Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer tells Ishaani that nothing will happen. Ishaani remembers Nurbhay’s warning about killing Ranveer. She pushes him away, tells him not to come close to her and stay away from her. She cries that she is happy, she is in no pain. She gets in the car and leaves. Ranveer keeps on stopping her. He thinks that her tears and face tells him there is something wrong with her. Ritika watched them, she thinks that this game is getting interesting but she must reach home before Ishaani does now.
Ishaani comes home to find Nurbhay, Aarti, Maa and Naina looking forward to her way. She looks at them all quizzically and heads to go inside. Maa stops her, comes to her and accuses Ishaani. Nurbhay come to beat Ishaani as she argues. Maa stops him. Maa says sins have to be repented, she

must do it for keeping an eye on a stranger man. Ishaani comes to Naina and says she didn’t go to meet Ranveer. Nurbhay says she went to him deliberately. Maa says she could have returned without meeting him. Maa says she has asked Poojari, he says her repentence is coal and she has to walk on burning coals bare foot. Ishaani was shocked.
Ranveer thinks that Ishaani is afraid of something, something is stopping her. She always cries, she wants to say a lot but can’t. His heart says there is something wrong happening to her in that house.
Naina asks Maa if this all is necessary. Maa says yes, if Naina doesn’t want her to come between her and Ranveer’s marriage she must shut up. She orders Ishaani to walk on the coals. Ishaani steps up the red hot coals. Ritika smiles from upstairs. Nurbhay turns around not being able to watch this all.
Amba blows Ranveer finger as he had burnt it with hot milk. Ranveer wonders how he felt as if he had touched the hot coal.
Ishaani couldn’t take another stop. Ishaani says Ranveer’s love is with her, that is her strength. Ranveer asks Amba to come to Naina’s house with him. He calls the Pandit for Satianaryan Pooja. Ishaani walks ahead. There, Ranveer and Amba comes to Nurbhay’s home. He opens the door and was confronting Nurbhay. Maa was getting the coals cleaned. Nurbhay says he was about to come to take her. The maids had sweeped the floor. Maa says they had arranged a Pooja. Amba invites them for Pooja. Ranveer says there is a Pooja before marriage, it is about to begin in one hour. Amba says she forgot to give them invitation. Nurbhay says they will reach in time. Ranveer watches coals on the stairs, Maa calls the maid. Ranveer and Amba leave. The family was relieved. Maa asks Nurbhay if he had seen them coming, and brought her out of the coal. Nurbhay says she didn’t feel that pain, she was walking so easily on burning coals. He promises to give Ishaani the pain that will matter to her. He tells Naina that she will soon be married to Ranveer. Naina thinks that before marrying Ranveer she must separate Ishaani and Ranveer.
Ishaani put the ointment on her feet and lay on the couch. Ranveer comes to the window and says he won’t leave without knowing Ishaani’s truth. He watches her feet, Ishaani asks where he came from? Stands up at once and locks the door. She was afraid, and says there will be problem if someone sees them there. She says she is Nurbhay’s wife now. Ranveer says this is all rubbish, he met her so called husband who told him that they aren’t husband wife, she just do a drama to be a wife; so she can’t lie now. Ranveer says he just want to know why she is doing this all. Ishaani turns around. Ranveer says all her truth is now here, she broke all her relations, her family and came here. He asks what she got there that she couldn’t get there? He says he wants to know the truth, he swears her of his love.
Maa says that Ranveer has seen the burning coal, he didn’t say anything but he must be in doubt. She says they must do something soon. If Naina doesn’t marry Ranveer, they would be liable on Nurbhay for their whole life. Aarti says what if Ranveer knows what is happening to Ishaani here. Ritika says he will take Ishaani with him, because they are childhood lovers. Naina says they must close Ishaani’s chapter, and discuss a plan with them.

