Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer was happy at the station. Heavy winds blow. Shikhar says there is going to be a thunderstorm. Ranveer says thunderstorm has passed away and gets in the taxi. Ishaani cries saying she is sorry she chose a way that doesn’t go towards him. She gets on the ground crying, thinking about all their past.
Ranveer enters his house calling Ishaani, happy and excited. He goes upstairs but doesn’t find Ishaani there. He wonders where has Ishaani gone and looks for her in kitchen. He comes to Amba and Kailash’s room but no one was there. He looks at their cupboard, open and empty. He wonders why this cupboard is empty. He looks into Ishaani’s wardrobe that was empty too. He wonders what is happening in the house. He asks Mala where is Ishaani and Amba and Kailash. Mala was crying

and hands him a file that Ishaani has given. He is shocked to see Divorce papers. Mala says there are even papers on this file, she said that they are divorced, their wedding has broken and she now has no relation with him. Ranveer asks how much someone bribed him. Mala says Ishaani did very wrong, an enemy wouldn’t do this to anyone. Ranveer asks what she did. Mala says she pushed and dragged his parents out of the house. The driver told her that Ishaani took them to mental asylum. Ranveer throws the file away and calls the driver. He arrives at the reception asking to meet Amba and Kailash. The receptionist say that the meeting time is over. Ranveer says he has come to take his parents. He spots Kailash denying to wear a dress, Ranveer enters the room and takes Kailash along calling Amba. Amba hugs Ranveer and cries. The doctors say he won’t take them, if he doesn’t leave them will… Ranveer questions how he dare keep them here. He asks the doctor to show the file that proves them crazy. The doctor says his wife brought all the papers to him. Ranveer shouts that she isn’t his wife. Amba and Kailash take him away. Ranveer thinks about Ishaani’s word of hatred in the jail. Amba and Kailash say she has changed. Ranveer says she had shown her reality before, he again trust her. He says he named all his property after her so that she may take care of them. She only wanted his money. When she falsely witnessed against him he didn’t believe her. But now, he won’t leave her. He says he had everything till yesterday, but today he has nothing. Amba says he still has everything, and she wasn’t there with him. She says his family, his parents are there. That will give the power to make it all again. Kailash says it happened to them before, he made his rage as his power. He earned it all.
Ranveer says when Shikhar got all the proofs he thought they were from Ishaani. But it was someone else who saved him, who got him treated. He wonders who is that person, who got him treated and got him bailed. Who can that person be? Kailash says there are good people in the world too. Ranveer says he must get to know about them, they are angels to him right now.
After one week, Ranveer comes to a party and looks around. He says Shikhar had told him who the owner of NHC centre is. He thinks about asking someone here. Ishaani was entertaining some people there, she said to some people that she got married today evening and they have come here to greet her. She spots Ranveer looking at her, his fists clutched in rage. She watches him move towards her. He holds her hand and takes her to a side. Ishaani resists. Ritika was upstairs, enjoying this all. Ranveer questions Ishaani why she has become someone else’s wife here. Ishaani says she had told him not to return to her life, why he has come behind her? Ranveer says she was never there in his life, he always waited that she would confess her love for him. She was an illusion, he had faith that Ishaani will get him out of jail, he trusted his Ishaani who daily said Meri Aashqui tumse hi. He asks why she left his parents to mental asylum? Ishaani asks if he is done or he needs to say something else? She says she understands he is disturbed, but for her what matters is in front of him. She says she doesn’t want to ruin her day today because of him.

PRECAP: Ishaani watches the man being thrown in the hall by some goons. She offers him water.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Total bakwas.. Matsh fans were hurt badly.. felt like breaking TV but switched off 🙁 always evil will win..
    Atleast now Ishaani should have told RV..precap mystery..

  2. bharathi

    Always ishani will sacrifice her life for ranveer. Ranveer said soo many things about his love to Milan but now where his confidence has gone. What the hell is going here.

  3. Keerthi

    Enough of it…… Oh my god I am only crying I can’t see ranveer hurt anymore…..??????????please stop it I am really in tears….

  4. sneha

    Do u CVS really think so that by separating our fav onsreen jodi..the TRPzz of this show will raise??? If it is so…then u people r absolutely wrong… i jst hated todayzz epi..except shakti’zz acting..

  5. sneha

    I hope ishaani shud tell all things to only..pretend to hate each other…only then we fans can bear this … will soon see drastic reductionn inn itzz TRPs..

  6. priya

    Puri bakwas kar de serial…. was thinkung after some clashes… kuch acha hoga….. ishani and ranvir k bich thode romatic moment honge but abhi esa lagta nahi he…. i think ye serial band karni chahiye… worst ho gayi he… miss u ranvin n ishani

  7. vaibhav Patel

    Miss Ekta Kapoor you just go to hell what the bull shit you are doing here first you do something for your brother tussar…….dont do such mind f..k..g things in meri aashiqui tumse hi……. 3 baar shadi ho gai but ek baar bhi successs nhi hui wtf is this…….

  8. nithya

    fans pls don’t hate this .when ishani&rv separated their love will definitely engress so wait and see how they moveing this story .. ishani &rv they acting superb ……

  9. Prince

    I just hate balaji telefilms and ekta kapoor for this reason. They know how to separate couple but don’t know how to reunite them. They are so greedy for trps.
    Pls on behalf of all #MATSH fans reunite ranveer & ishani as soon as possible

  10. safa

    wad dey r showin in dis serial..feelin so sad 4 my 1 of dearst couple ishveer:( btw dey vl unite 1 day buddieszz…. wen dey vl hate each other so much dey vl luv each other a lot n heart nd vl cum closr….)i’m sure abt it so plz don b sad guyszz….)!!!

