Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the fire, Ranveer’s ropes burn and he runs away from godown. The men spot him and follow him.
Ishaani asks Milan if he won’t come to his Ishaani, forwarding her hand to him. He comes inside, then only watches her.
Ranveer runs on the road alone. He feels the men running behind and hides behind a tree. They accept defeat saying he ran away. One of them say if they should tell Milan, the other say they must tell him and calls Milan. Milan was about to hold Ishaani’s hand, he gets the call and goes out to take the call. The men tells Milan that there was a fire here, everything burnt. Milan asks about Ranveer. They tell Ranveer that he ran away. Milan says he won’t leave them if Ranveer comes here. He thinks he must do something before he comes here. He is shocked

to see Ishaani standing on the door. He asks her what happened, why is she staring him. Ishaani says whenever he gets a call he leaves. She holds his hand and says she won’t let him go. She drags him into the room. He jerks her hand and gets rude saying if she thinks of him as a puppet. She asks what she had said to him. He says she had a problem with him making her wear a saree in the day time, and now she doesn’t want him to go out. Ishaani cries. He says she is selfish and doenst think about him, but now, only what he says will happen. He leaves the room. Ishaani wipes her tears and says she doesn’t have to cry, today is Dusehra pooja, and she must remain with her family. Ranveer arrives at the door as Milan comes downstairs and shouts his name. Milan clutches his fist, Ranveer heads towards him and asks if he thought he will take advantage of him being his duplicate. Today Ranveer is back among his family, he will bring his truth to everyone. Both hold each other’s collars. Milan is worried about Ishaani and asks she spots her he smiles posing to be hugging Ishaani, telling Ishaani that he got his brother. Ishaani and Ranveer look at each other. Ranveer comes to Ishaani and says he is back. Ishaani points towards Milan thinking him as Ranveer and says his brother is alive and back. She calls Maa and Baba that their son is alive. Ranveer says to Ishaani that he is Ranveer that is Milan a stranger. He kidnapped him. He tells Ishaani to look into his eyes. Ishaani is confused. Ranveer comes to call baba and Amba. Milan turns to be Ranveer and says to Maa and Baba that their son is back, but he isn’t in a good mental condition. He doesn’t want to accept him as his brother. Amba goes to hug Ranveer, she apologizes Ranveer for separating him from herself calling him Milan. Ranveer insists that he is Ranveer that that is Milan. Milan tells maa that he has gone crazy. Ranveer comes to Ishaani and says she used to recognize him from his fragrance, she must recognize him. Milan is disturbed by Ranveer’s words again. He hugs Amba saying Milan is talking nonsense, he is mentally ill and they must take care of him. He says that he is calling my wife as his own. Ranveer says now he get it, this is why he kidnapped him. He wanted to take a revenge from him, of all what happened to him in childhood. He wants to snatch everything from him, his life, love and wife. Ranveer says that Milan can’t be his brother. Ranveer says to Baba that in his childhood they used to hear Mukesh and Rafi’s songs together. Ranveer tells another story to Amba but Milan knew it already. Ranveer shows Ishaani the bruises saying he has tortured him a lot. He tells Amba that he is his twin brother but now he has become Milan-the villain. Amba comes to Ishaani, she says that Ishaani’s love is really true. She being a mother may not recognize but she can never mistake recognizing Ranveer. Ishaani comes between both, Milan smiles at Ishaani who stood in front of him. She holds her hand then says he can’t be her Ranveer. Milan is shocked. Milan insists at Ishaani to see he is Ranveer. Ishaani denies, and goes to real Ranveer. Tears fell off her eyes, she calls his name and says he can never forget love for herself in Ranveer’s eyes. Both hold each other by arms. Milan shouts, no Ishaani no; he is her love. Ishaani keeps a hand on Milan’s shoulder, he was day dreaming. She asks if he is fine, why he has held a hand. He says nothing. She takes her saree pallu on head and puts a tikka saying if he thinks she will ruin the festival by getting upset. She says she prayed for peace at home, gives him Prasad and says they have to go to temple as per Maa’s instructions. He hands the Prasad back to her hand, and tells her to stop doing all this drama of a good wife. Ishaani says this can’t be her Ranveer who loved her so much. She cries saying what has happened to him, why isn’t he like before. She says I miss you Ranveer. She says she doesn’t have to lose courage and cry. She will try until she gets her Ranveer back.
Ranveer still ran on the road by foot, the men followed him. He was panting hard. Ishaani prayed with idol in hand, her Papa always said that only one’s love is enough for both. She will get Ranveer back.
Ranveer says she is coming home, no one will be able to stop him.

