Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani brings Dewarsh into the room. Dewarsh says whatever he might do but he can’t do such a thing. Krisha comes behind Ishaani, Krishaa was crying and asks Ishaai to save them, she begs of Ishaani. Dewarsh asks Krisha to go away, but Ishaani asks what is it about that she is saying so. Dewarsh says nothing, she is just worried. Krsha tells Ishaani that she is pregnant. Ishaani was shocked and looks at Dewarsh, Krisha cries that it was her mistake, she is going to be a mother, what will she do if he goes to jail now. She asks Ishaani to do something, Ishaani slaps Dewarsh hard. Krisha says it wasn’t only Dewarsh’s mistake, Ishaani asks Dewarsh what else she would have to listen. Ishaani takes Krishaa along, Krisha asks her not to tell Shekhar about it. She asks for her promise.

Ishaani says hiding wouldn’t solve the problem but will increase it. Krisha cries that she knows they have done a big mistake but after the wedding no one will have the mistake. Dewarsh promises Ishaani to take up the responsibility of Krisha and the child. Ishaani asks which responsibility he has taken till today and he is accused of her mother’s murder, how he will marry. What proof he has that shows that he didn’t pay for Falguni’s murder. Dewarsh cries that he is greedy and irresponsible but he isn’t someone who can kill Falguni. He was angry at Ishaani, he knows she won’t believe but he will try his best to be a good husband. He insists at Ishaani he is innocent. Ishaani tells Dewarsh police would ask for proof as the killer has taken his name. Dewarsh tells Ishaani that when he heard Falguni’s scream he was in room with Mr. Mehra, he tells them Mr Mehra had given then 2 lac rupees and explain he could see Dewarsh isn’t financially well. Krishaa again cries and pleads Ishaani to save them.
Ritika was curt in hall thinking about RV’s reaction at the call. She watches Amba in the kitchen and begins crying aloud. Amba asks what is it about, why is she crying. Ritika says only her tears are felling, she isn’t crying. Amba insists on her for the reason. Ritika says what she can tell her, Ranveer… she stammers that no, this isn’t possible. Amba asks her not to take much tension. Ritika says her child’s life would be effected if he doesn’t care now. Ritika says after her papa’s death they all adopted her but how can she give her child’s responsibility to RV, didn’t she see how RV went for Ishaani. Amba asks Ritika to jerk anything from mind; RV comes there and asks what happened. Amba comes to him and says he is the reason, she cries every day. She asks RV to take a decision, if he doesn’t want to marry her he must tell her. Ritika says she must not blame RV, it is her responsibility and she is used to it. She says this child will always be called illegitimate, because there was no divorce between RV and Ishaani, Ishaani went to jail but came out so there was no divorce legally. In such a situation, her child will be illegitimate. Amba asks RV what is Ritika’s status in his house and life until Ishaani is his wife.
In the hall Ishaani announces that the CCTV footage clearly shows Dewarsh was in the room at the time of Falguni’s death, the killer is lying. Chaitali says that she already said this. Shekhar says that since the killer took Ishaani’s name, there would be a case on him. He tells Chaitali that they have the proof and will bail him out. Ishaani says they must let Dewarsh go to jail, so that the killer gets relaxed; then the killer will go out of the jail and will meet the person actually behind the murder. Shekhar appreciates Ishaani that Ishaani’s mind work as a lawyer, he is thinking about making her a business partner. Shekhar says that on a serious note, Dewarsh will have to go to jail. Ishaani tells Shekhar that he must get Dewarsh out of jail soon, in a day at max. Shekhar whispers at Baa what did Ishaani eat in childhood that made her so sweet. Baa thinks she wishes she could tell him Ishaani should be married to RV.
RV comes into his study and brings about the file at Amba and Ritika, he says these are the papers with signatures of Ishaani and him. He will submit them in court, he will name the relation between Ritika and RV and will end each relation with Ishaani. Ritika comes and says to RV she has mood swings, but he must not do anything emotionally and think again about his decision. RV says he must have done this work a long time ago, this is the hurdle between their marriage. Amba says that the sooner it ends the better. RV leaves the room, opens the file to see the papers and cries. Ritika’s phone rings when Amba was about to leave, Rtika takes the call and is shocked, she asks Dewarsh had jail, if this is sure he sent the murderer. She turns in shock, Amba tells her to relax, she knows about Parekh family as they are all like that. Amba leaves, Ritika cheers and says I am sorry Dewarsh, I want a divorce between RV and Ishaani because I have to marry him and bring up my child with him. Someone will have to sacrifice for that, she jerks the feelings she won’t let RV suffer what Chiraag did.

PRECAP: RV was standing behind the car, his lawyer was visible to Ishaani. Ishaani says she heard the conversation by mistake, but he loves his wife so much he must not divorce her because what people say is liability but acceptance is only when the heart tells you. RV comes out from behind the car to confront her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. feeling sorry for Krisha.. OMG.. what an acting master plan.. you evil vamp psycho Rithika… by crying she fulfill all her needs.. eagerly waiting for amba reaction when she will come to know about Rithika… ha ha.. she is carrying Chiraag’s baby.. Ranveer have some brain.. please use it.. Doesnt know what will happen to shikhar.. bechara will be heart broken if his shadi with Ishaani cancelled.. but anyway eagerly awaiting for shadi episode.. especially rithika truth will be exposed infront of all.. how will amba react????? Ha Ha..
    Ishveer marry soon and kick that vamp out of your home immediately . Waiting for a good episode..

