Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV takes Chiraag from collar and says he has always used women but never respected them. He slaps Chiraag and says he lied to her and did this drama for money. He beats Chiraag and says he cheated on the girl, he will have to pay for all the times he worried his wife. He beats Chiraag badly, he fells on the floor but still laughs. He asks why has he stopped, as he is enjoying today being beaten. He says I know why he is angry, because he doesn’t has the face whom his wife loves, not the luck that his wife could spend night with him. Ranveer beats him hard, Chiraag says each slap of his proves that I am right. Ranveer keeps on beating Chiraag, Chiraag was stubborn. Ranveer throws Chiraag on the floor and takes a bottle in hand, the family goes to hold Ranveer, Ishaani, Ritika and Sharman

struggle to keep him away. Chiraag still evokes him.
All the men come to save Ranveer from attacking Chiraag who flew from the conference. Ranveer was enraged, his mother and wife upset badly. Ranveer leaves the conference.
He come home enraged. Ishaani comes calling him, he doesn’t listen. Lakshmi says it seems Ranveer is angry at Ishaani. Baa and Amba were also there.
Ranveer breaks the items, Ishaani shouts at him not to throw things, he will get hurt. He says how dare he.
Baa wonders what is happening here, Amba says this is her home not a cinema. Baa reminds her that this is Ishaani’s house as well, and she is worried.
Ishaani asks him to pour all his anger on her, he asks why should he do so and breaks a lamp. Ishaani shouts that he doesn’t trust her, she has done nothing to gain his trust. She went to him to know his papa’s trust. Ranveer holds her and asks she thinks Chiraag will fool him the way he did her. He throws some books, Ishaani’s bangle breaks and her arm bleeds. RV gets worried, and wounds a cloth piece. He says he wasn’t doing it for her but for Chiraag. He asks why she is always hurt because of him, she is his friend and he is being hurt even more that she is.

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Ishaani looks at him, while he was concerned about her injury. He holds her hand, and says he knows she asked a divorce from him and he knows she doesn’t want to divorce him and live here; but he always gives the opposite of what she asks for. He holds her face and says if something had happened to her he could never forgive himself. How she thought I won’t trust you, I trust you because I love you. He says he has been trying to speak to you for two days, thanks you and tell you what I feel. The last thing that came from heart is what I wanted to tell you from childhood, she cries hard. He asks why is she crying, and wipes her tears. She says she doesn’t know, she feels like crying.
Lakshmi says either Ranveer has hit Ishaani or Ishaani has hit Ranveer. Amba says had it happened, Ishaani must have shouted. Baa says may be he would have shut her mouth. Both the ladies deter each other and have an argument. Lakshmi stops Amba and asks her to go and see what is happening.
Ranveer says to Ishaani that she also wants to say a lot to him, but before heart could say a word, tears came. Ranveer says their life has always been idiotic, he loves her since he was 9 years old. She came on crying and he came through suffering. Sometime they called her illegitimate, and sometime they called him as disloyal. He says I loved you a lot, but couldn’t tell you. I became successful, I had courage to say it all to you but you started hating me then, I could never gain your trust. You were the biggest happiness for me in life, but I was the biggest enemy of your. But this love didn’t end.
He says that when finally she realized her feelings this all happened. He neither see the time nor place, but he is saying this all but truly he loves her so much that she will never be hurt. It will never let her cry, because of people like Chiraag. He wanted to say thanks to her for whatever she did, sorry for not believing her. But their love won, as it was true. She smiles, he says he knows she has waited for this moment so long, but he promises to give her this moment daily. People say one only loves once, but he fells in love with her everytime he looks at her. He wants her only to remember k meri aashqui tumse hi. Both join their foreheads, remembering about their spent moments together. Ishaani looks at him, while he still holds her face.

PRECAP: Baa takes Ishaani while Amba takes Ranveer. Ishaani thinks their families don’t want them together, but if he is with her she can fight with every problem. Amba sends Ranveer while Baa sends Ishaani to their respective rooms.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. rig

    Wow. No words to say. I got tears. Ishaani’s eyes expressed more love than ranveer’s mouth. Sooooo happy. Ranveer got the moment which u most awaited. Ishveer rockssssss…

  2. suga

    Today’s episode was amazing…The most awaited episode aired today… Very much happy that Chiraag got nicely from Ranveer for creating Misunderstanding between them that part is enjoyed by all MATSH fans…… Ishaani Ranveer part is heart touching… excellent. True love can never be seperated…precap is annoying as both are separated by their families.. but anyway waiting for their chupke chupke love scenes… waiting for a good episode.

