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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika comes to Ishaani in the temple. Ishaani doesn’t speak to Ritika. Ritika says that they want to show all the proofs in the court that prove Ranveer is innocent. Ishaani is ready to do anything for him, Ritika tells her all about it. Ishaani is shocked at this. Ritika says life for life, RV will get whatever he has lost but Ranveer must hate Ishaani. He must think that his biggest happiness was his biggest mistake. He must say by himself that Meri Nafrat Tumse Hi.
Shikhar tries Ishaani’s number, he wonders why Ishaani did so. Why she helped him in the case either if she had to do this. He was frustrated. There comes a parcel for him. Shikhar gets an envelope in which there was a list of people who knew about Milan. There were birth certificates of Ranveer and Milan and

a family photo. Shikhar arranges an urgent hearing in court.
Baa prays that Ishaani returns home. Amba comes downstairs angry and asks where has Ishaani gone. She won’t leave Ishaani and will not let her enter the house. Ishaani comes home, Amba stops her at the door and asks where she was from the last two days. Was she gathering courage to face her, but this isn’t courage but shamelessness? She drags Ishaani inside, tells her to pick her bags and leave the house. Baa asks Amba to let her speak for a while. Amba says the one who wants to speak to her must leave with her. Amba says she brought Ishaani in the house. Ishaani shouts at once asking how dare she touched her, and her luggage. She will not get out of the house, but she will. Amba says this is her son’s house. Ishaani says this is her house now, their son named it after her. Baa interferes, Ishaani tells her not to come between them as it is a matter of her and her family. She tells Amba and Kailash to leave within minutes else she will push them out of the house. Chaitali comes there.
Ranveer is brought to court for hearing.
Baa stops Ishaani saying they considered her as a daughter, why is she asking them to leave the house. Ishaani says this is their problem that they thought of her as a daughter. They must leave the house, this is her house and she has decided this. Amba and Kailash were still there, Ishaani finally pushes them out of the house. Baa slaps Ishaani hard. Ishaani tells Baa to back up, else she will remove her from their way as well. Ishaani says she will send them both to a place that they won’t be able to return. She says this is her house, it will always be hers. There is no space for people like them here. Amba resists, but she pushes them out. Baa says today this girl showed her reality to them. She says before she pushed them out of the house as well, they will have to leave the house. She asks Chaitali to pack bags and leave. The one who couldn’t be her husband’s, how she can be theirs. She says till she gets to know about Ishaani’s reality, they will all live in Anjaar.
Shikhar shows the judge the photo of Amba and Kailash with their twin sons. He shows the birth certificates of Ranveer and Milan. He says they had the same face, but their souls weren’t identical. The prosecution lawyer says he wants a forensic institute to testify the report. Shikhar replies that he has got the report testified already, and the birth certificates are government records. He asks permission to present some witnesses in the court.
Ishaani makes Amba and Kailash sit in the car and herself get in the car with driver.
Ruby was Milan’s friend. She accepts that she knew Milan, he had been planning a lot against Ranveer. He always danced on Khalnaik dance, called himself villain and had a full wardrobe collection of Ranveer’s clothes. The next witness is the doctor. The next were the young kidnappers. The court takes a decision in favor of Ranveer accepting Milan is the murderer and Ranveer is released from the jail. Ranveer is happy, Shikhar smiles at him. Ranveer hugs Shikhar and both leave.
Ishaani brings Amba and Kailash to mental hospital, both are worried watching the patients. Ishaani asks if someone asked them where they have to live and where not. Kailash tells Ishaani not to do something that they forget she is their daughter in law. Ishaani says she was never their daughter in law and never will be. She shows them the prescription that they are mental and must be kept here. The staff take them both inside. Kailash and Amba go inside pleading her. Ishaani gives a handful bundle of money to the doctor, she says they are her parents in law, she is leaving them here for their own safety. They must not feel that they are in mental hospital, no one should be here around them. She forbids the doctor to tell anyone that she gave money to take special care of them. She watches Amba and Kailash still crying and leaves the hospital.
Ranveer thanks Shikhar outside the station, he says Shikhar doesn’t know what he has done for him. only a friend could have done this. Ranveer asks where he got all the proofs. Shikhar says there was a parcel for him in his office, he fixed a special hearing for him. Ranveer happily says that Ishaani collected all these proofs. She had promised him. Ishaani cried hidden behind a wall there.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks Mala what is happening at the home. Mala cries and gives him Divorce papers saying Ishaani gave them for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ???????

