Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer jogs in the park thinking he has lived alone for six months, it seems now it will be a new life when he will meet her. The left Aashqui will now have to complete, the distances must end. He thinks about Ishaani, his eyes closed. He comes home, finds his bed empty then takes Ishaani’s photo from the side table watching it intently for a while. He opens his wardrobe, finds no clothes of Ishaani in it and is disturbed by the sight again. He gets ready in front of the mirror, thinks to himself that today will be the decision of their life, decision of their incomplete story. He takes a file of Ishaani’s divorce petition with him.
In the court, Ranveer arrives searching for someone. His lawyer meets him and asks if he has brought the file with him. Ranveer hands the file

to him, still looking for Ishaani. The lawyer says their case has been announced already, judge is also there, they must go inside. Ranveer goes inside, while his eyes still looked outside. He stops at the arrival of a car, ishaani and Shikhar come out of it.
Ishaani was fresh, Ranveer watched them happy together. Ranveer says today they have come here to cancel the divorce today, when people come here to get one. Ishaani and Shikhar come to Ranveer, Ishaani brings him back to world calling his name. Ranveer greets Ishaani smiling. Shikhar taunts if Ranveer is looking at her for the first time. Ranveer says that they have lived away from six months only because of her stupidity because she insisted that until their divorce doesn’t get cancelled, they will live away. He tells Shikhar to make his friend understand. Shikhar says he is not a friend here, just a lawyer so he can’t take any sides. Ranveer says no matter how much he calls himself as their mutual lawyer, he will always side Ishaani. Ishaani tries to end the argument, she says there must be some excitement in life, he must think how much fun it will be to remarry after their divorce is cancelled. Ranveer takes Ishaani aside and asks marrying again? He reminds that they have already married thrice, first they got married. Then he took anti-circles, then in Dewarsh’s wedding he again filled sindoor in her head partition. And they have even divorced thrice and between this all he has never touched her. What else does she wants for excitement. The world knows they are married, still they are not together. He says even the people in court laugh at them, Ishaani says he only dreams of this all as no one thinks about them. Some courtmen passes by laughing at them. Ranveer tells her to go inside, before the judge also begin to laugh.
Ishaani asks Ranveer to promise her that when the case has been resolved and they have remarried, she doesn’t want any misunderstanding because she doesn’t want it to keep going always. Ranveer says all misunderstanding are always created by her. Ishaani asks if he is always so trusting and innocent. They undergo an argument. Ranveer gets it that he did a mistake marrying her, Ishaani says it was her mistake that she didn’t deny marrying her. Shikhar comes between to solve the argument, saying if their argument has ended should they go inside as the judge is waiting. Ishaani goes inside passing RV and Shikhar.
In the court, both Ranveer and Ishaani stands in front of the judge. Ranveer says he always loved her but she never trusted her. Ishaani says she trusts him more than herself. The argument begins again. The judge listens to them stopping Shikhar to interfere. Ishaani says had he trusted her, this whole Ritika’s drama wouldn’t have happened. She says she shouted all her liabilities but he didn’t believe her. The judge asks for order, both stands still. The judge asks if they both really want this divorce petition to be cancelled or they want some more time, he says to Shikhar it seems they aren’t ready. Shikhar says when God was making their connection, there was some wiring problem, so there happens to be some problems like this. The judge says it isnt a wiring problem, but the problem is in their story. They have made their life a tv serial, sometimes they marry, then they want divorce, then they remarry. What is this all. Shikhar says that the second time the lawyer didn’t want to submit divorce because RV was doing a fake marriage. The judge is shocked at that. Shikhar says yes, and Ishaani had also engaged. The judge asks who? Shikhar says it was some other guy, after a break. The judge says it is obvious, but whom. Shikhar says me, though Ishaaani had told him that Ishaani loved Ranveer. The judge says there is a lot of confusion. Shikhar says no confusion, they both love each other only. The judge says they are fighting in a way that they cant even face each other. Shikhar says no, he knows Ishaani who can make a room for herself in every heart. There are few people whom one can’t love. RV is with Ishaani since childhood, though their past record isnt in their favor but their love is in their favor. No matter marriage and divorce keeps them together or not, but their love never let them apart. He comes to them and says they are made for each other, fighting or arguing, their love increases for each other. He appeals the court not to separate them, cancel their divorce and court gives them a verdict to live together. RV murmurs to Ishaani that Shikhar is right, no one can handle her except him. They begin arguing again. Shikhar turns to them again.
The judge stops them again saying this court approves of their divorce petition, from today they will live together. ishaani says they don’t want a divorce, Shikhar tells him to revise his decision. The judge says this is the first time he has signed the divorce papers of a couple that didn’t want to set apart. He says that this couple should take a divorce, to marry again. Ishaani says Ranveer has promised her he won’t remarry her. Ranveer argues her again, the judge stops them. He says that they must not this much time to marry as they took for divorce. Both Ranveer and Ishaani sign the divorce papers. The judge says this is a strange case of his life, he smiles at Shikhar that he hasn’t even seen such a lawyer in life. They repeat Shikhar’s tagline ‘I am Shikhar Mehra and I am not a terrorist’.
Outside the court, Shikhar and the couple laugh toghether. Ranveer tells Ishaani to come to his house with her family, they don’t argue with each other. Shikhar says thanks God they didn’t argue in this all. Ishaani says this is the happy beginning of their new life and the ending of his life with Shikhar. Shikhar tells Ranveer not to make him emotional and says good bye to them. Ranveer asks weren’t they going to have lunch together. Shikhar says they must enjoy lunch together, he has a meeting. Ranveer asks which meeting. He points at a girl standing in the corridor. He tells them he is going on a biking expedition and will return after their wedding. He goes away with the girl. Ranveer and Ishaani hopes Shikhar gets his love on his biking trip. Ranveer says that today, there is something charming about Ishaani’s face.

