Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mala was serving breakfast. Chaitali brings Ritesh out saying the jeweler is coming. The jeweler show his jewellery to Ritesh and Chaitali. He offers a set to Ritesh for his mother, Chaitali faints listening maa for herself. Ritesh asks the jeweler to leave and takes Chaitali to hospital. Amba complains her baba for not buying her any gift for Teej. He offers her to go market now, Amba takes Lakshmi as well. Ritika watches this and says everyone is leaving the house.
Ranveer comes to room to Ishaani and asks why she called him home. Ishaani says that he has always been her friend and fulfilled all her desires, now she wants to do this for him. She hands him a blank chit and asks him to write his three desires on them. Ranveer gets lost into Shekhar’s words in his office that day,

he had told Ranveer that only he can bring Ishaani’s memory back. Ishaani asks Ranveer if he doesn’t know what his desires are. Ranveer sits on the bed and writes the chits as Ishaani waits. Ranveer writes Stars, Dance, and Pottery. Ranveer says he wants to go back to their childhood, when they used to count stars from the roof of servant quarters, they used to dance and also made the shapes of clouds. He takes Ishaani upstairs then. Ritika is curt why RV came home so soon, she calls the killer to tell him Ishaani is on the roof and he has to kill her there.
On the roof, Ranveer spreads a bed cover on the floor. Both lay on the floor, Ranveer remembers that he always liked the sky from behind the clothes, but she always disliked. She asked him to remove the clothes but then she didn’t like the sky, so he used to put a transparent cloth. Ishaani asks if she teased him a lot, Ranveer says she did but he was happy he used to read her heart out.
Ritika calls the murderer inside, she shows him the way to go to roof. She tells him that RV is also with him, nothing should happen to him. She further tells him to wait if someone comes there, she will give him a signal.
On the roof, Ishaani asks Ranveer if he knows any story about Chanda (moon). Ranveer smiles and tells her to say Chanda Mama, and give some respect. Both smiles. The shooter takes aim, Ranveer sits up and covers Ishaani. He stands up and says she has changed a lot. Ishaani also stands up, but Ranveer covered her. Ranveer reminds Ishaani that she always used to tell her the stories while watching the clouds. He also reminds her she once found an injured dog. She recalls that Baa didn’t let her keep it and she asked him to take care of it. Ishaani says to Ranveer he has always taken great care of her. Ranveer thinks because Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi hai. Both share an eye lock.
Mala was in the hall, Ritika shouts at her that she had asked her to work in the outhouse and supervise the workers there. She tells Mala to go there. Ritika thinks that now no one is in the house, she can give a signal to shooter to kill Ishaani. The shooter calls Ritika and says she didn’t signal and the man is also covering Ishaani again and again. Ritika tells him no one is in the house, he can shoot Ishaani.
Ranveer and Ishaani takes positions so that Ishaani is exposed. Ishaani says that this is time for his second wish. The shooter had taken aim, Ranveer gets a pain in his leg at once and says whenever she takes the name of dance he has pain in his legs. She steps up on his feet always. Ishaani says it won’t happen again. Ranveer and Ishaani begin to dance, the shooter tries to take an aim again but has to hide again. RV holds Ishaani up, both share moments together when Mala comes upstairs. She turns her face away, says sorry to Ranveer at once feeling shy. She tells Mala that she came to take clothes, Ishaani tells her to take them and when Mala was about to leave Ishaani tells Mala to get potter’s wheel. Mala says she doesn’t know where it is, but Ranveer says it is in the outhouse. Ranveer is happy that Ishaani is happy for his third wish, they get to collect things for it. The shooter takes aim and pulls the trigger.

PRECAP: Ritika deters Chiraag’s mother that she will push her out of the house. The shooter takes Ishaani’s aim and pulls the trigger. Ishaani is about to fell on the floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. Ishaani Ranveer scene was nice.. We know already Rithika will be shot.. anyway waiting for a good episode without dragging..

    1. I read the spoiler,,, there was no good episodes but only dragging the story unnecessarily….. Rv and ishani will soon be part ways…… Coz of ritika’s miscarriage and devil ritika blames ishani and rv believes in ritika not ishani.?

      1. Ya.. simply dragging the story.. hate spoilers this time totally.. neha

  2. i love u ishveer, 2day episode is nice,

  3. i stopped watching.i just read update.hope for ishkar’s marriage.

  4. Hi…….romba boreing…….mudiyala…..

  5. Hey,writers be innovative n bring out something new n interesting rather than dragging the same storyline from months.

