Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani blows her wet hair and notices RV sitting in the room. She is shocked to see him, while he also looks at her. She shouts, You!, turns around and slips on wet feet. He holds her in arms. They look at each other. Amba comes to the door, and watches this. She is angry, that this girl has started showing her colours. She must be strict before she takes RV in her grip. Ishaani straightens up, and says this is his home doesn’t mean he will come any and everywhere. RV comes to face her, and says he doesn’t need any permission from anyone, and if she needed privacy she should have locked the room. She asks she knows it from childhood, he must have done it deliberately. He holds her, and says he is used to it and she is his wife, he will come any and everywhere. She must also get used

to seeing this face, whether she would like it or not. She asks him to go out, she has to change. He says he won’t. She says she will shout. She sits on the bed, and asks her to shout but keep in mind what the family will think. She says she can’t change in front of him, he tells him to go to bathroom.
Lakshmi peeks at Amba, as she was watching her jewellery. She comes inside, and says she is taking Ishaani temple. Amba tells her to go, till then she will go the the servant’s room. Amba sits with the necklace, and says they must be awed to see this necklace, it cost 15 lacs. She tells them to see it, she is giving it to her Bahu. Baa says she wants to make them jealous here. Amba says she knows all so well. She says she knows Ishaani come here again and again, but she comes here quickly. She talked to Javeri about the gifts, it seems good that a daughter in law comes with some gifts. Baa says she is asking for dowry. Amba says she is asking for gifts for Harshid Parekh’s daughter. She has to show it to her guests. Today Ishaani must wear the jewellery from her mother’s family, she tells Falguni to take it and make her wear this. She forbids them to tell Ishaani and RV about it. She gives it to Falguni, Falguni stops her and hands it back. She says she will fulfill all the post marriage traditions and will give 15 lac necklace. Baa stops her, where will she bring this expensive necklace. Falguni says she don’t know that, she only know she won’t let her daughter and husband’s name ruined. Amba says she has kept a party at 7 in the evening, till then they must arrange for a necklace.
Ishaani peeks through the door, and asks RV to look the other way. He turns his face, but steals a look at her as she comes wrapped in the cloth of saree. He smiles, as she doesn’t remember how to wear a saree. He remembers the time, she fall down wearing a saree. He had laughed, and she said she doesn’t know how to wear it. He helped her wear the saree, and smiles. He finds a tutorial video, and gives it to her without turning to her. Parul knocks the door, to say they have to go to temple. RV stands up, and deliberately steps on her saree. It unwraps, he asks for help. She asks him to turn around, Parul calls from out. RV asks she doesn’t have another option. She agrees, he turns to her, sits and calls Parul that it will take five more minutes. Parul smiles and says he must take his time. RV smiles and helps her wear saree. The phone bell rings, he points at her to pick it as he held the saree. They get closer and look at each other.

PRECAP: The designer tells Ishaani she brought ready to wear sarees. RV says that till he counts three, her anger will be spit out.

Update Credit to: Sona


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