PRECAP: Ranveer has an accident with a car and fell on Manas’s car. His head bleeds badly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG.. what an episode.. I thought that day dreaming was true..
    Ok.. anyway waiting for Ishaani Ranveer uniting.. precap is shocking.. hope Ranveer will be safe.. waiting for a best episode..

  2. i want more i m confused….. ishani finds
    s ranveera

  3. Precape is so hurting me. I don’t want that ranveer accident, i thought after accident rv forget memory in past. Someone brings out rv to rv’s home and he stay in milan name. Now a days rv has a lots of pain. I feel so bad.

  4. Stupid millon .rv jaldi ishani ke pass.plastic surjery millon ukk cheyda pothum ekta ji.rv k vendanke pls pls rv kk cheyyakkudat ekta ji

  5. Precap very scary…

  6. I think Manas will know the truth & help Ranveer to bring Milan truth out

  7. Many of the times milan gets to win. Atleast ishaani really married rv not milan. Don’t worry rv u r like a hero. Good thoughts never gets failure. Now rv turn. But precape shows a rv has accident happened. I hope manas brings rv to hospital. And rv gets a memory loss to back their home. Milan used to rv memory loss and he lies to family member he is a milan. Then every one trust him. Some days going ishaani able to find their real rv.

    1. Hey ranveer is not like hero , ranveer is the REAL HERO

  8. Why the writers dragging so much ,worst episode yaar, in some latest news about matsh ranveer met an accident and have a plastic surgery ,if anything happens likethat means matsh flap totally bcoz radhi and sakthi are the perfect one for ishveer casting so pls writers dont irritating us bcoz of ur stupit twists

    1. I agree with you ………… And its shakti not sakti ??

      1. I Agree 😉

  9. Ranveer u r like a hero not only u did a vilian role(milan) it’s amazing. I could not see anyone do that role so perfectly till now. But u did that. Plz plz plz don’t create a any plastic surgery drama. Rv is a rv no one can’t take the places. If some one replces the rv place then definitly i will stop the watching and reading the seriel.

  10. Whole serial s dabba. M gating it now

  11. rv suffered accident….WHAT A NONSENCE PLZ END THIS TRACK….RUBBISH ….

  12. The lady who stood thr was not ishaani… it was other lady… ishaani was shown frm other side separately only… for a moment i thought ishveer has united but it was just milan’s dream?… then next is ranveer’s accident! I think the reunion of ishveer will happen in last episode only… ?

    1. Like in kausati zindagi ki ekta made anurag and prerna unite in their afterlife in heaven. Ishveer will happen but after their death lolo

  13. Two minutes silence for the ones who stil lik to watch matsh

    1. Awsm comment….

    2. awsome………… u dear u damm correct……..???✌✌

  14. Please don’t change if u do then all the viewer will stop watching matsh because they are the perfect couple and we can’t imagine no one other than ranveer … better to have a memory loss than plastic surgery …hope ishaani will find her real rv and they will be united but don’t drag the serial took much..already it is testing the patience of viewers…..

  15. I too got tired of this nonsense…..
    Already matsh is in 18 th place…..
    If all tis idiotic sequences happen….then it might go to the last position…..
    No doubt…..
    Become obsessive to ishveer…..but hate this rubbish serial to the core

  16. Writers are gone mad ?…..stupidity Ki limit hai hi nahi

  17. Bye.. Bye.. Its my last viewing of matsh .. Ponga da. Kenakuna munapuna

  18. just maha bkwaaaaaas……………alwayzzzzzzzzz thinking only…………….i m gonna cry………..??????????????????????

  19. Why dey doing plastic surgry…pls any one tell me

  20. really bad

  21. I read some comments here after reading these comments I found that Ranveer is getting plastic surgery. if Ranveer get plastic surgery serial will be in worst condition so writer ji don’t do anything stupid things in this serial.ishveer is perfect couple in this serial I like them the most

  22. Guys i think milan ki plastic surgery hogi kyun ki wo double role kab tak play karega and shakti lead role karega villain ka nahi karega isliye i think plastic surgery milan ki hogi ranveer ki surgery i think fake news

  23. Dont knw wthr u all knw o not, bt last episode was making us fool, cuz it was not radhika bt anothr lady playing her part dats y they took only face shot of radhika n side views of that lady. Actually radhika met with an accident n hav got her neck burned with scars. They will shoot like this for weeks to come.

  24. Then its ok… Wr pls dont touch our patience

  25. Gud mrn guys ishveer luv u

  26. oh no …. cant see the separation of ishveer.. y do this writer’s doing like this… plz put end to this track

  27. I’m really gonna stop watching this serial if Ranveer has an plastic surgery I can’t see anyone in Ranveer’s place

  28. It’s getting worse day by day…Hate it….Ekta ji, plz, JUST STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!!! Uffoooo, irritating…

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