  6. this was a last episode for ishveer romance…spoliers told so many things…ranveer xtremely show love and hate for ishaani…gud ishaani pls dnt give divorce to rv pls dnt dragging…shikar only save ishaani but the shooter blame shikar amd ishaani for killing rithika

  7. Today i like Ranveer and ishani scene.nice and good episode

  8. if dis time ranveer n ishaani becomes apart….i never ever watch dis serial…..plz…dnt drag…

  9. This used to be my favourite drama nd ishveer used to be my favourite couple but now im starting to hate this serial coz of the draggin now i like meher and abeer jodi

  10. Sorry to say colors …. bt i hav stoppd watchng d serial…. wat nonsense do they want to prove eithr d writer knows or god…. colors plz plz bring out ritika’s truth … atlst unite ishkar if u cant unite ishveer…. i nevr used to miss episode bt now i willing dont feel like watchng….. ds is a humble reqst colors plz brng d serial back to track…. take some diffnt issue to brng TRP’s to d show

  11. Lovely episode.

  12. Nice…but it’s the last ishveer romantic scene …so sad…Why they can’t be together??? Why new twists are created in ishveers life again n again??? Why they misunderstand each other every time???
    They dragged it much enough! Chewing gum is better than matsh! I’ve already tired of watching it! Who knows, will this stupid show finish whenever? How n when???

  13. I was fan of MATSH
    but now colors new show – CHAKRAVARTIN ASHOKA SAMRAT <3
    Is like relllllyyyy greattt love watching history better then MATSH …. DRAGGING DRgging and drGging !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Same here aa. I also love chakrawarti ashok samrat.. It’s not dragging like MATSH. ??

  15. Due to this dragging, matsh have lost so many fans. Everyone one stays as a silent readers nowadays, coz no one is taking our comments seriously. It’s really disgusting, the cvs are just favoring ritika. I really lost interest in matsh. It was one of my fav, but due to this ritika’s track, started hating, how much they will drag this track, there is a limit for everything.

    Well this cvs drag the tracks only for trp’s right, but the trp’s are decreasing day by day, but still they drew not thinking to end this track. Anyways we can’t say anything coz this is ekta’s serial, she will do as per her wish.

    Really fed up by saying unite ishveer!!!!!!!!

    I have stopped commenting from long due to this ritika’s evilness and on swaragini due to ragini’s evilness. They both are disgusting.

    I really don’t know y the writers show smartness only in ritika, is ishaani a duffer??? Y can’t agree record wat ritika talks with her. N moreover no one questioned ritika when ishaani’s saree burned?? Though rv saw straight away that rits was talking with ishaani n a miracle or wat should I say don’t no, no one smelled the burning saree and more importantly the smoke which was terrified no one saw it.. Really ridiculous. Dint know wat the writers think abt the ppl watching the fire, do they think as fools!!

    And when rits gave ishanis family wrong key no one called her, the writers are really testing our patience..

    After reading the spoilers ,I really felt looking hitting ekta,!!!!!! Is she really mad.. How she is portraying the story in a dragging manner. After rits misgarage , ishaani told rits truth to rv,y can’t she tell it before, at tat time rv would have beleived her.

    Guys u know from long Im thinking abt this, if someone stabs and is taken to hospital, the doctors ask them to call police right, but in ishaani’s case nothing happened like tat 😉 😀 😛

    Anyways I think I write so much. Really guys I’m really fed up with this track. Can’t tolerate ritika more…

    Atlas the baby is dead 😛 😉 😀 😀 itne mahine baad hokar bhi hamaari phooti kismat, ritika ke aulad ko dekne ka mouka hi nahi mila 😛 😉

    1. I agree with you ruhi,,_,_in all ekta’s serial the cvs like dragging the story,,,,,and they creat new twist day by day instead of sort out the misunderstanding between ishveer…. They are portraying ritika’s character like is the main protagonist of this show not ishani…… They sidelined ishani’s character like she’s a second lead of this show…. As we can see, since may mnths episode ritika’s character is very strong than ishani or I can say that ritika’s character is very strong than any other characters of this show– whether it is rv, ishani and shikhar……
      This is a clueless and meaningless story and have no logic behind the storyline, that’s why audience were not connected with this kind of bullshit…… Even, I also quit to watch this show since 2weeks ago…..just reading only written updates,,,,, but this updates also boiling our heads……
      In short, matsh, not worth it……??


