

  51. very good to hear about the end of matsh because Ekta is completing a show after so much dragging . liked Ishveer very much but not in a mood to see another Ekta’s story.

  52. K.praveena

    raji just now i saw ur comment dr. I feel very happy but i want shadhika only. And raji thanx dr 4 ur news.

  53. K.praveena

    Plz vyshu dr. Don’t do that dr and don’t say that the word again. I really getting scared to c ur comment. Even i also fèel the same. But we have to fight. We don’t want to accept the defeat so easily. I know we r feel very bad that our matsh ends. But we have to show our strenght na.

  54. K.praveena

    Raji where did u get the news dr. One day ago i saw ranvi comeback in other tv and its confirm news and but lead pair role not revealed dr.

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya I literally cried when shakti said
      Radhika knows my mood swings, which are frequent. I also understood hers. Radhika would be irritated and cranky on some days, when she would shout at technicians – aur sabka class leti thi. I knew how to calm her down. We handled each other’s moods perfectly. I will miss the unsaid chemistry between us, which is rocking.and when radhika said
      Shakti played a huge role initially. He would come to my room and make me rehearse my dialogues. He knew my lines and his by heart. He worked really hard on me. There is a divine connection between Ranveer and Ishaani – whenever we came together for the emotional scenes, they were perfect.
      And when asked whether they ll pair up again shakti answered
      I don’t think we should pair up immediately. The audience needs a break. However, we could come back when people really start missing us maybe after a couple of years or a year and a half. It should be with a fresh story, new look and novel concept. I will, of course, say yes to working with her. I know what bond we share!
      and when asked to Radz she said
      I would love to do another show with him. Our bond is simply amazing.
      So it’s all within our hands dear we have to keep on trending until they start MATSH 2 and or another serial which will have them in the lead pair

  55. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb ending yaad can’t wait for tmr epi and reunion of ishveer was superb and pls we want matsh season-2 they are best and colors TV this show less trp for 2weeks for that you are ending then many shows you should end first end ssk crap

  56. aysha

    Hlw every one, am also huge fan of this show.. love ishveer so much.. nd am also a silent reader of the updates.. nd i also like all ur cmnts especially praveena,keerthi,sathya.. its gud to see MATSH got such a die hard fans.. and am also sad that ths show is going to end.. hope they will come vth season 2 soon.. love u ishveer

  57. raji

    Sathya , keerthi shakthi …radhika tell in ainterview they both want to work in future ……we hope with they come back soon with matsh 2 ….i just see in the twittwr page …

  58. Mariya

    Thanks praveena for news about matsh trp. I am also think that it is fake right.& please take care of your self please yaar . hope ishveer come with matsh 2 .

  59. Mariya

    Thanks praveena for giving news about matsh trp.I hope trp is increased but no . it is not increasingly. I am also think that it is fake right. & please take care of your self please yaar . hope ishveer come with matsh 2 . & take your self


    Hai sathya. Thanx 4 ur caring dr. Even i also try to get well soon. Bt my mind önly thinks abt matsh shows.

  61. Azia

    We want matsh2… Plz stop that stupid swaragini..and start our matsh2..
    .zia saraswathichandra theernnappol ninakku valliya sangadamayirunnallo athupoleya enikku….e serial matrammanu njan continues aayi kandathu….plz we r begging u…don’t stop our matsh…keerthi,Praveena,Zia.plz tell
    dont stop our matshhhhhhh..???

    • Keerthi

      I am trending in Twitter only dear hope definitely MATSH 2 will start soon but we have to wait patiently and have faith in god

  62. Vyshu dr pls see my above comment and go through the web dr,in that shadhika told they r really want to work together,so pls dnt lose ur hope,i am also hv that same feelimgs dr,but sure our true love bringback our ishveer soon,pls dr my humble request pls dnt get frustrated

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Yes I am agree with sathya dear please don’t lose hope vyshu dear & all ishveer lover . they come soon in matsh 2

    • Keerthi

      Sathya did vyshu reply back I am really worried of her hope she is fine….
      I did not see any of her comments dear

  63. MATSH …. Shakti aora nd

    Radhika madan go down

    memory lane as the show

    runs its last episode to


    The passionate love story is

    one of the most loved

    Romance of recent times

    This might be one helluva

    disappointing news for their

    hard fans but there is logic

    behind it. well all good things
    have to come to an end

    sadly, In the case of MATSH

    finale is little Abrupt to nght,
    we will see the last episode

    of the much – loved soap that
    told the story of loyalty, love

    and friend ship. was aslo one

    most Romantic shows of

    Recent times. Fans will miss

    the little nok jhok, Ranveer

    efficiency in drapping sarees,

    passionate embraces.. eyelock

    and unspoken communication

    That made the lead pairs

    chemistry a truely scorching


    In Exclusively conservation, The
    lead pair opens up to bolly wood life about the show