PRECAP: Amba welcomes Ishaani to her house, she says she wants to fulfill all the rituals that she didn’t do before. Ishaani bends to touch her feet, but Amba asks Ishaani to enter home head straight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG… Can’t believe my eyes.. what an happy episode… Atlast Ishveer united.. hope Shikhar will get a nice life partner… precap super… waiting for it.. doesn’t know what RV duplicate going to do in Ishveer life..

    1. Where’s duplicate?? Where’s real one??? @suga

      1. Wat duplicate thum Kiya bolrea hoh

      2. Ranveer’s look alike…

  2. Episode good lovebirds shadi jaldi ….romanse jaldi ishu jaldi mabannevally rv ka bacha.

  3. plz update fully…. i dnt knw hindi and kind request don’t end this show….

  4. Wt???? Ishikar cimung 2gthr ah?? Guys if any1 who have watchd today epi plz update it in comment box.. plz

    1. No dr…ishveer united..u must watch todyz epi..full f ishveer nokh jokh…n ishani’s nw look..don miss it it.. 🙂

      1. Thnk u so much shanz..

  5. Rv duplicate nahi .pls director pls….

  6. Wowww….wt an epi….juz loved it..finally long waited moment♥♥♥ ishani’s nw look juz awsm♥♥ full epi ishveerz nokh jokh..juz lovd it…lwayz ishveer jodi so cute n awsm chemistry… bt in todyz epi ishani u r soo cute..n shikhar u r too good as lwayz man…eagerly waitin fr remarriage epiz….yippie♥♥ lshveer rockxx♥♥ ashiqui ♥♥ ashiqui♥♥ ishq♡ ishq♡

    1. Plz can u tell me the precap na??

      1. amba welcmes ishani her family whle heartdly n she tells tat she wantd do al rituals of remarriage happily..n ishani bends to take her blessingz.

  7. sona fast…

  8. ya… rv is a original .

