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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer gets into the bus with the bag of money. In the bus, his bag gets onto a person who smiles at him saying this is your bag. Ranveer takes the bag saying thanks but the man was the kidnapper. The bus gets filled progressively. The kidnapper stands up in the bus, and moves on towards Ranveer from the back. As soon a couple gets off the bus station, Ranveer also follows them and comes down the bus. The kidnapper watched him from behind the tree waiting for the bus to leave. He calls Ranveer and asks if he can see the garabage box. He must keep the bag there and go home. Ranveer insists that he had asked him to hand the bag to him only, he can’t place it anywhere. The kidnapper says he had also told him that Ranveer has no option but to listen to him. He laughs and says if he thinks

he will catch him so easily? Ranveer looks around to find the man, he isnt the one. Ranveer keeps the bag near the garbage box, still vigilant to find the bag but a number of people had been observing him. The kidnapper tells him to turn around and don’t look back, when he reaches home he will get Ishaani back into his home. Ranveer is careful not to turn but he points at his appointed men while leaving. The kidnapper appears from behind the tree when a man fells off the bike. The police men had gone to help him and meanwhile the kidnapper takes the bag and leaves. Policemen then regrets having lost the bag.
Ranveer was going towards the bus station, the inspector calls Ranveer that they have found the kidnapper. He has his bag, RV asks where he is. The inspector tells him to look back, he is just behind him wearing black and white shirt. Ranveer takes the man by collar, calls him names and beats him. The inspector also run towards him. The man tells them that a man over there is distributing some clothes and a bag free of cost, but nothing can be free in this world. He points at a charity stall where many salesmen held the same bags. RV is shocked to look around. Ranveer says that this man is really cunning, he came with full planning and now he is worried about Ishaani. He gets kidnapper’s call and asks if his plan failed, this happens in the game of thief and police. He had warned him not to tell police, but he brought them together. There is no place of mistakes in such missions. Today Ranveer used his mind and lost his wife once again. Ranveer asks him to worry about his own life, he knew that he will reach some desserted place with the bag. The bag doesn’t have the money, but a bomb in it. The kidnapper takes it as a joke, Ranveer asks him to hear from the bag. It really ticked, Ranveer says he had held a hand on his Ishaani and will now pay for it. The inspector tells Ranveer he took a big risk, Ranveer says that the man must throw the bag somewhere near to him, they will hear the bomb blast and get to him as he will also not be able to go far away. The kidnapper drops the bag in water pool nearby, but fell on the ground because of blast. Ranveer and police run towards the sound.
Amba was curt at home that Ranveer has gone crazy after Ishaani. She wishes she could keep him home. Baa comes there, she asks Amba if she can’t keep her curtness out for one day only, she is just talking about getting Ishaani back. Can’t she help them in finding the kidnapper? Baa says Ranveer has gone to give the money to kidnappers, he isn’t picking her call, and can Amba try her number. Baa says she wanted to go with Ranveer and wanted Amba to go as well. One always has to face the problems together. She says that if there is a problem there who would handle it? Ranveer will for sure not deny the call of his mother.
The kidnapper tries to escape while Ranveer and the police takes him. Ranveer recognizes him to be the man who was behind him for years, he asks where Ishaani is. Ranveer says he is the one who kidnaps others family and then ask for money. The kidnapper says that his wife is in more pain than him. Ranveer holds his collar, but the kidnapper says he has done anything he could do. The kidnapper says Ranveer had also pained his someone like this. Ranveer says he doesn’t remember seeing him ever. The kidnapper says today he is ready to be beaten but today Ranveer will know what is the pain of being away from your owns. The kidnapper says he is enjoying watching Ranveer in this state, he will never know about his wife’s whereabouts. Ranveer slaps the kidnapper, and says he doesn’t want to hear his nonsense. The kidnapper says that is good, if he speaks about his family that is good and if he (the kidnapper) speaks about the family it is wrong. Ranveer will have to pay. Ranveer says he has never done wrong to anyone and if he might have, it is unknown to him. If he has to take revenge he must take it from him not his wife. The kidnapper says he also loved his family like Ranveer loves his wife. Ranveer says today he surrenders himself in front of him, police will also not hurt him but he must tell him about Ishaani’s whereabouts. The kidnapper gets rid of himself from the grip of police men. The kidnapper says they both are in same situation, they have twenty minutes. He had made Ishaani put on a bomb jacket, and the time Ranveer told him there is no money in the bag, he got the switch of the jacket on. He now has twenty minutes to save his wife. Ranveer is worried. The kidnapper says they have also spend two more minutes, only eighteen minutes are left with him now, and to save the bomb to blast. Ranveer takes the man again with the collar and asks where Ishaani is. The kidnapper says he himself had said that the ones who love gets their love through heartbeats, and now he should practically do it.
the kidnapper had eaten something and the police takes him to hospital.
Shikhar comes to Ritika in jail. He says he has come here for Ishaani, he says that the game she is playing with him isnt true. She put the blame of Ishaani’s kidnapping on him but she forgot who he is, he is the best lawyer of Mumbai and deals with criminals daily. He says he has got to know who hired the kidnapper for Ishaani. Ritika asks who? Shikhar says she did. He has even caught the kidnapper and he has confessed it himself. Now with his verdict, he is planning to keep Ritika into jail for a lifetime. He says he is giving her a chance, if she confesses her crime her punishment can be reduced, else she will have to spend her whole life in jail. Ritika says yes she made it done, but the kidnapper has some old enemity with Ranveer and he wants to take revenge from Ranveer. Shikhar is suspectful.
The inspector asks Ranveer which revenge that person is talking about, he must recall. Ranveer says that right now he is only worried about the bomb as Ishaani has less time. Ranveer asks him to get location of kidnapper from his mobile service. The inspector says he already got it done. A young policeman comes there and says Ishaani is near Mohimlake that is minutes afar this place.
Shikhar repeats Mohimlake as he hears it from Ritika. Ritika asks why he reconfirming it again and again when he has already caught the man. Shikhar says no, nothing. Ritika asks if she will get saved. Shikhar says his conscience allows him to save a kidnapper but not a murderer, he won’t save her.

