Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika speaks to her baby that both her today and yesterday were same, yesterday she was betrayed and today she was slapped. She complains that the baby’s papa is with the lady who did this all. She says RV is hers. She wonders why then RV called so many candles and wine. She was about to knock the door, then thinks what is she doing, what will she ask RV. She says she isn’t a psycho but a mother who wants to give family to her child. RV brings wine to Ishaani and says this is really useful thing, once she takes it all her frears will be lost. Ishaani says he knows she doesn’t drink, last time she took it by mistake. He laughs and says yes, one their wedding day Chaitali made her drink the qara and did that all. He hugs her from behind and says today he won’t make any mistake and

no one can stop them, he will do what he wants to. He lay on bed with her, Ishaani thinks she is here only to help him and save him from Ritika. She thinks she loves him but she needs to stop him. She thinks about calling Ritika who is the only that can save her and take Ranveer away. She coughs and asks Ranveer for water, he is much concerned and goes to take it. Ishaani takes her mobile, Ranveer makes her drink water. Ishaani asks him for her cough syrup. Ishaani calls Ritika’s number, Ritika is elated watching her call. Ranveer gets cough syrup for her which she drinks. He asks if she is fine, she nods. Ranveer says to Ishaani she can’t wait anymore.
Ritika says no, this isn’t possible. She has to stop it, as Ranveer is only hers. She knocks at Ranveer’s door. Ranveer goes to see it, Ishaani is happy. Ranveer opens the door, Ritika was speaking but he makes her silent and goes out instead.
Inside the room, Ishaani is happy that she has finally did it.
Ritika asks RV why has he arranged for such a celebration when she is in such pain. She says he promised her that he will never leave her alone, and today he is doing this all. Ranveer says to Ritika that he is trying to find Ishaani’s truth. She doesn’t believe but Ranveer assures he won’t do anything wrong. He says he remembers all his promises and tells her to go and rest. Ritika is irked as Ranveer goes back. Ishaani stands watching Ranveer and wonders why he is coming inside.
Lakshmi and Amba are worried about Ranveer and Ishaani’s closeness. Amba tells Lakshmi to be silent, but Lakshmi says if Ishaani gets along with Ranveer all the Parekh family will come here upon Ranveer again.
Ranveer comes to Ishaani, Ishaani thinks how she should stop Ranveer. Ranveer asks Ishaani why she is sweating, is she nervous. He says she herself calls them as spouses, they why nervousness. If she loves him why is she so reluctant? Ishaani says it isn’t like that, RV asks why he feels so. He gets her along a wardrobe and says this is a husband’s right. Ishaani tries to speak but Ranveer stops her from saying anything.
Shekhar comes to Ishaani’s home, Ritika says she has to see Ishaani as a second woman but what is he doing. She says the two people they both were going to marry are now together. Shekhar says he just came to ask how Ishaani is, he is sure Ranveer is taking good care of her. Ritika says taking care, my foot, doesn’t he know what is happening there inside. He tries to push Shekhar says the girl he loved and was about to marry is with Ranveer. Ritika asks couldn’t he get Ishaani treated in some other country, he is a lawyer and couldn’t get justice for his love. She asks Shekhar if he thinks Ranveer will stop loving Ishaani or Ishaani will forget him, this isn’t possible. Shekhar asks Ritika if she loves Ranveer or not. Ritika says she does love him. Shekhar tells her to trust RV then, he hasn’t lost her memory and will not lose his limits. Shekhar thinks why is he unable to trust RV and is believing what Ritika is saying.
RV asks why Ishaani’s heart beating so fast, Ishaani thinks she must do something. Ishaani pushes a candle on the bed side, the curtain catches fire. Ishaani shouts that it is fire all around in their room. RV tries to put that fire off, Ishaani watches Ranveer and tries to stop him. Shekhar and Ritika come to their room. Shekhar is shocked watching Ranveer in his dress, Ranveer turns to face him. Shekhar looks at him disbelievingly, then at the decoration in the room. RV is unable to face Ritika who is silent. Ishaani observes Shekhar. Shekhar leaves the room without saying a word. Ritika has tears in her eyes, she leaves the room too. RV goes behind Ritika.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Shekhar to do what he wants to do, but not ruin Ritika’s reputation. Shekhar asks her to tell Ritika get her DNA test and prove this child is his, but she won’t do this. Ritika is shocked at the demand.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was super… as expected ishaani fire drama karogi.. escape… Rithika reaction was worth watching… but dont drag further…. feeling sorry for Shikhar… he was totally shocked…
    Precap seems to be Interesting. Waiting for a good episode.

  2. George

    Can person get so blind in love!! Ishaani n RV love each other n it’s so obvious yet Shekhar is having expectations on ishaani tat she would return?

