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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The phone bell rings, RV winks at Ishaani to concentrate and tells Ishaani to open the speaker. It was Sameera, she tells him that they are deciding to do a party and are planning it in his home. RV says they can’t come, Sameera says they are all excited. RV says that Ishaani is tired, she can’t come. She must say thankyou to the whole staff. They all tease, but RV says she isn’t fine. Ishaani talks in between, and says there is no need to change the plan, they will come. Ishaani disconnects, and asks RV what he want to show that something is going on between them. He says he thought she wouldn’t want to come, and winds the last folds of her saree. His hands touch her belly and both feel awkward. They head apart.
Falguni comes to meet Ishaani’s father. He says he thought

she must have forgiven him. She asks he thinks Ishaani is a kid, who couldn’t get when he left and came back or she is the Falguni who was innocent. Ishaani has to listen even today, that she is illegal. The daughter of a father, who could give her her name. She is Harshid Parekh’s wife, he is with her even after dying. She goes to the jeweler.
RV comes to open a wardrobe and finds Ishaani’s clothes. He reminds himself, it is Ishaani’s cupboard. Baba gets him, and asks what happened. He denies, then smiles. Baba says today he listens to Kishor and Rafi’ music. He smiles that his son feels shy today. He is happy that the moon he sighted from window, is here at his house. RV says he feels he is dreaming, Baba says that a man is always happy to get the love. There are a few people who get their dreams fulfilled. RV says he wants Ishaani to be as much happy. Baba says she will, but now she is sad as her very owns left her. He must give her sometime.
A designer introduces herself, and tells Ishaani she was excited to know she has to style her. Ishaani says she doesn’t want any one. The designer says her husband wants her to look the prettiest tonight. RV listens and says she ruined it all. She shows Ishaani dresses, Ishaani says she doesn’t wear sarees. The designer says she brought a ready to wear saree for her. RV holds her forehead, Ishaani thinks what he thinks of himself. She wont use anything. TV RV counts till three, that she will now spit her anger. Ishaani heads to look for the dresses, then thinks what Falguni had said.
Falguni talks to jeweler to sell the jewels. He asks is there anything wrong at home. Falguni says she wants to give it all, and buy a good necklace. The jeweler says that her jewellery is near to 4 lacs, but the necklace is 15 lacs. Falguni is worried, that Amba would make her Ishaani hear.
RV comes to Amba, She asks Lakshmi to take her Nazar. RV says to Parul and Masi that he does it all for maa. She will take her nazar herself, Amba takes the thaali. Parul stops her, and says Ishaani must be ready today and heads to call her. Baa passes by, they all notice it. Ishaani comes dressed up with Parul. RV glares at her. Amba calls her to come beside RV.
Chaitali comes and asks what is Baa doing here. Baa shows Mitesh and Chaitali, Amba. Baa says there is something wrong she is going to do. Amba says that Ishaani looks so pretty, where is her jewellery. She says she will give her a necklace to wear. She tells them she forgot Falguni promised to gift her a diamond necklace. Baa says now she gets it. Ishaani is worried.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Falguni she doesn’t need a necklace, Amba asks Falguni to give the necklace.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. In this serial everyday some or the other scene will be good. Ranveer and Falguni you both are very caring abt Ishaani. Ishaani is looking beautiful in her new look. Nilanti husband vasthe inka aa wife soo lucky. Chudali further story lo nuvvu ishaani problems lekunda undali ani

  2. It’s not TV counts. It’s RV counts. Please change it Sona

  3. episode chala bagundi

    1. avnu chala bagundi

  4. Totaly right gowth

  5. Oh….yenti eroju anni telugu comments

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