  2. Yaar plss stop it wt nonsense is this, I hate this serial

  3. phir se vahi sab kuchh . divorse-hate-leap-realising love-truth revealed-marriage and bohot sara dukh. and then do pal ka romance. bad mein vahi cycle phir we ghumegi. please REUNITE Ishveer

  4. I hate this serial bcoz of the leap

  5. This is my last comment for MATSH…when this show began,i really thought that it would be counted among the best shows of Ekta mam…but unfortunately, i was wrong…it had everything… Such eonderful actors…such nice & attractive background scores which itself could win half of the hearts of people…the only thing needed was a good story…interesting tracks with shoching twists…but this show only can give its fans,frustrating twists with common “women becoming mahaan by sacrificing”…& the dumb men as usual misunderstanding them…this show failed to justify the title…it should be about both ranveer & ishani’s aashiqui…but for the last one year,its only about ishani… Ranveer is being shown dumb who believes in whatever he sees…no heart or brain…RIP MATSH…all the best to the actors…eant to see SHAKTI next time in a nice show which should not be Ekta mam’s…waiting for that…

    1. I’ve stopped watching this serial….b4 two weeks. …
      But aftr today I’ll stop reading the written updates also….
      Inspite of wonderful actors like Shakti. …this serial has become the worst crap….
      They can’t make d story even more worser than this….
      Goodbye matsh…but missing Shakti arora

  6. Bewakuf bana raha hai ye serial wahi story ko round n round ghuma raha hai phir se ritika come on yaar what r u doing same story again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi ishani and RV aapdono mere favourate ho. I lv this serial. But jab bhi aap dono k milne ka time aata hai, tab koi na koi vilan aa jata hai. Abhi milan ke baad fir ritika aa gayi jo teen teen khun k iljam me jail k andar thi. Fir bhi wo kaise chut gayi. Aapdono ka milan toh lagta hai hoga hi nahi. Ab is serial ko bakwas karte ja rahe hai. I think is bar ka twist kisi ko pasand nahi aaya hoga. Kam se kam aap dono ko mila yoh dena cahiye tha. Aur dusri baat ishani aap her bada se bada decision akele hi le leti hai. Km se kam RV ko kuch hint toh karti. Fir se purana ghisa pita rota hua seen dikhayenge. Public romantic seen khojti hai rondu nahi.

  8. They simply dragging…..

  9. i thing now rv going to hate ishani ..ishani doing everything for save rv ,when they going to now all this ritika plan .tmrw or day after tmrw rv defiantly hate ishani …cha pavam ishani ava romba kasta pattu verukara ava cry panratha paka mudila .ethuve ippadi na rv feel panratha kuda paka new villan going to enter .when ishveer going to leave a happy life?????????????????????.whatever happen in this serial I will not quit &hate…..because I love it .now its paining and irritating ………

  10. What a irritating drama of MATSH. what is this ?????? What a mamu banawing…..!!! After that today episode i will never ever see the any episode of MATSH. I jst requisting u all viewers of MATSH plz stop the watch this serial its jst irrteating nd frustating serial.. Of colours.

  11. I can’t bear it.what they are doing with the show

  12. Yes i stop the serial good bay


  14. I think Ishaani is going to marry the boss of Ritika(Nibhay) & Ranveer is gonna take care of new character NAINA who has recently faced an accident.