  3. sruthi

    paavam ya shikar.. ishani rv ah love panra therinja shikar udanju poiduvan. pls shikar ku edavadu vazhi pannu vidunga…directors. ritika ku nalla venum.. n ishani rv ah vittu poidadha..

    OK good episode…

  4. rinky

    End this bullshit dragging story! It’s too much now as the serial has got no meaning now a days. Fed up of this stupis storyline.

  5. Pls somebody tell this ishani to b with one she loves most(Rv) being a mahatma devi for shikhar she won’t attain anything. Better she speaks her heart to shikhar and end this nonsense of being away from rv

  6. XYZ

    No feelings left for MATSH now. Let anyone go with anyone they want… 😛 thanx for killing the story

  7. Vidhisha

    Ishani pls be true to yourself for once!!! You love rv and he still after all your shit .. Still he loves you!! Pls speak your heart to Shikhar. If now you don’t do it.. This serial is defly going to die out!!

  8. sujit

    what’s happening in here why they r draaging the story too much and making this beautiful story soo boring….. Please MATSH director stop this nonsense…..

  9. sujit

    shikher has to admit that ishu is happy with rv not with him…he is seeing the love of rv for ishu and after all this wanna break this lovely pair.

  10. dolly

    day by day to story is going worse and worse what happen to the director ,when a girl is married she should fulfill every personsability as a wife its really very pathatic,being rv wife ishani is thinking about shekar feeling,she is least bothered about rv feelings i hate you ishani .

  11. For god sake….stop dragging the storyline…n just finish it off by hppily evr aftr episode….
    i rlly want tu see them hppy n togethr by the end of the story!!

  12. ADELE( Anu)

    Wat all is happening here??? Ranvir y can’t u believe ishani now?? I know she has hurt u, but she has done all that to keep u happy!!! Y don’t u understand her???
    First ishani never understood u wen u used to sacrifice for her n now u r not understanding wen ishani is sacrificing for u!!! Plz ranvir believe ishani once!! Not for her but at least for urself;???

  13. Nam

    wht a blood drama,rv. Pls dnt lv ishani again.she s playing eth ur feelingss.nt only nw,always.ur bg fault n ur lif s lovng ishsni.she hv no rit 2gt lv frm u nd shikar.1s i lovd nw ihate hr.better she shd die.rithiks s btr thn ishani.bkz rithika nvr plyd wth othrz flngz..she s struggling fr gettng rv

  14. ADELE( Anu)

    @ nam, ritika never played with others feelings???????? Wat was she doing all days???? First wid chirag, then sharman,then rv!!!!

  15. Manisha

    We want to see the love scenes between ishveer but here both are pretending.ishani is faking memory loss and she wants to reveal ritikas truth and Ranveer wants to find out ishanis truth so both are just pretending so we can’t enjoy the scene.they both love each other but both want to go far from each other .whats the meaning?ishani is playing with shekhars feelings also.she should clear that she loves Ranveer truely and she can’t come to him now as she is already married to Ranveer.ranveer doesn’t know anything so he behaves like this but now Ishani knows everything but she still takes wrong steps.if once she cleared everything to Ranveer then I am sure Ranveer could have believed her and also helped her to find out ritikas truth.shekhar and Ishani could have explained everything about ritika.but cvs want to drag the serial so long so slowly they will show everything.

  16. Aakashi

    I want Ishaani to be with Shikhar in the end if till end Shikhar trusts her.It was not Ranveer who had trusted Ishaani when she was in jail but it was Shikhar all the time.he is trusting her now also.Ranveer has no faith in Ishaani”s love and he tested her for this bullshit…

  17. Sumeet

    The stars are really shining for ritika as she is the culprit and is enjoying limelight in rvs house …and ishani I really feel should end this non sense drama and tell rv about ritikas intensions and crime …its becoming irritating as dont understand nw whom does ishani finally want to be with…

  18. I want ishveer together not playing with each other’s feelings that is not true love
    Ranveer were is that love that u had for ishani
    No why is ishani playing with two guys feelings they both are in a way playin with each other’s feelings
    I hope all the misunderstanding is cleared n hope that rithika suffers I totally hate her
    I want my ishveer back????
    I don’t like all these stupid twists
    I want it to be like before when the both were together me I loved that valentine day episode
    Why can’t it be like that
    I really want ishveer together ?