PRECAP: Ranveer says to Ishaani that once she can talk to Naina, after that Ishaani won’t leave him again. Ishaani promises that she won’t go away from him even if death comes in between.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Meera

    Awww just lOved ? the ishveer scenes ! But sad to realize that as our ishveer unite , the will come to an end ?

  2. K.praveena

    Nice epi. And ishani walk red coal and the same time ranvi burnt him hand with milk. So lovable.

    Ishani in her room to take oinment and ranvi comes to her room from window that scence superb. Superb superb. So romantic epi but i could not enjoyed then how could i feel happy?
    Matsh only has being 2 epi.
    I don’t know my heart feel so weak.

  3. Keerthi

    Loved the episode but feeling sad for ishaani walking on coals ?just two more days for the. Show to get over ???????????????? I pray for MATSH 2 soon

  4. Really super now the show is really getting interesting but what to do only 2 episodes truly unfair kasam was starting on 7th march but matsh was ending on 19th Feb so so so unfair and useless colors

  5. rookey rookers

    vote for matsh 2 pls we need our ishveer back . pls vote 4matsh and best actor snd actress . naren pls dont end ur ff . i need more ishveer scences . and as iam busy woth my studies i cant comment but i will read all the ff daily sry guys . and vandy both the ff i love both ur ff . i cant say which one clearly but both super . and keep it up . .

  6. K.praveena

    Guys( my dears). Plz yaar anyone give me a good news abt matsh (ìe, matsh never be ending r matsh2 comes soon). I wait 4 this precious time.

  7. K.praveena

    hema dr. Kasam seriel telecaste date 7th march then which (devil)seriel replacing our matsh. And i did not see any other seriel promo. And y colors wants to doing all matsh loyal fans.

    • No serial is to replace matsh after ending of matsh that is from 22nd February to 4th march they will play swaragini mahaepisodes it is very unfair na dear and do u all see the second promo of kasam truly yar it was not even stand with matsh ,matsh impress audience by its promos but kasam not so good only it will flop

  8. guys just check with radhika madan’s facebook account she has given that after A humongous amount of fans have asked to come back with sequel of meri ashiqui serious discussion goes to come with season 2

  9. Plz guys do vote 4 matsh….plZ plz plz…best luv story…startin from childhood love…then besties..luved dem…wished that some more ishveer moments we can see???

  10. it is stupid serial in world no-1………..the Ektamam is think that viewers of meri aashique tumse hi are show of beginingthere is no Nurbehr shing .she think that the serial is no way to move on forward she is playing meaningless stroy.views plase think
    it seriously when ishani and ranveer go to jail they are punichment to death.but how can ritika comes is fulllllllll of bakbas.plase do waste time to see the serial and energy .in 10pm starts to show another serial of your choice in which we can fell reality. I humble request meri aashiuqe tumse hi viewers in this time show Maharana Pratpa in STARPLUS because it is totally waste of time and energy … and mohit abroal(Nerbhay) do not well educated and speak hindi well. due to this reason this this show go offAir.still colors Production team not seemed. are you human being?other wise a human being thing i will hangup with rope.stupidless persons are in meri aashiqui tumse hi writter. my foot.

  11. Hi my loyl frnds..sathya sana praveena rookey keerthi ishurv vyshu marry dhruva ranaji and all othr dhf of ishveer..i really miss u alot guyzz ..but now i feel hppy..bcoz my functn and journey had i sm relaxed…

    • Keerthi

      Hi arham how are you long tym no see……yeah we are all here but really sad as MATSH is ending in two days very depressed wat to do we ll miss shakti and radhika onscreen i don’t know how will I be without seeing them only relaxation is I am watching MATSH in rishtey channel..I did not know y God did this to our MATSH but surely God is planning something for both

    • Hi arham dr how r u,i really miss u dr..Just 2 episodes morena that is y i really fed up to comment dr..just 2 days more then what we hv to u2 yesterday shekar entry dr and one thing u know when i saw shekar i remember u dr its true..but u r busy wid ur family functiona thats y am not disturbing u i never forget u arham

  12. Sana dr.. sry for the latr wishes..hppy b’day dr..i don’t know abt ur b’day i read all old commnts dr..tat’sy i know abt tat yaar.. and i wish god giv u a all happiness in the wrld… best wishes yaar..and sry for the belatd wishes..

