Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika asks Naina to abide by her, Naina says no, Ishaani still loves Ranveer and Ranveer only thinks about Ishaani. She can’t bear Ishaani’s name even. She says she wants Ranveer to have her name on his tongue always. Ritika tells her not to worry, she asks Naina to invite Ranveer for dinner, so that they can accomplish what they couldn’t last night.
In the car, Ranveer asks Amba and Kailash to reach Naina’s home, he will reach there directly, he thinks thinks he will get a chance to meet Ishaani for dinner, he has to talk to her. He drives to a power grid where in front of his car were some stones. He comes to remove them when some dacoits attack him. A young man drives the bike then towards them, he and Ranveer beat the dacoits who run away in Ranveer’s car. Ranveer

thanks the boy. He introduces himself as Shibham, he tells Ranveer that they won’t take his car but only the money if it is there. Police will get him his car by evening. He asks Ranveer where he has to go. Ranveer says he has to go to his fiancés house.
There, Naina was cooking in kitchen. Ishaani comes there, Naina says she is making pasta for Ranveer. Ishaani says he likes simple food, and Indian too. Naina says she is sure he will like what she is cooking. Both remain silent. Naina asks Ishaani to help her serve the food. There, Naina asks about Ranveer. Nurbhay asks if Ranveer won’t come, if they won’t get any food. Ranveer arrives and says there was some problem with his car, a guy helped him and he has invited him for dinner too. Maa says Ranveer can invite anyone for the dinner. Shibham comes in. Naina and Aarti are worried watching him.
Ishaani says to Nurbhay that no matter what, he cannot remove Ranveer’s love from her heart. If she won’t come between Naina and Ranveer, he won’t also come between her and her love. Aarti recognizes Shibham and says he was a student with her in college. Naina stops Aarti, but Ranveer asks if he knows Naina. Shibham says he knows them all. Maa says he was a college fellow with Naina. Ranveer says he did right by bringing him here then. Shibham asks Ranveer to introduce him to his fiancé. Amba says Ranveer is marrying Naina. Shibham says congratulations. Shibham whispers to Ranveer that he knows Naina well, he must listen to him. He takes Ranveer aside saying he must talk to the mechanic for her car. Naina follows.
In the corridor, Shibham asks Ranveer how he knows Naina. Ishaani was passing by, Naina comes and asks if she is taking this milk for Nurbhay and offers that she will take it for him. She spills the glass over Shibham, Nurbhay had also come there. Ranveer ask Shibham if he is alright, Shibham says it burns a lot. Naina asks him to follow her. Ishaani had left, Ranveer wonders where has Ishaani gone.
In the room, Nurbhay asks Ishaani what was happening there. She never leaves a chance to go to Ranveer. He says he won’t bear anymore, she won’t leave the room until all the guests have left.
In the room, Vikram was drinking and thinks he also never leaves a chance to come close to Ishaani.
Maa sends Pratik to bring Naina and Shibham. Naina watches Pratik approaching. She requests Shibham to leave the house. He holds her in his arms, and asks for money. She hands him a bundle, still he hugs her. Pratik watches them together.
Vikram comes to Ishaani, Ishaani asks him to go out of the room. He comes towards her, she beats him with a broom stick. Vikram gives up, he tells Ishaani that Pooja’s death wasn’t an accident caused by Ranveer. Pooja’s death wasn’t an accident but a murder.

PRECAP: Ranveer stops Ishaani with his arm, he asks if she thinks that she can live without him after whatever happened among them. Ishaani asks him to forget whatever happened.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. In some interview I read that shakti was asked a question that had he smooch neha and shockingly his answer was yes he replied that I smooch neha many times so many that I can’t even count
    I hate you shakti I am crying like hell

  2. or pls clear … sathya dr

  3. Sathya dr …. tell me the way Radhika hugged nd Smooched shakti ….. tell me the details that video…

    And u saw MATSH ( happy ending) ke set par 6 feb 2016 video ….
    Tell me ur opinion for shadika scenes ….

  4. Guys dont worry about shadhika personal life…if they love each other true…i know they truely love each other….it definitely happen by gods grace……we only concentrat on shadhika back soon that svery very important now……pls understad what i am saying ……if i am hurt anybody ..i am so sorry…keerthi,sathya,vyshu drs….pls pls

  5. Guys anybody have twitter account pls force to trend our shadhika back……pls keerthi sathya vyshu dr…..

  6. Vyshu dr..and u ask abt which video dr..i saw that last day happy ending video dr,i really fl both r in love,shakthi imetate radz walkna she impressed in his cute act and she hug shakthi both r really look that much comfortable with each other dr,and vyshu pls search in youtube “best behind the scenes in meri aasiqui tumse hi” ,pls see all the related video dr sure u fl they r love each other

  7. Where r u Guys ????

    Noone is Here ………..?

