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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar wipes Krisha’s tears and asks why she is crying, she can come here anytime she wants to. Krishaa says she is crying for him, he was marrying a girl and she left him, and still he went after her today. Shekhar says she has a memory loss, it is better they don’t talk about it, it is time for her bidding. Krisha says she is his sister, and the way Ishaani slapped Ritika shows how possessive she is about RV. She says Ishaani is living with him as husband and wife. She says to Shekhar that Ishaani and RV are made for each other, why he can’t see that they can’t be separated. Shekhar says to Krisha that he is more concerned about Dewarsh than Ishaani, it isn’t in Ishaani’s nature to do wrong but Dewarsh may. He says that he is also sure Dewarsh will always keep her happy and

heads to go. Krisha says he is right, may be Dewarsh isn’t right but she is with him because she loves him. She says he must question himself will Ishaani live with him, does she love him this much. Mr. Mehra comes inside and asks Krisha to go. Shekhar is thoughtful. Shekhar thinks Ishaani isn’t well, he must go to see Ishaani.
Ishaani wake up at night to find RV drinking and candles lit in the room. She asks what is this all. He asks how she is and moves towards her. He thinks he will make her this nervous today that if her memory is working she will stop him. Ishaani asks why is he looking at her like this, as RV moves towards her. He asks does he has a right for this, sits with her and compliments her to be beautiful. She says he is really drunk, he says laughs and stands up going to the other side of the bed, holds Ishaani’s head and says tonight is their wedding night. He tries to get intimate with Ishaani, Ishaani stops him and tries to say this all… He says wrong? How, when they are husband and wife. He says it is always said patience is fruitful, he was really patient. He tries to get intimate with her.
Ritika opens her room door and says Ishaani is still inside, she must be as it is her room. She wonders if RV is also inside. A servant passes by, Ritika questions him and he happily tells her that RV has got fragrance spread in the room, decorated it and has called for wine as well. Ritika scolds him and asks him to go. Ritika is sad at this, Amba comes there and says she heard it all; why is Ranveer doing it all. Ritika says she is getting restless listening to this all. Amba says she knows Ranveer will never do anything wrong, she wonders what is going into his mind. She says Ranveer can never betray her.
Shekhar was driving the car when he questions himself what he is doing, it is so late and he is going to ask for her wellbeing. He tries Ishaani’s number which was off. He says he must go there as Ishaani will act and manage everything but what about Ranveer. In the room, Ishaani is nervous as Ranveer gets intimate to her. He says to Ishaani that they have a relation now, they aren’t just friend but husband and wife and there has to be some relation between husband and wife. He says he got this all decorated for her so that she forgets everything and comes nearer to him. Ishaani pushes him away, he says he wanted to see love in these eyes, why is there fear in them. He asks if something is stopping her, doesn’t she wants them both to be one forever. Ishaani stammers that it isn’t like this. Ranveer says today even if she stops he won’t. Ishaani thinks about her promise to Shekhar. She turns away, Ranveer whispers in her ear why is she so tensed when there is no fear. He tells her to relax, it is Ranveer, her friend, her husband, her love. He tries to kiss Ishaani but she stops him at once, holds him by his neck and says why be so urgent; let’s talk a bit to each other. Ranveer laughs at once, he says she is making a fool of him, whenever the ladies are shy uses the same trick. He says there is a thunderstorm, the heart is beating and takes Ishaani again. Ishaani doesn’t let him near to her, he says no talks today else people will say he loves someone else. Ishaani is reluctant, Ranveer says he has a solution to this problem of hers. He says there is just one way to it, goes to grab the bottle of wine. He says once she takes a bit of it, she will get shameless. He goes to make a drink for her. He thinks he will get her truth out from her mouth today.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks Ishaani if she feels better now. Ishaani had Ritika’s call on cell phone when Ranveer says he can’t wait anymore. Ritika is worried and says this isn’t possible.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.. RANVEER’S CHENNAI STYLE WAS AMAZING… Vesti was good.. how ri got worried today. .. ha ha… Waiting to see amba reaction after truth about Rithika exposed.. after a long time Tum hi ho played… nice to see… precap seems to be interesting.. anyway Ishaani will lit fire and escape as we know…
    waiting for a good episode.

