Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer says to Ishaani that he is dying, please say that she loves him. If she has killed Chiraag by mistake she must tell him he would take all the blame on himself but please he should get an assurity that she loves him. Ishaani looks at Ranveer.
Sharman comes home, Amba stops his way and asks where he is going. He says into his room. Amba shouts what he has done to Ritika and Mr. Javeri and what his Baa has done to them, she won’t let him into her house. She takes his hand and pushes him out of the house, Baa stops her and asks her to behave with her grandson.
Amba says what they have done to her, she must have them pushed out of her house. Baa says this house is ours. Amba says her daughter is signing the divorce papers with Ranveer, they must now leave. She tells Sharman

he has a little shame, he must leave the house instantly.
Ishaani cries and confesses that she loves him a lot. She can love no one other than her, the love he has loved her, and she can’t pay for that if she loves for the whole of her life. She says his love resides in her blood, she feels alive when he is around. She confesses her life and her love is with him. She cries, and says she loves him. They hug each other. Ishaani seperates himself from her, she cryingly confess that I really really love you Ranveer and gets sarcastic at once. Ranveer is shocked.
She gets sarcastic at once and asks how her performance was. She says I am sorry, I can’t do this anymore as I don’t even like your face. Ranveer holds her and asks what is she afraid of. She smiles and says she has no fear, firmly. She asks he wanted to know the truth, would he be able to hear. She says let’s try. She has killed Chiraag, he looks at her in shock. She mocks his shock. She says yes she lied on police station, but she told the truth as well. She loves Chiraag, but she had to kill her love with her own hands because he thought there was something between them, and we were being husband and wife truly, she jerks with what she say.
She tells RV that Chiraag wanted to destroy him, he was the one to blame his parents. He wanted RV’s name ruined so that we could get the most money out of divorce. She did the love drama because he had said her to, and she only knows how painful it was. She says she was doing this all for him, he should have understand. He thought there was something between us, he was suspecting her. There was an argument, and I killed him. She asks Ranveer why he fought with him, why he told him that she loves him. Why he made her so mad that he started suspecting her. She says he was her first love, like she is his. How does he expect her to forget him. She takes the divorce papers and watches it and then the crying Ranveer. She says that she knows that her love won’t be with her, she will be jailed or hanged, still she knows she is doing right. She wants to die in love now. She signs the divorce papers.
Ishaani comes to Ranveer and hands the divorce papers to Ranveer saying she isn’t interested in his money any more. It is better to be in jail, than to see his face. Why he did this, I hate you Ranveer Vagela. Ranveer asks she hates him, she doesn’t like his face, she has signed the papers because she hates him. He says he will sign these papers because he loves her. She pats him asking why did he think that she would love him. She asks him to sign these papers, he says he would because he is her servant. He takes the pen and signs the papers. His pen ceases, Ishaani was pained her face turned. Their good times flashes in front of Ranveer. Ishaani shuts her eyes, stopping her tears.
Amba pushes Sharman out, Baa jerks him away. Police arrives at the spot and asks for Ishaani Vaghela. Parul asks Ranveer to come down, the police is here. The police say that Ranveer has to go to police station with them. Amba says that her son can’t take someone’e life. The inspector says that all the proofs indicate that Chiraag Mehat was murdered by Ishaani. Falguni asks in shock what they are saying, it isn’t possible. Ishaani can’t kill an ant, he must be mistaken. The inspector heads to Ishaani, Ranveer says Ishaani can’t kill anyone, he isn’t saying because she is his wife but because he knows her well. Amba stops Ranveer that she doesn’t love him and wants to divorce him. She killed Chiraag. The inspector says they have found near Chiraag’s body all the proofs that Ishaani killed Chiraag.
Ishaani recalls running away from the dead body, she came up to the car panting. She opened the car, cleaned her car with water and the rock, removing all the proofs of a fight. She then pushed the car to the trench, down into trees destroying it. She left her broken jewellery and earpins to the venue, and some of them in Chiraag’s hand. She hears a recording about their last conversation, in which he said I love you I love you I love you so much.
She thought he had actually recorded that all.
Falguni comes to Ishaani and says she doesn’t know where all these things got there but she knows she can’t do this. She asks Ishaani to tell them she isn’t a murderer. Ishaani says she is a murderer, she killed Chiraag. She loved him and both were about to run away. She thought after getting divoce papers they would run away. He betrayed her, he denied going with her when she was waiting him. She was angry and killed him.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes to meet Ishaani in jail. She turns her face away.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Ishaani is trying very hard to make Ranveer hate him so that she can take the blame for Chirag’s death…and she does get successful. It does look like RV & Ritika will get married eventually while Ishaani goes to jail. But if RV does not find out what exactly happened, then there is no meaning to MATSH.

