Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani comes to Pratik who tells her about Naina’s fear. Naina sat on the bed in shock. Ishaani asks if something happened between her and Shibham. Naina still cried. Ishaani goes to call Nurbhay, but Naina stops her at once. She tells Naina that Shibham was her friend in college but started to love her. Now he has reached her home.
Nurbhay was angry that where is Naina, Shibham and Vikram. He says he will go to check.
The fuses shut off at once. Ishaani goes to fix it. Ranveer thinks that Nurbhay didn’t ask about Ishaani, where she would be. It was dark and he goes to check her. Ishaani hides herself as Ranveer senses her presence. He asks Ishaani can she still live without him after what happened. Ishaani asks him to forget everything that happened. Ranveer tells Ishaani

that he wants to know what happened between them last night, he doesn’t remember anything but still he feels different as he watch her today. He holds her close to her and says he won’t leave her until she replies. There is intimacy, after which Ishaani backs up calling him as RV. Suddenly the light gets on, Nurbhay walks there. Ishaani had vanished, Ranveer looks around then tells Nurbhay that he came to fix the fuse. Nurbhay says it has been fixed already, not he must come to dinner. Ranveer wonders why she called him as RV.
Ranveer comes to the hospital and watches Nurbhay there. He asks the doctor about Nurbhay, the doctor tells him that he is the owner here. This is NSA research Centre (Nurbhay Singh Alawat Research Centre). Ranveer wonders if it was a co-incidence. Ranveer comes to the office with doctor, he says he didn’t know this hospital belongs to Nurbhay. Nurbhay says he has invested some money in the hospital, avoids and leaves. Ranveer watches a photo of Nurbhay and Pooja. The doctor says this is his wife, he loves his wife like no one would ever have. Ranveer thinks that Nurbhay is already a wife still Ishaani married him and he is being treated in this hospital, is this really coincidence.
There, Ishaani wonders why Vikram says that Pooja was murdered. If someone from this house murdered her? If so, who was that person? She thinks about searching the whole house, starting from Nurbhay’s room. She gets Pratik’s call then who says today he has called her as a brother. Both gets emotional, Pratik asks to meet Ishaani. Ishaani says she will text him with the address, he must come to meet her there.
Ishaani comes to the venue. A car arrives there, Ranveer comes out of the car against Ishaani’s expectations of Pratik. He comes towards her. Ishaani asks what he is doing here, Pratik called her and wanted to meet her. Ranveer says he asked him else Ishaani won’t have come. Ishaani says it isnt good for them both to stay here, there would be a problem. Ishaani turns around, Ranveer holds her hand. Ishaani says she is wife of someone else now. Ranveer says her husband already has a wife. Ishaani says he had a wife, not now and this is their personal life. Ranveer says he won’t ask about their personal life, he asks Ishaani how Nurbhay knows about him so much, his treatment, and how when he got Virus D injection she married someone else, she began to hate him overnight. Ishaani asks him to let her go. Ranveer holds her tight, he asks why is she so silent. Why she always cries on his questions. He asks her to tell the truth, he promise to take her away from this all and love her dearly. Ishaani cries and hugs him tight. Ranveer also cries.

PRECAP: Maa says that the repentence of Ishaani’s sin is fire, she must walk on red coals.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. swana

    Wow nice epi loved ishveer scenes a lot !! If they had shown this before itself matsh wouldn’t have faced this end omg…feeling sad for ending plzz at least confirm the news that they r going to take season 2 …just confirm the news that alone I enough…once it is confirmed they can.take their own time..but plzz confirm

  2. K.praveena

    Superb epi. And ishani hugs ranvi in that last scence is awesome. I thought sibam is one of the person behinds pooja’s death. And ranvi u wants to answer abt ishani overnight change so just see ishani eyes and that tears shows that how much of she loves u and care 4 u. This real aashiqui. Ishveer always best jodi.

  3. Omg writers too much fast for end the showna,oh my dr shadhika how can i live without u..i love u ishveer no one can never make a story lioe tis,matsh is the first and last show which pull so many dieheart fans.hereafter no one can beat my ishveer they r the best example for love

  4. I Love ? ishveer scenes……alot Superbbb Episode…….

    Only 3 episodes remain ….. ? ? ?

