Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba blesses RV and Ritika, Shekhar observes Ishaani. Ritika confirms from RV that he wants to marry her. He nods. Shekhar says to Ishaani that no one knows RV better than her. He says she has helped Ritika a lot, she is so happy. He asks is there anyone who never prayed for her. He says he is happy about her decision for marriage, he will share all his life and happiness with her. Ishaani is worried, he will share everything with her but she can’t share his feelings with her. Kanchal goes to congratulate RV and Ritika, Shekhar comes to congratulate RV. Baa takes Ishaani along. Shekhar says to RV that finally he is marrying Ritika and the good think is they both are marrying who they love. He asks RV not to fight now. RV says he won’t cross his limit, but he has gone to far that anything

wrong can happen to him. RV tells him not to worry he won’t let anything bad happen.
In the room, Baa says to Ishaani she still wants RV to be happy. She agreed for the wedding so that RV lives happily with Ritika. She hugs Ishaani who cries. Baa says she is Harshid’s mother and Ishaani is filled with his morales. Ishaani says she doesn’t marry Shekhar, he knows about it so she has asked him to break this wedding. But she will give her everything for this marriage, she will be loyal to him ever. Baa says she is proud of Ishaani being her granddaughter.
The next morning, Ritika comes to the hall where RV was giving instructions to wedding planners. He brngs Ritika along and introduces her to the organizers. He explains to clarify the confusion that he is about to remarry, so everything would be of her choice only. He asks Ritika why she is so confused, he says this is wedding planner, her designer and makeup artist. He tells her to tell them what she wants.
Lakshmi asks Amba if she is happy now. Amba says she won’t be at peace until they are married. Ishaani is still around Ranveer, but that Ishaani has ruined her son.
Parul comes there, RV stops her and says no office for a few days and must help Ritika in wedding planning. Ritika asks where is he going. RV says his husband is a money man and not everyone can stay at home. He tells Ritika to send his lunch to his new office.
Shekhar says to Baa he wants to know about the likes and dislikes of Ishaani. He wants to make their wedding a grand one. He says to Baa that since Ishaani’s arrival, he has started to feel a lot. First he was practical, now sensitive too. Her heart has also grown bigger. He didn’t feel he would love someone but Ishaani has proved him wrong. RV was hearing this all standing at the door. Baa tries to speak but Shekhar asks her to let him speak. SHekhar says Ishaani did a lot for him, he wants to make all her likings as his. Baa was looking at RV while Shekhar asked him about her likes. Shekhar takes a leave from Baa and goes out.
Ritesh was talking on phone worried, Baa says to Ritesh that they must do something as Shekhar wants a grand wedding. Shekhar asks RV why he came to office. RV says he has forgotten what is happening in his office. He asks if he remembers he told him his law firm had loss. RV says if he remembers, he must know friendship’s first rule is to help the friend. He has brought the shares of this company and is an equal partner of his. SHekhar says he doesn’t know what is going on in his mind, but he must resell his shares. RV asks how much can he pay, SHekhar says he can pay more than what RV has bought them for. SHekhar signs a cheque, RV fills in an amount, Shekhar writes Mere Dost ki Khushi. Shekhar asks him to let this wedding happen and return his shares. RV says he will be happy in future because of this decision. Shekhar asks isn’t he happy because of this marriage. RV says to be honest, yes he is unhappy. RV says he felt a little jealousy, and a little pain because he loved her but now he doesn’t want her to destroy another house. He says he can’t bear him suffer what he did. RV says whether he thinks about him as friend or not, he will have to accept this partnership. RV says Ishaani can never love him. He has become a partner of his company to keep an eye on him, whether he likes him or not. Shekhar tears the cheque in RV’s hand and leaves.
Baa was happy that the saree maker has come. She looks at the bill and asks about the discount. The man says it is after the discount. Baa says she only has 98oo right now, she will send the rest later. The salesman says he can’t due the amount. RV listens this. The salesman says he might take two sarees with him RV asks how much is left of him. He says 4300, RV gives him 5000. Baa stops him but RV touches Baa’s feet. She says a lot happened between them, still he respects her. RV says whatever happened had none’s fault, he respects her because she is mother of his mota bapu. He asks Baa if she has no money? Baa says they don’t have money since last eight months. RV writes a cheque of 200000 to her and marry Ishaani well. Baa asks why is he giving this money when he himself doesn’t want Ishaani’s wedding.

