Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV brings out Ishaani’s medicine from the box and asks Shekhar for water. Shekhar rushes outside. RV sits besides Ishaani and watches her. He cleans away the sweat over her forehead caressing her. Shekhar comes to the room with water. He gets a call and goes out to attend it, RV wakes Ishaani up and asks her to get up for medicine. Ishaani looks around her noticing she is in her room. She sits up, RV keeps an arm at the back of her, she stares him. He offers her medicine in his hand which she takes, then drinks water from his hands. He keeps a hand on her face and asks if she is alright. She nods, he asks her to take rest as she is really weak. Ishaani says don’t worry she is fine. He keeps a hand on her face and says he told her. He asks her to lay down and take rest. She lay back, RV

sits with her worried. Shekhar comes into the room and watches RV with Ishaani, RV watches him there. Shekhar stole his eue contact from the scene. RV straightens up. Shekhar turns away, RV comes to him and asks what he is thinking. Shekhar asks what? RV says Ishaani… he loves her and was about to marry her; he says he stopped him and told him to leave her but he didn’t. Today she left him and came here to RV. RV asks doesn’t he feel pain? Shekhar asks when he loved Ishaani and in return Ishaani didn’t love her, wasn’t he hurt? RV asks if he understands what Ishaani says, when she says that she is married to Ranveer does he understand this. RV says that they day he was about to marry Ritika was the day she lost her memory, isn’t it awkward. Shekhar says there is no treatment to doubt in one’s mind.
Shekhar says Ishaani didn’t have to do all the drama, she was his wife and could come to him anytime. He says Ishaani always do a work differently but she is never wrong. RV smiles. Shekhar asks why he is smiling. RV says he is smiling at himself, once he used to talk to him about his love and today Shekhar is talking about RV’s love with even more determination. Shekhar says one only understands the worth of something when it goes away from you. He gets a call and promises to come, turns to RV and says it isn’t needed but still he must take care of her.
On the stairs, Shekhar confronts Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles at him and asks about Ishaani. Shekhar says RV is with her, she must be fine and will be even finer if she takes rest and isn’t disturbed. Lakshmi says yes, she had an accident and must be weak. Shekhar blocks her way from going up, Lakshmi turns away. Shekhar thinks Ishaani! I am going, but my heart will stay here in you worry, be well soon.
Ritika was coming out of the hall when Baa stops her, she says she really disliked that her granddaughter slapped her. Ritika turns to leave, Baa says Ishaani has lost her memory and could do this. If Ishaani was angry she must have fought with her, this way even Ritika should have known why she did so. Baa says that she must know why Ishaani slapped her. She asks if something happened between them. Ritika says nothing happened, and takes a leave. Baa says how she can leave, she is a friend of Shekhar and he will dislike if she leaves without having lunch. Ritika says she is tired and wants to take some rest. Baa says she must rest here and she can’t let her leave without taking rest here. Ritika thinks where she has been caught. Baa thinks she can’t let her go until Ishaani wakes up.
Kanchal does the Aarti of Krishaa as the rukhsati approaches. Shekhar comes running why Krisha left until now, he thought she must have gone. Kanchal says they were waiting for him to come. Shekhar says they must have left. Dewarsh laughs. Shekhar tells Dewarsh Krisha used to tease them a lot, when she asked to marry, they spontaneously said yes. Baa says she is now their daughter in law, she won’t tease them anymore. Pratik says he will tease her now. Krisha was crying, Shekhar touches his ears saying sorry but he arrived finally. Krishaa stands and hugs Shekhar tight, Shekhar says he was just joking. Krisha says she has to talk to him. Shekhar and Krishaa go inside. Chaitali begin to cry loud, making everyone awkward. Ritesh asks why she is crying. Chaitali says why does a girl always have to leave, and has to see only a single face all night. Ritesh says even the husband has to adjust with one face for the lifetime. Chaitali questions if it is his age to look around.
RV comes to the room and sits besides Ishaani again. Before keeping a hand on her face he recalls Ishaani’s words about hating him. RV stands up and backs up, disturbed. He thinks what he is doing and why is he being so weak when he doesn’t know if she is telling the truth or lying. He says there was a time he used to trust each of her word, why isn’t he been able to do it now. He wonders how he must know if she has really lost her memory. He thinks there is one way, Ishaani can do anything but can’t let anyone play with her respect and he knows what he has to do now.