    Today i cried alot ….. watching ishveer scenes…..

    Only 3 episodes How can i live without my dearest ishveer ? ……? ? …..

    after 19 th feb my life is like hell

    Still i am crying ……

  5. Keerthi

    Sathya dear here is the full interview which appeared in gr8 magazine I only wrote half on February 15th update page here I ll give you fully
    No sathya I have ordered it still not got it but my frnd got it she told me that they asked questions to shadhika and they answered
    First question
    What is love to u
    Radhika:something that is unconditional and no “ifs”and “buts” there
    Shakti:love is loyalty it is also peace and security but both of these automatically follow if loyalty is there
    And your take on romance?
    Shakti:passion-that’s what it is
    Radhika:to me it is making someone feel very special
    Achha what do you think is the best instrument to convey romance- eyes?lips?touch?or talk?
    Radhika: eyes and touch
    shakti: eyes and talk
    Create a wild fancy of a romantic evening where in the world would you love to have your dream date and who would be your dream partner
    Radhika: it has to be water like a cruise or yacht or something and yes candle light dinner with violins playing in the background oof it has to be filmy and my partner he has to be a carbon copy of mine and just as I am so fil yeh too has to believe in rose petals dancing in the rains and all of that filmy stuff
    Shakti: I haven’t really been to different parts of the world but I know my dream date would have to be somewhere amongst the snow caped mountains and yes a dinner in candle lights on a cruise is also a for my partner apart from neha it has to be scarlet johansson
    What is marriage to you?
    Radhika:oh it’s just a tag love and care matters the most but yes marriage does mean increased responsibilities
    Shakti: marriage is an institution I believe in it and the fact is that your whole life depends on it
    What about live in can you go for it?
    Radhika: yes if I am madly in love with a person then y not
    Shakti:frankly speaking I also believe in live in but people out there start looking at you as if you’ve committed a I would rather not go in for it but I do believe in it
    Ok now tell us where did you learn about valentines for the first time ?
    Shakthi : in school
    Radhika: same here a boy came up to me with a rose and told me that it’s Valentine’s Day and I love you and being a tomboy I had no clue as what he was talking about I just laughed and then slapped him off that’s when I asked my mom about what is this valentine thing all about
    Who was your first conscious valentine?
    Shakti: in school days it is budding love where everything is so pure it was so amazing but even then I Could never convey my feelings I’ve always been so shy
    Radhika: I haven’t really dated someone as such Ive always celebrated with my father
    So what would be the dream gift that you wish your partner to give you?
    Shakti: a luxurious limousine
    Radhika: but I love chaat the most and I would wish my valentine to take me to all the chaat corners there are so I can woff down loads of papadi pani puri etc..
    And what would be the dream gift u would love to give to your valentine?
    Shakti: a villa and a Bentley
    Radhika:ticket for a world tour
    Wow ok Radhika tell us what was your instant impression of Shakti when you set your eyes on hi for the first ever time?……and don’t try to be politically correct please?
    Radhika: oh I was so new you see so I was wondering who’s he and why is he so sweet to me? Then I came to know that he is my co-actor
    And what about you shakti? What did you think of her?
    Shakti: hmmmmm…… So “she”is my heroine
    You were two strangers meeting for the first ever time who broke the ice ?
    Radhika :he did
    Shakti:actually there was never a need to break the ice or something as we both are taureans besides, radhika is very open and bubbly so there
    And who is the boss between you two?
    Radhika: you see if I summonify him he wouldn’t listen and its vice versa yoo!
    So today can we say you two are friends or just two good professionals working together
    Radhika: actually we aren’t the best of buddies who will hang out together after shoots but yes on the sets we are friends and we have a lot of fun together in fact this offscreen bond gets reflected in our on screen chemistry I just look into his eyes and he’s my ranveer indeed then it becomes so very real tears and all
    Ok tell us one thing Radhika that you like about shakti?
    Radhika: he’s so patient and so professional
    How about you shakti what do you like about her?
    Shakti:it’s that air of hers main jaisi hoon waisi hi hoon rather than being worried or embarrassed about anything before others
    And one thing you don’t?
    Shakti: she’s too hyper
    Your turn radhika?
    Radhika: oh too fanasky about his beauty sleeps lol
    What would be the one piece of advice you’d give to each other?
    Radhika: don’t be insecure go party have a bull
    Shakti:try to behave more like a girl I like you better that way
    Can you radhika tease shakti for me?
    Radhika: uh that’s easy shakti mera packup ho Gaya
    Give us a word to describe each other
    Shakti: radhika is Chotta packet bada dhamakka
    Radhika: he is patient
    And a word for yourself?
    Shakti: explorer
    Radhika: I m bindass