PRECAP: Ishaani comes to RV’s house and watches Ritika and RV hugging each other.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good.. OMG Still Ranveer loves Ishaani which his hate ego hides.. soon he will know.. Ishaaniiii… doesn’t know to which extreme she will sacrifice.. atleast Baa came to know.. doesn’t know when this RV understand this.. Doesnt know whether this shadi hogi or nahi.. keeping fingers crossed.. Shikhar.. amazing in irritating RV..last dialogue of Baa is superb..
    Now.. Devarsh will get nicely from RV for cheating his Family.. please reveal the truth soon about Rithika.. waiting for a good episode.

  2. Riya

    Baa hated Ishani so much..but she understood Ishani’s stupid sacrifice but why can’t RV understand it…and RV is doing toooo much for that Rithika…This show is making me mad….

  3. jyo

    kya hogaya rv ko. idantha idiot rithika vallane kada how foolish nd selifish nd i hate rithika

  4. I don’t know what is the intention of Rv. Actually what is in his mind? Is it a revenge for Rithika, as the preview shows he has no love in his.that just a show off I think.he has love for Ishani I think.othrwise he hadn’t helpd Baa. But that Shikhar…wow awesome nature.But i ask one question, is it every boyz r like dis RV,who takes revenge on his love..may be..can’t see true love anywhr. .

  5. akhila

    Don’t know y?but i love ishkar more than ishveer….there is something special in shikar…

  6. jyo

    but em jargina kooda ishani ranveer kalustaru but how shikar
    shikar feelings em kavali nd his love i hate writer of this story.bcoz end ki shikar chala hurt avthadu thanu kooda true lover nd gud friend. im so sorry shikar im feeling so sad about you. i love you yar i like your feelings on ishani


      • gita

        please learn how to speak and comment. Agar aap ke paas itna hi bache hai toh unhe yaha mat dikhayiye. agar comment samaj se bahar hai to mat padayiga koi aap ko force nahi kar raha hai. Just because ur North Indian does not give any right to speak like this. Infact ur degrading urself by this act.

      • uma

        Wow calm down I know people should comment in English so that everyone can understand.. But this is definitely not the way to condemn ur own country people.. First Indian then south ya north

      • You should mind your language I agree people should reply in English but this is no way too speak riya it is rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Riya

        Everyone has the freedom to speak…who the hell are u to tell them whether they should speak in English or Tamil…If u have problem them don’t read their comments…This site is not owned by you…and this comment shows ur culture..We all are Indians and we should be proud that we have so many different cultures and languages in our country…and just because if few uncivilised people live we lose the charm of our country….and stop this racism..Black is beautiful and whether you are are fair doesn’t make u a good person u should first learn to respect people….

  7. ic

    Ish is thinking dat she did favor for rv stayg away from him n gng to jail to save him bCz she loves him.he feels better than now dat the time cirag dead he wents to jail……

  8. Hey actually I missed many episodes about a month ago … pls tell me why is rithika considered bad ? Why ishaani was in jail and after that in shikhars house ? What happened btween ishveer that drifted them apart ?

    • Well a ishaani was released from jail by shekhar who is a later ishaani them decided she didn’t want to live so she tried to commit suicide but shekhar saved her then ishaani had helped shekhars mum unknowingly from somee goons she then started to love in shekhar house shekhar started slowly to love ishaani and slowly all of ishaani family members find out that ishaaishaani is is AK be

  9. Rizwan

    i feel sad 4 ishani n precap…ye chal kya rahe???rv aisa kaise kar sakti hu??samajh nahi arahahe….rv don’t do this..please..ishani is doing alll ths 4 don’t do ths

    • ic

      If ish did same thing it is favr If rv did it’s not fair. He just wants ish.ish wants to marry he is dng dat.wts wrong in dat

  10. maya

    hats off to shakti arora……best expressions, yeah!!! nice conversation scene between shikhar and rv……wow, even baa is behaving so nicely…..i have already scene the precap wala video so no interest in that…… everyone knows, ishani will unite with ranveer only at the end so i will not comment for that part…….let them show their drama, i m just enjoying all these performances……..tomorrow, rv will beat dewarsh, a f8 sequence###….
    plz someone teach smriti khannna(ritika) some acting skills, she does not know any i guess…


    • Shut up this is no way to speak you are mental to comment on how you like the drama of you don’t then just get lost

  12. MATSH

    wow RV thats so nice,,,, accent…
    i loved that tit tat.. enjoyed today’s epi…

    Rv still gave money for ishan’is wedding.. i love that love in him,, for ishani..

  13. malvika

    will rv keep on continuing his scenes with ritika, so disgusting…….ranveer-ritika scenes will make me someday break my own tv set, so i always change the scene, lol………..hey directors, r u listening, i have a request 2 make…..since u have already introduced many twists, one more will not effect much……i want that u show ritika to be faking her pregnancy…….a grand twist!!!….. this track is not about hatred but about checking someones tolerance and patience level and i have much hope……..come on at least ab to ritika u can come in the negative role….waiting so eagerly for u….