    Me too
    Its really disgusting
    I m with u

  17. No Shikhar scene but he will be back in full force in few episodes.

  18. Rubi you are right yaar…

    And colors ki sari serial ek jaisi hi hai…

  19. Finally rv thrown, ishani and shikhar out of the house…….finally ritika won the 7 days challenge and wins rv and his entire family sympathy and support….in fact, shweta mehta(Chirag’s mom) also supported ritika and blames ishani and shikhar for provoking against ritika…

    Now, I suggests the writer’s plz make reunion of ishani and shikhar… Bcoz I know rv never trust ishani……. So, let him(rv) go with deadly devil ritika..he deserves ritika…… Now I wanna see ishani-shikhar’s romance and getting married….. I hope most of viewer’s also want to happen the same I wish

  20. Shikhar will again help Ishani from all this mess.AB you rocks.

  21. Again an irritating spoiler.. Due to the spoiler losing interest to watch the show.

    Sach mei itna gussa aaraha hai ke, ekta maam ka bhurta banaane ka dil kehta hai..

    Ekta maam kaisi aashiqi bataa rahi hai????? We don’t want ishveer reunion but atleast, atleast ,atleast reveal ritika’s truth… Really fed up with her chudail , evil, devil looks…

    Magar ek baat toh hai, ritika is the best devil vamp.. In colors , golden petel awards, ritika should be given the best villan award 😉 😛

    Aur ishaani ko badi buddhu ka award Milna chahiye,

    and for rv frnds koi award hai toh batadena.. Mere khayal se rv sautan ka gulam award dena chahiye, jaise joru ka gulam hota hai, waise rv rits ka gulam hai, since rits rv ki wife nahi hai toh sautan hui na 😉 😛

    Don’t mind guys.. Actually I’m really angry on the future story ,isiliya mera gussa is tarah nikaal rahi hoon….

  22. Neha ,,, this ekta will not unite ishveer nor ishkar … She is just testing our patience!!! She is just mad at twisting the story!!!

  23. Omg i heard that rv is gna get ishani jailed for killing rithikas baby ??? now i think that ranveer never even loved ishani in the first place and also im sure that ranveer sed that he can understand everything about ishani wen she is in pain but them how cum he wont believe her n instead hez believeing that stupid rithika ? im really starting to hate this stupid serial because of the dragging and dragging just get straight to the point ? n ishani has sacrifised so much for ranveer she even went to jail for him n still he duzent realise if he actually did love her den y is cant he trust her ? ishani pretented to lose her memory for him n still dat evil rithika is gna win ??? i just hope dat wen ranvver finds out the truth he suffers the same pain dat ishani had to take ? and now i think dat ishaani should just go to shikhar and leave ranveer because shikhar truly loves ishani and he has always undersood her n always supported her her has never ever left her side ? ranveer who says that he loved ishaani since childhood then y duzent he trust her ? ishaaani has tried to help ranveer from rithika but still she gets all the blame ?? so ishaani i think ishani shudnt save ranveer n she shud just stay with shikhar ?

    I hate u ranveerr for not believing rithika ………..ranveer used to never let anything bad happen to ishani and now that same ranveer is going to send her to jail for something that she hasnt even done ??
    Instead of believing the girl who he loved since childhood hez actually believing that dog rithika?

    So ishaaani there is no point saving ranveer from that stupid devil rithika coz he never believes you ………. You should just enjoy your life with shikhar ?
    And when ranveer comes to know the truth let him suffer and feeel the same pain you had felt ✋???????????
    And im so happy rithikas baby died she didnt even deserve to be a mum ??
    And i hope rithika dies ??

  24. Sudhanshu Bansal

    This is my fav at any time but due ritika track now i am just hate this show

  25. I agree…..well said hana…..??

  26. all the comentators i have to say some think to u guyz : well said u all u all ro!!ckzzzz…!!!!!!! i also realy starting hating this show…… and i also hapy 4 this that matsh trp become decreases day by day…. no new story in matsh.. i hate ranveer also he is a stupid….. i think ishani would have to die when coat hanging her….. becoz it is good 4 her than this pain and otherwise i want this that rv knew all the truth and ishani never forgive him 4 this pain that he give 2 her(ishani)…………. now i just want to rv cry cry and cry…………rv have 2 cry…… 4 his whole life…..!!!!!! and i want ishani vd shekkar…….!!!!!!!!!!! and i also want to cv,s cry!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  27. 🙁 hey suga, neha, dannybell, kowssi, sree…….!!!!!!!!! i read ur comments daily guyzzzzzzz u all r looking disapointed ………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i feel very sad about u guyzzzzzzz ……….!!!!!!!!!!!! becoz no one have 2 listen ur requsts, opinoins or anything…….!!!!!!!!! 🙁 u all become hurt to see this rubish………. 🙁

    1. True marry. 🙁

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