    • Shażñä

      Thnx for sharing ths intrvw here…gud intrvw..n tat last wrd juz indicates both f thm…n i love shakti n radhika bt i luv radhikas nature more than shakti..shez a fun loving girl n love her simplicity lyk jaisi b h vaisi h n doin lill things n njoying lyff lyk loving chaat…♥♥♥ evn m having tat nature doin lill things n njoying lyf.. i too love chaat spcly gol gappa n delhi chaat.. 😀

    • Shażñä

      n keetthi hv u seen radhikas ths valentine dy evning hng out video having chaat…watch it n u ll love it 🙂

      • Keerthi

        Yeah shazna I watched the valentines video and I loved her so much so much simplicity whoever gonna marry her is the luckiest in the world…..and they will become lucky too after marrying her because persons with pure heart are rare to find and God always blesses them with prosperity….may radhika get all the prosperity and luck and happiness she wants…..but I did not like shakti s valentine video so much artificialness

      • Keerthi

        Hope u liked it Dear…. It’s my pleasure to write their interview I was in love with radhika after reading her interview being a woman I admire her and respect her and want God to shower her more and more prosperity

    • Keerthi dr thanku somuch,yes i slept early now only i saw ur comment dr,ya really radzis pure heart girl,not only she is white colour her heart also pure white,one thing u notucedna dr shakti answer all r save and side but radz amswerall are very open,she doesnt hessitate to praise shakti but shakti not sounded abt that much,and one ans from shakti he told love is loyality,that is why he is loyal to neha even he loves radz..he want be loyal to neha thats y he hide something infront ofcamera during his interview,but behind the scenes he is very comfortable to radz..and really what u and shazna told was crct,who marry radz is the luckiest person in the world i wishit should be shakti..

      • Shażñä

        yeah sathya ur thot abt shakti z true..hez nt praising radz bcz as he thnks may b neha ll feel bad n al 😀

    • Shażñä

      yeah keerthi i too felt d same abt shakti..hez nt so open up..n ua thot abt radhika z 100% true n wish her d same…shakti n neha were working togthr in Tere liye shw n bcm gud frndz aftrtat neha thot shakti z in love wid her n propesd him..being a honest frnd he thng i lykd vry mch abt him z his loyalty n honesty…

      Both shakti n radz gt al polpularity name n fame juz bcz f matsh..matsh z thr lyfs turning ths case radz rly lucky grl as she gt al esy way bcz f gods blessings n shakti struggld alot in last 8 yrs…n evn radhika nvr thot to bcm a actress as shez a dancer bt destine to b smethng lse as ekta watchd her dance in a musical shw in delhi n lykd her so mch n contactd her for look test n wt a turning point f her lyff..lucky grl..luv u radz♥♥♥

      • Keerthi

        Yes dear ur right maybe his loyalty is putting pressure on him to not disclose his love for radz but I think God will do something because I believe in destiny so much dear u know number 7 compatibility number is number 1 as shakti birthday is 16=7 and radz is 1 so they are so close with each other but I hope something will happen u don’t know wat future has in store for u until it happens so destiny had brought them together as Ishveer now it sepe rated them means the whole universe is conspiring something against them …. Whenever I feel confused and depressed I go and stand in the beach and tell everything there because that’s the place where I feel all five elements are present in one place I.e earth where we stand fire our heart water air and sky altogether in one place I was very depressed after hearing the news of matsh going off air and I stood in the beach and told everything that’s when I felt this that God has plans for both of them it’s waiting tym for me so I am just waiting to watch what happens in both of their lives

      • Keerthi

        Oh is it dear dats good to hear….. But shakti is hiding something from this interview I felt it vyshu dear wat say?