  15. As da same track is repeating ,I think dat if RV is able to find da truth of Ishaani then they are not going to unite coz previously it happened;how long will dey continue dis same track?Again do u guyz remember dat once Shakti had told dat dis serial will have a sad ending.(assumtion)

  16. marry quit(hate ishveer till reunion)

    guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i just to say this there is sad ending or not becoz story only and only depends upon trp and cv,s r finding the story which make trp good but they cant hav heart only only there brains which r totally useles……..and sad ending didnt hurt us now bcozzzzz all gonna leave matshh…………and now i dont know who is aashiq here ..there is just duffersss both ishveer and villian alwayzzzz win…………i requst last time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change or remove forever these idiotic trackzzzzzzz now we just read updates bcoz of these idiotic trackzz only…………plzzzz ur mind and plzzz end the show even now this is better otherwise go to hell ………????????????

  17. Guys, only the way to unite ishveer is to lower the trp ratings even more so that the are forced to bring back the story on track. So, I request you all to stop watching this mindless serial so that ishveer are united. Else, v won’t get to see their beautiful chemistry on air

  18. ♡♥Maha♥♡

    Yes I am also stop watching this serial bye bye MATSH I miss you shakthi

  19. I saw the promos and I like both Ishveer’s makeover but they are seperated so no use. Isn’t Nirbhay the same guy who is seen as Atif in Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do?
    I will only see MATSH when Ishveer is reunited.

  20. Now ishveer again separated i think now ishveer will get divorced again and then all misundersstandings will be cleared and again marriage lagtha hai juda hokar phir ek hokar shadiya karne ka record banana chahte hai

  21. Disgusting track….can’t digest this n all…Miss u ISHVEER.

  22. what a NYC bakwas serial …..ekta ji I plead u…. .. .juz stop this if u don’t hv any other story other than ishveer separation by rithika….now I juz hate…but Shakthi radhika all marsh actors are juz awsome specially cute ishveer…hope ishveer get better n better serial next tym….plzz don’t act in ekta maams show….pleaaaaseeeeee.. no reality for this serial….always can’t join both luvbirdd…..

  23. what a NYC bakwas serial …..ekta ji I plead u…. .. .juz stop this if u don’t hv any other story other than ishveer separation by rithika….now I juz hate…but Shakthi radhika all marsh actors are juz awsome specially cute ishveer…hope ishveer get better n better serial next tym….plzz don’t act in ekta maams show….pleaaaaseeeeee.. no reality for this serial….always can’t join both luvbirdd…..bye bye matsh ….will miss uh ishveerr… luv yew both fo no reason

  24. The serial started on beautiful note but now it has become very boring. They are repeating the story. Again Ishani will be separated and again she is sacrifying. Ranvir is so fool that he does not understand the truth. They are making public fool. They don’t have interesting plot. Viewers are fed up of seeing them getting married and separated again and again. will they get married again.

  25. Ya how to write a fan fiction ??

  26. whats all happening in the show…………………title doesnt make any sense with the story these days………HATE MATSH……y will always story focuses on ishveer separation and divorce and then remmairage…………how many times we are forced to c their marriage and divoce…………FED UP……………where did ritika again come from she have done 2 murders and then tried to kill 2 people also ishveer……….she was sent to jail but again shez happily roaming on roads….Does it make any sense ekta ji can u give an explanation for dis hw did ritika came back inspite of being in jail for the 2 n haf murders……and happily roaming…….where RV is kept in jail for the murder he not done also….miss poor ekta do u jus want to tell vamps can easily come back even they have done murders and leads are supposed to prove their innocense always……..EKTA hve brain first and then come with serial stories this is the last show of yours i watch……….bcz of ur idiotic tracks no body is intrested in watching darmiyaa and show trps are bad………this should happen for uuu…….gud bye to u and ur serials………

  27. what d hell?chi

  28. happy ending is better than always dragging sad story

  29. It is getting the most boring serial….really..

  30. I have been loyal fan of meri aashiqui but my passion is finishing the story of rannveer and ishani is being worse and more worse please do not make up unrealistic story i hope film makers take it into account

  31. keerthanAngel

    Again d same drama have started…….getting irritated of the track yar…. but ishaani’s makeover s cool!!!!! I wish this track shld end and ishaani and ranveer get united…. meri aashiqui tumse hi…………..shld play

  32. keerthanAngel

    Getting bored of this track

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