  13. sana

    Nice epsd.ishveer scenes are superb…and in precap ishani’s diologue was good.waiting for that.
    Only 2 days are left.what will we do?

  14. IshuRV

    Shakti Arora, the male lead of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, unlike many other actors has gone through really tough times in the industry and rose to fame after a lot of hard work. Here are 5 facts about Shakti you probably didn’t know:
    Shakti worked for a call centre and ran a STD booth.
    Before he got the role of Ranveer in MATSH, Shakti worked in a call centre and later quit the job and opened an STD booth to survive. During all this he struggled to become an actor
    Engaged to Neha Saxena.
    Shakti, after a long-term committed relationship with another TV actress Neha Saxena who played the lead role in Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, got engaged. The couple is happy together and might get married soon.
    Shakti admires Alia and Aamir.
    Shakti is a big fan of Alia Bhatt and was left completely awestruck by her role in Highway. He is also a very big fan of Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. That’s the perfect person to look up to.
    He loves tarot card reading.
    Shakti has quite a unique hobby that not many people have. He loves to read tarot cards and he started this hobby in 2008. It relaxes him and he enjoys his time spent on it. He donated his earning from this means to charity as it is just too intellectual for him.
    He was rejected in 250 auditions.
    Yes, you heard that right. He has had the struggle which most actors only have nightmares of. Before getting his big break he was rejected in around 250 auditions. But he never lost his determination and finally made it in the industry.

    • neha

      Good, I’m very happy that finally shakti achieved the success in ranveer’s character after struggled so much…and happy that he’s happy with her long time gf Neha saxena…. I like both of them…they look good together… And I heard somewhere, shakti told that now the show coming to an end, he will soon marry Neha by the end of this year…all the best wishes for shakti and Neha… As well as Radhika, I wish soon we will see Radhika in some other show…

    • Shażñä ths earlier..he struggld alot earlier n @last he gt al d success name fame bcz f matsh z lwayz in his heart mean to him…vry talentd actor n xpressions king f telivision…m in love wid his smile sooo cuteeee♥♥♥
      hpy for him…i wish him al d success in future…lill credit must b given to ekta lso as she given chances for shakti in her 3 shws tere liye,pavitra rishta n matsh♥♥

  15. Hi arham dr how r u,i really miss u dr..Just 2 episodes morena that is y i really fed up to comment dr..just 2 days more then what we hv to u2 yesterday shekar entry dr and one thing u know when i saw shekar i remember u dr its true..but u r busy wid ur family functiona thats y am not disturbing u i never forget u arham

  16. Zia

    guys r u sure that MATSH ends on 19 Feb? kasam march 7naanu thudagunnathu ennarinjappol alpam aashwaasamundaayirunnu.ennal eppol athum poyi.very very sad.

  17. What we hv to do after ending of matsh,really i am fed up ,even i cant comment here what to comment just 2 episodes,i want my shadhika back at any cost..raji keerthi u hv twitter accountna dr pls twitting for matsh 2 pls,guys we hv to do something,who r all having fb twitter pls send a req for matsh 2

  18. Azia

    Nice episode..I think today Ranveer will blackmail ishani with gun and she will reveal all the truth before him……?

  19. rookey rookers

    hi arham impressed u rememberd me na . i am so fine how r u and whats ur real name dear pls vote 4matsh2 i have a huge nelieve on u guys i have exam going to school bye .

  20. raji

    Sathya i have the same feeling dr after that where we have command like this ….dont cry dear …..this is not a time for cry ….bez injustice happebn for our matsh …..kasam will be telecast on mar 7 …why they end matsh on 19feb ….so we have to keep on trending till confirmation got about matsh 2 …..but where we command like this ….i dont know …after 2 days the updates will be the closed da dr …..pls reply me ….