  3. kani

    today episode is toooooo good I really loved it. And ranveer what a angry it is extrordinary it was amazing………. I have no words to telling………..and your lovely it was touching my heart, finally all the misunderstanding come to an End. Precap is too much both of realize their love but amba and baa you are behave very bad. I didn’t like it……

  4. shamim

    woooooow great episode. nt even blinked my eyes till it ends.waiting for tmrws episode to see y they r seperated.

  5. kani

    waiting for small small love scene from ishveer ranveer your lovely conversation is really touching my heart ishaani express her love from her eyes,tears ect., all the meri aashiqui viewers really enjoyed it… Finally nafrath will came to an end. Chiraag your dushman activities are came to an end.

  6. shubham

    when all the things are going good …then what’s the matter now with both the families …do they not want that RV & Ishaani lives happily….& a little bit peace atleast in the family …

  7. Roma

    Friends, I saw a pic on Facebook of RV and Ritika in marriage pose, and sub-title was upcoming twist,”rv and ritika getting married” it shocked me. Is it true? Plz don’t do this… story is getting in the right track now another twist then what gonna happen to Ishaani and Sherman??? 🙁

  8. ye

    Both families are selfish people. Baa is doing it for what she think, she’ll get if she divorce. And Amba, on the other hand us still on thr illusion that Ritika will marry Ranveer also to he able to control him like vshe has always wanted

  9. Sd

    Ishaani u look soooo cute while u cry n say I feel like crying . Ranveer u took my heart away man.
    Awesome episode guys

  10. C

    I’m so worried what will Chirag do now? Why was he so happy to be beaten? Is his plan to get Ranveer arrested for attempted murder, please don’t let our lovers be apart now, we want this show to be different from the rest please!

  11. anjali

    The most awaited epi at last. Love u IshVeer. Now y r separating????????????
    By the way, sanju, did u find ur valentine???????????

  12. anjali

    This shameless creature, Chirag, how can anyone laugh while being beaten up in front of everyone.
    Baa nd amba r no less than Chirag. Disgusting peoples.

  13. Rosh

    I started watching this show a bit late. Now I just watch this one story. Every thing about the serial is fantastic . I just love this show. Last episode brought tears to my eyes. Good job cast& crew. I feel like RV & Ishaani lives out there

  14. GSD

    nice to see RV in the angry young man avatar. I loved it when chiraag was being beaten. And the conversation between Ishveer was really awesome.

  15. Disha chaudhary uf Baliyan from northern U.P also commenting by The name of Ranveer,Radhika,Ishaani and sometimes Teea.

    Anjali u only ans. Sanju.why not me/

  16. anjali

    Disha Choudhari, who r u, former disha or another one , nd what does ur cmmnt”anjali u only ans. Sanju why not me/” mean???????????!??

  17. suchi

    Hey frnds i would like to frnd with u al my fb acnt name is SUCHITHA KUMAR profile pic our ishaani image in pink clr saree pls give me req

  18. Disha chaudhary

    I am former Disha i.e. Ur Disha di but whenever I msg. you ,you never reply me why? And Whenever Sanju asks ,you talk to him politely.I am angry with you. 🙁

  19. anjali

    Are you mssgng on96******33??????????Don’t mssg on that, its my papa’s no. I don’t have balance in my mobile, that is the reason why I told you to come on WhatsApp.
    If ever my papa calls u, don’t tell him I was mssgng u, plz plzzzzzzz

  20. anjali

    No, actually he does not know that I cmmnt on telly update nd if he comes to know, he would surely murder me.

  21. anjali

    1st of all, suchi I don’t know Tamil.
    I know only English and Hindi.
    2nd I am out of fb for 3months becz of my exams. I’ll be back again on 1st of June and I promise you, Disha di and anu di would be the first ones whom I would send frnd reqst. U can contact me on whats app. My no. u can take from Disha di:-)

  22. Disha

    Hey Anju I think that Suchi is right as I had saw the pics. of Neha on the set of M.A.T.S.H and When Shakti recieved the best risisng star award he thanked Neha . Well in my thinking Ranveer and Ishaani are much better to talk about than Shakti and Neha.

  23. Disha chaudhary uf Baliyan from northern U.P also commenting by The name of Ranveer,Radhika,Ishaani and sometimes Teea.

    see in the name I had given many details of my place and my secret.

  24. Roma

    On Facebook, on MATSH page. I was shocked and disappointed as well. But, don’t quote me on that, I was asking everyone if someone saw this or if they know something like this gonna happen??? I don’t want this to happen but you never know when writers twist the story… right now I just want to see hide n seek love between IshVeer 🙂 that pic could be an old one… I hope…

  25. Roma

    @suchi, I saw a pic of RV and Ritika as marriage pose on MATSH Facebook with subtitle “upcoming twist RV and Ritika getting marry” I got shock.

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