    1) How would u describe MATSH in ur life ?

    shakti : Every one looks for a
    turning point in life. I had one
    show previously thinking they

    would change my fortunes

    which never happened MATSH

    gave me everything i craved

    for- name, fame , money,

    recognition nd fan following by
    god grace , it happened to me

    when social media was at its

    peak if it happened four years
    ago I would not have got that

    kind of exposure MATSH came

    at the right time for years , i

    would fight with god about the
    kind of work I got, I would say
    if i get that show i will make

    it a hit nd do everything

    possible, but those chances

    never come I got all my

    answers with MATSH sucess

    comes when it is destined.

    Radhika : The show has

    changed me as a person. I

    was a stone heartened girl

    in the sense, I had no

    emotional quoitent I never

    cried for the 19 yrs… of my

    life. My mom used to wonder

    whether i had emotions or not

    MATSH has made me so soft

    nd sensitive it has changed my

    dreams nd aspirations I have

    got everything from this show.
    i am very thankful to everyone

    2)Did the news of show going off air make

  64. u tear- eyed ?

    shakti : i did not cry per

    se but- Yeah, whenever i

    thought about it, my eyes

    would well up when i signed
    up for it, i vowed that i

    would do anything to make
    it a hit- Mai apni jaan dal dunge…

    when u value something,

    uski shiddat karte ho, it

    means a lot . i m

    obviously emotional now.

    i dont want it to go off

    air. But auidence has lost

    hope that they will get to

    see the Ranveer – ishanis


    That was the base of the

    show. The other tracks were
    not so happening as per

    their opinion. Rv and ishani

    have got back but it is

    little late

    Radhika : i did not believe

    at first of course pple

    were calling me and

    asking about it, but i told

    them that i got no call

    frm the channel or produc

    house After i got the news

    i was extremely disheartened
    i feel hollow from inside

    The show was our baby –

    shakti nd mine, we took

    care of it. I dont know

    How to react

  65. Ranaji(narendran)

    Hi everyone you force all to write ff but does not comment??????i sent today epi of my ff to tellyupdates they will soon post it but you should comment or pls don’t torcher to write sorry if I hurted someone but you all mean it you concentrate her then ff??pls do support me and others then only they will think to write next epi or they will think of stopping only

    • Mariya(miss you ishveer)

      Sorry ranaji I am busy with my studies so I am commenting late in your ff. But it is very very nice please don’t stop your ff.
      Already matsh going off air so i am very very disappointed . if any one not update the ff then we are going so disappointed . & we are connect to each other only by matsh . but also we are friends so please don’t go away from our matsh friends circle please.

    • sana

      If I hurted u l am really sorry Ranaji.actually I trying my best to comment in all matsh ffs.don’t stop ur ff pls.

  66. 3 ) which are ur favourite scenes from – the show ?

    shakti : There are a few

    scenes i love . one of

    the first one is when, i

    cry like a baby in the

    bathroom… After ishanis

    marriage is fixed else

    where i had to deepict

    how heart broken i was

    it was hugely appreciated

    by audiences, critics top

    director nd pple from the

    production house. The scene

    where I got shot for the

    first time was aslo quite

    special. The show was at its

    peak then all of us where

    extremely enthusiastic about
    every thing… It was an

    emotional scene nd both

    of us cried our hearts out

    My suicide scene where

    i stood on the railing

    of bridge 100 feet to cryz

    Above a creek was .. quite

    a horrifying… experience. i

    was wearing no cable

    or harness on an extremely

    windy day. i had zero

    coinfiendence in my

    felt but my director was

    confident that i did pull off

    very well nd the trps

    soared lastly. it will be

    the scene on to nght .epis

    where Rv nd ish finally

    confess their love nd reunited

    Radhika: well , there were

    Many who said i could not
    act for nuts. And that i

    was just good looking i

    remember after gun shot

    scene, i was supposed… i

    wept nd there was pin

    drop silence…. on the sets

    No one said anything

    then, my director walked

    upto me , Hugged me nd

    said im proud of beta …

    That was the moment

  67. 4) How has MATSH changed ur perception about life , love nd relation ships ?

