Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with ishaani, Manas, Sharman entering emergency room to find a man in coma , his face completely covered in bandages
Ishaani says it is Diwali and poor fellow was lying here in this state, some one might be waiting for him at his home
Sharman says he will go back to accident site to look for any clues about his identity. address etc
Manas wants to accompany but he asks him to stay with ishaani at hosp and then take her home
Manas thanks Ishaani , and ishaani assures him of all support from her and RV ,
Manas asks her not to tell anything to RV
Manas says RV had changed a lot recently and he might not help him
Ishaani asks manas to go to sleep as they reach home

Sharman reaches accident site he looks for clues , he feels

sorry for the injured man and his family
Next moment two goons arrive there on two wheeler
They Too look for any clues about their missing RV
The Goons ask a local guy about any accident , where a man was badly injured , which hosp was he taken etc
No one is able to provide definite clues
Sharman asks those goons about the identity of the injured
The goons asks sharman why was he inquiring !! Was he his relative
Sharman thinks why were they asking so much about the injured guy ??
Sharman fakes he was from NGO
Next moment the goon’s phone rings
The phone drops from one goon’s hand and it is RV’s number flashing on it , sharman recognizes that No .
The guys answer the phone by adressing RV as “boss”

He wonders why was RV talking to such shady looking guys and why were they addressing him as boss ?? He thinks something was very fishy here.

At home ishaani amba, laxmi, baa are all ready with puja thaali , uptan at specially made mandap amba wonders if RV would come home
Chetali comes late with Mitesh and she is her usual boisterous self
Parul and milan come awkwardly

They all make Milan seat and apply uptan

Chetali inspires all the members to do Garba on the so g ..”dholi taro dhol baje
Ishaani applies uptan all over milan. He stares at her pretty face He starts to fall for Ishaani. He looks at all the family members and thinks that he deserved all this love affection. Attention of family members, celebrations, doing puja etc he too had haq on this but why did only RV get them not him ??
Ishaani then asks where was his goli ka nishaan ??
Milan thinks that she knows too many raaz about RV , she does catch him every now and then , RV was right she will catch him soon
Milan tells her that he got plastic surgery done along with the burns scar at the back
He got a good package deal he fakes

Ishaani is taken aback
Laxmi asks Ishaani to hurry up as they all had to apply uptan on RV

Milan thinks that soon this family, this wealth, this house will be HIS he swears angrily

As RV is about to get up and go The other ladies stop him and lovingly put uptan
Laxmi, baa, chetali ,
Ishaani thinks that when she touched him he did not feel like her RV !! How did he get surgery done with out telling her !! Since when did he keep so many secrets from her?. He was slowly distancing away from her
Milan thinks that ishaani was suspicious of him. She trusts RV very much and both Ishveer are so truthful he had to remove the truthfulness from Rv’s face
Only then will he have his way with ishaani
He better search and kill RV as soon as possible , only then will he be able to own this house, this wealth. These parents. Thos celebrations. Ishaani , family , Everything

Next day it is diwali , chetali screams as she bursts crackers with mitesh
Laxmi and chetali and amba all enjoy the merriment , there is celebrations sharing sweets etc between all the family members
Ishaani comes to tell amba that he did not feel like eating , he was busy in his room , he was not hungry so she had sent dry fruits
Amba says her son RV had changed

Manas refuses sweets from Disha saying he was not hungry
Manas is worried about the injured person
He wants to see if he recovered , he was feeling guilty,
Ishaani stops him. Not to worry. Police might be there , in his state of guilt he might blabber something wrong to police
She asks him not to go to hosp, his son krish needed him
She offers to go instead
Ishaani prays to the lord for that injured man and says his family must be waiting with uptan, sweets etc , but she will perform all these rasams with him he will not miss out just because of his accident

As ishaani is leaving she meets Sharman, who tells her about his strange encounter with some strangers , Rv’s phone call. Calling boss etc

Precap for tomorrow
She reaches the hospital and feels sorry for the injured man lying on the bed all bandaged up
She begins to apply uptan on his hand
The moment she touches his Hand and applies uptan his hands show flickering , he moves slightly
Ishaani is surprised

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. OMG.. how long they are going to drag this Milan track.. uff tired of this.. please don’t change Ranveer’s face by doing plastic surgery and all…
    Unite Ishveer soon.. waiting for a long time for this..