    • marry(shadikha BFF best frends 4ever)

      thanks allot ,,,,,shadikha best frends forever,,,,,,,,,,,,4ht march matsh last episode……….. 🙁

  6. K.praveena

    I don’t know still my tears fell down. I feel vry bad 4 matsh ending. Y god y? U gives me a such a painful punishment. I can’t bear it.

  7. All guys PLZ LISTION COLORS GOLD PETAL AWARD SOON plz VOTE FOR SAKTHI&RADHIKA.But best jodi ISHVEER NOMINEES IS MISSED i am really hurt colors again spoil ur jodi.PLZ VOTE BEST ACTOR sakthi & Best actress radhika.

  8. Plz go to google to type COLORS GOLDEN PETAL AWARD 2016 and enter colors page and LOGIN THE ACCOUNT and Vote ur SAKTHO&RADHIKA .U login account used FACEBOOK ACCOUNT or EMAIL ACCOUNT.

  9. Omg…jst 3 epi…s left…i was really crying watching todays episode…ishveer chemistry made me cry…plss…ekta bring them back with season 2…waiting to watch the same ishveer again

  10. it is stupid serial in world no-1………..the Ektamam is think that viewers of meri aashique tumse hi are show of begining there is no Nurbehr shing .she think that the serial is no way to move on forward she is playing meaningless stroy.views plase think it seriously when ishani and ranveer go to jail they are punichment to death.but how can ritika comes is fulllllllll of bakbas.plase do waste time to see the serial and energy .in 10pm starts to show another serial of your choice in which we can fell reality. I humble request meri aashiuqe tumse hi viewers in this time show Maharana Pratpa in STARPLUS a it is totally waste of time and energy … and mohit abroal(Nerbhay) do not well educated and speak hindi well. due to this reason this this show go offAir.or introducing of new family.

  11. Meera

    Hel-llo people ! lOve ❤ u ishveer !! Can’t imagine I am here commenting on the 3rd last episode of matsh ! ? hOw bAdly I am going to miSS my aashiqui baby !! ?

  12. K.praveena

    Hai sana dr. First i wishing u many more happy returns of the day. And sry yaar 4 the late wishes. Just now i see previous cömment. And my mam doesnot give me a permission to touch a cell bcoz now a days whenever i took that cell and searched abt matsh season2 a lot. I could not get that any gud news abt matsh . And i criyingiling shut the cell. My mam noticed me. So my mam not to allows me to touch the cell.

  13. shivanya

    Kasamh 7 mar se ayegaa 10 bje..its confirmed…iska mtlab guys matsh ka last episode 19feb ko nhi balki 4 march ko telecast hogaa…it means only 3 days nhi abhi ye week or 2 hafte or telecast hoga matsh tv pr

      • Shażñä

        yeah sana kasam strtng on 7th march..i saw in colors ystrdy thy shwn new promo f kasam lead couple sharad n kratika… personally i lyk kratika shez a vry gud actress n watchd her last shw Punarvivah…

        So matsh may b end by nxt week..o lse thy ll ths week n nxt week ll telecast any othr serial 1 hr epiz..

  14. IshuRV

    the female lead in kasam is kritika sengar who played character of arati in punar vivah . o god she was my favorite actress before matsh .but still I’ll not watch it as it is replacing my matsh. and shivanya matsh will end on 19 and than swaragini will air for 1hour till kasam starts

  15. Keerthi dr thanku somuch,yes i slept early now only i saw ur comment dr,ya really radz is pure heart girl,not only she is white colour her heart also pure white,one thing u notucedna dr shakti answer all r save and side but radz amswer all are very open,she doesnt hessitate to praise shakti but shakti not sounded abt that much,and one ans from shakti he told love is loyality,that is why he is loyal to neha even he loves radz..he want be loyal to neha thats y he hide something infront of camera during his interview,but behind the scenes he is very comfortable to radz..and really what u and shazna told was crct,who marry radz is the luckiest person in the world i wish it should be shakti..