  11. Suzen

    hey… ishaani can tell her situation to rv and ACT like this infront of others with the help of rv.. so ishveer can reunite…and dis ‘ll be nice guyzzz….

  12. Mahalakshmi Karthick

    Hey wats still hw many times ishaani n ranveer get divore n then marry….such me bakwaass…..

  13. Mahalakshmi Karthick

    Hey wats this still hw many times ishaani n ranveer get divore n then marry….such me bakwaass…..

  14. Renuka

    This serial has gone to the dogs it should become meri Judai tumse hi.. I mean what crapp.. these makers think we r idiots. Ur TRP’S will guarantee fall with this current track. If u wanna boost ur TRP’S n make some bucks then pls reunite ishani n rv else end the show. It’s useless. Ekta r u listening..

  15. prerna

    I think Ekta Kapoor pe hi band lag Jana chahiye….or agr serial ko wakai accha Krna h to ritika ko dkh k hi ranveer ko smjh Jana chahiye Ki ishani innocent h….sb ritika kA plan h….

  16. End tis track or else end this serial .disgusting.whats going on.writers having brain or not.ekta i ll kill u.already i stop to watching tis idiotic serial hereafter i wond read written update too,hey guys pls stop watching and reading matsh then only there is a chance for changing the track.totally waste of time

  17. sahil kumar

    plz forward this message director of meri aashqi tumse hi. your track is so boring with the new cheap entry like mohit abrol and ritika bkwaas

  18. MATSH FANS if u want to c ishveer together stop watching matsh so that trp’s fall off and then they will change the track.and unite them. ……I dont belive this it happened so many times ishani does all drama and ranveer hates her.y dont he think ishani can do like this only if there is a certain reason bcz this happened alwats…y will he always belives wt he see and misunderstands ishaani. …… sachi…pyaar nahi ho sakta…..if we truly love someone we can never misunderstand them. ….it happens in few situations but no this many times in thr same circumstances as before……dumb RV

  19. When they (ishveer) was about to be together always there come some trouble. Ekta ashiqui and lovers ki majak bana diya. Always Ishaani sacrifice and rv misunderstand her. And Why Ekta bring back that ritika??? She is thinking that she will show that how great love is between them but v fans really can’t see any love. This serial is all bout sacrifice and misunderstandings. So Ekta can change the title.its name should be meri nafrat tumse hi. Ok I agree that Ishaani have to save ranveer. Bt she can tell rv that she is doing these all for him. If she told him then these misunderstandings would never creat. After this track I am damn sure Ekta will bring another villan and ishveer will again seperate. Then they will again going to be together and again a new villan will come. Lyk this the serial will continue. And Ekta will say that wow this is true ashiqui.

  20. anuj

    rv or ishani kbi sath me ni rh payege Kya… jb ye done sath me hote hai fir alg ho jate hai.. BT now rv or ishani ko ek ho jana chhiye.. or ritika ka Sch rv ke samne ana chhiye.. nd ishani ko rv se Apne pyar ka proposal dena chhiye

  21. marry quit(hate ishveer till reunion)

    still i read the update becoz of my idiotic hope but all remain same nothing good mahaaaaaaaaaaaaa bakwaas matsh ishveer there love writer and ekta kapoor…………but not shadikha,,,,,, go to hell u all and ur characters not actors,,,, i dont know how i m bearing this written update even…………????????bussssss karo??????

  22. gur

    Total bakwas…..I even stop see the matsh…… Its really hurting yr…..plss stop this nuisense ….make some good story.
    Even ab toh dono KO mila do

  23. Haya

    I stopped watching matsh due to exams so I have no idea what hapened after the twin enntry so please tell the brief story

  24. Chaitu

    Hey wt s D’s noncense year v can’t bare fl of worst so interested to c aashiqui bt v r unable to c OMG v caaaaaannnnnnttttccccccccccccc

  25. Sara

    The serial was so good but now it has turned pathetic..the same old story would be revived again and by doing this it wouldn’t increase the trp but would rather have bad reviews from it’s fans..
    I used to watch this drama daily but now I am okay with just reading the written update.. Ekta kapoor u need to get a life and bring some fuc**ng sense in ur programs

  26. ammu

    I have tell writters its better to stop it ur blade serial yar… kitena din tak sab loge asie karere rahoge..? rv ishni shadi houva eka din me sat nahe rehapayegee… abhi I VIRUS problem n coutr,case final he relise jail now ishani usaka pass nahe hai….u knw I m already watching badha karediya just written updates dekere… shadiki entana Dina duru karediya abhe sawgharat keliya… our oneyer enta jar karna padata hay naa writters bullshit I hate dis serial day by day really really hate dis… very nonsense… too much…rv plz our eka serial ko javo eha chodudo plz ishani u also… I m fan of meru aashqui tum se hi once pani time not now

  27. swana

    Only problem Again problem Again problem fed uppppp……r u writers really really considering us we can’t even watch a full episode now a days how come u think that trp they r divorced then they love each other again another new villan will come and separate them then divorce then love,hate shaadi…going on like this ..In This serial how many times they will each …bakwasss….pls don’t spoil the serial or if r going to spoil the serial by this kind of crap …..then END THE SERIAL….day by day only no of villains r increasing….

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