    1. Hi jasa wr r u?? Stopped watching Matsh due to this stupid track??

  2. Baasssssss…….. Kroooooooooooooooo ektaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. I like so much the aswsome, lovable precape. I hope ishani true love helps to find the hero rv soon.

  4. Whatever ishaani truly loves rv heart not face. Precape is so aswsome. Atleast ishani and rv spend their time together now. And also ishani feels the rv touch. Plz do make it fast ishani rv reunits. I really waiting for that lovable moment.

  5. Ishveer reunion : click tht link

    1. Wer s d link of ishveer union

  6. Millon track stopaakk.ishvr 3tavana kalyanam kazichu.yennittum orumikkan kazinjilla
    ippo rv kk plastic surjury akki story flop akkan nokkunnu .yendayalum shakti arrorra ye mattarud.kure ayille millon vannitt ini aa story nirthi isvr onnippikk ekta ji.kure serial und double roll.borring borring

  7. Ishveer reunion : click tht link fr details

  8. plz end this milan and we cant see RV in pain…..unite ishveer

  9. Todays episode was k.precap Is nice but every day precap was interesting but next day they make some idiotic twists.i read some news about matsh states that manas is the only man who track the truth of millan and unite ishveer and also rv get well bcoz of ishani touch ,so i hope ishveer will unite soon.radhika madan got an injury in her neck so she will not come some episodes,some other lady who posed as ishani thatswhy writers dragging the serial i think so,Radhi pls get well soon i dnt want some other lady who posed as ishani its slightly irritating,pls writters unite ishveer as soon as possible still we hope ishveer reunite thatswhy we watching matsh so pls understand us

  10. So many spelling mistakes!!

  11. Yeah radhika..i totally agree wid u..everyday precap seems 2 b interestng…but progress in the story…sad…

  12. well said radhika I agree with you

  13. End milan track immediately.

  14. mary christodoulou

    for how long theyll continue like this ..isnt enough??hope the writers to reconsider and change the story and put an end with millan..shakti arora is amazing actor

  15. sweety were is the link

    plz ishvir ko milado

  16. Yesterday night i posted the i dnt understand y it is nt display

  17. Ayo yean pa ipadi koduma panringa ranveer ah inum evlo than verupethuvinga pavam rv pls ranveer face change panathinga Milan Ku nadakavendiythu Elam ranveer ke panringale

  18. just one thing maha bakwasssssssssssssssssssssssssss………………………………leave matsh 4ever……….

    1. just one thing…….stop writing maha bakwasss tracks of matsh…………………other wise no one even see matsh after reunion…………………ekta mam what the hell r u doing with matsh………..stop………………………its toooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….irritating…………..

  19. wow wat a love but never change rv s face by plastic surgery and dont drag milan s track avankadhaiya mudichidunga

  20. but written update is too good sutapasima……

  21. when we search 4 matsh on net………..they say romantic soap opera produced by balaji telefilms…………but i dont know where is romance………………….???????????????? it is just ishani like toy and ranveer sirf roye…….ufff rv is still crying since 1st episode and ishani is still like toy…..and villans of matsh what can i say about them chirag,ritika,amba,baadisha ,and now milan which is look like rv……..i think they only focus on villan and accept the whole matsh is stiil same……..from the 1st episode and one thing more to disappear ishveer relatives without reason like shiker gauri di and many more…. ??

  22. Its not at all serial fault nor director and writers fault its all our mind fault that you guys are thisuch of irritation for fiction show .if ekta man make it the carbon copy of Wuthering heights you all are leave the show right now so stop it with your ruthless comment .its based on whuthering heights so it have to be dark and depressing and day by day its became more ingesting .shoes says that rb going through plastic surgury and blah balh .please saw the previous SBS segment then comment on it. Alas what a understanding of the story that you feel irritated. Its much better then the love triangle and atma drama .

  23. hai, nice 2 see a malayali math fan. me too malayali

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