    • Keerthi

      Yeah sathya I became a fan of radz after my frnd send me the message of their interview lovey dovey radz but shakti was too much materialistic in this interview but radz wanted to show us she is not affected by materialistic world and she wants someone who can keep her happy…..shakti is always talking about neha nowadays only after many fans told shadhika is the best Jodi wat u say dear did u notice that

  16. raji

    Ishveer- deepthi where u got the news ….keerthi,sarthya do u know about it ….only 3 days to end …..crying hard for shadhika….

    • Keerthi

      Yeah raji I am here dear yeah did u see the dress shadhika were wearing in the last scene with that the final shoot was shot so most probably today ishaani will walk on coal and Tommo Rambo will confront ishaani by pointing a gun in his head and on Friday nirbhay learns the truth and unite ranvi and ishaani and send all of naina’s family out ….really feeling a lot for matsh ending but I have a hope that matsh2 will start as soon as naagin ends

  17. un

    I m not fan of MATH but jab se yeh new suni h tb se me kabi kabi yaha comment padhti hu.literally has has pet me dard hota h..and realized dt there r lots of fool people r living on dis earth.

    I read b4 some one commented here dt they learnt the meaning of love,sacrifice, trust from ishani and ranvir. Hehehehehehe dis is a big joke of the universe. Ishani and ranvir knows each other from childhood. But starting me ishani ko ranvir pe trust nahi tha.ranvir to ishani ko bachapan se pyar karta tha.lekin jb b vo dono alag hote the aur us ishani k liye new guy serial me aata tha…each and every time ranvir said ishani tum bahot lalchi ho dhokebaj ho.wah wah bachpan ka pyar h par kya trust h kya understanding h.Oscar du?

    Means wo har new guy ranvir se kahega ishani aisi nahi h pr ranvir kahega nahi ishani dhokebaj h ye sab wo paiso k liye kar rahi h.i mean hr bar?? Aisa banda meri life me ho to shakal na dekhu na pyar h na bharosa.

    Serial me kitne good boys aaye jo ranvir se b best the nature wise and ishani pe trust bhi tha unko par fir bhi viewers ko ishveer hi chahiye.yaha tak ki ye log jo serial MATH ko replaced kar rahi h wo tak dekhna nahi to reel life h and ye log real life me chahte h ki shakti neha ki jagah radhika ka ko de.means kitne pagal aur bewkoof h jo ye serial me b nahi chahtr the ki ishvir alag ho chahe samne wala banda ranvir se hajar guna best q na ho.wo chahte h ki wo shakti real life neha ki jagah radhika ko de.matlb bewkufi ki sari limit ye par kar gaye.yes love means loyalty. Agr me neha ki jagah hoti aur ranvir sach me radhika k sath affair karta to me kehati ranvir ne cheat kiya h dhoka diya h…

    Na na ye jo kehte h ki ranvir radhika se pyar karta h usko neha ko chhod dena chahiye.agr unki life me unki gf ya bf ne ink sath relationship me hone baad b kisi aur se affair kar liya na to ye viewers apne gf ya bf se kahenge ki yr tum dono kitn cute lagte ho kitne perfect ho.i like agr tum mujhe chhodoge ya chhodogi.

    Interview me radhika n kaha ki o jaisi h waisi hi achchi h to wo pure hearted ho gayi lekin uske so calles bewkoof fans kisi ko jo jaisa h waise accept nahi karenge.karan patel unhe monkey ki tarah lagega(,i m not fan of karan patel).means brain nam ki koi cheej hai insaan k paas ye baat bhi inko pata nahi h shaydshayd.

    Math is d ghatiya serial.they made joke of marriage,love and trust.

    • marry(shadikha BFF best frends 4ever)

      i appriciate ur comment just little bit………. but noboby is forcing anyone nor shakti arora neither radikha madaan,,,,,,,fans r just wish for that they r not forcing they show there feeling and u rite what about neha ???? so agree but some veiwers only love shadikha so if they wish for that so its not bad…and veiwers know this that nesha is going to b marry soon and noboby going to stop there marraige ………and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont even say anything to matsh plzzzzzzzzzzzzz its hurting i m big fan of matsh bigger than shadikha fan………..

      • marry(shadikha BFF best frends 4ever)

        or mery trf se ishveer ko oscar milna chaiye ye jo tm eh rai ho ye writer ka kasoor ishveer ka nai…….

