Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV repeats that this is RV speaking and wants to speak to Shekhar. Ishaani stood silent, tear-eyed. She hands the phone to him and leaves. RV asks where is he, Shekhar says he is busy in tomorrow’s preparations and is angry at them both. RV switch the speaker on and says Ritika had a panic attack and they had to go to hospital in emergency. Shekhar asks how is she, RV says he has been told to take complete bed-rest. Shekhar makes a face they won’t be able to come, how will they meet Nirupa then and tell him what to do next. RV says this means he has been restless about it. Shekhar watches the family looking at him and laughs that RV wants to meet Kris.
On the engagement, Ishaani tries to convince Kanchal that she doesn’t want to come to engagement, she will be happy thinking

she did all the prepataions and make over of Krisha. Krisha comes asking Ishaani about her dress, Kanchal laughs that no work can be done without Ishaani here. Kanchal goes to Mr. Mehra’s call, Krisha asks Ishaani to tell Shekhar to wear her favorite dress and her gifted brogue. Ishaani says she will look after it, Krisha hugs Ishaani and runs upstairs.
Shekhar asks brogue? He already looks a drummer in this traditional dress, and this brogue too now. Ishaani says he isn’t looking a drummer in this dress, and Krisha’s emotional feelings are attached to that brogue. Shekhar asks her not to blackmail him. Ishaani says she isn’t blackmailing, only he does this to girls. He doesn’t even care about his family’s emotions. Shekhar apologizes Ishaani and says he will wear whatever she would ask him for. Ishaani leaves saying he would only do it for his sister. Shekhar jumps into bed saying why he can hear so much from this girl, RV was right.
The doctor reads Ritika’s reports, she says everything is normal. Ritika asks if she can go out, the doctor says but she must come back soon and shouldn’t exert. When she leaves, Ritika asks RV to come to Shekhar’s sister’s engagement. RV resists but Ritika says she is bored here on bed, and they would come back soon. RV thinks about telling Shekhar, Ritika keeps her hand on his stopping him. Then realizing, she draws her hand back and asks him to give Shekhar surprise.
Ishaani speaks nonstop, scolding Shekhar for missing the brogue. He keeps a hand on her mouth telling her to be quiet, he has missed it. Shekhar wonders if he left it on Cherry or Jerry’s house. He gets polite with Ishaani and says she will have to help him find it. He says she must go to a devi’s mandir with him. She wonders he goes to mandir as well, he says he believes in all this pooja etc. She asks what will she do going to a mandir, he spits there would be girl’s father and brother there; meaning pandit ji there. He asks her to come with him, when they find the brogue she must scold him as much as she would want. Ishaani agrees. He says engagement is about to begins, they will go and come back soon with the Prasad, meaning brogue.
At the girl’s house, she curses Shekhar badly and slaps the door at Ishaani’s face. In the car Shekhar asks what was she saying, Ishaani tells him she called him names such as lucha Lafanga etc. He heads to another mandir, the girl again shuts the door cursing Shekhar. Ishaani says there was still no brogue, and asks if he has done his insurance. Had it not been for Krisha, she would never come with him. The next lady curses Ishaani for helping such a man. Ishaani asks did he see that aunty’s age, Shekhar asks his setting was with that aunty’s daughter aunty. Shekhar gets Kanchal’s call and tells her he has come to bring special flowers for Krisha. Kanchal says the guests are coming. Ishaani tells Shekhar she has heard enough for him, Shekhar asks her please, only a last mandir is left. Shekhar looks at her and smiles that he will always remember their first date, it is a bit odd as she is irritated but he is enjoying. Ishaani rings the bell, a man appears. She asks if he knows some Shekhar Mehra, may be he had left a brogue there. The man brings it and shuts the door at her face. Ishaani comes to the car, Shekhar cheers getting it back. Ishaani says he never expected this from him, he with a guy. He says there is nothing like that, he was Milli’s brother. Ishaani says she would never do such thing for him again, he asks her to hold it but she refuses.
Kanchal asks the workmen why they have kept the mirror in the centre. Ritika and RV come to the engagement. Kanchal goes to greet Ritika too. RV says Ritika thought about giving them a surprise. Ritika says it seems they have come really early. Kanchal tells her Shekhar has gone to get special flowers for Krisha.
Mr. Mehra says he is used to reach at the last moment even to court.
The car pulls up, Shekhar asks Ishaani to go. Ishaani says they must go through back door, not front. If someone sees him, guests would say he is even late. Shekhar asks what people would think if they are seen coming from back door.
Ritika goes to meet Krisha, RV tells Kanchal to tell him any help if needed. Kanchal says everything is done and goes to get drink for him. She turns around and says here is Shekhar. RV is shocked to see Ishaani coming behind Shekhar but the painting was being carried from his front. Before the vision gets cleared, Ishaani had moved to a side. Shekhar comes and hugs RV asking how he came here so soon. He asks where his pregnant wife is. RV smiles and says that she has gone to meet Krisha. Ritika is shocked to see Ishaani, how is she here and why she didn’t come back home. Ishaani asks Ritika to forget she saw her, not to tell RV nor her family. Ritika asks how can she hide it, Ishaani says she is joining her hands, if she has think about RV’s happiness a bit she must not tell it. Ishaani says she knows RV has been hurt because of her, he is happy with Ritika she wants him happy. She says if she tells the family there will be a big problem. She is dead for them, let her be dead if her death is a sourse of happiness for everyone. Ritika agrees then asks a contact number of hers. Ishaani says she will text her, but ask a promise not to tell Ranveer. Ranveer comes calling Ritika.