PRECAP: Ishaani wakes up, RV was drunk and tries to be intimate with her saying it is their wedding night today.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. baa.. u r awesome today.. precap interesting. . Waiting for a good episode..

      • Suga

        Iam feeling sorry and bad for both Ranveer and Shikhar… 🙁
        doesnt know whether Ishaani will leave RV after exposing Rithika..

  2. Arunima

    Shekar is doing a sacrifice here..he has to.I am eagerly waitng for revealing true colors of Rits. Anyways I am confused . Will Ishaani leave RV , after this Rithika mission? Heartbreak ,again?

  3. Shalini

    Ranveer’s situation is so hectic now..he luvs her more and always weak while seeing ishani in pain…ranveer u r right, ishani has a purpose behind this drama..she loves u but wil leave u later..I do not know wat to suggest u… do whatever u like ranveer…but I’m sure u can’t hate her…And asusual super episode today…

  4. Shahlo

    boring….too much dragging…When will others know about ritikas crimes??? Who does need these unnecessary scenes???…No doubt, rv still loves ishani…Plz, ishveer, be together!!! Most matsh viewers r waiting for ishveer union!!!

  5. Muneebah

    Todays episode was good u could see ranveer really cared for ishaani poor shekhar, hope something good happens 4 u baa u rock the way u made ritika stay

  6. 2das epi ws not dat intresin but loved dat ishveer momnts but feelin sry 4 shiker bcoz he wantd 2 mary ishni but un4tnately she is wid rv !!
    Anywas pls ishani dont leve rv agan n go 2 shiker afta all dis!!!
    Waitin 4 d nxt epi of ishveer 2geder wid some romntic moms !!

  7. AnonyMous GiRL!!

    Khaya peeya kuch nahin direct dawa khila di lol……………
    Draggingggggg it toooo muchh! 🙁

    • kowsi

      Judaa from ishqedarriyaan and sun sathiya from abcd2…if there s anysong played in last part of episode..bcoz i did not watch last part of episode…im watching in utube…there was a problem for while playing a anysong that video sound gone to mute..

  8. Honey

    Feeling pitty for shiker. Bt pls shiker dont see Rv like that. Ishani is not yours.
    Dont drag the story anymore unite ishveer soon. Waiting for 2morrows epi.


    Plz hurry
    I want Ishani’s and Ranveer’s romantic lyf
    And plz open Ritika’s truth infront of Rv
    Plz plz plz hurry
    I dont want Ritika

  10. Rajitha

    Coming episde rv make a tst on hr tht if she rly lse hr mmry so he dnk & intimte wth hr….bt ishaani try to brn the bd&spoil rv’pln

  11. Shahlo

    Yeah its a pity that shekar will stay without his love…but matsh is about ishveer, not abt. him!!! Matsh should finish with ishveer union, otherwise none of matsh fans will satisfy! including me…sorry for shekars fans…if ishani stays with shekar at the ending of matsh, i’ll never watch indian serials again!!!

  12. ebrahim abdulla

    I agree with u shahlo even i wont watch indian seriel again…..matsh is only abt ishveer

  13. Ruhi

    Present track of Meri Aashqui Tum Se Hi shows Ishani is enacting as if her memory is loss.

    Ishani’s health gets disturbed whereas Ranvir takes care of Ishani.

    Furthermore, Ranvir and Ishani get invitation of a party where Ranvir himself dress up Ishani for the party.

    Ranvir and Ishani get closer and perform a romantic dance together in the party.

    Apart from this, Ranvir goes out for doing some work.

    Ishani to burn bed and put blame on Ritika (Smirti Khanna)

    On seeing right time, Ritika confronts Ishani and blames her for doing all this intentionally.

    Ishani who is trying to find a chance to trouble Ritika finally get the chance.

    Ishani burns the whole bed and says to everyone Ritika did this.

    Ranvir first does not believe on Ishani but Ishani’s tears makes him reluctant to believe on Ishani.

  14. Ruhi

    Ishani behaves as typical wife and tries to make Ranvir away from Ritika.

    Ishani wants to expose Ritika in front of Ranvir but she gets irritated to see Ranvir spoils her efforts.