  14. ic

    Every one is talkg abt ish sacrifice. She c him from childhood even she never think dat rv is unable to take life of another rv can understood ish dat she went to jail for him bcz he knows dat he won’t kill him.rrv knows abt himself hw can he think in dat way, one more thing is previously few days back one promo is telicasted dat ritika is pushing chirag dat is watchd by rv.rv is trying to reveal the truth ish gng to jail by herself to all family.

  15. jaya

    @kiara rv and chirag had a big fight. chirag dead.ishani thinks rv killed chirag and ishani tell rv that she didn’t love him and she always love chirag and she accept the murder and went to jail to 6 months.rithika tells sharman she is pregnant with his child but he didn’t accept it and marriage break. rithika’s father will die and she will stay in rv’s house.after leap shikher saves ishani in death sentence ishani go to meet rv but she will know that rv is move on in his life.

  16. abc

    hey friends, go to colors tv poll and vote for the pair u like—–ishkhar or ishveer…….it seems ishkhar is leading the poll…. u can also and vote there…whatever they show but plz reveal truth of ritika soon….

  17. Thanks @jaya 🙂 !!! That means rithika is pregnant with sharmans child… but why he didnt.accept.. I mean if he is the father ??


  19. Thanku so much jaya 🙂 ok so that’s why rithika is bad how mean !!! ‘:/ why doesn’t sharman reveal this truth that she told him first !! RV thinks it’s his child ?? Did he ever sleep with rithika ?( apology for my question )

    • ic

      Rv thinks it’s sharmans. shar said truth to aall.except Ishani everyone knows ddat.rv is just helping as frnd and also thinking abt the future of child

  20. Shâžñā

    Itz btr to stop thinking mch abt ths shw….bcz anything can happen…oly d script writer knws….juz njoy d shw n love characters…

    l♥RV♥Ishani♥Shikhar♥….oly Ritika z juz irritatin..

  21. jaya

    @kiara they not reveal the truth. sharman is thinking that it is rv’s sharman called off his marriage.rv is thinking it is sharman’s child.

  22. Ssorry riya m very sorry I apologise to you… I’ll touch ur feet and lick your ass !! 🙂 is that ok with you ?

  23. dhanu

    I think ritika is revenge for everyone. I saw in a past episode ritika got a call but Sharman thought its call from rv but its not rv call.and the movement she was in nervous.I thinks ritika revenge another reason is her dad death.

  24. jaya

    @ dhanu rv propose to rithika to maary on same day. preparations going on in their home. rv give baa a cheque to marriage preparations.

  25. dhanu

    Friend Rita tell me which number of episode going on this show.plz .so I can watch past episode .

  26. Rashika

    Actually i dont understand y ishani is doing like dis. If she wants Ranveer to be hpy y she shud play wid shikhar’s feelings. She says she dont hav dat feelings on shikhar. But she shows fake feelings on him just only to make Ranveer go away from her. Dis is too bad. Den wat abt shikhar??

    • kashish

      shikhar wont be like a broken lover bcoz he already knows that ish is doing this marriage as a compromise…..he will also turn into a villain later as ritika……but yes, he will always support ish as a gud friend……he will also help her in finding the true killer of her mother(falguni)…….shikhar, u r really nyc..

  27. rosy

    People have 4got the decency to speak…its mentiond in da sight to talk abt da show only nd people stl hav personal issues,,,i mean y??? Healthy talk is appreciatd by all…nd moreovr the people who thnk themselves smart enuf to use slangs nd target people frm diff community 4get its a public place nd no 1 gets the right to speak wid such filthy language…they r actually mean nd cheap frm their mind no 1 cn solve their prblm…

  28. maya

    there is no use in predicting the future episodes…..just keep on enjoying the show……the performances are gud by all the actors except ritika…..i dont like her part at all……shikhar and rv both playing gud……… i m just waiting for the real face off of ritika……

    • Shâžñā

      Absolutely u ryt maya…m doin d same nw…juz stopped thinkin mch abt future epi’s n juz nyoin d shw 🙂 I love al leading characters f MATSH except tat Ritika n Amba….juz wanna these 2 suffer alot….nw a dyz Baa lso rockin in d shw♥
      Shakti, Radhika, Arjun juz awsm…♥♥♥

  29. kajal

    can anyone plz tell where i can see the earlier episodes nicely……in youtube, they mute some of the parts— i feel irritated…..even in dailymotion, they have deleted some of the videos….plz suggest something…

      • kajal

        i had tried that earlier but the video i was searching for was deleted from there too…..dont mind but i dont want written updates, i want to see nice ishveer scenes from the back…..the dances, the teasing and others…..ishveer the best!!

