Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina happily dressed up when Ishaani comes to her room. Naina asks how she is looking. Ishaani makes her sit for a while and makes her wear the jewelry she had got for her. She brings Naina to mirror and shows her. Ishaani says now Ranveer will like Naina, he must see Naina not her jewelry. There is beauty in simplicity, crying. Aarti watches this.
Ranveer and family arrive. Aarti says Ishaani is bringing Naina. They all look upstairs as they arrive. Ranveer heads towards them, he and Ishaani look at each other, Ishaani’s eyes filled in tears. Ranveer asks for Naina’s hand, smiles at her then again looks at Ishaani and takes Naina along. Both sit down. Ranveer says to Ishaani that he can’t wait anymore, she must begin the ritual. Vikram says he is in much hurry. Ranveer says

if the elders allow, he would marry Naina today. Maa asks Ishaani to do the rituals. Ishaani comes to Ranveer who can’t take his eyes off. Ishaani forcefully tries to smile. Ishaani’s eyes fill with tears again. Vikram comes to Aarti and says the way Ranveer has hold Ishaani’s hand and the way he has asked Ishaani to do the ritual, maybe he has nothing in mind. Ishaani gives Ranveer a dress. Aarti says Ishaani liked this for him, hope he will like the Shagun. Ranveer says he will keep it, though he didn’t like this colour. He tells Naina to select anything from the next time. They all smile. Ranveer says if you select something for one you like, it is always good. He says one must always choose clothes and humans well. He says his choice for clothes is good, but for humans he has been a fail. Ishaani announces that the ritual has been completed. Ranveer says this means they can now get married. He says to Ishaani that it is good she is working upon tying the relation of two families. Amba congratulates maa. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she won’t sweeten his mouth, Ishaani offers him sweet that he takes from her hand. He keeps on noticing her, while tear fell off Ishaani’s eyes. Ranveer stops Ishaani, takes the sweet off her hand and feeds it to Naina herself. Ritika smiles watching this all, she says Ishaani must know today what is death before dying. But from today onwards, Ishaani would get it daily. Ranveer watches Ishaani leave as he hugged Naina. He straightens up at once, excuses himself and says to Aarti that he will soon be here. Aarti follows Ishaani and wonders Ranveer must have come to meet Ishaani.
Ishaani said to someone that she knows he is doing it deliberately. She was scolding a waiter that there is lemon in it. Ritika brings Aarti inside and asks what she was doing. Aarti says she is keeping an eye on Ranveer and wants to know if he still loves her. She thinks that Ranveer hates Ishaani. Ritika says their love is so deep that they can’t see it. If she wants to know about the reality of it, there is only a single way. Ritika says Ishaani can’t control wine, everything that is inside her comes out. Aarti says Nurbhay would be angry at her then. Ritika says if he is angry and punish her, she would get insulted in front of Ranveer. Ranveer won’t be able to see this, he will do something to save her and this way she would se if Ranveer loves Ishaani or not. Aarti thanks Ritika for the idea.

PRECAP: Ishaani was drunk, she says she isn’t afraid of Nurbhay and wants to know why he… she slips. Nurbhay holds her to help, but Ranveer’s concentration was all on Ishaani’s as well.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Keerthi

    I really don’t know y colors is doing this for our MATSH I was sitting before the tv from 10pm swaragini ended only at 10.12 then matsh started and ended within 15 minutes…colors u are really bad

  2. Thanks sona,.ishurv wish u a happy bday yaar,.and dnt worry matsh never get end..i saw some pics in fb that shown ishveer ll unite soon,and also shakthi told that ishveer ll unite after 15 episodes and they also have some intense scenes so trp ll automatically imcreased,then no one can stop our matsh..and all the true ishveer fans pls visit ishveer fb they create some trend against matsh end im twitter and also they want our supports so pls guys visit ishveer fb and support to promote our matsh

  3. Manisha

    Why they are showing just for 15 mins ?whats the reason ?i am really upset now.everyday I wait for 10 pm and they show very late and finish. Before time.its so sad.

  4. Saranya

    Please ekta ji wat ever u want do it in good way. But please reunite us ishveer. Please ranveer should know y ishani s doing all dis. Some angel ill reunite dem.

