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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani goes to call someone as Behlul’s condition worsens. She calls them to get some doctor or medicines for him. She gives him water and asks him to have it. He tells Ishaani to stay away from him. Ishaani is worried how he will live without medicine when he has so much cough. He says poor man has a lot of way to live. He used to speak love with his wife, he used to forget his ailment. Ishaani asks if he loves his wife a lot. The man says they used to work together, he mortgaged his land for her treatment when she fall ill. When she got well he went to the mortgager asking him for land. The man jailed him and returned the land. He got away from his love. Ishaani says she is also here for love. She says she just wants her Ranveer’s wellbeing. The man asks if she wants his treatment.

Ishaani says tomorrow he will get his face back. She says he is beautiful and doesn’t know where he is living. Behlul asks what the need of living here is, she must run away and must see her husband. He tells Ishaani he will run away today from here, she must also come with him. Ishaani wipes her tears and stands up going away from her. She says she can’t put Ranveer’s life in danger. Behlul says when they will come to know, she must be with Ranveer. He says if she lives here she will die here. Ishaani asks if he can kill her. Behlul says this man sacrifices every person on a special day. That is why he always separates lovers. He tells Ishaani to run away and when they both will help each other, they can get away from here. He shows her that there are no signals on the camera, she isnt watching them now. Behlul tells Ishaani that he hid a screwdriver, it may help them and unbolts the window bars. He gets out of the window and tells Ishaani this is the last chance to run away, they won’t get another chance. He jumps out and then waits for Ishaani who jumps out too.
Ritika comes to her room and finds the jail room empty. She calls Deshwal, the goon and asks where they both are. She is afraid that now he won’t leave them. She sends men to find them both. She says that Ishaani can’t win every time.
Ishaani and Behlul run on the road. Behlul tells Ishaani about a garden where they won’t get caught. Ishaani follows him. The goons come looking for them. Deshwal says they must have gone towards forest. Behlul urges Ishaani to run fast. He fell himself on ground. Ishaani says she thinks they must go back now. Behlul says they will shoot them now. Ishaani says what if they do something to Ranveer. Behlul tells her to fulfill the promise she did to herself. The goons look into the forest and spread across. They are finally caught by the goons. Behlul and Ishaani still try to hide, Behlul tells Ishaani to part ways.
Ritika questions the goons that this is their area, where she might find. He tries to answer but she slaps him saying she doesn’t want a reply but Ishaani only. She tells Deshwal that he and his men are of no use. She is worried what she will reply to him, he will kill Ranveer if Ishaani isnt found. Ishaani calls them not to do anything to Ranveer, she is here. Ritika comes there, looks at Ishaani. Ishaani says she got astray for some time, only because she wanted to see Ranveer. She realized that Ranveer got well only because of her, she came back. Ritika tells Deshwal to bring the man to her, she wants to teach Ishaani a lesson. Deshwal says he is half dead already due to beating. Ritika says atleast he is alive. She drags Ishaani downstairs. Ishaani watches the worsening condition of Behlul Singh. Ritika stares for a while. Ritika says the one who tries to leave this place also leaves this world. She shoots Behlul with a bullet. Ishaani gets hysteric and asks why…? Ritika holds her back. Ishaani cries for him and asks why Ritika killed him? Ritika tells her to shut up, if she has forgotten there is life for life. Ishaani shouts that they are all animals, why they hate lovers. Ritika says he didn’t love his wife, else he wouldn’t have run away but have stayed here for her love. She tells them to take his body from here. Ishaani cries.

PRECAP: Ishaani was happy that Ranveer’s life will now be back to normal life in that house, only she wont be there. Ranveer speaks to Ishaani’s photo that he has counted six months only to take revenge from Ishaani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What rubbish!!!!!

  2. Ya guys tell me something how to write a fan fiction ???

    1. Stop reading meri ashiqui tum se hi or whatever name of this serial in hindi serials they just fool peoples and keep on running shows…. I advise u to see sab tv serials they r really good espclly tarak mehta ka oolta chashma

    2. Stop reading meri ashiqui tum se hi or whatever name of this serial in hindi serials they just fool peoples and keep on running shows…. I advise u to see sab tv serials they r really good espclly tarak mehta ka oolta chashma okk bye

      1. Tmkoc is my favorite show bcoz it has stories which are real not insane…

    3. Ranaji(narendran)

      Pls see my ff

  3. yar please reunite ishveer soon

  4. RIP ENGLISH ! @Meera

  5. Pls don’t drag too much its getting worsen day by day

  6. Total Bakwas.. 🙁

  7. When did ishaani &ran veer become ishveer

  8. Hi suga how are you?first evlo comments varum only 7 oh my elarum indha serial pakrtha stop panitnga pola nanum stop panita.evlo verupethranga mudila

    1. neenga tamil a super 🙂

    2. Nan malayalithaa.. ennikum konjam tamil theriyum or unkalude tamil enik pidchirikk..

    3. Iam good reena.. how r u?? Iam tired of watching Matsh.. watching only Ishveer..


  10. ee serial ki addict iyi..i made a big mistake..Bakwaas serial…im going to quitthis serial

  11. Bad akata kapoor

  12. Bullshit episode

  13. This serial is worsening day by day.

  14. Hi tamil guys..what going on the serial is too bad..evlo comments varum.epa onnume Ila..

    1. 100% True kan..