    • Rashika

      Oh.. K k. Actually i feel more dan ishveer, Ishkar is nice na. Dey seriously make good pair.

      • kashish

        of course everyone is liking ishkhar parts nowadays…directors are forcing that 2 us and we r accepting it….but obviously rv is the real hero and when he will be back, he will take the total control……btw, i agree shikhar style is really different, he is cool indeed………hey can u tell, is the marriage of ishkar sure to happen???

      • Rashika

        Ya I agree. Actually, ishveer scenes would be nice only. But den I feel y shud ishani go back to Ranveer? Wat necessity is der? Ishani can start new life with Shikhar na.

  30. He how can u talk ill abt south indians????particularly abt tamilians???? If u don’t know abt tamilians then justs shut up…. I know that v must comment in eng,but u don’t have any right 2 talk ill abt tamilians.ur stupit comment itself shows ur culture.1st of all u she b worthy enough 2 talk ill abt others.u can’t tell us as black ones as if u had born in u.s.and u r 1ly fair
    Tamilians won’t b quiet 4 ur stupid stop giving such shameless comments

    • Rashika

      U are ryt. How dare dey say tamilians like dat. Wat do dey knw abt tamilians. and wat bothers dem if dey comment in their language. Its none of their business. so its better if dey mind their work rather dan speaking some nonsense abt others comments.

    • kajal

      the marriage of ishkhar are underway when rv comes to ishani and tells poor guy shikhar, he does not know a luteri (robber) bride is going to come in his house….shikhar gets angry and warns him to stay in his limits….rv smirks///

  31. jaya

    @dhanu S. rv tells ishani shikher didn’t know he is being fool by u.shikher gets angry and tell rv u r videosong ur limits.

  32. dhanu

    Thanks you jaya .did you watch today ashok .if you watch plz tell me ashok win or sushi win

    • dhanu

      It’s ok.I new one to post comment .jaya are you watching this serial since first episode


    • Rashika

      Just stop dis blo*dy bull shits. Who are u man. I seriously dont understand y are u acting like dis. U dash.. If u hav freedom dat doesnt mean u can speak anything. And for god sake never speak some nonsense showing off as if u knw everything abt tamilians. And infact dis is not the place u do dat. U are speaking as if only u knw to speak. Stop speaking all these bull shuts and Mind ur work. We tamilians are not fools to just shut our mouth and listen wat all u speak. blo*dy dash. If u speak some two three bad words dat doesnt mean u are some big dash. Got it.

    • anita

      it shows you are uncivilised….. so that you can talk about a community in such a filthy way

    • Tamizh is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and was the first Indian language to be declared a classical language by the Government of India in 2004. Tamil is also spoken by significant minorities in Malaysia, England, Mauritius, Canada,[14] South Africa,[15] Fiji,[16] Germany,[17] Philippines, United States, Netherlands, Indonesia,[18] Réunion and France as well as emigrant communities around the world. Tamizh is also one of the official languages of Singapore.
      I LOVEd TAMIZH……..IM LOVING TAMIZH ……..ND WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE IT………….ND I RESPECT HINDI TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nd u guys who ve commented sum rubbish have earned a bad name ….. shame on u nd ur supporters.

    • Rashika

      Hy u do wat eva bull shit u want. But ppl will never shut their mouth wen u speak some nonsense and unwantd stuffs. Seriously frustrating man. Who d hell are u to speak abt tamilians. If u have such a opinion just keep it with u and dont show off. And I think u are doing dis only to get attention from others. First see how u are den u can speak abt tamilians.

    • anita

      using filthy and atrocious words in a social website shows WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS YOUR STANDARD….

  34. dhanu

    Hey kaira how are you. I’m new one to post comments .I will join with you onwards today

  35. jaya

    kiara what r u doing? iam started watching from ranveer rithika and chirag ishani mehandi function episode dhanu.

  36. Actually you are right riya I was wrong tamilians are indeed STUPID . they are stupid enough to be fooled !!!!

    • Rashika

      Oh oh.. Den u are very much brilliant enough is it. U cant fool tamilians all the time mr. Yolo.. Oh ya u are not brave enuf to give ur real name and u speak abt fooling tamilians, very funny.. Yolo itseems..

      • anita

        leave these uncivilised and uncultured people….
        they seem to talk as if they know everything
        actually I think that these people are suffering from serious superiority complex
        let them go to hell

    • Rashika

      @anita… My intension was not to speak bad abt dem or to simply pull their leg. Being a tamilian if I keep quite, den ppl will simply start fooling us, so I got very angry. And my intension was not to hurt anyone.

      • anita

        enaku namma tamil makkala pathi teriyum rashika….
        i really liked the way you responded to those people
        I meant only those guys ….

