Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milan calls his men and asks if they found Ranveer. They say they have seen everywhere on the way but couldn’t find him. Milan tells them to keep looking for him.
Ranveer watches a stall, he thinks he will take someone’s phone from here and call home. Manas drove rashly on the road thinking all about the argument of Parul and Disha. His car hits Ranveer whose head bleeds. Manas is shocked, all the men run to him.
Ishaani brings the pooja thaal to a temple.
Ranveer bleed heavily, people come to curse Manas for what he has done. Manas asks where this man came from, as he couldn’t see the face of Ranveer. Manas felt sad for him. One of the men announces that he is alive. Manas says they can take him to hospital. He runs to the car, people carry Ranveer into the car

and goes to hospital. Manas prays this man be saved.
They reach the hospital. The men takes Ranveer from the car on stretcher, the guard tells Manas park the car somewhere else. The men talked about the accident, that two cars hit him. Ranveer still murmured Ishaani’s name, they take him to emergencry room. Manas comes to hospital. He asks the men what the doctors said, they don’t know if he will be saved or not. The doctor comes out saying they will have to operate on the patient. He asks for the family, Manas says he takes the responsibility for any formality and will take to police. The doctor tells Manas to complete the formalities, they will shift him to OT. Manas prays that he is saved.
Ishaani prays for Ranveer in the temple. She thinks why she feels so weird, she has everything but she feels so imcomplete. She has her Ranveer with her, she thinks about Milan and is worried. She thinks Ranveer has changed, he has moved away from himself. Those medicines, all took him away from her. She can’t share her heart with him now, he has moved so away from her. It seems she is living with some strange man. She thinks about his touch. She thinks she will never leave his side, she prays for the strength to help him, celebrate Diwali with her family and can talk to him again. She prays for the end of all the bad things this Diwali. She wishes Ranveer was here with her, where he wanders in his frustration.
In the hospital, Manas was worried that there can be a case on him if police comes. He thinks he needs a lawyer, he calls Sharman but he doesn’t pick up. He thinks about calling Sharman. He moves out and from behind, Ranveer is moved to OT.
Ishaani gets Manas’s call, he was stammering and tells her about the accident. Ishaani is shocked, Manas says he needs her help. Ishaani says she is getting Sharman. She thinks she must tell Ranveer, but he is out for something important. Milan slaps his man saying he is waiting for him only because he knows he will come straight here. The men say they will wait here for him, Milan must wait inside. Milan says it takes only thirty minutes to run here, its been two hours now. He thinks what if he has some accident. He tells them to go to hospitals and looks for him if he had an accident. He is going to City hospital himself.
Sharman and Ishaani come to Manas, Manas was worried that doctors saying he is really critical. Manas says he is innocent, he was driving rashly but was in anger. But he doesn’t want to go to jail as his child is really minor now. The police comes to ask Manas if he is responsible for the accident.
Milan arrives at the hospital. He comes at the reception and asks for accident cases in the last two hours. The receptionist tells him there are many cases, he must check in emergency room. He looks around and goes upstairs while Ishaani, Manas and Sharman stood downstairs. The police warns Manas about the consequences if Ranveer dies.
Milan gets a call of his men, they say they couldn’t find Ranveer anywhere. He tells them to go to roads and check for him. He warns his men that RV must not reach his home at any cost. He goes downstairs and comes just around the emergency room. The doctor comes out of OT, he announces that the surgery has been done. The patient’s face is much damaged, he is in comma right now. Milan leaves. Ishaani tells the doctor to get big doctors and make him well. The police asks about danger to his life. The doctor says not much but until he comes out of comma. Ishaani says she will help in finding the family of patient, but they must not file any case right now. She asks to meet the patient, the doctor says they are shifting him to casualty.
Milan comes home worried where Ranveer vanished. He must be hidden somewhere. Amba comes from her room and asks what he is doing this late at night. She asks if he isn’t sleepy, or worried. Milan says no, he just has a tension about work. She touches his arm but he backs up. She tells Milan that this is his and Ishaani’s first Diwali, they have Ubtan timing at 4.30. Milan backs up as she touches his face, and leaves. Amba is fearful that she has already lost one child and now is afraid if she will lose the other one too. She prays that her son remains with her always.
Ishaani, Sharman and Milan come to the casualty room. They are shocked to see who lay in the bed.

PRECAP: Sharman comes across Milan’s men on the road. A phone was ringing on the road, the men pick it up and says Yes, Boss. Sharman thinks that this is Ranveer’s phone, how they know him and why they are calling him boss.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now a days they are dragging too much.. Now RV in coma OMG.. what is this? I didn’t expect this.. please unite Ishveer soon.. waiting for that moment.. precap interesting.. waiting for a best episode..

  2. feel bad…ranveer plzzz wakeup soon..this is ur first diwali… plz writer make some happy situation… we need ishani ranveer moments…

  3. Plz plz plz don’t create any plastic surgery drama. Rv is a rv no one takes the place of rv. Today epi is moves so badly. Plz rv wake up. Many people waiting for u. Sharman plz do something to find out milan truth.

