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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The inspector calls Milan that they have released Nimisha. Milan says that today it is a big day, he wanted to give a lot to others. The inspector appreciates him thinking him as Ranveer and says he has never seen anyone like him. Milan hangs up saying he must have seen one, just couldn’t have recognized.
Chaitali and Disha helped Ishaani get ready. Baa comes and blesses her saying her mother isn’t there, she will have to play her part. Baa tells her that Falguni believed in Ganpati, she had given her an idol when she came married to her father. Last time when ishaani was marrying Ranveer, she didn’t give it to Ishaani because she wasn’t happy, but this time is really happy. This time Ishaani must take it to hereself.
Parul helps Ranveer get ready. Amba and Kailash

come arguing that they had forgotten Ranveer get ready. They put the groom’s cap on his head.
Baa tells Ishaani that with a new life, new tests come. She must not get afraid of them. Ishaani says till this Ganpati and Ranveer are with her, she won’t get afraid on anything. Baa puts on necklace around Ishaani’s neck. She thinks about her last wedding. Both think that their Aashqui is with each other.
Milan sits with Mrs. Mehta and says that her daughter goes out wearing such vulgar clothes. He has tea when Nimisha comes home. Mrs. Mehta points at Milan, Nimisha gets afraid. Milan tells her to sit, then tells Mrs. Mehta that everyone stares at her daughter with the way of clothes she wears. When a daughter gets young, one must find a good man and get married. He goes to see their house, then says it is small but good. He says he has heard that they had a palace like house before, but when her son died they lost it all. He comments on their television that is old fashioned and small, he plays it. He stares Nimisha and says he came to meet her, to tell her if he can send her to jail and bring her out as well, she must think what else can he do with her. He tells Mrs. Mehta to shut her eyes, there is private talks. He says he wanted a setting with her, but she got Sharman with her and opened her mouth in front of Ishaani. He says that today is his wedding, he must not tell anyone about anything or create a problem. Nimisha watches on television about Ranveer’s wedding. He tells Mrs. Mehta to keep calling him for tea. Nimisha watches the news, the reporter was speaking to Ranveer. Ranveer was saying to media that wedding is a private affair of a person, he requests them to not cover it but not leave without dinner. It was a live telecast. Nimisha wonders if this is live telecast, how RV can be here.
Nimisha thinks that this means there are two RV. She remembers the way of speaking of RV. She thinks about Ranveer and all her inquiry about him in the past few days. She thinks about Ranveer being unwell in the hotel, then says it means the one who met her is RV’s duplicate. He deliberately did this all, to blame RV. She must tell this to Ishaani, but first she must get a proof that there is RV’s duplicate. And only that doctor can help her in this.
Ishaani was getting the final touches of make over by Baa. Baa says to her that there is a Pooja in their home, she must come down herself. Ishaani turns to move, her dupatta gets stuck in the stool. In a struggle to get it removed, her bangle breaks, the dress torns. Ishaani is worried, that this is a bad omen. She looks at her parent’s photos, she shows them the bad omen. She says she is really worried, are they with her, please give her and Ranveer their blessings. Krisha comes to call Ishaani and watches her cry. Ishaani asks Krisha to bring Ranveer for a while. Krisha says this isn’t possible, Baa has forbidden this. Ishaani promises not to watch her face, she thinks why she feels there is something wrong going to happen.

PRECAP: Police come to take Ranveer, he agrees to leave. His cell phone fell down, which the inspector gives him back. He tells them to make it hurry, as he has to return as well. Milan comes to the wedding and says that this is now time to eat the fruits of all his hardwork, that also with Ishaani’s hands.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was fine.. atleast Nimisha came to know about Milan.. Ishaani was looking nice today.. expose Milan soon.. precap interesting.. waiting for special shadi episode..

  2. I appreciate shakti for his fantastic acting skills …. But I am not able to c RV’s name and his love being spoilt …. PLZ for viewer’s sake end this track … ,.

  3. Thank god Atleast one person so long understood about duplicate rv … And plus do let her tell this to some one else with a good proof rather don’t drag it more … PLZ

    1. hi devga comment after so long …… r u??? i also agree vd u……..

