Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar comes to Ishaani and says he doesn’t know about her past story, but downstairs is her family waiting for her. She must meet them. He says it is written on her face that she misses them. He says the love with which she was packing the gifts showed how much she wants to meet them. She must talk to them, he will tell them she is innocent and isn’t a criminal. Ishaani says she doesn’t want to meet them, she can’t tell him the reason but he must think by himself why would she ask for changing her name then. Shekhar says her brother knows she is alive, Ishaani says he won’t tell anyone and he must get an idea from this that no one wants her back in their lived. She says it is all very complicated, he must understand her. Shekhar asks her not to join her hands in front of him,

he asks her not to cry; he thought it is a good time to introduce her to her family. Ishaani says she is grateful for his concern but the time that has been spend will not return again. He says as you wish, then turns and thinks why she doesn’t want to meet her family, he has seen as innocent punishing her for the first time in life.
RV asks doctor how is Ritika and the baby, the doctor says the baby is fine but is Ritika stressed about something. He recalls their talk in the car, and says yes, she is a bit worried for some days but she didn’t share anything. The doctor says he must have asked, stress adversely effects the baby in last month. She says he loves her so much, she got her check-up eight times in last two months, he left for two times and his leaves her in stressed and pressure. She needs his emotional as well as physical support. In such cases, miscarriages can also take place. She says he can take her home when she wakes up, keep her relaxed and happy.
Pratik says to Baa that Roka ceremony went so well. Baa says had they been in earlier conditions it should be even better. Dewarsh tells Baa that this time it can’t go wrong in anyway. From now on, their good days will start. Baa says she dislikes that they only gifted them so much and they gave so much to them and that their favorite too. Dewarsh is shocked.
Ishaani cries in her room, she says her family like her gifts. She is happy in their happiness though from a distance.
Baa says that she must have gifted her bracelet to Krisha, Dewarsh and Chaitali didn’t want this but Baa says Krisha is going to be the first daughter in law of her third generation. Dewarsh asks why she is being so emotional, there will be a lot more events. Baa says she will give them to her now, and leaves asking them to stay here. Ishaani comes to the hall and asks kaka where everyone is. He tells Ishaani they are in Krisha’s room when the doorbell rings. Ishaani goes to open the door. She is shocked to see Baa so is Baa shocked to see ishaani. Baa asks if she is alive, what is she doing here. Ishaani asks her to go away from here, before anyone else sees her; she is dead for them and she must let her. She must not tell her family, nor Ranveer’s family about her being alive. She is trying to live with a new name so that they don’t have to suffer because of her. Falguni comes calling Baa, Baa hands the bangles to Ishaani that she wanted to give them to Krisha. Ishaani shuts the door when Falguni comes there. She watches Baa lost and asks what happened. Baa says she saw someone. Falguni says she saw someone, for a second she thought it was her own but it wasn’t. Falguni walks with Baa, Ishaani peeks through the door watching them leave. Falguni stops for a while and turns to see behind, Ishaani shuts the door. They leave. Shekhar comes to the hall and watches Ishaani crying with the door. He comes to her and was about to keep a hand on her shoulder. She looks at him, then runs inside. He says shit man, he can’t see her crying and can’t even do anything for her; what pain is she in that she can’t even share. He hopes to let her meet with her family whom she loves so much.
RV brings Ritika to the study and makes her sit on the couch. She asks why he has brought her here. He shuts the door, and says he knows she is tensed because of that drawer where he comes daily. He says he can’t open it, because he thinks his memories will spill over with the drawer. He says they have been living as couple in front of the world, he fulfilled all their requirements but didn’t ask what she wants. He never told her how he feels and what he wants. He comes to the drawer and asks if she knows why he half opens it. Because this story is incomplete, the love is one sided; as if it is only a single person loving. She never loved him, he always thought a single person’s love is enough but he now gets that one sided love isn’t enough for a life time. He couldn’t open the drawer, it is the most difficult thing for him. He says now there will be no difficulty, no one will drag him towards her because he is locking this drawer for one and for all. He says it won’t open up, he will live in her life as well. He might not be able to give his heart to her, but he will stay with her. He says for the world Ishaani has died, but for him she is still there. He shuts the drawer and locks it, then shuts his eyes. Ritika was hurt, RV comes to her and asks her to come and take rest. She stops him and says she wants to tell him something, then recalls what Amba sweared her upon. She thinks she can’t tell him anything, because her baby will fell ill then. She says if he wants to keep her happy, he must not do this all; he is free in his life. She never expected anything from him, she just wants him to stay happy. He doesn’t need to change anything in his life, she will forget today. RV says she will have to remember today, that drawer will never open. He will now only live with her, from now there is no past in her life just present.

PRECAP: Ishaani takes RV’s call, and goes silent. He introduces himself and then asks who is it there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i realy wish and want. .shekhar to marry ishani. . .nd too some awsm moments btn them. . .:)

    1. I support you RV fool shouldn’t get her then that Amba maid will torture her, where as Shekar’s mother just adore her

      1. in the start of the show, ranveer portrayed a character who had endless love for ishani but these days he does not even feel for ishani and does not realise ishani’s pain….why could he not understand that silence when he last met ishani in jail if he had always been in love with her??? all bakwaas….after the leap, it seems he became a servant for ritika who has no any concern for ishani…….its better rv does not get ishani…….i know many matsh fans will not like it but it is my opinion…..even after getting ishani, he will bring pain and always leave her alone when amba torture her… its better shikhar marries ishani and his mom will care her….she will be happy…

  2. Hi guys pls see telly reviews ….rithika take revenge for ishaani and her family…..falguni death ku rithika than reason..

  3. what is this yaa……. aur kitne din dragging

  4. Guyss any1 update today epi..

  5. Is falguni death in coming soon episode. Plz someone tell me.

  6. its ritika only in the promo as u can see her face below nose and her wicked laugh..

  7. Ayooo inum today episode update agala

  8. Firstly- such a business tycoon like RV givs a pregnant woman (ritika) support.. wich cant b digestd at al.. cz wer does such hifi ppl find tym for al such stuff n dat too wen his wife is in jail n den died… how cud ny normal person think of othr things in such stressful time of their life. foolish of writers to show us dat shikar doesn’t knw ishani weras he is rv’s frnd… does shikar not know hos frnd’s wife.
    N mre stupidity is dat such high profile cases are always written on newspaper n shwn evn on news cz nowadays media is so active…dat wen ishaani was givn bail n provd innocent den evrybody shud come to knw… ryt??? atleast wen shikar went through ishani’s case file he shud hav come across dat ishani’s husband is ranveer..ryt??? N did shikar not ask his frnd RV abt his wife…??? Y being sooo unrealistic n unreasonable… please make it realistic. RV has tym to opn d draw but no tym to opn d newspaper n track his wife’s case or fight fr her… what a dumb hero n stubborn heroine. …uff…

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