    Ishani shouts at Ranvir for thinking about Ritika more.

    Ishani tells Ranvir to stay away from Ritika

    Ranvir tells Ishani that Ritika is his friend and he needs to help her.

    But Ishani tells Ranvir to stay away from Ritika otherwise everyone will taunt her (Ishani) that she cannot control her husband (Ranvir).

    Furthermore, IShani tries to take bag from almirah and falls on Ranvir losing her balance.

    Ranvir holds Ishani on time and both share romantic eye locks.

  15. Ruhi

    Ranvir (Shakti Arora) and Ishani’s (Radhika Madan) wedding night get spoiled by Ishani in Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi

    The upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Ranvir decorates his room like wedding night.

    Ranvir gets romantic with Ishani and Ishani starts to melt down seeing Ranvir’s love.

    Ranvir wants to know Ishani‘s memory loss is real or she is acting.

    Ishani gets worried on seeing Ranvir very close to her and burns a curtain.

    Ishani shouts for help and Ranvir tries to extinguish the fire.

    Both Shikhar and Ritika enter in the room on for help.

    Ritika (Smriti Khanna) gets angry on Ranvir

    Ritika and Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) get shocked to see the decorated room.

    Shikhar gets broken down on thinking he might lost Ishani forever.

  16. neha

    I love to see ishveer romantic moments….. And hate this evil ritika…… Can’t wait for next episode…….. Its seems interesting.

  17. epi seems gud….. bt im sad fr shekr….. tht he cnt get back ishani….ishani z alwys ranveer s luv…. ..
    plz brng d truth of devil rithika…….waitn fo tdy epi…..
    precap is nice……. ishani wl flop d idea of ranveer…..may be……:-)

  18. Ruhi

    hi radika n ayesha !! its me shabbu!! some ppl think im a boy becoz of my name so i have changed it!!

  19. Ruhi

    sorry mandy.. i came late on manmrz but u were not there!! actually i went to cook dinner..

  20. Ruhi

    guys as per the news, im really waiting to see ritika to be blamed for fire incident!! awww super plan ishaani!!

  21. Ruhi

    but feeling bad for shekar… he is little hurt after the room incident!!

    but we want ishveer not ishkar!!!!

  22. Ruhi

    ya.. but after knowing ishaanis promise to shekar i really felt bad!! kabhi ishaani ki galti to kabhi rv ki!!

    i know rv ki koi galti nai magar phir bhi vo devil ka saath hai isi liye bol rahi hoon

  23. Ruhi

    not at all.. yeh ekta mam ka serial hai!! she never unites the leads so soon!! she knows ki agar ishveer ka patch up hogaya to story mei dikhane ke liye kuch nahi hai!!

  24. Ruhi

    but really wish she unites ishveer soon!! if we all request she wil..

    mujhe usse bhi zyada ritika ka devil face saamne aane ka chahthi hoon!!

    i really want someone from vagela house to know abt tat devil..



  26. kowsi

    Ghost drama in Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi It seems that the makers of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji Telefilms) on Colors are all geared up to spice up the drama some more and this time it is with a supernatural element like ghost.
    But hold on to your breath readers. Unlike other shows this one will not showcase anything spooky rather MATSH will have a logical conclusion to the ghost track.
    What we hear is that in the upcoming track Ritika(Smriti Khanna) will witness Falguni’s (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani) ghost, who will come back to seek revenge from the former one.
    A source revealed, “In reality Ishani (Radhika Madan) along with her cousins will try to trick Ritika, where they will dress up as Falguni and will play Falguni’s recorded voice. Ishani’s motive will be to make Ritika confess her crimes.”
    Unaware of Ishani’s plan Ranveer (Shakti Arora) will take Ritika to a doctor, who will advice her rest and peace of mind
    Don’t you think that the sequence is going be a super fun one?
    But, wait, this is not the end. Unfortunately Ritika will get to know about this plan. So what next?

  27. Pathanga

    Ohhh…it wud be really funny… Thanks kowsi… By d by whch secured first place in trps

  28. Rufina

    Guys do u noticed that in today’s episode re was in do ties as a tamilian happy to see it.good acting by return. Do u know re really got injured during shooting of fir sequence.

  29. maahi

    guys pls tell me…which song was played after sun sathiya in the episode of 15th July….I liked that song..!!!!

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