  2. poor sheekhar……….but Ishani being selfish first time, playing with emotions of two people not done yarrr. And at only Ranveeer have to suffer the pain again as he is going to be betray by his friend ND his love too……..

  3. poor sheekhar……….but Ishani being selfish first time, playing with emotions of two people not done yarrr. And at last only Ranveeer have to suffer the pain again as he is going to be betray by his friend ND his love too……..

    1. Yeah u r crct….she playing with two persons feelings..

  4. Gud episode…wowww my fav shakti in dhoti…happiee…anyway .rv plan will be flop…aftr so many month they r shown a romantic episode…aftr tat get ready for a ghost episode…..its funny rithika will scared…im eagerly want to see a amba and rv face…wen rithika truth xposed..but they r dragging too much …

  5. Hahahaha falguni ma ghost epi will b shown for two weeks then ishaani wil go back to shikar and next rv wil b searching for his love.. omg

    1. Ya true… daniela..

  6. omg ranveer look handsome, he wear south indian style dress, its very nice, and there is soooooooooooo much of dragging in matsh, romba ilukuranga, kadupavdu, plz reveal the rithika truth with proof infront of all, and dont play ranveer and shekhar feelings.., bcoz both are love ishaani, ishaani rv ya love panra but she promise shekhar didnt cross the limit with rv relation, what is going on this serial directors you are irittate more, rv and shekhar oada feelings la vilayada vaikuringa, plz stop it, and stoty ya arukama sekrama ishveer unite panuga we are so tired, and serial start pani one year aagudu ninga inum than ishveer’a onu sekuringa, inum ethana naalaiku ilupinga,

  7. Rv ws lookin lyk a south indian wid pink shirt n wite lungi!!

  8. You r rite arora! This serial is dragging for one year to reunite ishveer again and again and again and again……..

  9. Ishveer!!! U look amazing when u r together!!!

  10. To my mind, ishani will come back to shekar after she reveals ritika…But shekar soon will realise that ishani n ranveer love each other n their feelings r too strong…as well as, he realises that ishani is making herself stay with him bcoz she gave promise to him…he’ll understand isha will be happy only with rv n that’s why shekar will help them being together…he’ll allow isha to come back to rv-her true love!!! ( it’s just my prediction) After that, i hope matsh writers won’t create another problem in order to separate ishveer!!!

  11. Yea, rv looked gr8 in todays epi! I love shakti arora, he is so handsome! I like his eyes, mostly…they look at u kindly even when he is in anger! How he can do it!!! Amazing!!! I became his fan after this serial…I wish him good luck in his work n personal life!!!

    1. You r right….
      Shakti’s eyes are amazing…..
      Both attractive n expressive…
      Love u shakti…..

  12. Rv U loook awsme in south indian dress… wz nyc epi….lve u ishveer

  13. Ishveer yaar pls sta 2gader coz u luk awsum !!

  14. Lovely episode.

  15. Rv n ishaani always rocks!! 😀

    Toh aaj ritika jal ke raakh hogi.. 😉 😀
    Yehhhh… Aur aaj aag lagne ke alava, ritika pe aag lagaane ka ilzaam aayega!! Hurray!!

  16. Guys Ranveer was in dhoties .happy to see it as a tamilian. Guys Ranveer got injured in fire sequence. Ruhi
    ur picture is so cute

    1. Thanku rufina 🙂

  17. Yeah..he was so cutee in south Indian style??

  18. Todays episode was ncie. RV soooooo nice

  19. today’s episode was nice, RV too nice… so… cute in south indian style.

  20. Hello to matsh viewers!!! Have a nice day guys!!!

    1. Wish the same

  21. I m not indian, i dont understand what does it mean “south indian style”…can anyone explain me, plzzz!!!!!

    1. In south India only they wear lungies n dhoties.. So everyone say tat style as south Indian style!! Hope u got it!!

  22. Thx, Ruhi!!! I really like this style! I want to go to India, bcoz i like ur customs, holidays, dresses,dances,songs! Everything is so nice!!! U have gr8 history n beautiful nature too…Hope, I will see India with my own eyes in the future!!!

    1. Aww so sweet!! U are always welcome to India!! N hope wat u think becomes true!!! N u visit India.. Best wishes 😀 🙂

  23. I missed almost 1 mnth epi’s during Ramadan…seems missed mny intrestin epis….couldn’t able to read written update lso…frm tody onwards again gonna watch MATSH…yippee ♥♥♥

    Can any1 plz tel wt hpnd to Ritika….i mean her truth revealed o nt??