  37. Thinking of going to bed @ jaya n dhanu… good to find you ppl.. good night we will meet tomorrow ok jaya?? 🙂


  39. kashish

    though many of u have accepted ishkhar but dont 4get the real charm of the show is ranveer….sometimes i pity him……if ishkhar marriage happens and then rv comes to know of ritika’s truth he will totally be broken…..i hope they dont do this…..the serial is named “meri aashiqui tumse hi” so y r they not showing the understanding which is between real lovers…..y dis irritating ritika???…. plz someone must reveal the truth…

    • Rashika

      Den y dey bought shikhar into picture. Its not d matter of accepting dem. I feel ishkar is very much better dan ishveer, bcz always ishani is given a part of sacrificing always.. In love if its always sacrificing, den der will be no ishveer. It wil be only of ishani.. No ranveer at all, so dey shud first stop showing dis image of ishani or dey shud let ishani and shikhar live together.

      • kashish

        on one side, there is dis caring shikhar and his family which loves ishani and on the other side there is rv who has ritika in his life and that stupid amba……of course for now ishkhar seems superb……. let rv live with ritika and the baby if he has already accepted her in his life……but still i want a moment where everyone comes to know the truth of y ishani going to jail and doing this all……also everyone who is helping ritika (esp rv) must know her real face….waiting 4 dat….

  40. jayshy kumar

    stupid isshani ruinning her own life if she wants rv to b happy she should b wid her ryte now despite respecting ritika and her family and her love shes giving such a big scarifice omg please stop this and unite rv and isshani

  41. ayshu

    day by day ds serial s gng too bad.
    … waiting 4’gd episode ..again we want ishani nd rv togethr… thn oly t means meri aashiqui tum se hi ..
    ektha kapoor sir plz reveal the truth as soon as possible … dnt gv nonsense episodes whch goes as meaning less… pi ht ritika..nd stupid bhvr f rv .. .. hope fo best episode… drctr sir if u a readng our comments thn sure u ll gv best episode nd reveal the truth soon ..

  42. rubyvelonica

    pls day by day rithika , rv scene very bad , still waiting good episode rv and ishani . rv is a good person . rv and ishain together means good show did nt means bad show don t telecast let stop . i waching serial madly becz rv and ishani love only

  43. Rosh

    You know guys I just loved RV yesterday , I can’t stop admiring him.
    What ever Ish does , how much she tries he can’t hate her.
    RV is also turned in to a very complexed character now .
    RV is acting too like Ish now , I think he is just making a drama of being bad man

    He bought the shares just make sure HIS LOVE ISH will be always safe and sound.
    His heart still belongs to Ish , but he too acting it out .
    He is making himself bad in front of others , so that no one blame her later for leaving him.
    I just loved you yesterday .
    Friends now both of them are acting as is they hate each other nothing else .
    But RV you stole my heart yesterday.
    You are amazing man, you still want to protect her .

  44. sidarth

    I think rv knows ishani truth so for jealousy he is doing this drama. So that ishani can tell the truth in front of all and specially to him

  45. anita

    riya dhanu n yolo..
    learn to respect others….. otherwise don’t show your dirty comments here

  46. Rosh

    Friends I feel bad when people are trying to insult others . We all are Indians . I am a Malayali but live abroad I love India.
    To all my Tamil friends you all are wonderful people , you welcome any one who goes to your land and I admire your love for your language and “‘Tamil panpadu”.
    If some one tries insult you nothing will happen , she just want attention just ignore her .
    I love Chennai , people are very warm and welcoming there , you all are great .

    • hey hi Rosh I totally agree with u…………… INDIA should have people like u……im தமிழ்…….im happy to hear such a comment… 🙂

    • Shâžñā

      U r ryt…fst v r Indians n shd respect ech othr…evn malayalees lso same lyk tamilians….wherever thy goes ll speak malayalam oly…Here in ma clg almost al dept lyk Eng, medical, mgt 50% studnts r malayalees n thy al speak malayalam oly… 🙂

    • Rashika

      Thank you rosh. Dats was very sweet.. No if all tamilian like me start being quite den dey will simply start fooling us..

