Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanaya comes to Ishaani to return her ring. Ishaani says she would have come by herself. Sanaya says she had to meet Shekhar as well, he is ignoring her for a few days, never even talks to her. Ishaani says she will just call Shekhar, Sanaya asks Ishaani if everyone is at home. Ishaani says no, they have gone out. Sanaya asks Ishaani to take her to Shekhar’s room, she will give him a surprise. Shekhar watches Sanaya from upstairs and is worried what to do of her. He says he must think about something to avoid her and runs into his room, then unlocks the door so that they don’t get it he is there inside. He tries to hide in different places in his bedroom. Ishaani and Sanaya come to the room, Sanaya asks where Shekhar is. Ishaani says she doesn’t know where he went, he was there some

time ago. From behind tv trolly, Shekhar texts Sanaya he isn’t home. Sanaya wonders how he can know she is at his home. She cheers thinking that he is missing her to an extent that he can read her heart out, how romantic is he. Ishaani turns to Sanaya and is shocked to see her smiling to herself,. She then spots Shekhar’s head visible, Sanaya says to Ishaani that she and Shekhar connect so well, he knew by himself that she has come here to meet him. She asks Ishaani to tell him she misses him as much as he does, then says she will tell him herself. Ishaani says to Sanaya that if she came to meet Shekhar, she must go after meeting him as he is just here, in this room. Sanaya asks what? Is he here? Shekhar holds his head. Ishaani goes to the side of the table where Shekhar was hiding, and clears her throat. She asks Shekhar to get up, Shekhar pleads her then stands behind the table. Sanaya is shocked to see him hiding, she gulps in anger while Shekhar drops the bottles while moving towards her. He says hi baby, Sanaya shouts that the baby is dead. She turns away, Shekhar tries to explain then says I am sorry. Sanaya shouts that he was home, then doesn’t pick her phone and doesn’t meet her too. He took so much pain for one permission of a single date, has his interest ended now. Shekhar says no, actually yes; but he himself isn’t worth it. Had he been able, he wouldn’t have taken Ishaani’s help to impress her. He doesn’t love her anymore, or else he had never loved. Sanaya asks what were we then, till now. Shekhar simply says friends. Sanaya slaps Shekhar on face and leaves. Ishaani comes to Shekhar, Shekhar says I can explain. Ishaani says he will explain but when he will learn to speak truth. She calls him disgusting and leaves. Shekhar is worried that the one he had to impress has got upset.
Chaitali is shocked to hear from Baa that Ishaani is alive. Chaitali wonders how Baa got to know this, but she will have to hide and she and Dewarsh knew it already. Chaitali asks Baa who saw her. Baa says she herself saw her there at Shekhar’s house. She is there as Nirupa, all those gifts were from her as well. They loved the gifts only because Ishaani liked them. Chaitali asks if she has told Falguni about it, Baa says no because Ishaani asked her not to tell anyone about it. She didn’t understand what to say when Ishaani pleaded, if this has to be told to anyone or not. Chaitali asks Baa not to tell anyone, she asks Baa to forget about everything and fulfil Dewarsh’s wedding dream. He will in turn fulfil all their dreams.
Chaitali says to Baa that Ishaani has died for us all, let her be dead. Falguni comes there and asks whom are they talking about. Chaitali says there was a death in the society. Falguni says Dewarsh has given cards of engagement to be distributed, they must go together. Baa sents Chaitali. When they leave, Baa says they will have to hide it from everyone that Ishaani is alive but must tell Amba. She will bring Ishaani in front of Amba to take revenge from her.
Shekhar tells a postman to hand the cards over by hand, Mr Mehra comes and says there must be a box of sweets as well. Shekhar gives Mr. Mehra a list of menu, if he wants to make any changings. Mr. Mehra tells him that he must ask Shekhar. The family laugh together. Kanchal thanks Ishaani for understanding her stubborn son. Ishaani asks her to see the happiness only, not the reason behind it. Shekhar smiles watching Ishaani. Mr. Mehra was talking to him about some decorations while he didn’t listen, he touches Shekhar who was lost. Mr. Mehra asks to call decorator, he will talk to him by himself. Kanchal invites everyone for food, Ishaani thinks thanks God Ranveer isn’t coming tomorrow.
Baa tells Amba that she has come to invite her for Dewarsh’s engagement. Baa asks her to read well, the proposal is of a respectable family. Amba and Lakshmi share looks. Baa says they saw them and agreed for the proposal, she must come there because she can see respect comes due to larger family but not money. Lakshmi says it is alright, they are doing the wedding there. Baa says she invited her because there would be great guests, she would need a maid. Amba throws the card away, and shouts how dare she called her maid in her own house. She pushes Baa out, Baa smiles. Amba says her grand daughter Ishaani is dead, so are they. Her son is very happy in his life, she won’t let their shadow fall on him. Baa says their happiness are just like water bubble. Baa says if she has to see the reason of invitation, she must come with the family. Baa thinks if she comes and knows that Ishaani is alive, the bubbles of their happiness will blow. Baa leaves, Amba says to Lakshmi something is going on in her mind. Amba says she won’t send anyone there, it is better that her children remain away from them.
RV tries Shekhar’s number which was busy. Ritika says his phone is always busy, Ritika struggles to take medicines. RV helps her and says he must be busy with Kris’s engagement arrangements. Ritika asks him to try landline number.
Kanchal asks Shekhar to come to food, the phone bell rings; Ishaani goes to answer. Ishaani is shocked to hear this is RV here. He says hello again and again. RV asks to talk to Shekhar. Shekhar watches tears fill Ishaani’s eyes.

PRECAP: RV asks Kanchal for any help, she says it isn’t needed. Ishaani and Shekhar comes inside, Kanchal tells him Shekhar has arrived. RV turns to see Ishaani walking inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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