    Of course, it is already taking a weird turn right now…we may be in for a time leap again.

    • sonydcurz

      Ohoo guys Dont worry truth will be out after the leap rithika plays negative charcter beacause she killed chirag and the twist was and she was pregnant due to chirag… so after the leap ishani will be out and i hope she will find the truth.

  2. gowth

    Till now Rithika hasn’t revealed about Chirag Murder. By this we can understand that Rithika is a negative character. I think Rithika killed Javeri also. Ishaani character is not at all good who always sacrifice. Radhika acting was awesome, she was doing justice to her role. Ranveer pity on you.

    • Ish

      Yes Sweety. It was painful. Both RV & Ishani were in pain. Hopefully by the end of the week, something better comes of this huge crazy situation.

  3. kowsi

    Ranveer and Ishani get seperated, with the show taking a leap of 8 months. A lot of mysteries and questions will be left unanswered. The revelations are expected shock the viewers after the leap.

  4. anita

    what hell is happening with the series I just don’t know. Why this people cannot be practical. Shakti have always been fabulous,and Radhika have improved a lot. too many cooks spoils the brooth,too many twists is destroying the essence of MATSH. Bechara R.V how could gain strength to marry someone else after being apparently hurt by his love? Normally people would have got psycological issues.

    • G

      Which is why Ishaani is bent on making sure Ranveer does not like her. I think he will marry Ritika just to save that unborn child. But I have my doubts about Ritika…ever since the phone call on the V-Day date with Sharman…..lied to him and say I love him. Poor Ishaani is doing all she can to make sure she is blamed for the whole thing. Poor Ranveer is unable to understand why Ishaani is doing what she is doing but unfortunately he ends up believing Ishaani’s act, it looks like.

      But I hope he looks further to find out what happened. Coz if he does not, MATSH loses it’s soul.

      • anita

        I think the child of Ritika will bind Ishani And Ranveer together. I just pray it happens, and Ritika might go to jail,or dies whatever.R.V by taking the responsibility of the child will thus prove the last trait which he inherited from his mota-bapuji. As Harshad Parekh adopted Ishaani and loved her much more than his own daughter, I would love to watch R.V doing the same towards Ritika,s child. The transition of R.v. from a loving friend,to a caring husband,and finally an affectionate and caring father will be worth to watch

  5. arora

    hey kowsi ur right enama ipdi panringle ma……………ha ha ha ha… Hw dare u ishaani behave like this.. I didnt saw my dear ranveer face, it was so painfull. Ranveer paka mudila kastama irndadu i hate u ishaani. Bcoz ranveer ah kasta paduthila ranveer ah aluga vachitila…. Ranveer dont worry she is lied…. And i love u ranveer soooooooooo much….. Ishaani why u do it becoz of chiraag recording ur talking…..؛

    • Ish

      Edhuku pannara adhuvum purinjukanum illaya. Anga kadacha evidence naala ivo jail pogara. Illa na Ranveer povaan. Rendume namaku pidikaadhu. Aana soft corner Ranveer ku vechurukom, adhu naala Ishaani panradhu edhuvume namaku pidikala. Idhuku mela enna pannaraan RV, adhudhaan paaka vendiya vishayam.

  6. anita

    MATSH have always been projected as one-sided love story from a male’s point of view. Is this one-sided love story? I also feel pity for the character of Ishaani ? it,s too much,the same patibrati,so impractical. I just expected she should grew mature ,more understanding within the shadow of her husband. R.V love should empower her it would make her strong, and R.V would never able to reciprocate his feelings becoz of loyalty issues. I might be wrong might would be logical and rational one since R.V,s priority was his mota bapuji apart from his love.

    • Ish

      Agree Anita. But we don’t now what exactly happened. We know she planted evidence. We know she is doing this deliberately. One-sided from RV, the story started as….now is going toward one-sided from Ishani…probably (hopefully)when they are both 60+, the whole mess will end and they realise they wasted their lives lol

      • anita

        The T.R.P,s would be down by that time. Many have became frustated. I would plea to the writer to go through some best books. I have recently read one of the best one-sided love story entitled compass of smaranjit chakroborty,it,s really praiseworthy.