  47. Priya

    hey guys plz stop tis border fight….after all v all INDIANS…tis serial is an INDIAN serial everyone INDIAN has a right to watch it nd to comment on it….plz no bad comments with respect to other languages….if u want want to do so, think u posting a bad comment against ur own bro r sis…hope u rem taking pledge in ur school.”ALL INDIANS R MY BROS AND SIS”

  48. pinky

    hw can a indian insult andr indian jzt bcz he or she is born in andr part…riya and her supporters r reallly……………..
    sothindn or nrtindn….all r best and eql..dos who diffrnts dem r d wwoorrsstt….t

    • Rashika

      Hi Priya, I was hpy to see some of ur comments. Degrading ppl who spoke abt tamilians like DAT. Ya I will proudly tell I m a tamilian. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. Riya

    Everyone has the freedom to speak…who the hell are u to tell them whether they should speak in English or Tamil…If u have problem with them then don’t read their comments…This site is not owned by you…and this comment shows ur culture..We all are Indians and we should be proud that we have so many different cultures and languages in our country…and just because of few uncivilised people like you we lose the charm of our country….and stop this racism..Black is beautiful and whether you are are fair it doesn’t make u a good person u should first learn to respect people….

  50. Rosh

    Guys fareness is like relativity. Example how fare an Undians also Caucasian (white) will say we are chocolate colour . They will consider only them selves as white yaa they are too white.
    Chinese call themselves whie but then are considered yellow colored . People from Carebian side consider them fare compared to their African brothers .
    We have many beauty queens who are dark skinned, now a days color carries nothing really important in many part of the world .
    But in Asia it is a different story , it is better too he educated and intelligent than very fare.
    So please don’t decriminate any one or state depending on colors .
    It is our diversity it makes our India such a great country . All of us are Indians

  51. hhey can any1 tell me that is riya talking ill about tamil or favours tamil nd are there two rashikas as i saw two different type of comments……………………….

    • Rashika

      Yup its not me who supprted riya. DAT is someother person.. I m basically a tamilian. Den how will I support her. And more over I m from blore. If someone speak abt Kannada only i get angry. Den how will i be quite wen someone speak abt my mother tongue.

  52. sri

    How dare u shameless riya and Yolo often u r making to burn this problem.. How cheap and low r u.. If u don’t understand our divine language then keep your shit mouth shut and go.. Wat do know abt our Tamil..

    Go and Google about our Tamil.. We have very long proud and great history more than 40000 yrs.. We r the first to rule more than half of tis world..

    And till this date we have our strong evidence that we were the first civilized ppl of this world.. U ppl came in between but we r the actual inheritors of this great India.. Have u heard about Indus valley civilization.. its all my ppl..

    Also go and search about Angkor Wat, Cambodia it is also one of The Great Creations of us.. and more we have.. wat the hell do u have

    U don’t even have right to tell the name of our language.. So just keep your shit mouth shut and go in ur way idiot

  53. HEY GUYS IAM REALLY SORRY IAM REALLY REALLY ASHAMED OF MYSELF !! AFTERALLLL WE R Indians !! & that’s the truth… I don’t know how to apologise… please forgive me !! ALL INDIANS INDEED ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTRS… SORRY PEOPLE my language was filthy my mind in vain I lost all hopes…. AFTER WHAT HAPPENED WITH ME N MY FAMILY IN CHENNAI I was sort of in rage…

  54. naima

    lakshana I can’t comment on riyas comment .coz if it hurts her.and I think she should not have tell like that

    • no i just asked to clear the doubt as she sumtimes comments ill n sumtimes supports sry for again commenting like this im not intended to hurt any1s feelings just asked………….sry

  55. A Sort of ANTI TAMIL FEELING Developed in me…. IAM NOT A PERSON TO BE FORGIVEN BUT PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE KIND PPL.. Iam not the kind of personhood a’ll think… m really not… sorry for my mistake

    • u dont need to ask for a chance as evry1 do deserve a chance n i too… evry1 has diff point of view nd u have understood ur mistake .evry1 do mistakes even i wuld have or in the future i may…………no1 is toooooooooooo goood or tooooooooo evil evrybody has an evil nd a good side ….. 😉 😉

  56. My family had a gr8 loss because of some TAMIL PPL you don’t know the truth… my grandmother was murdered but no one listened to our cries… no one came to our help.. COURT DIDN’T DO JUSTICE MY FAMILY SHATTERED IN FRONT OF MY EYES… FROM THAT DAY….I suffered a lot started to hate them !! :'( :'( I REALLY DON’T KNOW HUH .. REALY .. SORRY GUYS…

    • Rashika

      Riya u shud understand onething man. U say u were cheated by Tamil ppl. May be dat would have hpnd. But den, everyone will not be d same. Even I had a wrong notion like u. I m from blore. Some ppl here would insult tamil ppl very badly. I was hating kannadigas. But den I realised, many of my friends who are kannadigas was very good by heart. Just imagine wat u would have done if ppl of ur community had done the same. U would have hated ur own ppl ah? See now also I dont knw who is Anita or lakshana or whoever. But still we all got angry and was against u wen u spoke bad abt Tamil ppl. As if we knw each other. But the fact is we dont knw each other. DAT is the bound between Indians man. Hmm anywaz leave.. Chuck it. Be hpy dats all. Cheer up. Dats fine.. ???