      1. Hi Marry .. I am fyn… Thank u for remembering me…. Hw r u ??..
        Actually lil busy with my studies… Don’t worry I WIL B in touch with comments and matsh …

    2. me fine….and i also busy in my studies but read and post comment daily…. 🙂

  4. I don’t have any big heart. I can’t see milan gets married ishaani. I don’t give ranveer place for someone(milan).i know He look like rv. Hopefully Ishani find out milan truth in marriage epi. And she called of their wedding. Rv arrives at a correct time marriage venue. Plz writer don’t make any tragery to ishanirv life. Both of them some month ago gets so many problem and also gets soln like chirag, ritika shikar(friend), now milan but i really irrked to see milan get rv place. So ishani find your rv. Bcz both their aashiqui tum se hi.

  5. I like milan track..shakthi acting is apprecitable

  6. I hope rv oly get married to ishaani. .

  7. I waiting for marriage epi. Whatever it is make script writter rv ishani together. Anyway nimisha find the dublicate rv(milan)truth it’s so nice. Well acting shakti araro + or- charector you do aswome. I thing ishani notices few changes of rv (milan). Anyway i have to say well going epi.

  8. Wt the hell is going on in this show yaar fade up with all these drama. some aashiqui type love story nah .. Itz feels lyk m watching a mystery wala serial…comun Yarr skta kapoor its meri aashiqui tumse hi not razzz the mystery continue …..

  9. just waiting for just loving able episode in which nothing irritating……..
    i love ishveer and shakti somtime in his devil scences looking cute……..plz end this track we dont want a villiaan who is cute and like our ishani,s ranveer………just want to c shakti as rv not millan the villian……………..i think shakti is just 4 romantic and mummy daddy type role…….not like villian……….

  10. No no no plsssss . Dont make jok of marriage. Writer pls u bring out something unique. Not like other series. Today episode nice. Anyhow ishani most take weeding vows with rv only.

  11. In ekta kapoor’s serials alone the lead actors marriage is shown live telecast on tv! ????

    1. Right

    2. Exactly.

  12. Nice episode

  13. Waiting for mahaepisode
    Hope tis marriage won’t bcom a tragedy for ishveer

  14. I hope ishani and ranveer only getting married… becoz ranveer love is true love.. true love never spoiled… millan plz u don’t marry ishani plllzzz… nimisha come soon and expose millan.
    sharman u also do something plzzz..ishani is so innocent and ranveer took
    .. ekta Ena meaning … plzz tell friends..ekta say meaning this word

  15. ishveer scene was cute.dont spoil ishveer marriage

  16. the last episode was nice…finally ishveer s geetting mrd… don’t spoil dis..and the most important thing s it’ll wil b nice if dis b the last one don’t drag it to anther mrg..mrg is d holy thing it’s value lies in happeng once in a lifetime wit one person.don’t turn dis into a joke.. yeah shakti’s acting s being improvd.his earlier act wasn’t convincg tat much but now.. i can c the real” milan the villian”…hope he’ll unleash his awsum acting in upcomng episods

  17. welldone nimisha good episode

  18. recently I got news that ranveer and ishaani only will marry. ..

    1. yes i also and eagerly waiting 4 sunday blockbuster…………..

  19. Maine news me deka Ki nimisha ko Milan uper balcony se dakka de deta h vo mer jayegi.

  20. Ya. I need the same. Get them married. Bring milon in front of all and punish him.

  21. plz end milan track soon.

  22. By the way what is the telecasting time in India and the duration time???

    1. R u askin abt 1hr special epi o wt…?
      If it so thn itz today 8pm Indian tym..

  23. hi zeenatgh matsh in colours channel at 10 pm monday to half an hour.10 to 10.30 pm.

  24. Moreover in TV it is telling that MATSH special episode on 19th october Monday.PLZ anyone tell me the timing.Really confusing:-/

    1. itz tody dr..timing s 8pm 🙂

  25. Sunday block buster episode 8 pm wow double dhamaka 6to 8pm ita award my ishveer won the award they deserved and 8 pm mahaepisod o my god sunday special

    1. yup ofcouse ……… to exicted for both………


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