  15. Ishani always sacrifice herself but rv did’t understand everytime he is totally dump,what is going on,love is full of trust but in tis serial there is no trust pls ekta understand what is love then make any serial,i know there is no use for posting comment here i am great fan of matsh but now a days i’m stop watching matsh ,waste of time,matsh lost so many fans bcoz of their stupid story

  16. Could u plz reunite ranveer n ishani. This serial is supposed to be a love story n not a come near n go far n repeat d ordeal drama. In this serial u guys show love but no trust..longing but no togetherness. ..could u return to d original track n show ishveer happy n living a married normal life

  17. Ek dham bakwas

  18. Sorry to say dat MATSH is now like Nonsense Rhymes,a trash,a fudge,a absurd…..moreover today’s epi full of Poppycock:->but what 2 do?Afterall we r ISHVEER fans.HUH?

  19. I don’t know what i write in comment box. So sad 4 ishani. She did so many sacrifice only 4 ranvi. But now ranvi want take revenge 4 ishani. Ishani and ranvi both of them many times says this dialogue “one’s love enought 4 both” this means ishani only loves him. Ranvi hated on ishani. So many times ranvi hate ishani scence happen in matsh.

  20. Not lay ishanii cries even myself does on watching her blindness love for ranveer .. I CNT take it anymore… u writers I’m damn sure ur playing wit fans emotion …. on watching diz serial I cum to know how 1(ishani) can sacrifice for her love… diz s not true love but beyond tat… obstacles cums in lyf but having lay obstacles in lyf s such an idiotic one… but wen ranveer cum to know abt ishani’s true love and sacrifice for him den he s d person who I’ll get hurt d most… anyways love u ishveer… ur love I’ll never fail…

  21. marry quit(hate ishveer till reunion)

    trp of matsh falls down so much and all matsh lovers scared may b matsh going to b off air and alll the loyal loversssssss r happy becozzzzzzzzz they cant bear matsh poorest condition which is going on so its better to end the show…… uniteing our beautiful ishveeeer……………!!!!!!!! it is better than 0 trp…………..

  22. stupid writer n stupid story line…

  23. I really accept above marry quit comment. Still i comment the matsh only 4 i don’t want to see matsh seriel gets so much of down in trp rating. I don’t see like this. But ekta mam y r u understanding real matsh fans comments. U r still annoying the show like that.

  24. Just now i read about matsh show. Ishani escape from ritika clutchess and she goes to nibhray. And he also involved in ishveer seperation. He assumes that ranvi is murderer of his wife death. He thought ranvi did the car accident and his wife died in accident. So he wants to seperate ishani from ranvi and he wants to uses ishani be a new maid. I don’t know it’s really true or not..

  25. bakwaas karte jaa rhen hain plz reunite ishveer

  26. Begining of the seriel gets high trp rating compairing other seriel. But now matsh lost so many fans. This is not actor fault it’s all 4 script writter. Y r u creating seperation scence b’w ranvi and ishani. Even reuniting ishveer and make in some new track in matsh.

  27. It is an unconditional love ❤ story but no trust at all….rv should recollect his memories with ishaani at least after recollecting he will understand her love…and the important thing is he should not take revenge..then there is no meaning atall

  28. rubbish

  29. At first trp rating of matsh is so..high but now it is lowwww…see in rest of the serials they r concentrating on side actors story also at least for some u can unite them and revolve around the story of side actors I don’t know what problem do u guys have if u don’t have the ability to write then writers to better quittt..the serial

  30. reunite ishveer yar trp will automatically increase

  31. I think Ekta want 0 trp for matsh. pata hain ki ye serial usne banayi hain lekin is serial ko itni buri tarha she bigad ke rakhne ka use koi hakk nahi hain . many people just madly love this serial . I also.

  32. Ranaji(narendran)

    Ekta want this show to quit in Indian serial history only 5-8 epi ishveer will be happy and some problems will separate them. Such a crap, first chiraag,ritika,Milan and now also ritika, behlul Singh and now only they got fair and lovely sponsors pls ekta u unite them

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