  9. 6 months ka leap lene ki kya jrurt thi.. Bina leap k tbhi mila dete.. Ye sb divorce etc ka drama hi nh hota..


  11. why are u updating so slow??please do it asap

  12. Nycc epi.

  13. Waiting for tmrw epi… finger crossed… 😉 🙂 😀

  14. I think this film is ending cuz it is being uploaded so late than before. I hope two lovers will be happy at the end of the film

  15. arora where u gone? now we miss u here

    1. Immmm….arora enga..

  16. story s ok…hw ever again der ll b some thing…bt ppl nw u enjoy…bt shikars last episode in the show…actually frst time feeling bad 2nd hero s going out of the show…:(….arjun s in some other show in nagin…we ll see hw it ll b….

    1. He is not going he will come back with in 1 month

  17. Thank you for updating I am from Poland and I don’t understand Hindi but i like this serial

  18. I am soooooooooo happpppppppeeeeeee today..the couple is awesome. I am waiting for tomorrow episode…. I like this lovebird argument…. I love this epi …

  19. Happy ganesh chaturthi to all ishveer fans.we are celebrate as well as enjoying with ishveer reunion ha ha ha……

  20. Shakti was looking fuming hot in the first scenes.
    N radhika z diffrnt blouse makes her look gud.

  21. Shiker’s new lady in his life non other than Rithika….she is the one who loves biking trips ?☺️☺️?

  22. RV ka duplicate jarur shikhar nikalega. Kyunki wo ek month ke liye bahar ja rha hai. Shyad plastic surgery karwane.

  23. Rv ka duplicate ya to shikhar niklega ya fir rv ka koi bhai. Kyunki amba aur uska pati bhi shadi wali raat ki koi baat sabse chupa rhe hai

  24. Todays episode was too good so cute the way IshVeer fight n joke its good to see amba n lakshmi smiling yey finally hope the drama ends in a happy ending not like ashique 2.

  25. what an epi i just love it sooooooo much happy to see the epi and cute quarrels between the love birds.. May God always keep them together .. LOVE U MY ISHAANI

  26. Not shikar… Its one more duplicate rv… Dat day of kidnaping kidnaper told one more storry.. That may be duplicate rv ka storry..kidnaper may be confused ithinkk…

  27. wow! wow! wow! semma, WONDERFUL epi LOVE U ISHVEER .I have a doubt. when they”show the duplicate RV? I think this RV and duplicate rv are twins……and maybe amba and kailash are trying to hide thissssss????????????


  28. Yesterday’s episode was very nice…. I especially like ishveer’s nok-jhok…..its been a long time to see them(ishveer) like this…. Precap is also looking interesting… So I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode….❤?

  29. Shikhar was awsome….I am going to miss him a lot…and from now onwards he’s(shikhar) one of my favourite actor in TV industry….
    Love u arjun bijlani….best wishes for your next show naagin and I am looking forward to it.

  30. ritika was also found of biking expidition..i thnk this cncept is smwhere connected to ritika

  31. ? ? ? ? lovely epi……

  32. Awesome ep… was full of happiness and comedy

  33. I’m confused. I thought Ranveer gave Ishani fake divorce papers to sign. Why would he submit fake papers and then have to cancel them, if they were fake? Are these writers forgetting their own details?

  34. Miss u shikar luv u im happy cvs didnt change him into negtive…luvd yesterday episode ishveer nhok jhok

  35. Happy ganesh chaturthi to all the viewers of matsh..!!
    May your all wishes have come true!!!! May lord ganesha removes your all abstacles and make your way or success smoother….?

  36. Duplicate rv is gonna enter ishveer life but I just wish dat, as we all know rv nd ishani are gonna marry again nd dere marriage shld happen without any problem. d marriage of ishani shld happen with real rv nd nt d duplicate rv. I just request d director to nt to create any more problem in ishveer life. nd dnt make ishani marry d duplicate rv


  38. luv u ishveer….awsme episode ^_^

  39. arey what couple these love birds are looking awesome

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