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Ishaani asks Ranveer if he is leaving or she should call her husband. Ranveer says she can fall to such a level, when she didnt leave his parents why would she leave him. when he had everything with him, she remained with him. Now he has no money and a good face, so she left him. Ritika says this is the best revenge, to make two lovers hate each other. Ranveer says to Ishaani that now he says Meri Nafrat Tumse hi. She has seen his love only, now she will see his hatred as well. Ishaani cries, while Ranveer leaves.
There is a leap of five months.
At night, Ishaani was asleep on floor. She looks around and goes to make a mark on a board. She says five months have past. She looks out of the window and says she doesnt know what is happening, she hasnt seen anything except sunshine

and moonlight. She speaks to the pen that he has been her friend in these five months and helped her count days. She feels as if someone is watching her, there is a camera on the wall.
Ritika enjoys her coffee watching Ishaani on a screen. She speaks to her that she loves watching Ishaani like this. Ishaani is in such a terrible pain in jail, if there was someone else in her place he would have suicide but her damn love doesnt allow her to die.
Ishaani speaks to the bars of jail that she daily hopes Ranveer’s life is well, if he is living fine she will live well here. She thinks she can spend her whole life in his love, because Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi. She plugs the television but there was no cable. She tries the radio and hears to it crying. The bolt of her jail unlocks. A man with a stick in hand arrives with food for her. He pushes the plate from beneath the door and bolts the doors again. Ishaani goes to get the plate and wonders who are these people who have kept her in jail, alive, what they want from her. She keeps the food aside and says she has to live her fine so that Ranveer lives well, she has to see him one day that he is living a good life. She eats the food saying she has to fulfil her promise.
Ritika comes to unlock the jail, Ishaani turns and says this door only opens for food, why is it opening at this time. Ishaani watches Ritika, she asks Ritika how is Ranveer, how is his infection, how was his surgery. Ritika says she sometimes pity Ishaani wondering how can someone love a person so much. Ritika says Ranveer is fine, he is getting treatment and his business is also well. She tells Ishaani that tomorrow is his surgery and after one month his bandages would get removed as well. Ritika tells Ishaani that the man behind this all is the one who does this all only for hatred, to take revenge from Ranveer. Ishaani asks who is that person. Ritika says she will tell her his name… then laughs. She asks Ishaani if she really feels she will tell her his name so easily, she will make Ishaani suffer a little more. Ishaani asks why Ritika is doing this all? Ritika says she loves seeing Ishaani in pain. Ritika says this love is such a wonderful thing, at one side it is giving a person life and one the other hand it is destroying the else. Ishaani says she can sacrifice her whole life for Ranveer. Ritika says she must keep on rottening here. Ritika locks the door and says there is a lot to come in Ishaani’s life.
After one month, Ishaani marks the date and thinks that tomorrow Ranveer’s bandage will be removed and he will again look like before. The jailers bring another man into the jail, asking how dare he went against their master. He must not do this mistake again. Ishaani gets the man water as he coughed hard, his face hidden. He drinks from the glass.
Ritika watches the man and Ishaani. The man tells Ishaani to live away from him, he has TB. Ishaani asks who is he. The man says his name is Behlul Singh and is a farmer. The man tells Ishaani that they aren’t humans, they are animals else they wouldnt have hit him so badly. The one they work for can do anything for revenge. The man brings plates of food. Ishaani asks him to eat something. The man says his mouth has been beaten to swell, he might not be able to eat. She must eat herself. Ishaani takes her plate to a side, then keeps it away. She says she won’t be able to eat in front of a hungry man. The man tells Ishaani that he already lived here. Ishaani asks if he knows who that man is? Ritika is enraged at this conversation, she comes to the jail and tells them that talking isnt allowed here. Today, his mood is really not good. If they get them speaking to each other again, he will dig them into the earth. Ishaani thinks that the man has an enemity with her but what about this ill person.

PRECAP: Ritika says to Ishaani that her decision about coming out was correct, the one who comes out of this area has to leave the world. Ritika shoots Behlul Singh.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So sad episode.why the man is taking revenge from rv.he is such a good person who do not do any harm to anyone.I can’t understand this.

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Actually rv killed his wife by accident so he is taking revenge

      1. who is that person? actually

    1. 🙁 FEELING BAD

  2. Itni bagwas seriel aaj tak nahi dekhi.left to watch this becoz the director want to run this seriel for another ten years.she don’t want other’s to enjoy it?

  3. Aarthy saravanan

    I am feeling really bad for ishani???? and u ritika just go to hell

  4. I think the directors want to prolong the serial for another 5 years…they r really selfish not even making the viewers happy for at least once in a week

  5. pata nahi kya dikha rahe hain..thk hain serial chalane ke liye judaai zaruri hain…lekin kabhi toh unko mila diya karo. har baar milne se pehle hi bichad jate hain..agar aise hi chalta raha toh trp toh zameen chu one is liking the track..

  6. Plz stop watching this bakwas

  7. Really so sad epi. Ritiki is such a personality. And she is wild animal..who behind the torture? How much of sacrifice ishani did.

  8. Ishani escape from ritika clutchess. but ranvi does not appeared in 6 month leap. So sad epi. I can’t accept this. The Same as ishani jailed in chirag case.

  9. Is this man Milan? Because they didn’t show his dead body after investigation also police didn’t find any body. What ever it might be serial is getting sooo bored.

  10. This show has gone off the deep end. Ishani’s an idiot, Ritika is completely annoying. Goodbye. I don’t even care about any of the main characters. I want to know what happened to Parul and Krish.

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