PRECAP: Ishaani runs on the bridge calling on everyone to stop there and then and not to move at all else she will jump in the pond nearby.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shikhar you are too good.How smartly you fooled Ri and confessed from her that she hired the kidnapper.

    And saw you in Naagin serial promo.So excited for it and eagerly waiting for it. You were looking awsum in suit with stubble look.I am already on cloud9 and really can’t control my excitement.

  2. Today’s episode could have been better.. Doesn’t know when Ishveer will have happy moments.. waiting for a very long time.. hope it happen soon.. Always Ishaani or Ranveer in some or other trouble… doesn’t know what past they are going to show about the kidnapper and RV. Shikhar… wow what a clever move… Rithika ha ha…
    What a scary precap.. hope she will be saved by our hero RV.

    1. Hiii suga,i heard on sbs that soon ishveer unite….and amba accept ishani as her daughter in law….I already gave info on last episodes comments….I am eagerly waiting for that episode.

      1. Thank u Neha for the info.. waiting for it..

  3. I feel ashamed that such serials are still being telecast in India.

  4. yes today yr so quick

  5. like the episode.??…….. lovely??……… ranveer looks like aashiq in 2day,s episode……. shikher awsme…….. ritika also looking cute……. and dont know who,s rajat and ranveer,s past story……..but one thing i heard in news that rajat has some link vd parul…….. i m just waiting 4 aashiqui……..??

  6. I guess atleast today ishveer vil unite.. and shikar ur smart and nice frm heart character…

  7. O shit i just got d news dat rv is playng double acting in matsh . we r gonna witness another look alike of rv. O god two ranveers in aashiqui

  8. Shikhar just rocked the episode.Arjun so so excited for your new show Naagin.You look royal n classy in promo.

  9. nice epi ritika & rajat out,ishveer in.WOW! SHIKHAR ur so GOOOD

  10. Again a good news for ishveer’s fans,,,,,I.e. amba welcomes rv n ishani at home and ishani takes blessings to amba n kailash(rv’s father) they both blessed ishani and hug her warmly in front of the entire family and amba announced ishveer’s wedding…. Everyone is happy but don’t know if this marriage is held properly or another twist will come in this marriage and, if am not wrong this is going to happen after the leap….
    For that we have wait n watch….. I am looking forward to it…..eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes of matsh…

    1. i also c the video………lovely…………eagerly wiating……..?????????????❤❤❤??????????????

  11. is there anyone who can tell me why ishaani is stopping everyone to come to save her?

    1. because she didnt want 2 get hurt by the bomb. time is very shorter………that,s y………

      1. sorry other dont get hurt by the bomb that,s y………..

  12. Ishveer must reunite nw lots of dramas unnecessarily, plz reunite ishveer

    1. waiting for todays episode … Egerly…

  13. The bomb scene and finding the person using the sound of bomb. This theme is stolen from the movie Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson.

  14. Raajath saying dat look alike ranveer… I think he may be rong… Pls writter dont give more twist.. We cant digest… Reunit ishveer…. In btwn so much storry r there… Gouri , disha shatman, shikhar , parul, pratheek, etc give dat always hero and hetoin r suffering problm.. Reminig all r happyy.. Too booring

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