      • un

        I m not saying dt any1 is forcing them….my comment is reply for them’s mentality… Some r saying they hate neha….. Hum sifr unki soch ko oppose kar rahe hai…..warna i m not interest……
        Aur ha Oscar aise hi nahi milta…..waha bhi sirf tumhara presonal opinion kam nahi aayega… kala ki kadardan hu.shakti and radhika r good actors but only acting skill pe judge kare na to there r lots of actors in dis industry jo shakti and radhika se lakho gunah best bas…bus naraj chahiye dekhne ki…..aur dil se nahi dimag se bina partiality kiye dekho to najar jarur aayenge..

      • Marry dr i totally agree wid u and UN i hate neha its my personal openion ,u dnt hv rights to interfere in that,and one thing u love some actors and u hate someone its ur wish no body can interfere in that,its better u ll not interfere abt my wish,and onething i wanna tell u i dnt hate neha becoz she is good girl and loyal to her partner i know but i love shadhia more than that from my heart

      • marry(osm)

        may b u r rite un about oscar but award to shakti ko and radikha ko acting pe b mil skta hai and may b k tum jis actor ko admire kar rai ho wo shadikha se better hon but mai sirf apni trf se kaha mery trf se to ishveer ko oscar milna chaiye…………..

  18. un

    In viewers ki presonal life k bare me koi kuch kahega na to kahenge dnt interfere in my celebrities ki jindgi me apni nak ghushane k alawa aur koi kam nahi karenge.agr sach me ye shakt ke fans hote to jis se wo pyar karta h us pyar ki at least respect to karte lekin kya kare agr y acha sochne lage to duniya dub nahi jayegi.duniya kitne issues se like women protection pr ye log bus dusron ki personal life me interfere karte rahenge.

  19. sathya dr….. , Radhika aslo realize her love for shakti ….

    U know that video MATSH( Happy ending) ke set par feb 6 th …

    Radhika told to sakthi ….. , what happens tomorrow…. How can we feel …. i call to shakthi …. shakthi i love u …. i miss u but i definetly miss him alot ….,

  20. Mithu

    Ishveer is best but what to do,have to accept their personal choices in real life,they may not be the same people outside,Shakti must have realised Neha is best for him and same way Radhika must have found her true love in Ishan Arya,but,some true fans here are really disappointed, but have to accept reality and respect their choices,nothing is gonna change in our favour unfortunately.

  21. raji

    U r right vyshu …radhika realised her love …any news about matsh 2 ..i pray to god this rumour is like other rumours like matsh is going to end …pld ekthamam give matsh 2 ….3 days to end ..pls give us any good news.

  22. UN i Cant understand u people,becoz what u gain for hurting someone..u people always hurt as lot even we (true ishveerians)are all req u for dnt talk like tis,but u never hear our voice,always hurt us,among all stupid shows my matsh better,and if u see a thing with a good sight it should be good but if u see a thing in bad manner it should be bad,so we r all see the good things in matsh,how u said that Matsh make joke of love and marriage,u know onething matsh shows what is true love,one love someone unconditionally he or she do whatever it may be for loved one,that is clearly shown in matsh,pls try to understand that there are lot of dieheart fans for ishveer so u dnt have that rights to tease them..We r all(shadhika fans)not forced anyone ,we just share our feelings over shadhika,we want them together in real it is our wish..there is lot of differents between celebreties and single person,if u r celebrety lot of people media watch u,u should accept it,if u r simple person no one can bother abt u,shakti is celebrety guy so he should accept all comments from his fans even its good or bad,but his decision is his own,we dnt force anybody else just as a fans we r share our feelings thats it

    • un

      1st i m not fool like u all….. I dnt think dt there is a difference between celebrities and common person….u guys have forgotten dt celebrities r also human….