  5. Meera

    Ooh ma gOd !!!
    Ishveer just want to see u together
    Anyway guys congrats for the news of matsh trp coming down and the makers deciding to unite ishveer in the next 10-15 episodes .we will also witnessing some intense romantic scenes , can’t wait for ittt !!!!
    Just too exited !!!

  6. Fatarajo

    OMG Is it true that MATSH is ending on March? :O MATSH is at least better than shows like SSK,BV and more but still MATSH is ending due to low trps it’s even back to the slot leader now, but anyways, I think if show ends on March one thing that will be good that at least people will love this show till the end, unlike shows which goes on for 5-6yrs n very less people watch n like it . I think the only mistake of MATSH is repeating Ishveer seperation many times till the Shikar track was ok after that it was too much the double role n Nirbhay track was totally unnecessary , but at least this Nirbhay track is better than the double role track(btw I like Milan’s character more but he was negative if they showed split personality would have been more logical)

  7. K.praveena

    Stupid aarthi, amba devil ritika, physico nib , boring naina everyone test ishani and ranvi. Who give tie rides to torturing or seperating ishveer. All go to hell except ishveer.

  8. waiting 4r tmorow episode..i hop anythng will positigv na..and tmorrow rv rhithika va meet pana vaypu iruku..once rv rhithika va pathuta…apro ishani ya guyzz free irukla…nalladhey nadaku…and then kandipa ella matsh a watch pannunga…even gud epi r bad epi..thats why trp rate will increase na

  9. shristi

    Koi jaanta h kya.???ki ishveer kese reunite honge…nr or rithika sa sach rv k saamne kese ayega..??
    Plz btao mje guys..i really want to know

  10. K.praveena

    Vyshu, arham, keerthi, ranaji, sathya, payal, and all matsh loyal fans my humble request plz don’t lost ur hope our matsh never be end soon this way ya.

    • Payal

      Bs trp increase ho jye yaar fr sb thik aur colors ne twitter pr matsh ka poster diya h mtlb promotion start

  11. I hai friends now i started to watching matsh after rithika re entry and ishveer sepration.I am very exited now because ishveer back together very soon in up coming i am very exiting.. i am big fan of matsh and ishveeer so i watching this the so from the starting but continous sepration of ishveer i felt sad and very mental disappoint ment so these reason leading to stop watching the show but i always read written updates that credit for you sona tank you sona your fastest acurate up date.To day i m very happy …THANKS GOD.LOVE YOU ISHVEER LOVE YOU SHADIKA FANTASIC COUPLE FOREVER…RABNE BANADHI JODi.god bless you

  12. Keerthi

    I really started crying only…..colors is doing too much they were taking 12 minutes from matsh and telecasting swaragini I really felt very bad….once our matsh was ruling now it lost its shine ah ?????

  13. IshuRV

    thanks Ishveer unite(sathya.v) but it’s my bad birthday . no one crys on their birthday but I’m crying . I can’t stop myself from crying after reading the news. I’ll pray to god that I don’t want anything for me but increase my matsh’s trp. I can’t contribut to increase my matsh’s trp as no one allows me to watch TV.
    hey ranaji when you will post your ff and yes meera also?????

  14. They are so many bakwas shows are their… ssk, Tpk , isq, balika vadhu, ashok chakravathi, …….swaragini….

    why matsh showing only 15 minutes…..

    i hate U colorsssssssss so much…..

  15. Keerthi

    Ranveer I was totally upset with you today how come you eat the sweet eaten by naina…..not even in one scene u did this with ishaani …..and that too in front of ishaani ?but wat ll happen Tommo when u see rithika will u feel bad for eating sweets before ishaani

  16. shristi

    I dont think so ki ishveer ka reunion hoga…bcoz baat sangeet tk pohch kya ekta mam..rv or naina ki shadi k bad milaengi ishveer ko….??..