    1. nothing changed shazna.. same rv hatred for ishaani ,the devil ritika still exists. . n u wil enjoy d upcoming epis for sure.. actually in last epis there was ishanis accident,ritikas true face in front of ishaani then ritika stabbing ishaani , later shekar saving her,ishaani stopping rvs marrriage with rits, then ishaanis memory loss drama, then ishaanis marriage with rv again on krisha n dewarsh wedding.. then dewarsh n krishas marriage n the wonderful part is ishaani slapping rits.. lol .. then after slapping rits she fall unconscious n rv taking care of het…

      n now this epi!!! in the upcoming epi u will see ishaani planning to expose rits by playing falguni ghost drama…

      n advance eid mubatak shazna

      hope u understood my short explanation!!

      1. *mubarak

      2. Wowww….short n swt 1 mnth epi update ♡♡ So swt f U Ruhi♥♥♥ Ty so mch dr 🙂

        I thnk thy r juz draggin draggin…bt hpy tat Ishveer z bck on track…♥♥ tatz wt v wnt♥♥ n thx 4 d wsh♥

        Thn may I knw u Ruhi? ? Whr r u frm ?

      3. Btw nyc dp♥♥ cute lill grl ♥♥

  24. Hello…anybody s here?????

    1. Hi, Shazna! No, ritika isn’t revealed yet, unfortunately! Ishani is trying to expose her in front of every1

      1. Hlo shahlo…Thank u… 🙂

  25. 🙁 🙂 🙁

    1. hi mandy!! did u check the change in comments by tu??

      1. Yeah Ruhi but I don undastnd pls can u xplain it !!

      2. Actually Mandy from Sunday we will not be able to post comment directly.. If we post any comment, tat comment will be checked by the tu ppl ,and after checking they will post..

        They won’t post the comments with just two or three words . eg.nice epi,good epi, or else just posting smileys are not allowed..

        Over all this means tat no one can chat on tu from Sunday..

        U just have to comment based on the serial. If u say hi , hello to ur frnds those comments will not be posted as tu will be checking each n every comment..

  26. Hi guys
    Nice episo

  27. wow…..epi ws intrestng… i missd to wch d romantic scens of ishveer bcz of ramdhan….frm tmrw i cn wch…. hurray!!!
    nxt upcmng epi wl b vry intrestin…….

  28. Ishani is wrost girl, ranveer will feel pain badly after she went to shiker she dnt deserve rv’s love ….. She is very selfish

  29. S shazna they are just dragging.. The best thing in the episodes was ishaani slapping rits.. N anyways ishaani is back in rvs life but just for few days!! Well we will not miss their moments.. Just keep enjoying ishveer.. In from tn shazna n u?

    In the upcoming episodes ishaani will plan to scare ritika by falgunis ghost.. Lol.. It will be Funny to watch tat!!!

    1. Omg den toh hum chat b nahi kar sakthe hai !! Ruhi !!

    2. hehe ya dr…evn i heard abt ths in db tody…ll b vry funny to scared devil Ritika n funny ishani… l lso heard tat later Ritika ll get to knw abt tat ws Ishani’s plan n al…n thn i thnk she ll create smethng big drama to throw out ishani frm RV…i thnk aftr Ritika’s truth relevation RV ll defnatly ll get to knw abt Ishani’s truth lso…thn he won’t let her go 🙂
      M frm Karnataka 🙂

  30. I feel happy rv wear vessdi r dhoti. Good combination shirt. Readymade attach dhoti available dont suffer fr tie. Rv are not wear perfectly tie but its ok….

  31. S Mandy.. We will not be able to chat…

  32. ekta mam please unite rv and ishani they are rocking day by day ,they chemisty are mind blowing we want to see them together.

  33. need to update faster sona please

  34. Ruhi is it true that we should chat about only serial.and happy ram am to the Muslim friends. Eid mubarak.Guys ur comments are true.where do u see it? I will too try and post comments.

    1. Eid mubarak to u too rufina..

      s tat is true tat from sunday we have to comments only on the serial n those comments will be checked by tu..

      below the comment box u wiil be seeing “important change in comment” in bold letters. if u click tat it will take u to tat page..

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