      • Thanku. Rashika you ppl r really good u opened my eyes… Thanku frnz… I APOLOGISE TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHOSE SENTIMENTS I HV HURT .. 🙁 SORRY GUYS..

  57. ayz

    Ms.Riya..whtzz U R PROBLEM.why u always irritating others..ur concept about south Indians are bad..yyyy u alwayz scold us..We hv our own identity.please get out

  58. ayz & Ann its not that easy as you think I know you don’t believe me.. but ask your own self if the same thing happened with you in a new place … then won’t you get a shock ? Won’t you shed tears ?? I said sorry..

    • Ann(athu)

      If u hate us,y are u telling that in a public site.keep that in ur mind.Bcoz of u now i am hating morth indians

  59. No ATHU I think we should forgive her… let’s give her a CHANCE…please I mean what’s the harm ?? N I think there ate 3 riyas so we should be aware..

  60. Ann(athu)

    Then Give her a chance.But after that ,if she speak anything wrong abt tamilians,i will not leave her

  61. ayz

    Ms.Riya.u hav to ask apology for “jyo”.as i dnt knw the original name.because u started ur debates based on his / her please make an apology..

  62. ayz

    Ms.Riya.u hav to ask an apology for “jyo”.as i dnt knw the original name.because u started ur debates based on his / her please make an apology..

  63. Manisha

    I saw yesterday’s promo in which Ishani enters in Vaghela house and Ranveer was hugging Ritika.i was shocked to watch it.its really side Ranveer loves Ishani and not happy with Shekhar Ishani marriage and what he is doing?why he is taking too much care of Ritika and showing her love?he himself said to everyone that he wants to marry Ritika second time then how come Ishani come to know that they both are not married?no woman who are good like Ishani will not come in their way and Ishani is doing the same.she doesn’t know that they both are not married and it’s not ranveers kid.and here Ranveer also tries to become Mahaan by accepting Ritika s child and give her his name.why he didn’t try to convince shaman to accept Ritika?and if he says it’s not his kid then he should ask Ritika or inquire abt her pregnancy and find out who is the real father?he is very smart businessman why he is not thinking like that?dont like to watch now a days.and if he is real lover he should not accept Ritika at any cost.let Ishani marry first then he can think what to do and whom to marry.why he is accepting the girl who is already pregnant?he can get many proposals from their caste or friends.just hate this Ritika .marriage track is really disgusting.both looks stupid.ishani doesn’t love Shekhar but why Ranveer accepted Ritika so soon after Ishani went to jail?he could wait for her .he didn’t try anything to save he wants to marry Ritika second time how will they solve their misunderstanding?there relations are becoming bad day by day.its really sad.we want to see ranveers ashiqui for Ishani not his concern for Ritika.we are not interested in Ritika.why cvs give her unnecessary importance to this character?if she is negative then ok but still they are not revealing truth.and they are showing ranveers closeness with Ritika it looks really cheap.and it doesn’t suit to ranveers character.they have spoiled ranveers character.i am really sad.

    • Rosh

      I agree most of your points . But I think now RV also started acting . It was wrong to accept Ritika as wife even it was for the society when Ishani was still alive .
      RV still loves Ishani he acting as a bad man, so that no one may blame his Ishani for leaving him. But I am also very confused about Ritika .
      Ishani didn’t want to marry Shiker , RV unknowingly pushed her to him as he did in Chirags case . Whatever it is Ranveers all match makings where flop from Guari , Chirag , Manas & now Shiker.
      I am not angry with him right now , because he loves Ishani more than words can ever explain. He is becoming patner in the firm just to make sure IShani is safe . Yesterday minus Ritika I loved the whole episode .
      He wants her to be happy , he may be thinking Shiker is right person . He is just acting bad so that Ishani will look good . She is good but she will look even better .
      I telly loved RV yesterday because we are getting our old RV back now the spineless RV will disappear.
      I miss Ishweer’s cute innocent love.

    • No lakshana that’s For u to identify.. As for me I HV apologised … with my soul & heart… Iam not playing with u anymore n now if anyone fakes me I can’t help it na… guys… ull only know 🙂 🙂

  64. Manisha

    When Ishani met Ranveer after long time Ranveer should clear that he is not married to Ritika and it’s not his kid.he wanted Ishani in his life but Ritika was already there so how can Ishani come.when ishani told Ranveer to take care of Ritika and his son he should have told it’s not his kid.but they are just creating misunderstanding in each other’s mind and
    Spoiling relation.this type of story is not possible in real life.if Ranveer really loved Ishani and wanted her in his life he should clear this doubt but he is not clearing and creating more and more second marriage how can he speak this type of words?they should talk in proper way.