      Mere liye ek celebrity aur ek successful engineer ya doctor ya koi aur person me koi fark nahi hai…..har koi apne apne fild me successful hai..fark itna h ki in logon ko humre media attention deta hai wo bhi pagal logon ki wajah se..jaise ki kisi celebrity ka koi case court me chal raha ho to saare news channel pe bus yahi breaking news dikhayenge..aur khud hi apne channel k interview me kahenGe ki us celebrity ko common man ki tarah treat karo aur khud hi wo news din bhar dikhakar special feel karvayenge……..
      Soch badlo to duniya badalti hai……

    • un

      Aur ha if u really want to learn meaning of love, watch colors serial NBT….. Tumhe pata chalega ki kya hota h pyar shhadi bharosa aur sacrifice ka matlb…….
      Us serial ko band hone do saal bad bhi award mila hai..tumhare MATH ko to common sense wale aaj bhi nahi puchhte.

    • un

      Lagi na mirchi…

      U said dt’s ur opinion and i dnt have any ri8 to interfere in dt…..
      Read my comments……. Agr pasand nahi h koi tumhare opinion me bhi interfere kare then stop interfere in other’s life chahe wo celebrity q na ho……. Agr dusron ki personal life me interfere karne ka itna hi shauk hai to koi tumhare life me bhi interfere kare to uski aadat dal lo…ur nature like tum dusron k ghar me takjhak karena shauk rakho pr koi tumhari ghar ki aur dekhe bhi to chillana shuru… my all comment wo bhi thik se……


      Really dnt wanna hurt to anybody…..but dis guys like lollllllllll……..

  23. Manisha

    Now a days all comments are regarding Shakti and radhikas personal life.why we should think and interfere in their personal matters ?we are just interested in their chemistry in matsh so we are requesting for matsh 2 but here all are discussing about what they should do etc etc.if someone says to us marry this guy or girl only then we will be agree ?just wasting time like this.if we really like them just try for matsh 2with sadhika.i am not interested in their personal life.he is Ranveer and she s Ishani just in matsh only but in reality their character must be very very it’s foolish to think about their girl friends or boy friends.their life is totally different then connection between on screen and offscreen.
    Kasam will replace matsh but it will start from 7/8march I think.then why they are ending our matsh very soon.still regretting but what we can do.just waiting for season 2.

      • marry(shadikha BFF best frends 4ever)

        tomorrow trp day i guess matsh trp increases thats y colors show matsh for more than 15 mins…………

  24. marry(shadikha BFF best frends 4ever)

    guyzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for shadikha in colors petal awards………………..

  25. Manisha we r just tell our wish first of all understand that,u love ishveer but i love shadhika a lot ,i see shadhika as ishveer..we r not forcing shakti to do tis its just our wish just it,previously most of the people like sharuk kajol,salman ishwarya a lot they want them together u hv any comment on that its just fans wish thats all,so pls take tis as some fans wish,pps dnt hurt us

  26. Mariya

    Right sathya.v dear we are true ishveerians . you see positive site of matsh not negative. & true aashiqi is tum jis se pyar karty ho uus ki Khushi ke liy tum kuch bhi kar salty ho like ishveer. They do anything for each other. Wo khud ke MATLAB ke liy nahi kar rahy hen wo uun ki aashiqi he.

  27. Keerthi

    Everyone has different views about ishveer actually the fact y many people are commenting about their personal life is just because we are all so much affected by this romantic Jodi so is the reason yeah they are actors and they have their own personal life…..we are not forcing them or asking them to accept our likes we are just expressing our likes that if they both become real Jodi it will be good to see other than that there is no specific intention as we all like MATSH and we are all eager to see MATSH 2 ….they both are the best entertainers dat to for all those in love their onscreen chemistry is awesome makes us feel we should also be very loyal to our partners…..

    • Shażñä

      Agree wid u dr…matsh fans addictd to ths shw n emotionally connctd wid ishveer(shadika)tatz y their personal choice b lways ll b shadika..

      Evn me lso sumtyms feels lyk y m thinking so mch abt ths shw 😀 bcz me loved sme othr love sagas lyk beintehaa rangrasiya is payar ko kya naam doon…bt nvr felt sad by shw ending..matsh z smethng diffrnt n magical n emotionally attachd to ths shw♥♥ishveer♥♥

  28. rohini

    dont end this show … and my friends adore this matsh …… pls dont end it………..
    or just get them back in seoson 2 like other popular shows…….
    frankly since it is coming to an end i hav stoped watching all serials…. specially the new ones like swaragini and krishnadasi are so bad….worse…. bakwaas serials
    pls do not end matsh…..i simply love ishani and ranveer ….matsh is one serial which does not hav the bhoots and bhootnis….and i think this is the reason stupid people dont like it and trp of matsh fell down….oh pls let realistic things rule not bhoots and bhotnis….
    so dont end matsh……

  29. How r u dr praveena …. Only 3 episodes dr ….., How can live without shadika …..

    My life is like a hell after 19 ……

    Yestr i watching the epi nd crying dr ….. only …..? ?