    • why is ishani. So worried she loves rv so why is she feelin scared
      N why does she care about shikhar
      So if she loves rv why does she get scared if rv is so close to her she shouldn’t care about shikhar she should be happy that she is with rv in the same room after a long time n so close to him

  19. sruthi

    arora kowsi sugar n Shalini…Priya kumar
    naan tu vitu pogalam nu irruuken…
    arora neenga dhan enoda first friend in tu… romba thanks.. naan tenth padikuranala social networks ah vittu vilagalam nu mudivu pabnn irukken. suga naan ungakuda pesinadhu kidaiyathu. but oru tanmizhachi ah unga kuda pesuren..bye
    kowsi bye . naan time kidaikirapo kandipaa varenn…ena marandhudaadenga.
    shalini enaku idhea per LA Chinna vasasula irundhu oru friend iruka.. bye Shalini. time kidaicha paapom..
    ooruthanga book eluduren nu sonnangale. avanga paera marandhuten. sorry. nalla eludunga.. congratulations munnadiye solliduren..

    rudra.. bye in daily motion. hope u get that sound bye…ii m leaving tu..

    Priya Kumar. I did not wished u on our b day. belated Happy birthday…bye bye

    n bye to all my Matsh fans n frnzzz…
    c u all next year..

    at last…
    love u ishveer. ishveer is best. pls unite them both fast. again luv u ishveer.

    • sruthi


      @meri aaashiqui ishveer se hai..::
      u wished my frnd for the best b day. thank u. I don’t know who u are. but I m leaving tu so I m saying thanks… bye

      • Suga

        Miss you soo much sruthi… 🙁
        All the best for your exam and future…:) will remember you forever..

    • Shalini

      Enna solringa sruthi?unga mela enaku kobam…i miss u sooo much dear….tenth padikiringa ok…atleast sunday mattum avadu tu iku vanga…plzzz dear….And all d very best fr ur exams…neega entha boardla padikiringa?plzz tell me sruthi…miss u alot dear…

  20. Shahlo

    Most of u misunderstand ishani bcoz of matsh writers!!! They wrote scenario like that!!! Sooo boring, too much drugging n a lot of scenes which only get on viewer’s nervous! They create twists, not ishani or rv!!!

  21. Shahlo

    Ishani n shekhar will be togetger at the ending of matsh????……..nooooo….i dont wanna c it! I cant stand it!!! Im still watching this stupid serial in order to c ishveers happy union….matsh is abt ishveer not abt shekars feelings n they should be togetger…I’ll be very sad if matsh ends as u want…Yeah, shekhar is very good-natured person, but in matsh he is only “third person”…. He is staying between two lovers n i hope he’ll understand it soon…

  22. Shahlo

    Qachon tugiydiaa bu serial! Shunchaa korganimga yarasha ishveer birga bosindee…vaqtimmi ketkizib wu serialli ko’rgan man axmoman o’zi…matsh h-da bilgan kunimga ming lanatee…bunaqa cho’zilishini bilganimda umuman kormasdim…Shunaqayam cho’zadimi, qoyilee wuni yozganlagayam, yengidan yengi problemalani o’ylab ciqarurishadi…butun bowli syujetini osa bitta kinogayam sig’dirsa boladiku bula bosa 1 yildan beri tugatomidiya! Adolatsizlik! odamlayam tugab qolar db korib o’tiruradide…manga o’xshab…

  23. Ish

    Please.. isse boring show Maine Aaj tak ni dekha.. ranveer is dumb..ishaani is a full on draamebaaz.. seriously.. they have no story left now.. what’s the point in watching it .. and honestly Shikhar is way more understanding and smart than that rv.. anyway.. no interest in watching matsh now.. boring show.. without any base of the story.. !! :-/ :@

  24. habbu

    Wat the hell is going on……..
    I will surely hate the serial when shekar will become villain
    Really disgusting! !!…..

  25. What the bad behaviour of ritika and also shikar thots are too bad. Actually Ishani and Rnveer are get married. They have do every thing. Blady rithika was worst.Rv you should love ishani or not. But still Ishani loves you Very much not shikar. Plaese you dont seperate them ishani and ranveer. Ishani you pleasew tell the truth about rithika then RV also helps you. But you dont seperate Rv.

  26. dhanu

    Now shikar r over reacting. Why he want to after ritika expose isaani come back to him.isaani ddoesn’t love him.but still he want to isaani come back to him

  27. neha

    Breaking news for matsh fans…. That shikhar character is going to be negative heard this news from saas, bahu aur saazish.. As we all can see that shikhar don’t like ishani and ranveer closeness so may be he’s going to help ritika for ishveer separation….. I request to makers of this show that either they end this show or make happen ishveer reunion…… Give your opinion meri aashiqui….fans…..

  28. Ruhi

    really disgusting yaar.. ek shekar hi hai jo ishaani ko support karta hai.. if he turns negative then nothing remains to watch in the show.. pls cvs unite ishveer.. this is ridiculous u r just dragging the serial just for trp.. Sometimes pls listen to our views.. fed up with the track…

  29. Ambri

    Actually if we don’t like something . Keep it with urself . Love this story , love ranveer . if u drag it to 10 years to i will be its fan . . . .

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