  65. ayz

    yah a malayali..and u too?? y that girl behave like dis..u know the kerala concepts of a girl?it doesnt applicable in the case of this girl..

    • Shâžñā

      Hlo dr…U r frm Ksd…evn ma native s lso ksd bt nw settled in udupi (karnataka)

  66. ayz

    actually i just want an answer..r evry boyz are this RV.itrayum kaalam love cheythitt avalude manass ariyillenn vechaa.
    i think most of the guys are like dis…they never read our mind…
    evrythng are useless

  67. Manisha

    Ishani should change her look why she is wearing only simple saris and simple hair style?she can wear fancy sarees with glamorous look or salwar suit also she can wear.everyone was wearing heavy sarees in function except Ishani.and they never show that Ishani cries for her mom and searching the killer.

  68. Manisha

    Shekhar tells Ranveer not to come in between him and Ishani actually he is between Ranveer and Ishani.he is kabab me haddi not Ranveer.shikhar knows Ranveer loved Ishani and still loves and they both were married after knowing this he should not marry Ishani.ranveer is also shekhars good one can do this with friend.when Ishani says he can’t move on with Ritika so she is agreed to marry him then shikhar should realise or find out what hapnd in their personal life.and ranveer was her childhood friend why she says bad abt him.he also knows that Ranveer is very good person.ishani doesn’t love shikhar also then also she agreed to marry then why she was not agree with Ranveer ?shikhar is lawyer he should find out the history of Ranveer and Ishani.i think shikhar will reunite them he won’t marry to Ishani.

    • kashish

      i dont understand they r not showing shikhar as a lawyer……he, as a lawyer can sort out many issues but all they show about him is love scenes with ishani…..they said rv-ishani still not divorced, so how can they marry someone else, totally illogical…….y the investigation team to search killer of falguni is not seen anywhere???…….. when is the delivery scene of ritika, will anyone ever come to know who is the real father or will they carry on like this forever??? …btw, where is sharman???

  69. kashish

    i dont think there will be marriage of ishkhar….whatever they may show now but the truth is that none can love ishani the way ranveer does…..obviously the track is so much changed that everyone is hating rv……rv is still the best guy, the only problem is ritika…..
    if anyone of the character will come to know the truth, automatically the whole story will take a turn so i m not worried for that part….rv can do anything to get back to ishani, thats his right…… i just want ritika to show up soon……the real masala will start only then……till then, i will just say all actors are performing gud…….superb shakti, !!!! …..expecting a grand &memorable scene when rv knows ritika is vamp and ishani also loved him…

    • Rosh

      RV is the best in what ever way we look at him .
      Even yesterday he was making sure his Ish is safe is Shikers hands.
      He is just acting like bad man , in real he is an angel, he touched Baa’s feet after all these things .
      Shiker also loves Ishani , but no man can replace RV in Ishani’s life .
      No man on earth can love her like RV , I just felt his concern for Ishani yesterday all over again.
      He gave too much place for Ritika , but RV true self is back with a bang he will sort all issues out soon

  70. ayz

    hey Athi nd Naima ..would u both like Saraswathi chandra.????but now thatz no more..
    And Manisha sayz crct…Ishaani should change her appearance..

  71. dhanu

    Hai kaira did you remember me.I’m dhanu except merit aashiqi what’s you watch another dramas.

  72. dhanu

    Hai kaira I’m dhanu did you remember me.axcept merit aashiqi what’s are you watching serials .

    • Hi dhanu ! 🙂 yes I watch DILLI WALI THAKUR GURLS .. IT’S A MUST WATCH AND A GREAT SHOW IT IS AIRED ON. &TV. … TO. ALL. MATSH FANS WATCH IT PLEASE…. ITS GREAT !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 story line is awesome… though didn’t gain trps but it’s must watch I think it’s even better than MATSH:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. Ranvir be happy with ritika and let ishani be happy with shekHar…..this is what ur love towards ishanni….that u think her to be a murderer….shame on ur love

  74. I want to make humble request to alk makers of the Meri Ashiqui Tum se Hi! Please bring Ishaani And Ranveer Together ever Forever as soon as possible. Because we don’t want to see anyone to take Ranveer’s place At Ishaani’s Life.and Shikhar called himself as the Best Friend of RV but in real he is not looing like that. Bcz Best Frineds never destroyed Our Friends life. He is “KABAB ME HADDA” we don’t want see anymore him in betwwen Ishaani And Ranveer’s Life & love life too. So please please we Request to all of makers of the Serial please make Ishaani And Ranveer Together and then after make any other kind of problems in their life axcept Sepration btwn both of them.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.