    1. Wow.. what a precap.. interesting. .

  2. precap is intresting, rithika acting look like devil, wow proud of u rithika,

  3. precap is intresting…….. rithika acting, looks like devil, wow proud of u rithika,

  4. Love u ranveer . U once again proved that u cant forget ishani. Wen u was crying i was also crying. I love the character of ranveer . Ekta ji done a good job in sketching his character….wat a performance by smriti i was laughing when was crying like that…..but hated her character. Ishveer was seperated bcoz of her…waiting for ishveer reunion….

    1. RV!RV!RV!! 3 cheers to him and his superb acting! who says men shouldnt cry??!! if it is in a situation like RVs, then they dont have a choice either… after all they too are humans and its his AASHIQUI!

      1. Agreeee that’s his aashiqui

  5. Thnx sona for very fast update

  6. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  7. i am very happy for ishveer unite, but shekhar, he suffered lot…….., omg he is a good man, he is pity, i feel so sad for shekhar, plz matsh team do something good and positively for shekhar character

    1. Ya! that is wat I was thinking poor shikar

  8. i can’t understand precap

    1. ya i am also dosen’t understand this precap, plz anyone explain it? What people say is liability but acceptance is only when the heart tells you, that means???? I cant understand.

      1. Liability meand Legally responsible.

  9. in this serial all are pregenented before marriage, it is start witth falguni, then disha, then rithika, then krisha……., haha haha

    1. Haha…oly Ishani left 🙂

    2. Hahahahahaha. Ism mind.. I hate ritika.. wo to sharminda bi ni apni is harkat py..

  10. Pakistani Drama Zindabad, Indian drame to khatam hone ka nam he nahe lehare wa wah,, pehle dafa indian drama deka aor wo b khatam na hona ka nam he nahe lerahe oho OMG,,,,Kab khatam hoga ye serial

    1. it will end for u the day u stop watching it .lol

      1. hahahhaha No no muje result k bohat jalde he na

  11. Wow precap is very nice
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  12. hi is my birthday

  13. All ekta’s serials wives r untouched by husbands n unmarried girls bcome pregnant!!!!!

    1. 😉 good observation!!

    2. he he u r ryt….

    3. U r ryt. And still we love her series.

  14. precap is awesome

  15. Good written update

  16. the moment of ranveer and ishanis unity is coming soon ….

  17. thnx for written update!!! nice precap!! bt it could b a dream sequence….

  18. Ritika will go to jail and nobody’s gonna do her bail…………WOW !!!! waiting for the episode wen she will bw xposed……………:);)

  19. It is getting interesting

  20. Hey guys this is priya. I am too watching ashiqui for a long time but I din comment. I want to tell the videos I have seen for ashiqui.

    In that ishanni and ranveer will be near court there ranveer will asked them to file while ishaani will look him helplessly.

    Next to that dewarsh will be in jail ranveer will know about that and he is bailing out will fight with police not to let him leave there sharman will come to stop ranveer but ranveer will slap dewarsh then they will be fighting. Ishaani will come and scold ranveer then he will leave.

    Then there will be haldi ceremony. Ranveer used to think of ishaani behind her she will be laughing because ranveer is full of haldi. To stop her laughing ranveer will go behind her to apply haldi on her there will be a romantic moment but it is dream sequence. Then ranveer will see but ritika will be happy.

    Then this ritika will plan to kidnap and murder ishaani. She will be in bridal dress. Then kidnapper will give news that ishaani is died. Then after some time call will come that ishaani is not died. Ritika reactions will change then she will wear a blanket and thought to go by herself and check. Amba will come that time she will make some excuses and leave afterwards.

    Hope that ritika teuth must be revealed so that ishaani and rv will unite.

  21. thank u priya

  22. guys!plz tell me how to post a photo in this comment

    1. U have to register in gravatar.. U just type gravatar in google.. It will show u the steps involved in it..

        This is link to set ur photo..

  23. ranveer,luv u soooooooooooo much.plz wait fr sometime.ur aashiqui wil be back.You too ishani.wil anybody love like ranveer in real life?

  24. amazing love story EKTA.still we are waiting like anything for ishveer reunion.It has turned into our addiction yaar

  25. I want ranveer to expose ritika… Just imagine guys…. It will be superb if ranveer exposes ritika… But it will not happen :'( dumb ishani will take time , if she comes to know of ritika truth she will think abt the child which ritika carrying and then she will think to expose or not ,… Then later when she will think of her mom she will decide to expose her… Huh!!!!

  26. Ishveer when wiil u reunite? I’m waiting….

  27. thank u sooooooooo much muskan and radhika

  28. ranveer,this line suits u man.`Tera mera rishta hai kaisa ek pai dur gawara nahi`.EKTA,PLZZZZ UNITE ishveer soon.IHSVEER LOVERS are waiting ya.plz ekta plz.Can`t watch ranveer in trouble.Gives me a little bit pain.

  29. will you tell the meaning of the line shalini plz.

  30. meaning:`what`s the relation between u and me!that I can`t get away for a moment`

  31. Frnds pls pray 4 my luv. Plz…. He luv me vry much. But he never say about it. After 3 month we met. But we could nt say about our luv. Ini eppa parkume n theriyad. Ana onnu mattum theriyum. Nan avankaka wait cheyyapore. Plz frnds pray for us.

  32. how to set a pic on gravatar?

  33. this episode is very interesting.

  34. i love u rv n shekar up to now ishani i not pregnent if any body to be say me ok baby

  35. thanks shalini

  36. Really only stupids shwn intrst in dis srl…
    jst it s a srl…thn guys y r u gve cmnts lik dis ..
    very stupid fellows….

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