    Shakti : ideas about love keeps … on changing
    whenever u meet a new
    person in ur life Thats bcouz ur equation
    keeps evolving . if i speak about Ranveer nd MATSH, I
    feel , ISHVEER… have magical almost divine chemistry…
    They sparkle whenever they come together the emotions nd
    tears come naturally.
    I have romanced in my earlier shows but Ranveer nd ishani tuning
    was sheer magic

    Radhika : i Ran away frm
    the shoot one day. i was
    a pampered spoilt child
    who knew she would
    get away with
    lused to sleep daily 14 – 16 hours here i was shooting
    non – stop for 24 hours, 48
    hours nd what not Then,
    people told me that i could
    not run away. i used to go home nd cry
    wondering what i was doing
    with my life. All that frustration…
    vanished when i saw my
    first scene on tv.
    i felt it was totally
    worth if
    when i held my 1 st award
    the show has made me a
    strong er person
    i know good acting is ..
    important when pple tell
    me that have shed tears
    with me, i felt it is
    worth while


    Thanx vyshu dr 4 this news. I’m really proud to say that i’m die heart fan of radhika and shakti.

  69. 5) Tell us about us relation
    ship with Radhika madan, u co- star…

    Shakti : we were great friends
    on the sets Radhika nd I
    are bulls …. Taureans…
    we have huge egos..
    but that was only there
    for each other
    ( laughs uproariously ).
    we used to fight
    nd make up. off sets, we never partied together.
    we did not prefer to party
    as we have different set of
    friends. However , at work
    were the best of buddies

    woh mujhe bahut acche
    se janti aur samajhti… hai
    Radhu knows my mood
    swings,… which are frequent.
    i aslo understood hers
    Radhika would be irritated
    nd cranky on some days,
    when she would shout
    at technicians – aur sabka..
    class leti thi …. i knew

    How to calm her down. we handled each other moods perfectly.

    CHEMISTRY B/ W us,
    which is Rocking…

    Radhika : well , i did not i know the A of acting
    I Remember at the start, we used to take 10- 15 -20
    retakes for a shot nd i thought it was normal.

    Everyone was so patient
    with me in a shift for 12 hours, we complete only a shoot or a shot nd half i would wonder. why everyones so slow. Then i
    realized that i cant act nd
    bcouz of me, everything
    moves at a snails pace

    Shakti played a huge role
    intially. He would come to
    my room nd make me rehearse my dialogues

    He knew my lines nd his by heart he worked really
    hard on me There is divine connection B/w Ranveer nd ishani whenever we came together for the emotion scenes, they were perfect


    Beginining of the show i’m big, immense, huge, grt fan of ishani then day by day i lyk ranvi too. Now i not crazy fan of ishveer. Bcoz crazyness will be cleared in once day. So i die heart fan of ishveer.


    Today last epi of matsh. But i feel its my last day of my life. My tears fell down. I did not concentrate anything. Oh no . God plz help me.

  72. raji

    Praveena dr just i see u r command …shakthi may host the show i think dear….mann mein hai vishwass… name….aired on sony tv ….pls see.the forum….

  73. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes sathya dear I am also very disappointed with matsh is going off air . but I don’t lose my hope I think after half or a year matsh come with new story & track.

  74. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Yes sathya dear they are very natural actors . we love ishveer alotttttttttttt.
    & thanks for sharing this interview links.

  75. 6) considering people love ur jodi do we see you two teaming up once again ?

    Shakti : i dont think we should pair up immediately. The auidence needs a break However, we could come back when pple really start missing u may be after a couple of yrs or a yr and a half
    It should be with a fresh story, new look nd novel concept, i will of course , say yes to working with her I know what bond we share !

    Radhika : i would love to work with shakti to another show our bond is simply amazing …

  76. sana

    I am also thinking the same dr.they had already told that sometimes they don’t want glycerin.when they look at each other’s eyes they get emotional.that makes them more spl.they r brilliant actors.going to miss them badly.hope they will come soon together.

  77. Nishaanth

    Sorry typing error new show telecasting on feb 7 sumthng den y dey finishing meri aashiqui tumse hi today itself

  78. Guys …. i am fine dont worry …..!
    Iam typing slownly …. shadika interview … divert my mind …
    thanks for caring me …. all ishveerians love you guys …. ???????

  79. K.Praveena

    Iaiba and hs plz yaar. Comment in fb, twitter lyk. We want support our matsh. We want trend setter of matsh2.

  80. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Guys any one know how to use similes . like crying laughing similes in comments & ff . please tell guys I am waiting please

  81. what

    I’m came here to read the comments .. soo fool you people this is drama why you people get so serious about. just chill don’t get it to your life.. ish veer is not a real couple they ate acting no one in earth like them.. humans think in mind not as foolish.

  82. renu

    thanks for written update!! nice epi….sad to listen airoff of dis nice show!!!my heart shattered down!! by friends n MATSH fans…..

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