  17. shristi

    Guys kya koi b janta h kya…ki ishveer kb or kese milenge…kese rv ko sach pta chalega nr or rithika ka…plz tell me….yr..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Ishurv so sweet of u,in ur bday u wish for matsh trp ,i think we r all dieheart fan of ishveet so god help us dnt worry yaar,matsh come back soon i hope soo..we r all keep promoting our matsh pls yaar dnt post any oppose comments for matsh,even they r dragging after 1wk ishveer reunion takes place its true so pls dnt loose ur hope…and payal dr how we r help to promote yaar in twitter

  19. IshuRV

    don’t end matsh . please…..I can tolerate separations and dragging because that time i have hope that they will reunite ishveer but I can’t tolerate end of matsh . writers , directors kitna bhi separation karo dragging karo mein kuchh nahi kahoongi but don’t end matsh…..

  20. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i am angry on ranvir y she eat sweet of naina……….and all duffers r cheking and noticing ishver onlyyyy in the end naina also bcome a villian i gas bcozz all goods r changing into villian in precape ranveer cocern for ishani OMG…….i loved it…..shakti revealed that show didnt go offair and romance coming soon so happyyyyyy…….live long matshhhhhhh…………..and ishveer and colors today u telecast only 13 min 45 sec so bad…………

  21. SMS

    i like this show friends also loves this is very painful to hear that MATSH is going to end…………………………………………………………

  22. swana

    OMG!!!why they reduced the show timings I really really get irritated on seeing swaragini at 10:00pm …i hate colour though the track is not good it’s show timings of MATSH…that swaragini serial should not occupy that plzz do something for this….nowadays matsh is shown only for 15min…plzzzzz…

  23. Guys here the link pls vote pls pls vote hor matsh” guys

  24. K.praveena

    just now i saw the ranvi hugs ishani pic in fb. It’s superb. And ishveen unite portion come soon na.

  25. K.praveena

    I get the link vyshu, sathya dr. Plz frds we want to save matsh. It’s deserve 2nd chance drs. Plz yaar vote for matsh it 2nd change deserve ki. Plz yesterday i cries a lot and not sleep well. Plz matsh fans gives ur vote.

  26. I watched these serial daily. I never missed it. pls we want support Matsh….

    so watch Guys matsh daily only on colors tv not U tube. This is not only my request this is all Matsh loyal fans , dhfm fans request Ur support is must in Matsh pls pls pls watch daily Matsh serial tv not U tube…..

  27. pls dont let to end…. This is the one show that iam watching from very begining….. Even at the time of my exams days i watches it……. though it is true that both of them get seperated for some reason……. but i do believe that without pain no happiness can come Out of it….

  28. Ranaji

    Guys yesterday only 15min epi becoz they have already planned to unite ishveer on feb14 so they will make it grand I think this is going to happen

  29. K.praveena

    Guys i know u really feeling bad 4 low trp rating of matsh. So see TAM rating of matsh and it now lowest in the chart. So see tam rating then u feel relief.

  30. K.praveena

    Matsh tam rating is 2.6 and is not lowest in the chart. We r enjoy it. So plz don’t see the neg comments.

  31. K.praveena

    S. Sathya. I already give my support. It’s only one vote allowed in i sim. So i collected my family member cell and i vote it pa.

  32. K.praveena

    I honestly says if matsh end in feb or march2016 then i switched of my tv in 10pm. I never see any seriel in 10pm and i waiting 4 shakti an radhi comeback. Then again switched on my tv it’s only 4 shakti an radhi.

  33. Manisha

    Hello friends I tried to watch yesterday videos in you tube but not able to open.i don’t understand what’s the problem.pls you also try.its really injustice that they have reduced the timing s and show swaragini serial.many serials are very bad like assurance simar ka ,,thapki etc but why they are doing all these with matsh only ?whats the reason for reducing the time ?we can’t enjoy the show like this.

  34. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 when these rumors leave matsh ????nshakti said it that show is not going offair but now again……………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all guyzzzzzzzz watch matsh promote matsh union is soon and colors telecast matsh 25 min not 15 plzzzzzzzzzz we dont want to loose matsh…………and guyzzzz matsh trp is very disappointed on the 1st weakkkkk we have to watch matsh in repeating times also………guyzzzzzzzz matsh is like oxygen to me i cant live without it plzzzzzzzzzz ………watch matsh………. 🙁 🙁

    • Payal

      Ab kya hua vahi to news h confirm nhi h abhi they will see the numbers after changing the track kl hi to shakti n kha tha

  35. Manisha

    No it’s not for 25 mins.just for 15min they show yesterday with advertisements.i am not worried about reunion but I am worried for reduced time for matsh.trp is the reason for reducing the time limit ?no serial is coming for 15 mins why matsh ?