  7. Shâãz

    Todyz epi radhika’s actin juz awsm ♥♥♥ her attitude superb….♥♥ I thnk aftr somethin gonna interesting…. xpectd to b Ritika’s truth ll b revealed in front f RV…waiting fr a good epi…. 🙂

    • Ish

      Am actually wondering now whose child Ritika is really carrying. Even if RV does adopt that child, where does that leave Sharman if he is the real father?

  8. Shâãz

    Tomorrow’s epi ll b sad @ itz bst…. :p ishani ll go jail n she ll b punished fr lyf sentence… aftr leap thr ll b interesting….waiting fr tat 🙂

  9. Fan

    Can anyone tell me what was the song that was played in the background together during the scene of signing the divorce paper

  10. Rosh

    Radika did a great job but I couldn’t see RV ‘s pain. What performance yaar ab Kay karoom tum logon keliye dekhna padegi. Radika & shakti what are you both doing , you made me believe for some time that Ishani & RV are real. Shakti your eyes really show the pain . The pain of love , hurt,loss & dying . I just watched it today for both of you. I can’t see Ishani & RV getting separated . Now I am thinking who killed chirag!!!!!

  11. Rosh

    Shaaz I agree with you may be the show will become more interesting after the leap. Who killed Chirag we are going to miss his duffer plans!!!!!
    Is it Ritika , Girish or there is another dangerous enemy hidden behind waiting to destroy RV.

  12. actually yr…this serial is extending..can’t see ishveer separating…common RV reveals ishani and ritika secret soon..w8ing for 2moro epii.:-)

  13. actually yr…this serial is extending..can’t see ishani and RV separating…common RV reveals ishani and ritika secret soon..well lets see what happens next.

  14. harleen duggal

    yaar ye serial mein itne twists dene ki kya zarurat hai. saara interest hi khatam ho gaya. b dekhne ka dil nai karta yeh serial.

  15. Jagriti

    .I just cant c ishveer pain…… was just…..i cant even express my words what i feel.
    Shakti nd radhika u both hav jst rock it……
    it rly seems real……
    just hope dat both of dem may reunite soon.
    I didnt get 1 thing dat……if ishani got life imprisonment…..den how c will come out of d jail….nd c both rv nd rithika marrd….

    • Ish

      Ritika’s selfishness needs to be brought to light if she does not confess in time to stop Ishani going to jail. She is RV’s only friend but will allow him to suffer in the delusion that Ishani does not love him??

  16. rv

    ranveer telling that i didn’t kill.if u tell me i will take the blame. but y dont that ishani undestands that rv didn’t kill. y they don’t find the truth. anyway ranveer should nt doubt on isaani he should keep his trust on ishani.

  17. Rosh

    It is not necessary that love must be express by words . It is a feeling of u keep telling it won’t sound that real. You feel it in eyes , action and is breath , you can’t just tell it.
    I think RV shouldn’t press her for 3 words any more. The more he ask the more she will act. Thinking about the magical moments they spent together secretly is enough to understand the love. He knows the truth so he must be calm and think how to make Ishani spill out the truth. It is better let her do what she wants!!!!!!!RV has to use his brain not dil here. I think he may do the same . If Ritika killed then it is boring because it is like every one knows that . I think we are in for some more surprise !!!!!!!!

  18. Rosh

    What I mean is if Ritika killed Chirag there is not suspense right!!!!! It is like every one of us already knows it. I think real killer is still hidden . He or she can be Ranveer’s enemy. Those 2 yrs what happened wth Ranveer is still mystery may there is an enemy lurking behind who is much more dangerous than Chirag. That person wanted Ranveer to be caught for Chirags murder. RV ‘s sabse bada or khatarnag dushman!!!!!!!who was waiting for right opportunity to attack. Have you seen Python catching prey they attack at the right moment.
    Our Ishani ,loving cutie spoiled that plan unknowingly. So she could have saved RV from some thing worse . Then there is a new found life for this saga

  19. rig

    Ranveer u never stopped loving ishaani when she hated you to the most. Now she is also loving u so you should find what happened that day rather than marrying ritika . no need for words in love so please save your ishaani…

  20. Rosh

    If story goes that way we are in for a roller coaster ride if not a boring wampire , bicthy story were 2 woman fight for same man . That same foolish crap of old mix. I feel like vomiting now it self .

  21. Rosh

    Yap personal ex , we don’t keep telling it!!!!!!!love ek ehsaas hai. Yeh ek dadkan is like you can feel the heart beat of other person . Soooooooooo just trust your feeling not those words find out the truth !!!!!!!!!

  22. suchi

    God enala ishveer thaniya valratha paka mudiyathu thank god na clg ku poyiruven enala intha piriva paka mudiyathu so im happy 🙂

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