PRECAP: Amba tells Ritika that Hansa Parekh intends something wrong today, she must have asked before coming here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranveer you marry with Ritika only.u deserve her only

  2. Hey guys….
    Ranveer is a person who respects women . He does not what kibd of witch rithika is.
    Rithika is also pregnant.
    So she uses that to gain ranveers attention.
    So pleaasss every body stop criticising ranveer.
    He is in a confused state.

    1. Yeah exactly now everyone can see only Ishani’s aashiqui but can’t remember Ranveer’s aashiqui for 18 long years,,
      He is trying to accept Ritika,,, but he can’t,, he is caring her as a friend coz she is on a helpless situation,, but damn he is little giving toooo much attention,,
      Stop critising RV instead Ishani,,

  3. Ranveer is not in love with rithika

  4. I love Ranveer character and because of him only I watch this serial.i know he doesn’t love Ritika but the way he treates Ritika which shows that now he is ready to move on in life with Ritika.but the serial is based on ranveers love for Ishani only.

  5. I am still confused about ritikas character.i don’t understand she is positive or negative.some says in promo girl looks like Ritika but she is real Ritika or her duplicate?she is pregnant or not?its Chirags baby or not?all mysteries.why she behaves as if she still wish to reunite ishveer ?and if she is negative then why she wanted to inform Ranveer about Ishani?confusion confusion.and some says she is faking her pregnancy then why she is worried abt her baby and kept promise of Amba to save her baby?

  6. check the following report: who killed falguni???
    As per the media reports, Gauri Pradhan Tejwani essaying the role of Falguni has called it quits to the show because her character was not shaping up well. Thus, to show her exit from the show the makers have introduced the much needed twist in the tale with Falguni’s death sequence.

    Our source says, “Ritika is the one behind Falguni’s murder. Ritika who is madly in love with RV, gets to know that know that Ishaani is alive, she is worried because RV might accept Ishani in his life back. Now Ritika doesn’t want to lose RV at any cost and will decide to take revenge from Ishaani and her Family.”

    “To start off with her revenge, she will plan Falguni’s accident because Falguni has got to know that Ishaani is alive. Thus, there will be a major accident sequence where Falguni will breathe her last. Ritika has done this because she wants to make Ishaani stay away from RV. Shikhar will inform Ishaani about Falguni’s death and as expected Ishaani will be shattered. She will want to see she her mother for the last time and by hiding her face she will go for her mother’s last rites,” adds the source.

  7. OMG Ishani’s hide and seek drama finally killed her mother,, throw this stupid girl out the serial

  8. Cant w8 anymoree……..when did RV know That Ishani is Still alive??? i hope2day Rv knoW it…plZ Rithikaa tell to rv sach kya hai??ishannii lopu daaa…..agar rithika yehsa nahi kiya tho………hate u rithikaaa…..and it is proved that u are not a gud frend of Rv…………….
    Ishveeerr 4 everrrrr

  9. Waiting for epi…

  10. Inime MATSH Mon-fri tana

  11. Friends dis programme is going to come in tamil in polimer tv @ 8.30 don’t miss it

  12. apa inaiku MATSH kidaiyadha??

  13. Frnds tell me the song which was played when shikar waching ishani in day before yesterday episode

  14. I really doubt whether the writer thinks that we the viewers are stupid…whatever they show we ll watch huh…what the hell yaar…writers pls if you dono how to move on we ll suggest you how to move on

  15. Ek dm boring kr dya hai sirel…rv nd ishani ko v mar dalo nd khatm kr do sirel ko…disgussting ekta kapoor’s sierel its proved ….nonsence

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