  36. Hello guys sorry mai cmnt nhi kr pa rahi bt kal se karungi matsh mein sangeet mein aftab tushar and gauhar aaigi and matsh march mein band hoga ishveer reunite honge jald hi sbs mein shadhika bole happy na and miss u guys

  37. From ishveer fb”Guys just now in today SBS segment they confirm tht Matsh end in march…..they r now unite ishveer soon but if trp willnt incm thn Matsh surely go offair….Plz guys plz help us in trending on twitter plzz”

  38. chandani

    Fans of one of the most loved romantic shows of recent times, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi got a big shock as reports of the show going off air started doing the rounds.

    But now actor Shakti Arora has finally broken his silence over the reports of the daily soap going off air.

    Speaking to leading entertainment portal BollywoodLife, the actor who played lead role in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’ said, “Yes, I have heard the rumours as well but we haven’t heard anything officially from the channel. We are busy with the shoot. We are shooting portions that fans want to see and a reunion is happening very free in 10 to 15 episodes. Once, that happens I feel we should get better as far as TRPs are concerned. We are shooting some truly intense romantic sequences that people love to see from Ranveer and Ishaani. My character will be shown as working hard to unravel the truth behind Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Nirbhay’s (Mohit Abrol) relationship. A big twist is coming and lots of romance as well.”

  39. Ranaji

    Guys I heard they ishveer will be united within 15epi and there will be very romantic epi . it is true guys pls enjoy it and increase the trp

  40. Already so many fans comments agaist milan and new enrmtries in matsh,we r all opposed against their story ,so many of them gave humble request even me too for ishveer reunion but that time the makers did not hear our suggestion,now due to writers lethargic way we r all suffer a lot now,due to their story writing trp ll got down and my ishveer and shadhika suffer a are also suffer a lot even i cant sleep well now a days,there is something which gives worried in my heart,i cant imagine without my ishveer,here after what the writers do i don’t know but pls writers dont did the same mistake as same as before..though u r dragging we r ready to watching matsh but pls dont end our matsh and change the story soon then only trp ll increase that save my matsh,i want matsh forever

  41. IshuRV

    Highlight: Ranveer-Ishani’s passionate moment…
    Ishani imagines to hug Ranveer and spend romantic moment. In reality, they got distant. Ranveer is taking his first step in Nirbhay’s sister’s life. Ranveer is getting engaged to Naina. Ishani cries seeing Ranveer’s engagement. Tusshar and Aftab grace the show and lighten the emotional moment for Ishani. Gauhar Khan, Tusshar and Aftab give a rocking musical performance to promote their film.
    Later on, Ranveer and Ishani have a talk away from everyone. Ranveer and Ishani will be coming together again. Ranveer asks her to come back in his life, as she is his life. Ranveer is making Ishani realize not to leave her love and support him. He asks Ishani to speak up and say is there any reason for doing this. He says she is doing wrong and he will save her, if there is any problem. He passionately explains her that their love is their strength and they can face any problem together. Ranveer forces her to speak up the truth, and Ishani resists, being afraid of Nirbhay. Very soon, Ranveer and Ishani will be back together.

  42. Manisha

    Nice video.thanks Kirti.i think we should not think negative just be will not end soon.once they reunite trp will be increased and there is a amazing chemistry between ishveer so I hope they won’t end soon.balika Bandhu is so boring but still continue since five years.our show is better than other vote matsh.and don’t think negative.

  43. Guys You Can Send Request to Raj Nayek , Ekta Kapoor and colors tv trough Facebook Twitter and instagramwho don’t have twitter Send request in FB to Raj Nayek CEO of colors tv as much as u can . His Pagelink give him decent msg so that he consider a 2nd chance to MATSH. Don’t abuse any other show of colors.And if you are on Twitter then send request to @RajCheerfull and @ColorsTv and also use the Hashtag‪#‎DontEndMATSH‬and dont use more then1 hashtag.If u love matsh and want to save the our lovely IshVeer from getting off air then please do this.use ur Facebook , twitter and Instagram for saving this show

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