Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV questions Ishaani what she wants and what she is doing this all for. Ishaani says he won’t be able to hear the truth.
Baa says to Shekhar that Ishaani must feel pain when she watches Ritika, she fears if Ishaani tells the truth to RV.
RV says he has suffered alot, he can hear anything.
Shekhar says to Baa had Ishaani to tell anyone she would tell it in front of everyone.
Ishaani says to RV that Ritika is her friend, she doesnt want any harm for her child as she was drinking wine.
Kanchal brings Ritika to a side, Shekhar says to Baa they have to handle everyone. Kanchal goes to get water for Ritika, Shekhar brings an ice pack for Ritika and says she seems upset. It must be difficult for her that she loves someone, she lives in his house even but he lives

with his first wife and that wife today… Shekhar says he apologizes from Ishaani, she had an accident and she has a memory loss. Ritika says to Shekhar that she has no memory loss, she hates her because… She stops. Shekhar asks what? Isn’t she her friend, why would she hate her then. Ritika says because she was marrying RV, no woman would want that and that is why Ishaani hates her.
Bua questions Kanchal what is this all happening. Chaitali comes there and further confuses them. She suggests Bua to watch India serials, there is the same confusion in them.
Shekhar tries to calm Ritika still Ritika is curt and says what was her mistake.
Ishaani says to Shekhar if still he thinks she has no right over her friend… RV is skeptic. Ishaani turns and asks him what he was saying about her marriage to her friend, arent they both married. She faints, RV holds her.
Shekhar says to Ritika he doesn’t understand as well, Ishaani was going to marry him and then she recalled something else and recalled RV. Ritika was curt, she says when people lose memory they don’t remember anything, still Ishaani remembers her wedding. She says even RV knows about this, she is shocked to see RV holding Ishaani in front of her. He called someone to bring water. Baa says this had to happen, Ishaani had an accident yesterday and she hasnt eaten anything since morning. RV says it was his mistake, he was must worried. Ritika is irked at this concern and wonders if Ishaani told RV that she had killed her mother. RV stares at Ritika, Ritika thinks he is staring at her but Ishaani doesn’t have a proof so she can play her drama game. RV comes behind Ritika who leaves the spot, Ritika cries in the corner. RV says I am sorry, he had to do this all Mangal sootar thing in pooja, he didnt want to hurt her but had to do this all. Ritika thinks that he doesnt know the truth, she says she is used to this thing now. She asks why Ishaani slapped her, she didnt say anything. RV says Ishaani slapped her only because she was having wine, she was right in this. He watches the doctor sprinkle water over Ishaani and goes to her. The doctor says Ishaani is weak and wants to take rest. Baa offers to bring milk for Ishaani but RV says he will take her home. Shekhar helps RV take Ishaani to car, he says to RV that if Ishaani didnt have this accident she would be his wife today. He wants to come with her to drop her home. He is concerned watching Ishaani conciousless in RV’s lap.
Chaitali mocks Ritika saying both the men are busy with Ishaani and she has been left alone. She goes to start the wedding.Baa thinks she must stop Ritika here so that RV gets some time with Ishaani.
RV brings Ishaani home with Shekhar, Amba and Lakshmi are shocked watching this and say she sent Ritika to be with RV and here RV has brought Ishaani in his arms. Lakshmi says Ishaani is really lucky to have two men behind her at a time. Amba asks what is Shekhar doing up there for so long.
In the room, both Shekhar and RV play equally in making Ishaani comfortable on the bed. They both feel awkward looking at each other.

PRECAP: Shekhar comes into the room and watches RV caressing Ishaani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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