  4. I know the writters dragging the serial as much as possible there was no end for this iam very much tired totally waste of time,day by day tis track is boring yaar,we are all waste our time for posting comments here,i think ranveer got memory loss and millan use tis and lie to the total family as well as ishani,like that tis track is continue so long and there is no reunite of ishveer so all the viewers pls stop watching matsh and do ur work dont waste time

  5. make some interesting twist instead of changing our ranveer’s cute face…

  6. Again there will be a drama I just hate this dragging yaar…..
    Plz get Milan’s truth out men plzzzzz

  7. I much worried for my hero rv. Today epi i watched with my teary eyed. It’s so difficult. I can’t imagine doctor told to rv faces so damaged. I cried. Plz wake up rv. I could not see u r gets so much of health pain. Why r u doing like this script writter. I don’t accept my hero (rv) places take replace someone. Plz ishaani find ur rv.

  8. make some interesting twist in story and give some hint to ishaani for understanding her ranveer

  9. today episode is sooooool boring

  10. today episode is soooooo boring

  11. I asked to script writter if u trouble to double role plays in matsh seriel then kill to milan role. Why r u trouble to my rv. Today epi is so sad.

  12. if u r planning to change rv’s face or make memory loss to him it will be the most bad one…pls consider our suggestions atleast in dis case…writer…

  13. Nothng shd happen to RV bhaad mein jaye milan rv shdnt die no 1 nt even milan takes his place..
    Let milan die but RV n ISHANI SHD LIVE TILL DA SHOW ENDS n plz unite them quickly we nw wana see Ishveer’s son….enuf of multiple divorce and marriage….

  14. Fuaxaxaxaxaxa)))))) So unreliable plot! Guys, dont worry, I think there won’t be any kind of plastic surgery…Just they want to frighten matsh viewers! Nobody can take place of our super-hero rv! Hahahahaaa)))))) He cannot change his face! It’s impossible! If they do so noone will watch matsh again! Bcoz Shakti is the heart of matsh!!!

    1. You are hundred percent right… frm frst episode till now,, shakti only is the heart and soul of matsh… no one can replace him

  15. Plzzz dnt change ranveer ‘ s face…v want ishani n ranveer bak…not Milan. .plzzz dnt spoil de story like de remaining serials

  16. End milan track immediately.

  17. I know… You are a frustrated ediot lady…. Sanki dimak wali….mental hospital jaker ellaz kraa phlee serial toh bante rhege…serial kis liye hote hai malum h tujhe…. Serial ek mind fresh krne kuch sikhne ke liye hote h tere ye balwas idea dekhne ko nhe…..5 month me 1 happy moment dikhati h wo b sirf 5 min ka. …tere sath b aisa he hua kyaa kuch tu kab comma me jaygi am waiting for that ekta….
    Close the serial soon with happy ending tere bass ki baat nhe h
    Ek lover ki baat chohdo pati patni 18 salo se ek he nhe ho paye great…. Dimak me problem tere fr public ko kyu frustrate kr rhi h tu….jra b reality nhe es bakwass serial me or tu h keee spoil kiye ja rhi h day by day

  18. I think rv lose his memory and with a changed face.. Milan romancing ishani… ishani find rv after 500 episodes… Milan revenging for 500 episodes..

    hope we will not go in coma. lol

  19. Plz plz plz wake up rv
    Go and save Ishani from that Milan

    1. Ishani khud bchna nhe chahti etne din me koi b aurat samajh jati h….wo khud uske kiye bed sza rhi h

  20. Eath thirakkinidayilayaal polum renviyude hrtbeat karanamenkilm avne manaslkan kazhium en paranjit ipl ishaanikenth pati????

  21. From the entry of Milan so many matsh fans have stopped watching this show. U could see it from the comments.. So many are frustrated on This ekta.. I really don’t understand from where she gets bakwas ideas. I have stopped watching this show n i don’t read updates too nowadays. Now too by reading the comments of u guys, i got to links rv is injured.. This ekta and her writers real life story will be this bakwas only, i think they are potraying their own life story.

    When i think about ektas role in this story, immediately ritika strikes out in my mind ???… Guys ritikas story n her role played may be ekta’s real life story.. ? ?

    Don’t know in which year ekta will unite ishveer.. Agar uske life mei love failure hoga to woh ishaani aur milan ko mila degi.. ? kuch bhi ho is mei hamara faida yeh hai ki, uski aaliyat saamne aajaygi..

  22. thpd marne chahiye story writter aur ekta ko kuch bhi dikate hai jo bhi mn krta hai bnd kr sena chahiye ab ye…….

    1. agreeeeeeeeee

  23. sure rv will be out of danger and soon ishveer to be united dont drag much

  24. Hey ruhi itne dino se kahan thi

    1. Hi radika.. How are you.. ??

      Actually i was really frustrated on matsh yaar.. Unable to see rv’s pain.. They are really dragging to the core.. Don’t know when will this milan track end!!

      1. I am fine ruhi. What about u. Mai bahut miss kar rahi and I don’t know what’s going on ekta’s mind u know what’s latest news ranveer suffer memory loss by the way maine tumhe kyy ke page per dekha tha

  25. Guys calm down ranveer ka face change nahi hoga

  26. Becoming the worst…stopped watching dz seriel

  27. its too much……i cant c rv in pain more… stop seeing matsh guyzzzzzzzz i want trp 0 ……………than cv,s become soft….otherwise rv become death read only plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont c…….

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