    I want MATSH 2 but not colors tv in other channel..

    That good ……

    Colorstv never deserves our shadika jodi …..,

  30. IshuRV

    un I don’t agree to ur comment completely but u said one thing absolutely correct no one should comment on there real life . being shakti and radhika’s fan I respect their real life partner but onscreen ishveer is the best I want my ishveer back with season 2

  31. sana

    Thank u Shazna mole..and also thank u radhika dr.I don’t saw ur comment yesterday.I just saw now.Sry radhika.

  32. Manisha

    My intention was not to hurt anyone’s feeling I just wanted to express my views.and I do wish that matsh don’t end and if they end they give us season 2.i also like Shadhika very much.very cute and amazing actors they are.thats y we will miss them.hope they give us matsh 2 soon.i don’t think kasam can take place of matsh.they can’t beat our matsh.but regret that if they had shown all these before we would have got good trp and it won’t end.

  33. Un Iam a great fan for matsh so dnt post comments against matsh,u dnt like its ur wish but dnt hurt me,and i want shadhika in real is my personal wish,iam not scold anyone here,just i express my feelings thats it so pls dnt hurt me by ur comments

  34. rookey rookers

    hello un 1st .mind ur words right? if u cant grasp the meaning of love from my ranvi . just shut ur mouth and do ur work . k. true ishveerians will never allow u guys now i am saying the one which u love will be a big 0 . pls vote 4 matsh 2 . guys u pls vote to get r ishveer back . i hope true ishveerians willnever watch kasam . and get lost un

    • Zia

      easy aayirunnu.pinne nee arinjo Meri aashiqui march 4 ne theeru ennu thonnunnu.karanam Kasam march 7naanu thudagunnathu.

  35. Un and manisha how dare u tell us a fool,u know we r all fool,still now iam not using any harsh words here,how could u tell like tis,if u hv thoughts agaist us just share it ,then y u use tis words fool,tis is not good

  36. Yeah dr …… I aslo dwnload nd i saw 25 times dr …… vry heart touching episode

    Yestr im watching episode nd crying ……..

    Marry give link dr ….. soon going to married shakti …..? ? ? ? ?

    My heart broken ….. dr …..

    Pls Radhika u confession ur love for shakti …… pls

    Then only i am happy ….

  37. Shakti Aora ……
    seeing MATSH….. srl nd crying for Radhika ….

    I think he is missing Radhika so much ….

    I think she is missing
    shakti so much …..

    pls neha nd ishan Aryan leave them …. pls ….

    Dont hurt lovers …

  38. Manisha

    Hello Sathya v. Just read my comment and try to understand I have not said all are fool. I said it’s foolish to think like that .and I am also big fan of matsh and Shadhika and I am also praying for matsh 2 . And my thoughts are not against anyone.i just felt all are concentrating more on personal life than serial so I wanted to say don’t create negative feeling in mind and just try for matsh 2.and one more thing we all are here because of matsh love so we are not opposite party.we are can you think like that I don understand.we are just matsh lovers .

  39. K.praveena

    Hai sathya. My humple req to u dr plz don’t give any importance to neg comments. Just forget that dr. And i also see that comment and someone use that word and called us matsh fans r fool. I don’t know y? somepeople ready to heart to other people. My req to all neg comments plz understand that matsh has been only 3epi there. And don’t use harsh word to scold other people. We also have heart and feelings na.

  40. K.praveena

    Plz god give to some hope that my wishes sry all loyal matsh lovers wishes comes true soøn. And that wish only Matsh2

  41. K.praveena

    Plz god give to some hope that my wishes sry all loyal matsh lovers wishes comes true soøn. And that wish only be Matsh2

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.