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Ishaani asks Ranveer if he has no answer, doesn’t he remember what she had been doing. Ranveer is disturbed. She goes to Nimisha and says if she had listened to her already this wouldn’t have happened. She says it was her mistake, she must have accepted that Ranveer watched her change, that Ranveer misbehaved with her in restroom. She says to Ranveer that she today confesses that she hasn’t seen anyone cheaper than Ranveer. Sharman says thank God she knew the reality of Ranveer before her wedding. Ishaani tells him not to interfere, this is personal matter. She goes to Ranveer and asks her why he became Chiraag when he was a good man. Ranveer says he didn’t do any such thing. Ishaani says he has done it, because Chiraag’s sister herself is saying he did this. Nimisha and everyone

else is shocked hearing this. Ishaani announces that Nimisha is Chiraag’s sister. When she told her that Ranveer misbehaved with her in restroom of hotel she didn’t know how to react. When she saw Ranveer in the hotel she thought it can’t be a conincidence. She got Ranveer’s medicines checked, the doctor told her that these medicines are being changed. These ones are given to mental patients. She wondered who would do this and stalked Nimisha. She went to her home, her old enemity came in front of her. She tells the inspector that this is Chiraag’s sister, they can get it verified. She is taking revenge of her brother’s death from Ranveer and she must be arrested. She has even taken Sharman in confidence. Nimisha says that she lied about her identity, she tries to say to Sharman that she isn’t lying about what has happened to her. Ishaani says he won’t speak anything. Until she is with Ranveer, no one can harm Ranveer. Milan was curt at this flop of his idea. The police takes Nimisha, who pleads on her to trust her. Amba takes the inspector to take Nimisha, they don’t want to hear a word from her. Nimisha repeats her words.
Milan leaves, angrily. Raavan thinks that Ranveer can’t do this, but Milan must have done this all.
Baa says that she had invited them all for happy celebrations, but she apologizes they had to see this all. She thanks them all for coming, the guests leave. Amba asks why this always happen to them. Baa asks whose bad eye had fallen on their house. Raavan says he knows whose. Ishaani says this is good that evil went out of the house before wedding. Pandit ji comes there, Baa says there is a Kangan ritual after mehndi. Amba stops Ranveer and says now they have to fulfil all the rituals well. Baa tells them not to pose that they are tired. They have to celebrate Ishaani and Ranveer’s wedding. Sharman thinks that he went against Ranveer and Ishaani for Nimisha, she will have to pay for this all.
Ishaani tells Ranveer to smile and not be upset. Baa tells them that they won’t be able to see each other after the Kangan ritual. It will be a bad omen if they see each other. Chaitali says Ranveer will stay, but what if Ishaani feels angry, who she will fight. Ishaani asks if she fights with Ishaani day and night. Ranveer says Chaitali is wrong, she fights with him day, afternoon, evening, and night. Ishaani is annoyed. Ranveer asks Baa that he wants to speak to Ishaani before the ritual. Baa allows, they go excited.
Sharman comes to police station where Nimisha was locked up. He asks if he must call her liar. He didn’t think if she will hide such a bad face, she wanted to show him what she had wanted to. She hid her true identity. He trusted her and was about to break his sister’s wedding. Nimisha asks if she had told him the truth, had he allowed her to work at his home. Sharman says that he was betrayed before by someone because she loved someone else, but now she betrayed him because she hates someone. Nimisha says he will know the truth soon. Sharman tells the inspector not to let her case be weak, she tried to accuse an innocent man.
Ranveer brings Ishaani to a room. She asks what he wants to say, is he going to give a surprise gift to her like dumpbells again, she doesn’t like it at all. Ranveer was only staring, he says he won’t be able to see her till wedding. Ishaani says she has started to like this ritual, he has started to give her such importance. Ranveer says this isn’t because of ritual, it is his love that will get a new beginning, a new name. he says that whatever happened today increased his love and respect for her, else he wouldn’t have been able to prove himself innocent. He promises her that he won’t leave her side till death after tomorrow. Both look at each other. Both remember the times together. Ishaani says that basically he wants to say thanks to her, but like this only. He asks how then? He get it she needs a kiss, Ishaani says that after wedding. Ranveer asks what she needs then. Ishaani says she wants him to complete a challenge, she wants to see how far he can go for her love. Ishaani says the challenge is that they will keep on meeting each other, without seeing each other, without breaking the ritual. Ranveer accepts the challenge, saying he will do so.

PRECAP: Sharman gets Milan outside the house and says he wasn’t well. Milan is shocked, then thinks he has to play dual role. Sharman insists that Baa will scold him for wandering outside before wedding and takes him inside the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Episodes are now a days irritating.. expose Milan soon… dont drag this track further.. I doesn’t want Milan marry Ishaani..disgusting even to think like that.. always some fellow is readily available to trouble Ishveer and separate them…
    Today Ishveer scenes nice.. what a unexpected precap.. hope Milan does some drama.. Is the man from Anjaar is positive or negative.. ?? Doesnt like the new promo.. Milan hit Ranveer OMG..
    K.. anyway waiting for a good episode.. Hope it happen soon..

  2. jald se jald ishani aur ranveer ki shadi karo
    ab to dono ko mat alag karo they deserve eachother show some funny and happy wedding

  3. Director and writer pagal hai hi or hum logo ko bi pagal banata rehata hai…

  4. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz end these track……….isveer marriage repeatly spoiled……..un like these……….these type irrittating…..story….
    ……writers you are unable to write ishveer story..on other trck.milan track is irritating ….plz end these track soon

  5. dont like the episode…………

    1. didnt like episde bcoz i know ishveer split i hate milan…………..

  6. Milan should not be married to ishaani. This is not at all acceptable…please do not drag serial unnecessary!!!

  7. i think after a series of twists of turns,ishani<s character as they portrayed initially as timid is fading,and its really radhika<s offscreen character is more seen, but the attitude as shown by shakti in dual role is really interesting

  8. Hoping dat ishveer get married… All retual r against ishvr… So I think it vl hapn… I think twist more is pending

  9. Raavan knows RV is humshakals
    So he can reveal the truth to Ishaani nah… But still he didn say

  10. frnds…. will anyone tell the song and the movie name which played when ranveer and ishani talked in room plz….

  11. I have stopped watching the serial. Too much mess up. Even the actors look bored. No point wasting your time.

  12. hi rose that song from film ALL IS WELL.HE MERE HUMSAFER YAKDIRA INDIZAR….

    1. thanks a lot for ur kind reply frnd!!!!!!!

  13. milan is irritating i hate him . iwant ishveer to mary eachother .raavanhas gone mad feeling very bad for nimisha

  14. Irritating story.I think writer is not at all having heart.

  15. I HATE MILAN.Is Raavan mad or what?Why can’t he say the truth to everyone?

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