  21. K.praveena

    I don’t know after ending matsh what i will do. I have no idea. Matsh is part of my life its mistake is not part of my life. That my matsh is core of my heart.

  22. K.praveena

    Y god y? I did not do any sin then y u gives to such punishment to me not only me its all loyal matsh lovers. We want matsh2.

  23. K.praveena

    In tamil urave uyire the previous epi its øne of my fav shiker entry and same time matsh going to end. I can’t expect this. I feel bad.

  24. K.praveena

    Ya vyshu dr. Even i also pray 4 matsh2 in starplus r zee tv. Colors don’t deserve ishveer. When it was got matsh but colors does not carièd well. There is no proper promo matsh and its give few times to matsh etc etc. So colors don’t deserve matsh.

  25. sry zia ….. iam feeling sad dr ….. bcouz

    MATSH ….. is going to end …..

    if MATSH ….. is in other channel …..

    Then our MATSH…. never end dr …….

    These colorstv never deserves ….. our dearest shadika Jodi ….

    sry if i hurt U ….

  26. Praveena dr ….. after long time u r talking to me ….. dr

    How r u dr ?

    Colorstv channel only loves bhoots , naagins, …. black magic tracks….. they Respect ….

    colorstv never respect love, sacrifice, caring , unconditional love, courage , determination …. stories

    i want colorstv ….. lassttttttttttttt position in trp …….

    After MATSH …. end

    Alll serials all floppppppppppppppppppppp

    They deserve flop channel …..

    Stupid , serial swrgi … they are telecast 1 hour sp episode on monday …. ?

  27. Zia

    I’m sure that, after MATSH colors tv will loss its popularity and then with no other options they will start’s MATSH 2.waiting 4 that day.
    hate swaragini.

    • Keerthi

      Yeah zia that will definitely happen one Jodi which was the pillar of success they are throwing them out……you see all serials in colors are very bad not enjoyable they are like chewing gum extending…..MATSH was a trend setter both shakti and radhika put their soul in this and made the serial a huge success and made colors channel recognized throughout the world but this stupid channel did not want to give a second chance for the most beautiful couple who instigated love in people’s heart

    • Abcd

      Hey zia dont u utter any word about swaragini serial ok if u dont like it its ok but dare u say anything about serial understand

    • Happy news to u dear swaragini got only trp of 2.3 and yrkkh has back to its slot position I am sure after naagin ending colors going to be big flop and it will be out 10 useless colors always disloyal and unfair to the true fans

    • Keerthi

      As sathya says we ll join in fan fiction comment there dear….I am trying to tweet as much as possible raji u know the link where shakti was crying after watching matsh in colorstv and crying vyshu told I could not find it dear where it is

  28. Manisha

    Just two episodes now.i feel very no need to open colors channel after matsh end.i don’t think kasam can take place of matsh in viewers hearts.i just want season 2 with Shadhika.hope they still say that they are not ending and will start new episode soon but it can’t happened but atleast they can give us matsh serial is intersting for me just matsh.i was eagerly waiting for 10 pm but just two days left.colors has done very wrong with our serial..feeling very sad.

  29. trufan

    Feeling very very sad for matsh…I am also a die hard fan of matsh…n want matsh2…love ishveer love shadika….

  30. marry(osm)

    hahahhahahahahhahaha colors decease again …………as comparing the last week yuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yes yes keep it down i love it…………

  31. Keerthi dr i totally agree wid u,Colors is totally a partiality channel i never a channel like tis,u see dr in str plus hey rishta kiya kegalatha hai serial are still run in star plus,that serial is more older than sasural simar ka..starplus channel still telecast that show but tis stupid colors ban our matsh within 1 and half rediculus they r

  32. Pari :-)

    Tm sab pagal ho…
    Jb MATSH chal rha tha to tm sab bol rhe the ki PLSSS END THIS CRAP.. n now u all are saying that don’t end this…
    U guys are just ridiculous…. n one more thing jo aata hai usko jaana padta hai… so except the changes in life or in tv serial…..

