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Amba cries in her room and says she won’t let that Ishaan live in her house anymore. Kailash comes there, Amba says she gave a verdict against her son, should she allow her stay here. She says Ishaani has been filled with so much of hatred, she can’t live anymore over here. She packs Ishaani’s clothes saying Ishaani betrayed them again like always. Her son has ruined his youth after that girl. Baa and Kailash ask Amba not to do anything in hurry. Amba says Ishaani always has a reason to give pain to Ranveer. Baa says she knows Ishaani loves him. Amba cries that if Ishaani loves him? She witnessed against Ranveer murdering Sharman. She fell on the ground crying for the safety of her son from murder.
Ranveer waited in the jail when he watches Ishaani coming to him. He cheers

in hope and brings his partner showing him that Ishaani is here, she loves him and he must hear by himself why Ishaani did so. Ishaani comes to Ranveer. Ranveer says this crazy man said that Ishaani won’t come, he said she won’t come but he was sure she will come to save him. He called her in court many times, but she didn’t do anything. He knew she must have some liability. He says she can tell him now, she must now tell him further plans. Ishaani looks down. Ranveer asks Ishaani how she is behaving like this, holding her hands. Ishaani jerks his hands asking how dare he touched her, he must keep his mouth shut. She says she never knew this infection would turn him to such a wild animal. He has no cure, if he wants her to take him home and ruin her life. She says she can’t do this drama anymore. Ranveer says someone must have forced her to do this. He says she did this before as well. Ishaani says past has gone, now his today is this. It is worst, not worth watching. Ranveer says she gave a false verdict in court, there must be a reason. She wrote him so many letters. Ishaani says she won’t repeat again and again, she thought he would get cured. Ishaani says what about his smell and feel and all those melodramatic lines; so he has been using the same perfume for so many days that anyone would know he is around somewhere. She says now he has neither a good face nor a good business, why should she live with him. This relationship is over now. Ranveer thinks about all their times. Ishaani leaves while Ranveer keeps on calling her. Ranveer’s partner keeps on mocking him. Ishaani stops behind a door and cries hearing this all. The crazy man tells Ranveer that she is young and beautiful. Ranveer says he will prove that she did this all due to some liability.
Outside the station, Ishaani gets Ritika’s neck and roars at Ritika to call the doctor just now. Ritika says she just want to see if she can kill the one who can save her husband. Ritika asks her to look behind her, who is going to her husband. She shows him the doctor who is taking the antidote of virus D. Ishaani tells her to make sure he is treated well. She wants everything to get well like before. Ritika says she also wants everything to get as it was before.
In the jail, doctor says to Ranveer they need to take the sample of his face. Ranveer asks if Ishaani sent him. The doctor says they don’t know Ishaani. Ranveer says there is something wrong, they must first call Ishaani. The inspector finally has to promise Ranveer that they will call Ishaani, only then he gives a sample. The doctor puts on the ointment and assures he will be fine in three to six months. Ranveer asks when they will call Ishaani. The inspector says tomorrow. The crazy man again comes to Ranveer, Ranveer says he won’t speak anything now.
Ritika tells the man that doctor has started his work. The doctor tells the man that they can start Ranveer’s treatment. The man tells doctor to make him well as he was before. Ritika says she has another update, Ranveer’s trust on Ishaani hasn’t broken till now. The man says it is years old trust, it will break in a while. He says everything has to pay back. Ritika says she must now go to Ishaani, and she knows well where Ishaani must be.

PRECAP: Amba tells Ishaani to get out of the house. Ishaani shouts how dare they touch her, they will go out. Amba says this is her son’s house. Ishaani tells her to keep her voice low, this house is hers now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think the director and writers are completely out of touch with the audience. I read how they are going to introduce new love interests for ishani and ranveer very soon after fast forwarding 2 years. Supposedly they think the audience wants something fresh because the ratings are going down. Are they so dumb that they don’t know that their stupid plots keeping ishani snd ranveer separated are what is keeping the ratings down? Bunch of idiots. Where are they pulling these stupid new villains from? Now there is some new person working with ritika? They never explained who that one villain was that kidnapped Ishani a few months ago, I mean, the reason for his revenge. No backstory. There are no explanations foranything. They just expect the audience to swallow these plots. I think people of very low intelligence write the scripts.

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