  8. Thank u Vyshu dr and sathya dr.ur wishes making me u frnds.

    1. happy birthday Sana.
      ente hredayam niranja pirannaal aashamsakal

  9. Sana dr how is ur bday going on

  10. Sathya dr …. i am asking Happy ending location …. The way Radhika hugged nd smooched …. shakti dr…. i saw fb in that video pics ….

    So i asking for that video details …. dr ….

    U saw Radhika scene 1 st nd last scene …..

    And they aslo talk about 1 st promo ….. shakti asks Radhika ( ishani smile karoo ) I love that cute promo …. Yar

    ystrday u say na ….. engagement….. video ….. That video details dr…… pls

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    1. Hai jasa … dr i am fine dr wat about u dr ….

    2. Hai jasa dr.l am fine and how r u dr?

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  14. Zia…adi njanum post chayuthuuuuu…..I’m very sad..i can’t see ashiqui bczz there is no repeatttt….so plz share ur experience..

    1. hi Azia.happy to see u.

      1. if u want to know, pls call me dear

  15. Guys keep on trending on twitter,fb pls ppls we have only 4 days drs ….pls keerthi,sathya..where r u guys ….

    1. I m ere raji comment awaiting moderation is taking tym?

    2. Raji dr ….. i dont have twitter account dr ….. sry dr…..

    3. Raji dr u hv any good news ,when we hear gud news about shadhuka dr,ya we fight for our shadhika back dr

  16. Vyshu dr search in youtube,”meri aasiqui tumse hi behind the scenes” that the engagement video also there dr,shakthi in blue paijama and radz in white with pink choli dr..pls see that tell me abt that dr

  17. Keerthi dr my comment also taking too much time for posting dr…did u god that magazine dr? If so pls tell me what sahdhika told in that

    1. No sathya I have ordered it still not got it but my frnd got it she told me that they asked questions to shadhika and they answered
      First question
      What is love to u
      Radhika:something that is unconditional and no “ifs”and “buts” there
      Shakti:love is loyalty it is also peace and security but both of these automatically follow if loyalty is there
      And your take on romance?
      Shakti:passion-that’s what it is
      Radhika:to me it is making someone feel very special
      Achha what do you think is the best instrument to convey romance- eyes?lips?touch?or talk?
      Radhika: eyes and touch
      shakti: eyes and talk
      Create a wild fancy of a romantic evening where in the world would you love to have your dream date and who would be your dream partner
      Radhika: it has to be water like a cruise or yacht or something and yes candle light dinner with violins playing in the background oof it has to be filmy and my partner he has to be a carbon copy of mine and just as I am so fil yeh too has to believe in rose petals dancing in the rains and all of that filmy stuff
      Shakti: I haven’t really been to different parts of the world but I know my dream date would have to be somewhere amongst the snow caped mountains and yes a dinner in candle lights on a cruise is also a for my partner apart from neha it has to be scarlet johansson
      What is marriage to you?
      Radhika:oh it’s just a tag love and care matters the most but yes marriage does mean increased responsibilities
      Shakti: marriage is an institution I believe in it and the fact is that your whole life depends on it
      What about live in can you go for it?
      Radhika: yes if I am madly in love with a person then y not
      Shakti:frankly speaking I also believe in live in but people out there start looking at you as if you’ve committed a I would rather not go in for it but I do believe in it
      Ok now tell us where did you learn about valentines for the first time ?
      Shakti : in school
      Radhika: same here a boy came up to me with a rose and told me that it’s Valentine’s Day and I love you and being a tomboy I had no clue as what he was talking about I just laughed and then slapped him off that’s when I asked my mom about what is this valentine thing all about
      Who was your first conscious valentine?
      Shakti: in school days it is budding love where everything is so pure it was so amazing but even then I Could never convey my feelings I’ve always been so shy
      Radhika: I haven’t really dated someone as such Ive always celebrated with my father
      So what would be the dream gift that you wish your partner to give you?
      Shakti: a luxurious limousine
      Radhika: but I love chaat the most and I would wish my valentine to take me to all the chaat corners there are so I can woff down loads of papadi pani puri etc..
      And what would be the dream gift u would love to give to your valentine?
      Shakti: a villa and a Bentley
      Radhika:ticket for a world tour
      Wow ok Radhika tell us what was your instant impression of Shakti when you set your eyes on hi for the first ever time?……and don’t try to be politically correct please?
      Radhika: oh I was so new you see so I was wondering who’s he and why is he so sweet to me? Then I came to know that he is my co-actor
      And what about you shakti? What did you think of her?
      Shakti: hmmmmm…… So “she”is my heroine
      You were two strangers meeting for the first ever time who broke the ice ?
      Radhika :he did
      Shakti:actually there was never a need to break the ice or something as we both are taureans besides, radhika is very open and bubbly so there
      And who is the boss between you two?
      Radhika: you see if I summonify him he wouldn’t listen and its vice versa yoo!

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