  33. sana

    Thank u arham dr for ur wishes.happy to see ur comments after long time.what about ur fever? R u fine ? Take care of ur health dr.

  34. Azia

    Enta ponnu Zia..matsh2okka poyirunnu padikku…sslc ishveer ayuthilla mollaaaa…matsh 2 starplus or zee tv..that’s good ideaaaaa

  35. Guys if trp of matsh was got lower than the previous week don’t worry about that they are showing only 15min episode daily and also there was no telecast for two days and keep trending for matsh 2

  36. Matsh is only 1.5trp but don’t worry guys if there was no telecast for 2 days then what will happen this will happen to matsh but matsh always rockssss with its beautiful storyline and after ending of naagin colors will be out of ten sure

  37. Guys iam cmtting really more today becoz I was happy with barc report one more happy news guys colors has only one slot and that was for that stupid msg less drama ssk and slot of starplus is 5 then slot for zee TV is 3 and poor colors it is only one and life OK have 1 iam really happy sure after naagin ending colors will be out of 10 without matsh colors TV become without any colours only with of black colour I mean that msg less blackmagic track shows

  38. Oh tmrw is the last episode for matsh,still now i cant imagine tmrw is end of matsh..for thw pasr one and half years am traveling along with matsh,each and every epi i remember,every ishveer scenea are evergreen in my i can live without my shadhika..ektaji and all matsh production team pls pls start matsh 2 ..hw i can spend my life without matsh,pls god do somw miracle pls

  39. raji

    Ya sathya after tomarrow what we have to do my mind is totally freezed …totay only the precap na ….2 morrow there is no precap ..dr ..i am crying from eve ..myeyes r full of reddish …2day i dont know how to i am sleep….keerthi,sathya ..

    Only thing we have see them in tamil u2 …..

  40. pooja

    Heard they are stopping matsh because of some production issues. Not because of rating drop.that’s why the cast were very upset.

  41. Maine life mein bht shw dekhe but matsh meri life hai jab mai class mein enter krti hun mere classmates bolte aagai ishveer ki crazy fan mjhe ek ek scene yaad hain 500 pics hai mere mobile mein and sare song jo matsh mein hue hain

  42. pooja

    I don’t understand why these colors people want listen to the audience. The cast knows this is totally unfair. That’s why they were upset on the last day shooting.

  43. marry(osm)

    i m still happy dekh lo colors walon tum ne lakh kosish ki …matsh ko telecast b sirf monday to wednesday kia phir b matsh ki trp 1.5 little difference hahahahahahahahahahah
    o ish ka rang safed ka promo b dia time above 20 mins but phir matsh se kam 6;30 slot time but phir b 1.4 lolxxxxxxxxxxxxx or swaraginii bechaara serial flop hojana clors k fazool tracks ki wja se…….dont worry guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chillllllll keep it down colors???????????????????????????????✌✌✌

  44. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    and vshu dont b sad but guyzzzzzzzzzz aj to matsh lgay ga na…….????????????????

  45. nitu

    i m commenting here 1st time i read ur all comments and i really true lover of matsh like u last day i watch matsh wowwwwwwww i love the whole episode but y sonali write this too late i mean after long time ago story was solid nd now it seems and the middle is blank and i m sad colors become aflop after ending matsh becoz kasam ooooooooooooo……… so bakwaaaaaaaas lead i even just shocked that thisssssssss couple replace ishveeeeeer so bakwaaaaaaas lets see when colors realizzes there mistake and give matsh 2…………..waitng for that………….

  46. Ranaji(narendran)

    Many does not have time to comment on matsh ff but you force all to write but you does not support them???????

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